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A False Dawn for Oil Prices

http://i.cdn.turner.com/money/.element/script/7.0/players/embed.js?videoid=/video/news/economy/2016/02/25/story-behind-oils-plunge.cnnmoney Basically there is too much oil on the market, and there is dampened demand. You can’t mess with the fundamentals. __ http://uk.businessinsider.com/oil-prices-march-21-and-forecast-2016-3 Oil state dictators and despots are desperate for a new dawn in oil prices. Oil-dependent prison states … Continue reading

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The Cutting Edge of Oil Prices?

Oil prices have never recovered to 1864 levels (in constant $US). Nevertheless, yearly – monthly – daily – hourly oil price fluctuations make a great deal of difference to various people and organisations. Sure, it matters to you when you … Continue reading

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All of Putin’s Mischief Fails to Push Global Oil Prices Above Fiscal Breakeven

Update: Oil prices are cramping Putin’s grand ambitions Update: Can Putin Survive the Global Demand Slump? The world is in flames, with an Islamist terrorist group on the rampage across the Middle East, the White House weighing another fight in … Continue reading

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Low Global Oil Prices Pushing Russia to the Financial Brink

Update October 2014: Falling oil prices hurt Russian ambitions of empire Update: Global oil demand slump spells big trouble for Russia One ominous sign that Russia’s corrupt oil/government axis of power is under strain Oil prices have sunk as much … Continue reading

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Global Oil Prices: Calm in the Midst of a Tempest

Something strange is happening in global oil prices: About 3.5 million barrels per day have been removed from global output — and oil prices went down! What’s really remarkable about this recent decline is that it occurred despite the fact … Continue reading

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What is Fiscal Breakeven for Oil States?

When a national government depends upon income from oil & gas to balance its budget, the prices of oil & gas become very important to the economic health of that country. When oil-state governments grow financially over-extended through greed, corruption, … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia vs. Russia: Impact of a $75 bbl Oil Price

Over the next five years, the effects of the global oil-and-gas boom should prove a grim object lesson for the Russian economy on the downside of the “resource curse.” Russia’s economy “largely depends on energy exports,” according to a study … Continue reading

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