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White Privilege = Asian Privilege = IQ

Well-intentioned people fought long and hard to assure equal opportunity for all citizens and legal residents. But when equal opportunity was finally achieved, the outcomes still did not equal out. This presented a difficult choice — whether to expose the … Continue reading

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Those Brilliant Black People from Jamaica and Nigeria

Average national IQs can only tell us so much. In Europe/Anglosphere and East Asia average IQs run “high,” in sub Saharan Africa average IQs tend to run “low,” and everywhere else is somewhere in between. When you are looking for … Continue reading

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You’ll Always Have “Racism”

Young girls and boys like to dream big dreams. As they grow older, the real world often encourages them to compromise — to scale down their dreams. How people react to the bruising of their childhood dreams tells you a … Continue reading

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Marrying a More Beautiful Life

When contemplating marriage, most people plan on marrying a person with the same ethnic and cultural background as themselves. But a significant number of people want something more interesting, more “beautiful”, more secure, or more sexy. When thinking about marriage … Continue reading

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First Blood: Sam Harris Confronts the Echo Choir

First Blood: In Which Sam Harris Offends Ezra Klein As long as author and provocateur Sam Harris only attacked Christians, violent Muslims, and Donald Trump, he was mostly left alone by the curtained overlords of politically correct public discourse. But … Continue reading

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You Say Wakanda; I See Zimbabwe

A recently released Marvel Comics fantasy film, Black Panther, is experiencing a brisk box office trade. By all accounts it is a rousing action film, with colorful costumes and striking computer special effects. But something interesting is happening in the … Continue reading

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Pity the Accursed Black Man in the Age of White Privilege

Beneath the Blood, Beneath the Bones: The Abiding Curse It is the sad misfortune of African-derived black people to be eternally saddled with a debilitating curse. The curse runs so deeply through the very marrow of black Africans — and … Continue reading

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Educational Success Is In the Genes: IQ, Self-Efficacy, Personality and More

There are many reasons why success seems to run in families. One of the reasons is the inheritance of genetic predispositions to success, such as intelligence, self-discipline, positive personality styles, and more. A recent study published in PNAS looked at … Continue reading

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African People are Not Just White People with Dark Skin

Bonus Update: How Africans May Differ From Westerners : An on-the-scenes report from a western philosophy professor who taught in African universities for 12 years, and resides in South Africa. One of the first things that young pediatricians-to-be are taught, … Continue reading

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Human Biodiversity: A Troublesome and Inconvenient Inheritance

Update: No one should be surprised that the NYT is unable to live with a reporter who can handle the truth. After more than 30 years of solid science reporting, the NY Times is forcing Nicholas Wade to leave the … Continue reading

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Are Blacks Too Stupid to be Allowed to Vote in Elections of Advanced Nations? No, But . . .

The short answer is “no.” As you can see by the graphic above, there is significant overlap between the IQ distributions of the crude groupings of “black,” “hispanic,” “white,” and “asian,” in North America. The global map below displays the … Continue reading

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Violent Home Invasion: Ready or Not, It’s Coming

Home invaders enjoy the sense of power that comes from holding another person’s life in their hands. Typically composed of young black males, home invasion gangs prey on soft targets. These violent attacks are becoming more common even in neighborhoods … Continue reading

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