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Still Waiting for Peak Oil?

In 1920, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated that “the world’s supply of recoverable petroleum” was no more than 60 billion barrels. It was wrong. The world has already produced 1,400 billion barrels of oil. Worldwide, there is about 1,700 billion … Continue reading

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Technology Enabling $20 a Barrel Oil Costs

“Really, it’s quite easy” to be profitable at $20, “when you sit down and add up all the ways there are to save money in our industry, and how much waste there is,” added Blake Burnette, CEO of IoT-eq (pronounced … Continue reading

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Gods of the Apocalypse Fade, as True Believers Slip Away

The late 20th century was a mother lode for prophets of the apocalypse. Of all the apocalyptic faiths of the 1980s and 1990s, none was more strongly held than the one true faith in Peak Oil Armageddon. And why not? … Continue reading

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The Peak Oil Fad Loses Traction

What Happened to the Great 2005 Peak Oil Collapse? The rapid growth in North American oil production leading to the global oil glut, has dominated public concerns about oil for the past few years. Oil surpluses are likely to continue … Continue reading

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Beyond the Peak Oil Delusion: Two Scenarios for Oil Markets

Oil prices have declined substantially from the heady “peak oil delusion days” of the last decade. Now we are offered two separate narratives explaining why oil prices are likely to stay low: Demand depletion vs. splintered demand. The first [narrative] … Continue reading

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Oil Price Rock and Roll

It’s hard to believe today that in May, 2008, Goldman Sachs analysts were forecasting that oil would reach US$200 a barrel within two years, or that the late Matt Simmons, founder of the energy investment banking firm Simmons & Co. … Continue reading

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Peak Oil: Isn’t It Time to Start Promoting Safe, Clean, Abundant Nuclear Power?

Even in the age of an apparent oversupply of oil & gas, the world is full of “peak oil doomers.” Such doomers believe that human societies are on the verge of a global energy collapse, with a subsequent collapse of … Continue reading

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Where Will Oil Prices Go Now?

Reuters says oil is poised for the biggest weekly price gain in 4 years. But according to Citigroup, we have not seen the bottom of the price drop yet. Depending upon the expert prediction, oil is headed anywhere between $30 … Continue reading

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Peak Oil Armageddon, Global Warming Apocalypse, Doom on a Popsicle Stick

The path to “end of the world” thinking is well trod, most heavily so in times of oppression, uncertainty, and corruption. But perhaps some of us can recognize how familiar is this dark road, resist the natural urge to repeat … Continue reading

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North American Oil & Gas Production: Calming World Oil Concerns

Despite the excitement over Russia’s conquest of Crimea, continuing strife in Syria, and increasing instability in Egypt, world oil prices remain stable for now, with Brent futures near $105. Canadian oil sands plus North American shale oil & gas have … Continue reading

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