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Why are Some Nations Rich and Others Poor?

Judging only by wealth per capita, most people might choose to live in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, or Luxembourg. But residency is tightly restricted in the smaller two nations of the three, and gaining permanent residency is Switzerland is not particularly easy. … Continue reading

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Supersmart Individuals Control the Future

“Whether we like it or not, these people really do control our society,” says Jonathan Wai, a psychologist at the Duke University Talent Identification Program in Durham, North Carolina… “The kids who test in the top 1% tend to become … Continue reading

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Impulsive Violence, Executive Control, Locus of Control

Mob violence is generally impulsive — a crime of opportunity. There is safety in numbers, and one is less likely to be caught and punished if he participates in a mass crime. Small groups and individuals can commit impulsive acts … Continue reading

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