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What Crawled Up Your @ss?

Something strange is crawling this way. Where it stops, nobody knows. This robot moves like a worm, inching its way up the rectum and around the entire colon… It’s meant to serve as an alternative to traditional colonoscopy, an uncomfortable … Continue reading

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Geopolitical Undercurrents Whorl About the Oil Price Vortex

Poorly constructed buildings are more vulnerable to tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, than are buildings of sounder construct. The same principle applies to economic constructs. A relative economic vacuum is accompanying the “black hole vortex” of low oil prices, causing human … Continue reading

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China’s Grand Medley of Pending Calamities

Is it All Just Bad Luck? China is riding several turbulent waves of potential disaster, hoping that it can leverage an “appearance of strength and stability” into a position of relative strength in the aftermath of what is coming. Look … Continue reading

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