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A Pleasure

Pleasure is something we know when we experience it, but is not such a simple thing to communicate to others. The more diligently we go about defining and describing what pleasure is, the further we drift away from the thing … Continue reading

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Emotional Nuance

Many of us shy away from strong emotions. But facing and understanding the things that trouble us — including the emotions inside — can free us from habitual pain and turmoil. Taking the trouble to label the emotion you are … Continue reading

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Stark, Undeniable Differences in the Brains of Men and Women

Perhaps twenty or thirty years ago an educated person might have been excused for denying any differences in structure and function between the brains of human males and human females. But things have changed. … over the past 15 years … Continue reading

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Density: The quality or condition of being dense. The quantity of something per unit measure, especially per unit length, area, or volume. The mass per unit volume of a substance under specified conditions of pressure and temperature. __ The American … Continue reading

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How to Find Happiness in an Unhappy World

Dimensions of Happiness Happiness is almost never where you think you will find it. If you become too impatient — if you never learn how to set the table and allow happiness to come to dinner — you may set … Continue reading

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What of Love?

The road to the next level is also the road to financial success. Time, intelligence, wisdom, financial savvy, a profound understanding of. Life. will be busy, prosperous, and full. But what of love? Love is like an ice cream flavor. … Continue reading

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