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Why Do Blacks Destroy Almost Everything They Inherit?

Is it really true that African blacks leave a trail of violence, poverty, and destruction wherever in the world they go? And if it is true, why? … no one will talk about the painful fact that most African and … Continue reading

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Russia is Reshaping Itself

Update: Russian Economy Now So Bad That Russians are Losing Faith in the Future. Every day brings fresh indications that the Russian economy under Vladimir Putin is disastrous now and will become more disastrous in the future. The World Bank … Continue reading

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Why Blacks Destroy Everything They Inherit

… no one will talk about the painful fact that most African and Caribbean nations have either failed or are about to collapse. __ Source From South Africa to Zimbabwe to Jamaica to Detroit to much of London, African blacks … Continue reading

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How Stupid is Too Stupid?

Too Stupid for What? Consider that Russia wants to bring nuclear power plants to sub Saharan Africa. Given the crucial roles of maintenance and intelligent monitoring to nuclear plant safety, would building nuclear power plants in Africa be a good … Continue reading

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Are All Black Immigrants Potential Terrorists?

the next place from which terrorism is likely to emerge is Africa… __ Anatoly Vishnevsky Massive Swelling of Unemployed and Unemployable Black and Muslim Populations to Swamp Developed World in Violence and Poverty This is an opportunity that Putin cannot … Continue reading

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Hopeful News for Russia and Africa

Unless the more advanced world can devise solutions, the people of Africa, Russia, and other “falling behind” nations are doomed to suffer untold hardship and decline from infectious diseases such as HIV. Africa was the source of HIV, but Russia … Continue reading

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Today Africa; Tomorrow the World?

There are over 1 billion people living on the African continent, although you would never know it from a spaceship window over an African night. Europe, by contrast, has about 745 million people. But just look at the lights! There … Continue reading

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Murder Out There

Out of Wikipedia’s list of 50 world cities with the highest murder rates, the US provides 4: Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, and St. Louis. Rank Municipality Country Homicides (2013) Population (2013) Homicides per 100,000 24 Detroit  United States 332 706,585 … Continue reading

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Russia vs. Africa: Which is Worse?

In terms of corruption, violence, risk of doing business, high disease rates, and in many other ways, Russia is very much like Africa. Scan the global maps for different rankings, and note the many similarities between Africa and Russia. In … Continue reading

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