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The New Al Fin Human Breast Milk Diet

Most have heard of the Atkins low carb diet, the ketogenic diet, the Jordan Peterson all meat & greens diet, and the Masai ox milk & blood diet. In today’s piece, Al Fin introduces the fresh human breast milk diet … Continue reading

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Vibranium Asteroid Disappears Over Wakanda

Warning: The following is a work of plagiaristic satire. Read at your own risk! According to the mainstream narrative, the asteroid “disintegrated” over southern Africa. But our overseas correspondents report that it actually disappeared under mysterious circumstances in tightly controlled … Continue reading

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It’s All Part of the Plan

Before their offspring are old enough to be shipped off to private school in Britain, Switzerland or the United States, they must be prepared for life in the West by a full-time [caretaker] in Moscow. Source Replacing Moscow’s Rich but … Continue reading

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Electing Hillary Dumpty, Just to Make it Fair

The United States has been the world’s richest nation since roughly 1890, for over a century. This long-lasting economic inequity has caused understandable discontent among a number of other nations and would-be superpowers. Even under President Barack Obama — arguably … Continue reading

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90% of Women Prefer a Bigger Penis!

90% of Women Prefer a Bigger Penis Yes, of course, we know that. Sigmund Freud told us that long ago–but they can’t have one, because they’re girls!!! That’s why they call it penis envy. So if women cannot have what … Continue reading

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How to Enlarge Your Penis Size (for Women)

Warning: This blog posting is total satire, with no redeeming social content. Discovery of the Female Phantom Penis Elevates War of the Sexes No matter what she may look like on the outside, all women possess a penis — a … Continue reading

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Sinister, Secret Plan to Destroy Russia

  Sinister Forces at Work: The IWGDR The memo below was intercepted from a satellite phone transmission between the chief of the IWGDR [Interagency Working Group for the Destruction of Russia] and dispersed heads of IWGDR regional agencies. It describes … Continue reading

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