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Genetic Load, Deleterious Genes, Gene Therapy

Genetic Load We are all mutants We all know things about ourselves that we would like to change. But if we only knew more about our genes — good and bad — we would probably know a lot more things … Continue reading

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Jumbled News Items

Human Brain Regeneration Using Adult Stem Cells The technique involves injecting stem cells through a borehole in the skull into regions of the brain that are known to control motor movements, and which have been damaged by stroke… these injected … Continue reading

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Immortality via 3D Bioprinting, for the Compleat Survivor

3D printing is opening several promising doors into a future of near-infinite possibilities. One of the most important skills to learn for the more wise and intelligent prepper-survivors is the ability to print useful tools and replacement parts in 3D, … Continue reading

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Meet the Organoids: Growing Human Organs in a Dish

As Madeline Lancaster lifts a clear plastic dish into the light, roughly a dozen clumps of tissue the size of small baroque pearls bob in a peach-­colored liquid. These are cerebral organoids, which possess certain features of a human brain … Continue reading

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Sophisticated Bio-Scaffolding Raises Hopes for Regenerative Medicine

Today’s story goes back to 2009, when Medford, Massachusetts company Serica Technologies Inc. received FDA approval for its silk-based scaffold technology. The silk scaffolding was originally meant to be used for reconstruction of structural connective tissue, such as that in … Continue reading

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