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Junk Electricity: Don’t Be a Sucker!

If the system has more power than it needs at any instant, its frequency will increase. If there is not enough power to meet demand at any time, the system frequency falls. … Sometimes AEMO [Australian Energy Market Operator] detects … Continue reading

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In California You Must Have Solar Panels

As of January 1, 2020, all new houses built in California must incorporate photovoltaic panels in the construction. This government mandate is expected to add between $9,000 and $20,000 to the cost of each new home. Median home prices in … Continue reading

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Energy News

Good News for North American Nuclear Fission Compared to other forms of generating electric power, nuclear fission is safe, reliable, and clean. But for many reasons it costs a lot more to build new fission power plants than competing forms … Continue reading

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Without Fossil Fuels Modern Civilisation is Impossible

80% of Energy Comes from Fossil Fuels With over 80% of energy consumption coming from fossil fuels, pretty much everything we have in our economy today is available thanks to fossil fuels. We wouldn’t have today’s homes, schools or grocery … Continue reading

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Make the World Go Away

Intelligent readers can see the contradiction in the graph above: In order to achieve the “global decarbonisation” called for by the world green movement, the world as we know it must cease to exist… and an alternate universe must come … Continue reading

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Why Coal Isn’t Going Away

Coal is Plentiful and Cheap Coal can produce electrical power by combustion, coal can be converted into liquid fuels, and coal can be converted into gaseous fuels. Coal’s abundance, versatility, and low cost all guarantee the continuation of global (and … Continue reading

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Electric Cars Still “Toys for the Rich”

Electric car deficiencies are major, including high purchase price, short driving range, small carrying capacity, lack of charging stations, long charging times, and expensive battery packs that need to be replaced during the life of the vehicle. __ Source A … Continue reading

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Still Waiting for Peak Oil?

In 1920, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated that “the world’s supply of recoverable petroleum” was no more than 60 billion barrels. It was wrong. The world has already produced 1,400 billion barrels of oil. Worldwide, there is about 1,700 billion … Continue reading

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This’ll Kill Ya: They’re Coming For Your Electric Power

Up to 90% of the inhabitants of advanced nations would die within one year, if all electrical power were lost. No, I Am Not Talking About Electromagnetic Pulse Although both North Korea and Iran are steadily working to build the … Continue reading

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Confidence, Oil, Sperm to Surge Under Trump

Surging Confidence by Consumers, Small Business, and Big Business The change in US presidential administration seems to be signalling a significant boost in confidence toward the future at all levels of the productive sectors of the economy. Consumer Confidence Surges … Continue reading

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Green Billionaires Threaten Foundation of Modern Societies

Warren Buffet, billionaire and major investor in wind energy, has admitted that wind isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. “The only reason to build them [wind farms]” is the subsidies; “They don’t make sense without” them. … As … Continue reading

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The Age of Petroleum Has Just Begun

At Most, Humans Have Only Used 2% of Earth’s Petroleum Petroleum is formed from that portion of the organic matter deposited in sediments in a chemically reducing environment – no free oxygen. That condition requires a deep water depositional environment … Continue reading

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Boosting Power Supply Resilience: Islanding via Microgrid

Basic Microgrid Concepts First of all, microgrids have nothing to do with unreliable intermittent energy schemes such as big wind farms and industrial solar power arrays. Microgrids are about building robust resilience into larger power systems. They are also about … Continue reading

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Investors Revolted by Tesla Motors’ Plan to Acquire SolarCity

… a struggling SolarCity could be a burden on Tesla, which is also using up cash fast. Tesla’s free cash flow last year was a negative $2.2 billion. In theory, then, a combination of Tesla and SolarCity would have burned … Continue reading

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Nobody Knows Nothing

“Why Oil Prices Will Rebound Before We Know It,” appeared when oil prices were about $50 a barrel. Crude briefly bounced to $60, before dropping more than 50 percent to about $26, where it trades today. … It’s not just … Continue reading

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Global Energy Use: Coal Rises, Oil Falls in % of Total Energy 2013

The world continues to cut back on oil but is still dependent on coal, according to this chart produced by Robert Andrews. The decline in oil drop in oil consumption since 1970 is the most notable trend, with the decline … Continue reading

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Nuclear Fusion: Still a Force to be Reckoned With

As you can see from the chart, if humans can master the forces in the atomic nucleus, they and their heirs will have as much energy as they will need into the foreseeable future. Research into the production of affordable … Continue reading

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A Magical Transformation: Natural Gas to Diesel Fuel & Gasoline

It’s not alchemy. Cheap and abundant methane can be converted to more valuable diesel and gasoline (and many other materials) via “gas to liquids” (GTL) processes. Most GTL approaches utilise the Fischer-Tropsch approach, but other chemical methods show promise of … Continue reading

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