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Oil: For Every Barrel Consumed, Two Are Discovered

“For every barrel of oil consumed over the past 35 years, two new barrels have been discovered.” In other words, technology has increased the available oil despite the fact that humans have been using it at an increasing rate for … Continue reading

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Oil Doomers Frustrated at US Shale Revolution

According to the oil doomers, the world’s oil was supposed to be used up by now. The scarce remaining dregs of oil would be beyond the reach of ordinary people, and only the ultra-wealthy would be able to drive the … Continue reading

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What Does Full Employment Look Like?

We can get a good picture of full employment by looking at Midland, Texas, where the unemployment rate hovers near 2%. Finding workers to do ordinary jobs as teachers, restaurant cooks, bus drivers, city workers, prison guards, etc. is getting … Continue reading

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Zeihan: The US Shale Patch Has Not Drilled a Dry Well in 3 Years!

No dry wells for the last 3 years and no low-productivity well for the last 2 years. The reason for this long string of good luck in the US shale oil patch — according to Austin-based geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan … Continue reading

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Ongoing US Shale Boom and the Dangerous Child

The surprising US shale boom continues to confound peak oil doomers and Russian neo-imperialists. At the same time, this energy revolution is fueling renewed manufacturing and other industrial development in the US — and fueling hope for similar renewal in … Continue reading

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Energy Bits

Image Source via GWPF According to the research team led by Kyoto University Prof. Tsuyoshi Ishida and Assistant Prof. Chen Youqing, CO2 becomes a “supercritical” fluid if it is heated to 31.1 C or more and subjected to pressure of … Continue reading

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North American Oil & Gas Production: Calming World Oil Concerns

Despite the excitement over Russia’s conquest of Crimea, continuing strife in Syria, and increasing instability in Egypt, world oil prices remain stable for now, with Brent futures near $105. Canadian oil sands plus North American shale oil & gas have … Continue reading

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