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Universities are Burning America to the Ground

The value has gone out of the average university education. At best, college has become a ruinously expensive four year escape from responsibility for youngsters. At worst it has become a training ground for radicals and rioters, set on a … Continue reading

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If Biden Refers to Kamala as “President Harris,” What Does Kamala call Biden? “You Drooling Idiot?”

There Is No Biden Administration A basic problem with the Biden administration is that there really isn’t one. Like most journalists I use the term as a formality, but the White House site calls it the Biden-Harris Administration. It’s not … Continue reading

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They Cannot Help But Go Too Far

Over the years, Maher’s audiences have always been trained seals, reliably clapping at every hard left, anti-George Bush, anti-Trump, pro-Obama statement the host utters. But this time, he said that the BLM rap pushing Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) on American society … Continue reading

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Texas Power Failures Look Like California!

Like California, Texas went all-in for big wind turbine farms. And like California, Texas is beginning to suffer the high prices, low reliability, and blackouts that California has been living with ever since it jumped into the green energy swamp. … Continue reading

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Witch Trial Against Citizen Trump Begins 8 Feb. 21

The US Senate has scheduled hearings in the impeachment trial against Citizen Trump beginning February 8th. The Senate does not have the constitutional authority to hold an “impeachment” trial against a private citizen, nor should it have. That simple limitation … Continue reading

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Welcome to a World of Victims and Narcissists

Reason magazine takes a look at a scientific article that tells us something we have all known for a long time: our world is full of self-proclaimed “victims” who have not been the victims of anything significant in the real … Continue reading

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Wizard of West Returns Even Stronger Than Before

The wizard of the western world descended into the abyss while battling the Balrog monster named COVID. To the amazement of the world, he has returned with a new visage, and a revitalized mission — to defeat those twisted men … Continue reading

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Yes, You Bloody Idiots, People Can Tell the Difference Between Protests and Riots

Is there anything they will not riot over? Poll data, including data generated by my own organization, show that Americans draw a clear distinction between demonstrating and rioting. Large majorities have no problem with demonstrations, but strongly disapprove of riots, … Continue reading

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UK Shrugs Off Chinese Coronavirus

At one stage whole intensive care units were full of Covid-19 patients, many of them on ventilators for several weeks. Again, thankfully, the numbers on ventilators have continued to fall, from 3,300 to 64. There are many ways of counting … Continue reading

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Deliberately Instigated Violence in an Election Year

Among political parties, only the Democrats allowed and tacitly encouraged the destruction of our cities. Of our businesses. Of our way of life. They’ve consistently tried to hide and downplay what has actually occurred. But most people aren’t that far … Continue reading

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An Ambitious and Diabolical Plan

UPDATE: True to form, YouTube has censored the video originally posted just below on multiple channels, for “hate speech.” The documentary is called ShadowGate. Trailer and more information here. The ShadowGate documentary should remain available online at this site The … Continue reading

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Can Radical Honesty Neutralize Radical Dishonesty?

We Live in an Age of Radical Dishonesty We are told that burning buildings, beating up bystanders, and trying to kill law enforcement officers are forms of “peaceful protest.” On a nightly basis, hordes of rioters attack federal law enforcement … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Deaths Falling in Arizona, Florida

But if the crisis is passing in states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona and elsewhere, shouldn’t the public know about that? And why are the media acting as though it’s getting worse? __ You Are Not Being Told the Truth … Continue reading

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Saints from Sinners

News Flash: Career criminal achieves sainthood while being arrested for spending counterfeit money and possession of illegal drugs. Riots at 11. When I first saw the mural of George Floyd with large angel wings, I assumed that it was a … Continue reading

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So Stupid Only an Intellectual Would Believe It

George Orwell’s timeless admonition, “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them,” has been given new life by the desperate efforts of pundits, scholars and Twitter blue-checks to defend the violence, looting, disorder and general monstrousness that have … Continue reading

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Getting High as an Alternative to Death and Destruction

Children of privilege are burning down homes and businesses that poor people worked their entire lives to create. There is nothing noble about this kind of compulsive destruction. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis was merely a pre-text for … Continue reading

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Is Culture as Malleable As We Feared?

Perhaps not, if this study published yesterday in Nature Human Behaviour is to be believed. Study researchers compared rates of cultural evolution vs. rates of biological evolution. … most culture is subject to “directional and stabilising forces”… – even creating … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders’ Organizer Promises “Milwaukee Will Burn”

A man claiming to be a Bernie Sanders campaign organizer named Kyle Jurek recently promised in a video that Milwaukee would burn if Bernie Sanders did not get the Democratic Nomination for US President in 2020. Milwaukee is the planned … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

The world is a complex place, and most of the topics that we should be discussing are either “blacked out” by censors in media, academia, government, and culture at large — or they are off the radar screen of these … Continue reading

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The Coming War of the Drones

When Iran’s leaders gave the go-ahead for an incendiary proxy drone strike against Saudi Arabian oil facilities, they turned the eyes of the world to a new reality: A coming drone war. The Drones Are Coming! Recently another son of … Continue reading

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Revolts of 2019: Another 1989?

Back in the revolutionary year of 1989, Chinese students demonstrated for freedom in Tiananmen Square, the Berlin Wall fell to the blows of sledge-hammers wielded by ordinary people, and across Eastern Europe millions of thralls of the Warsaw Pact asserted … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Socialists Handle the Truth?

They feel that they have good intentions. This utopian dream of theirs is so vivid they can almost taste it! But why do they never sit down with the veterans of failed utopias and talk over the problems that their … Continue reading

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You Better Feel Oppressed, Dammit!

Leah McSweeney is a writer and a founder of a clothing line. She recently wrote an article in Penthouse describing problems she’d been having with her social justice-conscious and completely woke boyfriend: While I was ranting about the insanity of … Continue reading

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Can Social Justice Build an Abundant and Expansive Future?

Here at Al Fin, we often describe “an abundant and expansive human future,” sometimes referred to as The Next Level. “The Next Level” is a prosperous and open-ended future which will be created by “next level humans.” “Next level humans” … Continue reading

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Good News, Bad News

Good News: World Keeps Not Ending According to the loudest prognosticators of the past few centuries, the world should not exist. Our ancestors should have died in uncounted fiery religious conflagrations. The planet should have been destroyed by nuclear apocalypse, … Continue reading

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