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Russians are Celebrating More Putin and Victory Over Nazis

More Years of Putin, More Celebrations of Past Glories On 9 May, Russians will again celebrate a WWII victory over Nazi Germany. And they will also celebrate yet more years of Putin to come. The two things amount to the … Continue reading

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US Shale Kicks Putin, OPEC, in Teeth

If U.S. shale can withstand domestic political pressure against hydraulic fracking, and regulatory incentives promoting a shift to renewable energies, it stands to disrupt OPEC’s global oil cartel and Russia’s strong influence in Europe, and establish the United States as … Continue reading

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Is Putin, Like Hitler, Pushing Europe Into War?

The good news is that Russians do not want a war — and this is Putin’s Achilles heel. A survey by the Levada Center found that 68 percent of Russians polled “do not want their sons to fight” in Ukraine. … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin: International Man of Misery

The only… option is to leave the country — but where to go? The closest and simplest destination is Europe, but there terrorists have killed the editors of Charlie Hebdo, and the euro costs more than most Russians can afford. … Continue reading

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By His Own Shackles Bound

Putting all your honey in one jar is something no wise bear would ever do. By the same token, wise bears don’t shit where they eat. Perhaps this bear is not so wise after all. As the bear grows hungry … Continue reading

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On Leaving Well Enough Alone . . .

Once upon a time, citizens of Ukraine were tolerant of the corrupt economic “co-dependency” between Ukraine and Russia. But something happened to rile the normally placid citizens of Ukraine. I’ll give you a hint: Ukraine did not invade Russia. One … Continue reading

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Grand Eurasian Empire Stumbles at the Gate

President Putin strives to project strength but he is a limited politician who, in common with so many of those who went before him, lacks the imagination and capacity to establish Russia as an admired, serious and constructive player on … Continue reading

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Economically Strapped Dictator Threatens to Play the Nuclear War Card

Is global thermonuclear war unthinkable? Not in Moscow. As Russia’s economy takes a deep dive into a shallow pool, the Kremlin’s war planners are busy laying the groundwork for large scale global violence. Under mounting Western pressure this year, Russian … Continue reading

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All of Putin’s Mischief Fails to Push Global Oil Prices Above Fiscal Breakeven

Update: Oil prices are cramping Putin’s grand ambitions Update: Can Putin Survive the Global Demand Slump? The world is in flames, with an Islamist terrorist group on the rampage across the Middle East, the White House weighing another fight in … Continue reading

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Is That Daft of Wind Blowing Through Putin’s Brain a Mere Smokescreen?

Dugin believes that the Eurasian state must incorporate all of the former Soviet states, members of the socialist block, and perhaps even establish a protectorate over all EU members. In the east, Dugin proposes to go as far as incorporating … Continue reading

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Loving Putin Means Hating Russia

Mr. Putin, evidently fuelled by fantasies of a reborn empire, appears to believe he has a special right to destabilize a sovereign nation based solely on his pursuit of nationalist glory. The world has been here before, but most western … Continue reading

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Putin’s Belligerence, and Russia’s Desperation

… as he crisscrosses Russia… he finds a drunk, suspicious, bitter country where everyone has been broken in their own small way … __ The struggle to save a dying nation It has become a race to the bottom on … Continue reading

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