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Russian Internet Capers: Apes and Trolls Abound

Russia has turned Internet trolling into a profession with full time workers getting paid $700 to $1,000 a month (plus bonuses for especially effective efforts) and working in office settings rather than from home. These professional troops mainly write in … Continue reading

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You, My Fine Sucker, Have Been Hacked and Trolled by the Best

After responding to an advertisement in the popular HeadHunter job-search website, [Tatiana] became a Kremlin-paid Internet troll. Tatiana — who, like others interviewed for this story, asked that her last name not be used — worked out of a 2,500-square-meter … Continue reading

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Nothing is True, and Everything is Possible

Peter Pomerantsev is an ethnic Russian who was born in Kiev, under the USSR. He grew up in England. When he moved to Moscow as an adult, he fell in love with Moscow’s wild and intense euphoria where “anything goes.” … Continue reading

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Putting Shine on Shite: Grad Students Karlin, Adomanis

Only hard-line patriots never think of leaving. “There is no feeling that life is improving,” says Dmitry Oreshkin, a senior political researcher at Moscow’s Institute of Geography. … A host of failures by the current Kremlin administration is responsible for … Continue reading

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Chumps & Dupes Believe In Putin’s “Heroic Narrative”

Update: Putin’s Useful Idiots It takes a true chump to swallow the heroic narrative of Putin as the saviour of Russia. If Putin was the heroic cause of Russia’s recovery since 1998, then there must have been a Putin in … Continue reading

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