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At What Age Should a Woman Become Pregnant?

What are the Best Ages for Women to Become Pregnant Historically, across cultures, it has been the norm for older males to marry younger females, so that women bore children early in life. In recent years, with the widespread postponing … Continue reading

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Jim Duggar Declares for President, Vows to Solve US Fertility Problem

[satire] Al Fin Travels to the Duggars’ Arkansas Home to Interview the Presidential Candidate Al Fin: Thank you for meeting with me today, Mr. Duggar. Jim Duggar: Please, Al, just call me Jim. It’s a pleasure to welcome you to … Continue reading

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Few Good Men Left in Dying Russia

…in the countries of the former Soviet Union… [they] are experiencing a huge deficit of single, decent, non-drinking, not abusive, marriage minded, family oriented men. There is a large number of Russian women who have absolutely no chance of ever … Continue reading

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This Christmas, Give a Thought to the Millions of Russian Orphans and Street Children

These institutions are not habitable; children are malnourished and in some cases starving and emaciated. They lie in their own feces and urine and in clothes that are old, torn, and not fitted to their bodies. Orphans lie still and … Continue reading

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Babies a la Carte

Most of us have heard of the so-called “three parent baby,” a child with the DNA of three different persons. More Another approach to a three parent baby is the use of one man’s sperm, one woman’s egg, and a … Continue reading

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School is the Place Where Children Learn to be Stupid

John Holt was an educator turned educational reformer and heretic. He was also something of a forerunner and patron saint of the Dangerous Child movement. The following John Holt quotes are from a Mother Earth News interview in 1980. It’s … Continue reading

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Don’t Raise Your Children to be Wage Slaves

There are a number of disadvantages to working at a job, that is, working for a company or for someone else. Job security is never perfect, and in the days of Obama, uncertainty is an unwelcome guest in a growing … Continue reading

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