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Genetic Load, Deleterious Genes, Gene Therapy

Genetic Load We are all mutants We all know things about ourselves that we would like to change. But if we only knew more about our genes — good and bad — we would probably know a lot more things … Continue reading

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New Genes Pop Up Like Magic

Since 2012 scientists have been learning how new genes are created in all kinds of organisms. The image below provides a look at simple gene expression, followed by a glimpse into the creation of a new gene out of “non-genic … Continue reading

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Is Genetic Divergence a Controversial Topic?

Genetic Divergence Genetic divergence is an accepted concept in evolutionary science. Genetic divergence is the process in which two or more populations of an ancestral species accumulate independent genetic changes (mutations) through time, often after the populations have become reproductively … Continue reading

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Heredity and Behaviour in Dog Breeds

Evan MacLean (University of Arizona), Noah Snyder-Mackler (University of Washington), Bridgett vonHoldt (Princeton University), and James Serpell (University of Pennsylvania) recently published a paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, looking at the heritability of 14 dog behaviours. The … Continue reading

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Genetic Drift vs. Memetic Drift

Genes vs. Memes Most readers have at least a rough idea of what genes are and how they work in biology. The types of genes that are prevalent in a population help determine how prosperous and accomplished that population will … Continue reading

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Pity the Accursed Black Man in the Age of White Privilege

Beneath the Blood, Beneath the Bones: The Abiding Curse It is the sad misfortune of African-derived black people to be eternally saddled with a debilitating curse. The curse runs so deeply through the very marrow of black Africans — and … Continue reading

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Instant Broad Spectrum Disease Screening Coming of Age

From Singapore: Micro-RNA Screening Will Allow Instant Disease Diagnosis Spotting the spread of diseases such as cancer in their early stages can make a huge difference to the likelihood of being able to beat them into submission, and scientists in … Continue reading

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