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We Ain’t Paid No Whisky Tax Since 1792

Ode to the Great Whisky Rebellion: In Further Whisky News: Every True Scotsman Knows that Whisky is Spelled Without an “E”! Scotch whisky is the best whisky in the world. We cannot say whether leaving out the “e” makes the … Continue reading

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Did Potatos Save the World?

At up to 50 tonnes per hectare, the potato is the king of crop yields. Only bananas come close — but bananas only grow in the tropics. Potatoes are grown around the world, in almost all climates. After the high … Continue reading

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Conscious Processes, Chocolate, and Strange Attractors

The panorama of evolutionary biology reveals evolved consciousness at many levels — from bacteria pursuing food to theoretical physicists performing mind experiments to determine the constituents of matter in the universe. The quality of inference varies widely between different species, … Continue reading

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Sex and the Banana: Not Work-safe

The Banana’s Controversial Sex Life The banana plant first originated ten thousand years ago in South Asia, when two wild plant species — Musa acuminata and Musa balbisinia — accidentally cross-pollinated, resulting in the sterile half-breed banana plant. The fruit … Continue reading

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Surprising Survival Food: Acorns

Acorns are good food Acorns can have a taste anywhere between hazel nuts and sunflower seeds, depending upon the type of oak and the growing conditions for a particular year. Acorns have been tested and found to be possibly the … Continue reading

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Support Your Local Brewer

American Craft Beer Week 2018: May 14 to May 20 Americans begin celebrating the 2018 American Craft Beer Week today. I am not certain why the celebration is for only one week of the year, but perhaps that will be … Continue reading

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What to Eat When All the Food is Gone

After TSHTF, most stored food supplies will rapidly dwindle and vanish. Livestock will be quickly butchered and eaten — although without freezers and food preservation skills, most of the meat will be wasted. Wild game will quickly disappear, and most … Continue reading

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Robots Inherit the Farm

The focus of automation in farming has shifted from assisting humans to replacing them More The average age of Japanese farmers is 67. Across all developed countries, the average age of growers is 60. Robotics and automation technologies are just … Continue reading

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