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Death is Optional and Humans are Superfluous

If a country, if a people, today are left behind, they will never get a second chance, especially because cheap labor will count for nothing. Once you know how to produce bodies and brains and minds, cheap labor in Africa … Continue reading

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On This New Year’s, Remember: Forecasts are Almost Always Wrong

The economist-philosopher F.A. Hayek warned about “the limits of knowledge” and the “fatal conceit” exhibited by so many “experts.” The communists and socialists claimed that they could allocate resources and income better than markets. These false claims ultimately destroyed the … Continue reading

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“Everything You Think You Know Just Ain’t So:” And That Ain’t the Half of It

The human brain attempts to impose order on the world it perceives. The brain “makes sense” of its observations by grouping them together in ways that seem to help predict the future and guide actions for best results. Most of … Continue reading

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Essential Thinking Skills for Dangerous Children

Humans cannot perceive reality directly. Instead, the outside world is filtered through our various senses. Significant filtering and pre-processing occur in the sensory organs themselves. Inside the brain, “primary” areas are devoted to each of the senses, where further filtering … Continue reading

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