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Brazil, Norway, Canada, and Guyana: A Flood of Oil

Like the shale boom, the coming supply surge is a sudden change in dynamics. Guyana currently produces no oil at all. Norwegian and Brazilian production has long been in decline. And in Canada, concerns about climate change, resistance to new … Continue reading

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Iran Proxy Bombs Saudi Oil Facilities: Start of Peter Zeihan’s Oil War?

Update 17Sep2019: Latest reports suggest that Iran launched more than 20 drones and cruise missiles from southern Iran in the attack on Saudi Arabia. Coordinated drone strikes on the heart of the Saudi oil industry forced the kingdom to shut … Continue reading

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New Oil Discovery? Get in Line

They Keep Discovering Big New Oil Deposits! To the vast annoyance of oil hedgers and peak oil doomers, large new oil fields are being discovered from Guyana to South Africa to Iran to Scotland to Texas to the Gulf of … Continue reading

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Stock Markets and Oil Prices Rise in Synchrony

Stocks and Oil Rebound on the Fourth Day As of noon Eastern Standard Time, stock market indexes had risen 2 – 3 % while oil prices had risen roughly 2%, from their lower levels in late 2018 and early 2019. … Continue reading

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US Shale Kicks Putin, OPEC, in Teeth

If U.S. shale can withstand domestic political pressure against hydraulic fracking, and regulatory incentives promoting a shift to renewable energies, it stands to disrupt OPEC’s global oil cartel and Russia’s strong influence in Europe, and establish the United States as … Continue reading

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Oil Price Outlook: July 2016

Where Things Stand According to the EIA, crude oil prices actually peaked in March of 2012 with Brent Light Sweet Crude (Brent) topping out at more than $125 per barrel and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) reaching nearly $110. They have … Continue reading

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Oil Prices May 2016

Oil markets are never in balance. Producers always misjudge demand and either over-shoot or under-shoot with supply. Balance is simply a zero-crossing from one state of disequilibrium to the next, from surplus to deficit and back again. __ Art Berman … Continue reading

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Beyond the Peak Oil Delusion: Two Scenarios for Oil Markets

Oil prices have declined substantially from the heady “peak oil delusion days” of the last decade. Now we are offered two separate narratives explaining why oil prices are likely to stay low: Demand depletion vs. splintered demand. The first [narrative] … Continue reading

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A False Dawn for Oil Prices

http://i.cdn.turner.com/money/.element/script/7.0/players/embed.js?videoid=/video/news/economy/2016/02/25/story-behind-oils-plunge.cnnmoney Basically there is too much oil on the market, and there is dampened demand. You can’t mess with the fundamentals. __ http://uk.businessinsider.com/oil-prices-march-21-and-forecast-2016-3 Oil state dictators and despots are desperate for a new dawn in oil prices. Oil-dependent prison states … Continue reading

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Bleak Global Marketplace: Nowhere to Invest, Shorting the Yuan

As the amount of money in the financial markets grows compared to the amount of worthwhile investments, it’s like having more and more rich people standing on a shrinking platform… … the basic idea behind an investment — be it … Continue reading

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Weak Global Economy to Suppress Oil Prices Through 2016

Oil Production Outstrips Weak Global Demand The International Energy Agency (IEA) November report offers no hope for an oil-price recovery any time soon. Over-supply and weak demand for oil will dominate through 2016. … The IEA and EIA reports taken … Continue reading

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Tribulations of the Petro-States

If oil stays around $50 a barrel, most countries in the [Middle East] region will run out of cash in five years or less, warned a dire report from the International Monetary Fund this week. That includes OPEC leader Saudi … Continue reading

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The Cutting Edge of Oil Prices?

Oil prices have never recovered to 1864 levels (in constant $US). Nevertheless, yearly – monthly – daily – hourly oil price fluctuations make a great deal of difference to various people and organisations. Sure, it matters to you when you … Continue reading

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Fracking for Fun and Future: Pushing Back the Luddites

Fracking Gives the Advanced World Enough Time to Develop Clean, Safe, Abundant Nuclear Energy from New-Gen Reactors Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, and a wide range of nations that fund their national budgets from oil & gas profits may be in … Continue reading

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Where Will Oil Prices Go Now?

Reuters says oil is poised for the biggest weekly price gain in 4 years. But according to Citigroup, we have not seen the bottom of the price drop yet. Depending upon the expert prediction, oil is headed anywhere between $30 … Continue reading

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Oil Prices: Everything You Think You Know Just Ain’t So

In July 2008, my Journal colleague Neil King asked a wide range of energy journalists, economists and other experts to anonymously predict what the price of oil would be at the end of the year. The nearly two dozen responses … Continue reading

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Upside to Low Oil Prices

We know that there is a downside to low oil prices. But there is also an upside. The typical American motorist, who spent $3,000 in 2013 at the pumps, might be $800 a year better off—equivalent to a 2% pay … Continue reading

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Dropping Oil Prices: What Could Go Wrong?

First of all, don’t listen to the doomers. It is not the end of the world. Here are a few things that are likely to happen in the short term in North American oil plays: As oil prices drop, producers … Continue reading

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Addiction to Oil Profits is Choking the Life Out of Russkiye

… in Russia, the oil price problems have become entangled with the ruble that has been falling from record low to record low. There are many losers when a currency gets smashed. __Russias Probable Default … at least 1 percent … Continue reading

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All of Putin’s Mischief Fails to Push Global Oil Prices Above Fiscal Breakeven

Update: Oil prices are cramping Putin’s grand ambitions Update: Can Putin Survive the Global Demand Slump? The world is in flames, with an Islamist terrorist group on the rampage across the Middle East, the White House weighing another fight in … Continue reading

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Low Global Oil Prices Pushing Russia to the Financial Brink

Update October 2014: Falling oil prices hurt Russian ambitions of empire Update: Global oil demand slump spells big trouble for Russia One ominous sign that Russia’s corrupt oil/government axis of power is under strain Oil prices have sunk as much … Continue reading

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Global Oil Prices: Calm in the Midst of a Tempest

Something strange is happening in global oil prices: About 3.5 million barrels per day have been removed from global output — and oil prices went down! What’s really remarkable about this recent decline is that it occurred despite the fact … Continue reading

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North American Oil Boom Spectacular — Best is Yet to Come

The North American oil & gas boom has taken the world by surprise. As US oil production pushes ever upward toward the magic number of 10 million barrels per day (US peak production in November 1970), peak oil prognosticators and … Continue reading

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Putin’s Extreme Attempts to Raise Global Oil Prices are Unsuccessful So Far

When a government depends upon oil & gas profits to fund its budget, the prices of oil & gas can determine whether the government prospers, or falls. Russia’s government finds itself in a bind, committed to ambitious and extravagant budgets … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia vs. Russia: Impact of a $75 bbl Oil Price

Over the next five years, the effects of the global oil-and-gas boom should prove a grim object lesson for the Russian economy on the downside of the “resource curse.” Russia’s economy “largely depends on energy exports,” according to a study … Continue reading

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