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Drug Overdose Fatalities Soar: Are We Doomed?

US Drug Overdose Deaths Skyrocket During Obama and Bush Years Drug overdoses above include deaths from alcohol overdose. Overdose deaths in the graph below are from opioids. Images via Fabius Maximus According to this source, deaths in Russia from drug … Continue reading

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US Trends in Suicide, Drug Overdose, Firearm Homicides

Image Source: http://www.realclearscience.com/journal_club/2014/11/24/drug_overdose_the_real_american_epidemic_108956.html For comparison, we should look at some international rates. For suicide: Country name Suicide Rateper 100,000 people Maleper 100,000 people Femaleper 100,000 people Year Belarus 36.8 63.3 10.3 2003 Lithuania 31.85 53.9 9.8 2007 Russia 31.7 53.9 … Continue reading

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