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Russia Backs Away from International Space Launch Market

Russia Once Called SpaceX “A Nice Trick” But now Russia is running up the white flag and surrendering to SpaceX — and you don’t surrender to “a nice trick.” You surrender to a force that has defeated you. As recently … Continue reading

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Putin Smiles for All of Russia

Overall, Russia is far from economic collapse and losing governability, but it is slowly moving in that direction. If the authorities avoid dire errors, the country can survive at the margin of safety for at least six to ten years, … Continue reading

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Coming for Your Women

Some claim that World War III is about capturing brains rather than territory, and there is some merit to the claim. But there are many ways to capture another nation’s brains. One way is to provide better working and living … Continue reading

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It’s All Part of the Plan Part II

In part I of this series, we took a quick look at ways in which Russia is being actively dismantled by its historical victims. The Separatist Spirit is Strong in the Urals, Siberia, the North Caucasus, Russian Manchuria, Russian Occupied … Continue reading

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It’s All Part of the Plan

Before their offspring are old enough to be shipped off to private school in Britain, Switzerland or the United States, they must be prepared for life in the West by a full-time [caretaker] in Moscow. Source Replacing Moscow’s Rich but … Continue reading

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China vs. Russia: Race to Implosion

China and Russia on Track to Disintegrate? Which will collapse and disintegrate first? China, or Russia? “From what I can see, and my Chinese wife can see, China will probably soon implode. Just what the catalyst will be is uncertain… … Continue reading

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The Real Hunger Games

A Few Eerie Parallels Between the Fictional “Hunger Games” and the Real Meltdown of the Company Towns [Company towns] are single-industry towns with one dominant employer, usually an industrial plant or a factory that depended on state orders in Soviet … Continue reading

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No Hope for Russia to Emerge from Putin Fiasco in One Piece

Clashes within the elite were bound to intensify as the pie to be shared shrinks due to the economic crisis. The number of such conflicts has grown rapidly since 2014: for example the nationalisation of oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s crown jewel … Continue reading

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Russia Behind the Scenes

Looking Behind Moscow’s Potemkin Village Most western observers of Russia fail to look beyond the superficial glitz of postcard Moscow, and thus utterly fail to understand Russia and the hell that Putin has made of it. Here are a few … Continue reading

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Government Mega-Projects vs. Opportunity and Private Initiative

“A slow, state-owned, ineffective and mostly non-market oriented company is, simply speaking, incapable of competing with SpaceX and other agile private space companies,” says Pavel Luzin, a space industry expert at Perm State University. Moscow Times Opportunity vs. Mega Government: … Continue reading

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Wholesale Movement of Chinese Industry and Workers into “Russian” Far East

Chinese industrial colonies have been moving wholesale into Africa, Latin America, and Central Asia for several years now. This time, it is Russia’s turn to be overrun by China’s debt-propelled never-ending industrial bubble. Moscow is going ahead with a program … Continue reading

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Years More of This Yet to Come

Russia’s economy is not just in recession – it has entered a period of stagnation that will last at least four years, according to Natalia Orlova, chief economist at Alfa Bank, in an interview with bne IntelliNews. Source Vast money-laundering … Continue reading

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Bloody Hell! No More Pianos in Russia?

Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev Rolling in their Graves! Pianos (!) are no longer being produced in Russia, forcing those who wish to buy them to pay a sinking-rouble premium — as for most other things which must now be imported using … Continue reading

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The State of Muscovy

There is no “Russia,” Only Muscovy Muscovy has come a long way from its early days as vassal to the barbarian Mongol/Tatar horde. The small primitive state was able to expand its control over vast reaches of territory — some … Continue reading

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Behind a Brave Front, Russia Suffers, Shrinks, and Dies in Silence

It Starts With the Lies According to official sources, Russia is a great world power. Russia cannot be hurt by low oil prices, by western sanctions, nor by anything else, it seems. But what is the reality beneath the facade? … Continue reading

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When Corrupt Frenemies Encircle: Race to the Finish

China is moving strongly into Iran and Central Asia — and showing signs of planning bold moves into the middle east. China is also investing in Ukraine, Turkey, several Baltic nations, and Central Europe. An economic encirclement of Russia by … Continue reading

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Chinese Looking for “Secrets of the Jews”

Why Are Jews so Successful in Science, Maths, and Business? In the sciences, Jews have won 22 percent of all the Nobel Prizes ever awarded – 29 percent of the prizes since 1950, after the Holocaust destroyed a third of … Continue reading

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When Nuclear-Armed Tyrannies Collapse: What is the Worst that Could Happen?

When tyrants feel threatened with loss of power, they are apt to do just about anything.  Pushed to the wall, what is the worst they might do? Over the last two years, President Vladimir Putin has confirmed his legitimacy through … Continue reading

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We Should Have Seen This Coming

“Russian authorities have been consistently claiming during the past several months that the economic crisis in Russia has bottomed out,” the paper states. “However, a brief analysis of the raw data from the Russian economy, and the most realistic patterns … Continue reading

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Collapse of an Unstable Russian Federation

Mr Putin brought into motion forces that thrive on war and nationalism. These are not the forces of imperial expansion—Russia lacks the dynamism, resources and vision that empire-building requires. They are forces of chaos and disorganisation. __ Beyond Putin More … Continue reading

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Russia’s Future

The life expectancy for males in Russia is about 64 years, putting it among the lowest 50 countries… Consider that a 15-year old Russian male has a life expectancy three years shorter than his counterpart in Haiti. __ Demography is … Continue reading

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Addicts, Gangsters, Hackers, and Trolls

Gangster Nation Vladimir Putin’s regime has become increasingly adept at deploying a whole range of practices that are more common among crime syndicates than permanent members of the UN Security Council. In some cases, as with the hacking, this involves … Continue reading

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Luck o’ the Russians: Back in the USSR!

Back in the mid-1980s, the US CIA did not expect the USSR to collapse in just a handful of years. But Al Fin’s advisors and mentors did. And they were right. In 1986, when asked if the CIA was doing … Continue reading

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Putin Spending Russia Toward Desperate Times

Russia is running out of money. President Vladimir Putin is taking a strategic gamble, depleting the Kremlin’s last reserve funds to cover the budget and to pay for an escalating war in Syria at the same time. … “GDP was … Continue reading

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Demographic Notes

Introduction Europe, and much of the rest of the advanced world, is undergoing a permanent transformation. After surviving the ambitions of Hitler, Stalin, and the Kaiser, shrinking populations of Europe are voluntarily surrendering — unconditionally — to more rapidly proliferating … Continue reading

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