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Russian Exports We Could Do Without

Rockets and Poisons Ten days ago, the Kremlin leader sought to frighten the West with his new “super weapons” and his preparedness for nuclear war, Eidman says. Now, he “is frightening it with a mass poisoning in the center of … Continue reading

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Elite Flight Out of Russia Worse than Thought

Both the Numbers and the Types of Emigrants are Changing … an enormous 32 percent of Russians aged 18-24 are ready to move abroad, according to the Levada Center survey. __ Artemy Troitsky You won’t hear about this from mainstream … Continue reading

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Shadow Wars and The Modern Mercenary

Characteristics of Shadow Wars 1. States matter less. Today’s “great powers” aren’t just countries, they’re multinational corporations as well as the super-rich. The Fortune 500 are more powerful than most countries, most of which are fragile or failed states. … … Continue reading

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Why the USSR Won the Cold War

The USSR knew how to fight a cold war. Big military parades, incessant party propaganda from birth to death, compulsory military service, lots of tanks and missiles. Who would not be frightened into submission by the massive spectacle of a … Continue reading

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US Charitable Giving: Government vs Private

US Government Global Humanitarian Assistance In the fiscal year 2015, the US Agency for International Develepment (USAID) and the Department of State provided more than $6bn in life-saving humanitarian assistance. __ http://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2015/dec/10/global-humanitarian-crisis-continuous-increase-funding Private US Charitable Giving In 2014, the largest … Continue reading

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Isolated Russia Still a World Power

Once upon a time, the story of Fortress Russia facing a hostile world was a convenient fairy tale the Kremlin used to mobilize the public. Today, the fairy tale is quickly becoming a reality. As a result of the Kremlin’s … Continue reading

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Remembering Russia

Russian Paranoia and Xenophobia Did Not Begin with the USSR The sense of being surrounded by lies; the underlying anxiety that someone might be listening or reporting on you; the constant, screaming, inescapable propaganda; the sullenness of the crowds on … Continue reading

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Why Russia Will Conquer the World

Russians are a tough and hardy people who laugh at hardship. If essential services such as schools, road repairs, healthcare, and public toilets in the Moscow Metro have to be cut to pay for wars abroad, so be it. Russians … Continue reading

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What Did One Terrorist Say to the Other Terrorist?

“We’ll always have Paris“ The most recent Paris terror attack — claimed by Islamic State — is unlikely to be the last Paris attack. France is becoming a hotbed of Islamism and Muslim fundamentalism. Paris — and France — can … Continue reading

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Can Russian Women Be Saved?

Hundreds of thousands of Russia’s best are leaving the country, for better opportunities abroad. Back in Russia, the millions who remain seem to be slipping back to a mindset of Stalinism, combined with an “us against the world” fanaticism that … Continue reading

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Russia, Living With a Secret Corpse, Pretends Not to Notice

… for the 11.5 million people in its capital city of Moscow, life in Russia is forging on in a curious way, bordering on theater of the absurd. Absurdity is part of daily life. And the higher its concentration, the … Continue reading

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Nothing is True, and Everything is Possible

Peter Pomerantsev is an ethnic Russian who was born in Kiev, under the USSR. He grew up in England. When he moved to Moscow as an adult, he fell in love with Moscow’s wild and intense euphoria where “anything goes.” … Continue reading

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A Dog and its Bone

Image Source: Moscow Times In Aesop’s fable, a dog carrying a bone encounters its own reflection in a body of water. Thinking its reflection to be another dog, it attempts to seize the reflection’s bone. But when the dog opens … Continue reading

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