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Electric Cars Still “Toys for the Rich”

Electric car deficiencies are major, including high purchase price, short driving range, small carrying capacity, lack of charging stations, long charging times, and expensive battery packs that need to be replaced during the life of the vehicle. __ Source A … Continue reading

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A Magical Transformation: Natural Gas to Diesel Fuel & Gasoline

It’s not alchemy. Cheap and abundant methane can be converted to more valuable diesel and gasoline (and many other materials) via “gas to liquids” (GTL) processes. Most GTL approaches utilise the Fischer-Tropsch approach, but other chemical methods show promise of … Continue reading

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Massive New Hydrocarbon Discovery

The nether worlds of planet Earth have barely been explored for their rich deposits of hydrocarbons and other minerals. Another recent discovery of “centuries worth of coal” under the North Sea, accents the potential of future discoveries around the globe. … Continue reading

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Missing Heat, Missing Water, Missing Carbon: One Place to Look

A great deal of money and time is being devoted to solving the mystery of Earth’s missing heat. But perhaps climate boffins are looking in the wrong place? Perhaps the missing heat is hiding along with missing water and missing … Continue reading

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