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How to Find Happiness in an Unhappy World

Dimensions of Happiness Happiness is almost never where you think you will find it. If you become too impatient — if you never learn how to set the table and allow happiness to come to dinner — you may set … Continue reading

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Happiness Deconstructed

What is Happiness? First, a few things that happiness IS NOT: bitter hostility, helpless loneliness, a despairing dearth of choices, a lack of personal confidence based upon genuine personal incompetence, the absence of any meaningful purpose. The Happiness of Pleasure … Continue reading

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Love Hurts, Truth Hurts, Beauty Hurts, But Suicide is Painless?

Life is hard, and then you die . . . attributed to Adam, husband of Eve, after having eaten of the fruit of the tree Life is what happens to us when we are making other plans. __ Allen Saunders … Continue reading

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We Are Marching to Euphoria: We Will Soon be There

Wikipedia Reward System Life isn’t easy, for most of us. No matter how well we were pampered or sheltered as children and teens, eventually there comes a time when we have to face the music, and stand on our own. … Continue reading

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