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Sex and the Banana: Not Work-safe

The Banana’s Controversial Sex Life The banana plant first originated ten thousand years ago in South Asia, when two wild plant species — Musa acuminata and Musa balbisinia — accidentally cross-pollinated, resulting in the sterile half-breed banana plant. The fruit … Continue reading

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Can a More Rational Polygamy Save the Civilised World?

Polygamy is already legal. But what we have now in modern nations is “irrational polygamy,” where large numbers of low IQ women are married to the welfare state. The state pays these low quality women to have children who are … Continue reading

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Confidence, Oil, Sperm to Surge Under Trump

Surging Confidence by Consumers, Small Business, and Big Business The change in US presidential administration seems to be signalling a significant boost in confidence toward the future at all levels of the productive sectors of the economy. Consumer Confidence Surges … Continue reading

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Not Work Safe

If You Thought the Internet Was Addictive Before, Take a Look at the Future Neuroscientists are concerned about the phenomenon of internet addiction, which has resulted in a number of deaths in Asia. The dopamine-fueled phenomenon of internet games, social … Continue reading

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Making the World Safe for Sex

Summer Olympics in Brasil and a Young Man’s Thoughts Turn to Sex But is it safe? Thanks to a growing endemic threat of Zika virus in Brasil, you can’t be sure. No one wants to be condemned to death — … Continue reading

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How to Enlarge Your Penis Size (for Women)

Warning: This blog posting is total satire, with no redeeming social content. Discovery of the Female Phantom Penis Elevates War of the Sexes No matter what she may look like on the outside, all women possess a penis — a … Continue reading

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Sex Robot Upgrade

Abyss Creations, which sells male and female sex toys, is now starting to introduce electronics into its creations… Source Ordinary, passive sex dolls are not enough anymore, for a generation of young nerds raised on interactive electronic products that receive … Continue reading

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Learning to Appreciate Vulvar Diversity

A recent contest to find the most beautiful “vagina” in the world has achieved some remarkable results: … 182 women submitted photos of their vaginas, which were ranked and voted on by 134,707 of the website’s 1.2 million unique visitors … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Little Girls Pay for College: Trading on Natural “Assets”

US college loan debt has shot above $1 trillion, with no sign of coming down to Earth. More and more young girls are being pressed to go to college by teachers, parents, and society in general — whether the girls … Continue reading

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Sex Coaching — A New Career Niche

Between the career niche of “Life Coaching” and the career niche of “Sex Surrogate,” is the wide-open career niche of “Sex Coaching.” [Life] Coaching is a training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific … Continue reading

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