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The 3 Empires of the 21st Century

Just over 100 years ago at the dawn of the 20th century, the world was awash in empires. Once strong empires such as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Tsarist Russian Empire, The British Empire, The German Empire, The … Continue reading

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Golden Ages and Dynamic Stability of Civilisations

The golden age of Greece depended upon trade between far-flung colonies around the Mediterranean. The golden age of Islam relied upon wealth from trade among regions of conquest, and a hub-like cross-trade and knowledge cross-fertilisation between lands in the east … Continue reading

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What Comes After the Collapse of Putin’s Russia?

According to respected blogger Brian Wang, Russia is close to collapse… Putin’s Russia, that is. More Brian points to a Wall Street Journal article which weighs Russia’s problems with debt and over-dependency on commodities, against Russia’s assets (in the light … Continue reading

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Geopolitics 101: What Comes After Pax Americana?

Image: Zerohedge.com The USA is quickly using up most of its allotted 250 years of empire. Consistent with an empire-in-decay, current US leadership is accelerating the decline of US defence forces and economic competitiveness, while increasing entitlement and social spending … Continue reading

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