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A Long List of Top Science Websites in 2019

Here are a few dozen of the best-rated science websites this past year: Science News Sites Science News Live Science Phys.org EurekAlert! Sciencemag PopSci The Scientist Nature Science Daily Discover Quanta Ars Technica Smithsonian Cosmos Scientific American Space Chemistry World … Continue reading

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Science: What it Is

Science is a Verb Science is an active and systematic way of building knowledge upon knowledge. We call it “the scientific method:” The steps of the scientific method go something like this: Make an observation or observations. Ask questions about … Continue reading

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Good Science Has Nothing to Do With University Degrees

The Slowing of Scientific Discovery The “Science Establishment” is spitting out PhDs, journal articles, and scientific data at record levels. But something happened along the way to our sci-tech utopia. Has scientific progress actually slowed in recent decades, despite a … Continue reading

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Understanding Cycles of Oxygen, Water, and Carbon

The Oxygen Cycle Notice that most of the Earth’s oxygen is tied up in the lithosphere — planetary rock. Atmospheric levels of oxygen can rise and fall, naturally, and have done so over billions of years. Major reservoirs involved in … Continue reading

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An Amazing Opportunity for Science to Clean Up Its Own Act

The climate models that predicted a very small natural variability and that were used to fit the hockey stick temperature records cannot fit the recent proxy GST reconstructions casting doubts on their accuracy. __ Earth Science Reviews Something wonderful happened … Continue reading

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