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What is an “Ethnic Russian?” Is the Question Worth Destroying Europe?

The concept of “ethnic Russian” is difficult to pin down, exactly. Putin seems willing to go to war with all comers over the ambiguous idea of Russian ethnicity. We hope that saner heads will prevail. Moscow, certainly, is full of … Continue reading

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In Africa, Birth Control is Slow to Catch On

In every African country, women are averaging fewer children now than their mothers had in 1990. But not by much: In Nigeria, it has taken 25 years for the birthrate to fall from 6.8 children per woman to six. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Global Demographics

Uneducated and unskilled populations are proliferating, while skilled and educated populations are dying off. [By 2050] there will be more Japanese over age 80 than under 15. Japan’s population – now 127 million – is expected to fall to 108 … Continue reading

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Africa: Can the Dark Continent Find its Own Level?

For quite some time, outsiders have been trying to save Africa from itself — to “uplift” Africans to higher levels of achievement than they had been capable of on their own. Most recently, the Chinese have been inundating Africa with … Continue reading

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Demographic Notes

Introduction Europe, and much of the rest of the advanced world, is undergoing a permanent transformation. After surviving the ambitions of Hitler, Stalin, and the Kaiser, shrinking populations of Europe are voluntarily surrendering — unconditionally — to more rapidly proliferating … Continue reading

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Malthusian Monkeys Screech of Doom

Update: New steel alloy has strength to weight ratio of titanium at one tenth the cost (Nature Abstract) When Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren, and John Harte wagered Julian Simon $10,000 that the cost of commodities and natural resources would always … Continue reading

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Russian Demographics and the Need for Patriarchy

The men are dying too young; the women aren’t having enough kids; the [xenophobic] country has more immigrants than it knows what to do with; and it’s running out of working-age people to support everybody else. __ TechInsider One of … Continue reading

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Jim Duggar Declares for President, Vows to Solve US Fertility Problem

[satire] Al Fin Travels to the Duggars’ Arkansas Home to Interview the Presidential Candidate Al Fin: Thank you for meeting with me today, Mr. Duggar. Jim Duggar: Please, Al, just call me Jim. It’s a pleasure to welcome you to … Continue reading

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Europe’s Dark Future

Hundreds of thousands of ­asylum-seekers are streaming through Europe’s porous borders, decamping from entry nations such as Italy to countries such as Germany, where they are creating new challenges and tensions. WaPo In 2008, the Eastern Mediterranean route saw a … Continue reading

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Africa’s Day in the Sun

A recent survey compiled by “the African Development Bank, the United Nations Development Program and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development,” paints a generally sunny view of Africa’s near-term economic future. Economic output for the whole of the continent … Continue reading

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