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US Lend Lease Once Saved Russia; Now it Weakens It

US lend lease is explained in the video below. During WWII, the US kept the USSR afloat so as to weaken Hitler’s Nazi army. Now, US lend lease is instrumental in weakening the Nazis of today — Putin’s Russia. There … Continue reading

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Russia Reveals Devastating Weapon at Parade

Russia’s only tank manufacturer had been shut down for weeks due to lack of spare parts. There have been rumors that the juggernaut factory that produces the T-14 Armata tank might even be sold to Elon Musk for conversion to … Continue reading

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Massive Russian Advantage, Moscow Victory Parade

In a rare public appearance, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an inspirational speech to Moscow attendees at the annual Moscow Victory Parade over WWII Hitler Germany. “Those who want to split us from the inside have not succeeded. That is … Continue reading

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25,000 Russians Dead; 75,000 Wounded and Captured

Putin lowered his pants and the world only laughed. Now his wounded pride demands full-scale war. But that only risks greater humiliation for Russia and in the end, utter ruin. Russia’s most “elite” units have been devastated by Putin’s big … Continue reading

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We Beat that Old Man to Death with Batons

A Russian Tale, Mother and Son He says: “We beat that old man to death, just with batons. To death. Can you imagine? How many times, how long it should take to kill a person just with a baton?” When … Continue reading

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When Dictators Die

Rumors of impending death… and rumors of expedited death. Either way, if a man believes he is likely to die anyway, he is less likely to be concerned about any number of deaths that may occur incidental to his own. … Continue reading

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My Soldiers Don’t Want to Fight; I Have to Shoot Them

Exhausted soldiers are now being pressed into a new Kremlin offensive in Ukraine’s eastern territories, as Putin eyes capturing the entire Donbas region. However, troop morale appears to have hit rock bottom with soldiers increasingly refusing to fight. A recently … Continue reading

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All of Russia is Now a Fair Target for Ukraine

Explosions and Fires Emerge Across Russia: Oil depots, ammunition dumps, top-secret research labs, and other sensitive Russian targets have suffered mysterious fires and explosions recently. The mysterious blazes in Russia have led to intense speculation that Ukraine has struck back … Continue reading

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Ukraine-Built Missiles are Destroying Putin’s Tanks

In the video above you can see the rapid destruction of four of Putin’s battle tanks in the Donbass region by a single squad using the Ukrainian-made Stugna P anti-tank guided missile system. This is the homemade version of the … Continue reading

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Russia Crying Wolf: Exhausting the Alarm?

US allies from around the world — including NATO nations but also many others from Asia, Africa, and beyond — are openly discussing how best to strengthen Ukraine to resist Russian aggression and to throw the invaders back to original … Continue reading

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Putin: Not Parkinson’s; Tardive Dyskinesia

Tardive dyskinesia (TD) is a disorder that results in involuntary, repetitive body movements, which may include grimacing, sticking out the tongue, or smacking the lips.[1] Additionally, there may be rapid jerking movements or slow writhing movements.[1] In about 20% of … Continue reading

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India Economic Enclave Grills Peter Zeihan

This is Peter Zeihan’s third consecutive annual appearance at the India Economic Enclave. They keep inviting him back because his predictions keep coming true. One of Peter Zeihan’s recent predictions which is now coming true, is his prediction that Russia … Continue reading

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The Stockpiles of War: NATO Comes to Ukraine

Why Ukraine will have to start using NATO military weapons systems: Putin is forcing Ukraine to join NATO in the sense of fighting with mostly NATO weapons systems, cooperating with NATO defense forces at the highest levels. If Putin meant … Continue reading

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Peter Zeihan: Russia Without Choices

Russians Do Not Make Choices: Elites Make Choices for Them Putin Now Sending Young Teens to Fight and Die In the midst of a dark demographic disaster, Vladimir Putin is sending early teens to Ukraine to fight and die — … Continue reading

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Russia at the Vanishing Point

A Fatal Innovation Gap Putin’s latest invasion of Ukraine makes it clear that Russia can’t innovate. In war, this can be fatal. Though the Russia defence sector yields billions for its state coffers, it only spends 1 per cent on … Continue reading

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Imagine There’s No Putin; Easy if You Try

Putin Has a Problem He has been stymied in his latest national acquisition, and he is having a tantrum. Now Putin wants to use artillery to pound Ukraine into dust. The civilian population of Ukraine is the real target of … Continue reading

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Special Ops and Military Information Support Ops

For eight years, multinational forces — including those of the US — have been training Ukrainian military forces to resist overt and covert incursions by Russian agents. US special ops [SOCOM] personnel have likewise worked with Ukrainian forces to prepare … Continue reading

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Moskva “Pride of Russian Navy” Suffers Curse of Snake Island: “Go Fuck Yourself,” They Told the Missile Cruiser

Moskva featured in one of the landmark early exchanges of the war, when Ukrainian border guards on Snake Island, a small outcrop in the Black Sea, told the ship to “Go fuck yourself” after it demanded they surrender. Russian Flagship … Continue reading

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Tanks and Anti-Ship Missiles to Ukraine

Germany and the Czech Republic are sending tanks to Ukraine for its coming battles with Russian invaders in the Donbas region. But the biggest donor of tanks to Ukraine is Russia: Slovakia is donating Mig-29s to Ukraine. Other NATO countries … Continue reading

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Trillion Dollar Space Economy Tempts Entrepreneurs

Elon Musk’s Starlink internet satellite system is expected to earn SpaceX roughly $5 billion per year by 2030. By comparison, the Internet of Things economy is expected to hit about $10 trillion/yr by 2030 and the Metaverse is expected to … Continue reading

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Russian Barbarism Forces Sweden and Finland to Join

Watching Russia brutalize Ukraine from ring-side seats, Sweden and Finland are getting a good idea what Russia would like to be able to do to them. No matter how strongly Putin threatens Sweden and Finland to stay out of NATO, … Continue reading

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Russia’s Military Meltdown Predicted 10 Years Ago

Published in 2010, The Next 100 Years by George Friedman predicted the meltdown of the Russian military in the early to middle 2020s. In the following video, Peter Zeihan explains why this is happening now, and why Putin was unable … Continue reading

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Good News for Russian Women!

It is now possible for women to experience satisfying pleasure with their minds alone. Why is this important for Russian women? Russian women are facing a shortage of good men. This critical shortage makes it difficult for Russia to field … Continue reading

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Half Putin’s Brain Tied Behind His Back

Moving under a dark cloud of war crimes, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is redirecting toward the eastern part of the country, to the area known as the Donbas. This is what the Kremlin now says is the main objective … Continue reading

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Putin’s Slav vs. Slav War Could Last Years

Putin’s War Will Destroy Russia by Nina Krushcheva … By attacking another European country, Putin crossed a line drawn after World War II – and changed the world. But he also changed Russia, from a functioning autocracy into a Stalinesque … Continue reading

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