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Re-Starting Civilisation After the “S” Hits the “F”

The modern world is built upon human psychology. The ability of humans to solve problems, or to work around them. The willingness of humans to endure difficulties and hard times, hoping for something better to come along. The modern world … Continue reading

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How Many Can be Saved from the Coming Idiocracy?

The global Idiocracy is growing and expanding rapidly. First, within the same nation, women with high intelligence are not breeding as fast as women with lower intelligence. Further, people in nations with low average intelligence are breeding much more quickly … Continue reading

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A Broken Civilisation is Not Easy to Regrow

Civilisation is not an easy thing to build in the first place. Not every breeding population can achieve it, no matter how much time it is given. But once civilisation is allowed to break down, bringing it back again can … Continue reading

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