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“Artificial Intelligence” in Psychiatry

We have come a long way since Joseph Weizenbaum’s 1966 program ELIZA began psychoanalysing students and staff of MIT. ELIZA was a “knee-jerk” therapist, which asked repetitive questions based almost entirely on the students’ comments to it. Follow the link … Continue reading

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Drowning in the Shallows of Distraction?

The following article is adapted and re-published from The Dangerous Child blog. Choosing Between Shallow Distraction and Deep Work Deep Work is the ability to focus intensely on a problem for hours at a time, bringing all of your cognitive … Continue reading

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The Paradox of the Flat Mind

Psychologist Nick Chater says that he has discovered that the human mind is exceedingly shallow — or even flat. This is not what most people want to hear about themselves, and has not been a very popular message on the … Continue reading

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Big Five Personality Test

The big five personality traits are the best accepted and most commonly used model of personality in academic psychology. The big five come from the statistical study of responses to personality items. Using a technique called factor analysis researchers can … Continue reading

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Beyond the Bounds of Cynicism and Comfort

This article is cross-posted and adapted from The Dangerous Child When training Dangerous Children, we use various techniques to push students beyond normal comfort areas. In the method discussed today, the child acts as his own teacher and “therapist,” as … Continue reading

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The Deep Insight at the Moment of Death

insight ‎(plural insights) A sight or view of the interior of anything; a deep inspection or view; introspection; frequently used with into. Power of acute observation and deduction; penetration; discernment; perception. … Intuitive apprehension of the inner nature of a … Continue reading

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The Metaphorical Animal in His Natural Habitat

Metaphors are more than a way to talk about an experience. Metaphors are our experience. They set the filters through which we perceive and make sense out of the world. Because of this fact, metaphors serve as powerful levers capable … Continue reading

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Human Brains Caught Wearing New Genes

Whether a person succeeds or not in a competitive modern world, is largely up to the quality of his brain and nervous systems. And that is largely up to his genes — 50% to 80% heritability of IQ, perhaps 90%+ … Continue reading

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