Coal is Hot! Winter is Cold! Wind is Crap! Climate is Cyclic!

US Coal Power Production Beats Out Natural Gas

Natural gas prices have been higher lately, giving the stage to lower-priced coal as biggest producer for now.

With higher gas prices, “preliminary data suggests a pickup in both coal demand (from gas to coal switching) and supply,” Jeremy Sussman, an analyst at Clarksons Platou Securities, said in an email. Coal’s largest gains over gas were in the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest. __

Coal offers some notable advantages over natural gas, including the ability to store a large amount of fuel on-site at the power plant. More stable pricing for coal is another advantage.

One key advantage that coal offers is its ability to store fuel on-site, which becomes very handy in winter when getting access to piped gas, for instance, becomes more difficult. During these tough times, it is inarguable that coal gives the grid a higher level of reliability. Again, this was clearly demonstrated in the winters of 2018 and 2014… __ Coal Value

Closing all coal plants is a fool’s play — something for the likes of California’s Jerry Brown. But remember that California still buys coal-generated power that is produced out of state, the hypocrites!
Polar Vortex

Brace for a Brutally Cold Winter!

The possibility of another brutal polar vortex dipping into Eastern North America and Northern and Western Europe looms dark on the horizon. Get your winter gear ready for use.

A split in the polar vortex can give rise to both sudden and delayed effects, much of which involves declining temperatures and extreme winter weather in the Eastern US along with Northern and Western Europe. __ Source via WUWT

Another reason to be concerned about colder winters in the coming years, is the continuing change in solar cycles, possibly leading to another mini-ice age sometime before 2050.

Wind Turbines Wear Out Almost Twice as Fast as Advertised!

Countries that build too many wind farms will soon learn that the price was far too high!

Older turbines will need to be replaced more quickly than the industry estimates while many more will need to be built onshore if the Government is to meet renewable energy targets by 2020.

The extra cost is likely to be passed on to households, which already pay about £1 billion a year in a consumer subsidy that is added to electricity bills. __ via WUWT

This information from a British study confirms earlier findings from a Danish study. This blog and its predecessors have been relaying these findings to readers for nearly 10 years, but the mainstream press is slow to admit to blatantly lying for the wind industry.

Examining the tolerance of power grids to the destabilising effects of intermittent wind/solar energy

…the wind and solar plants that many in the renewable business vehemently insist are perfect substitutes for coal are naturally intermittent, resources that are typically only available to generate electricity 20-35% of the time. This means that renewable build-outs are not giving us nearly the surplus capacity being claimed. __ Jude Clemente

Intermittents like grid-scale wind and solar are ideological traps — causing societies to shut down more reliable forms of power generation, while they consume vast quantities of land and resources with very little useful power given in return.

Climate Doom Hysteria in the Mainstream Press is Criminally Misleading

The IPCC’s “Special Report 15” (SR-15) was the object of much angry argument and invective at the Poland climate talks recently. Sadly, when it comes to today’s IPCC report, there is no “there” there. No science, just rehashed political power grabbing.

To put it bluntly, there’s a lot less here than meets the eye. The report argues that the Paris Accord target of a 1.5C increase is better than a 2C target. But the farther one reads, the more it appears the IPCC’s report is not really about climate change. It’s less a scientific report and more a political platform, driven by ideology, not science.

This would seem a wild accusation, but for two things. First, SR15 doesn’t actually attempt to quantify either the possible costs of warming or how much it would cost to avert warming. In fact, there’s no serious attempt even to show the likely consequences of proposed actions; it’s simply assumed they will work and be desirable.

Second, SR15 clearly proposes radical, global transformation of society. It calls for “rapid and far-reaching transitions in energy, land, urban and infrastructure (including transport and buildings), and industrial systems…,” “unprecedented in terms of scale…,” “fundamental societal and systems transitions and transformations….” These are direct quotes from IPCC. What do they mean?

Looking closer, these fundamental transformations are less about global warming and more about promoting “social justice,” as embodied in the UN’s “Sustainable development Goals.” The report makes no attempt to conceal this; in the summary, it argues “Social justice and equity are core aspects of climate-resilient development pathways for transformational social change.”

It goes on to contend that we must “eradicate poverty” and reduce inequality across nations. __ RealClearEnergy

These pretend-scientists want to redistribute the wealth of the world to eradicate poverty, promote social justice, promote intermittent energy sources, and have essentially no effect on climate — all under the flag of climate change.

Just follow the money, and it all becomes much easier to understand.

The world is nothing like the picture the media tries to paint for you. The smart Earthling is highly sceptical — and very, very Dangerous.

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