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Jordan Peterson vs. the “Mad Dog Atheists”

Conscious Intelligence is Not a Logical Proposition Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson has staked out a large territory in the sphere of public discussion, which borders on several distinctly different areas of thought and belief. These multiple “boundary lines” have become … Continue reading

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A World Full of Simplistic Logic

Humans base much of their lives on the flimsiest of logic. Most human brains are lazy, if not lazy and stupid. They will take a simple idea “that they just know is true,” then build wildly ambitious ideologies and belief … Continue reading

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Signs of an Educated Person: Falsifiability

How do you know whether a claim is true or false? One of the first things to consider is whether or not the claim can ever be proven true, or proven false — and if so, how? The ability to … Continue reading

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Logical Fallacies: Begging the Question

Internet comments are a treasure trove of logical fallacies. Argumentum ad hominem may be the most popular commenters’ fallacy. But “begging the question” or “begs the question” occupies a special place in the hall of fallacies for the many times … Continue reading

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Essential Thinking Skills for Dangerous Children

Humans cannot perceive reality directly. Instead, the outside world is filtered through our various senses. Significant filtering and pre-processing occur in the sensory organs themselves. Inside the brain, “primary” areas are devoted to each of the senses, where further filtering … Continue reading

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