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Great Emancipations

Emancipation is any effort to procure economic and social rights, political rights or equality, often for a specifically disenfranchised group__ Emancipation in Wikipedia Over the past two centuries, there have been at least four “great emancipations” in the western world. The Emancipation Edict of 1861 in Russia … Continue reading

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The Most Important Thing We Learn from Politics

Daily life is based largely on lies that we tell each other. Politics makes this point so well because there is virtually no truth at all in anything that touches politics or government policy — especially the media. Telling the … Continue reading

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Why Do They Want You to Panic?

Lockdowns are typically portrayed as prudent precautions against Covid-19, but they are surely the most risky experiment ever conducted on the public. From the start, researchers have warned that lockdowns could prove far deadlier than the coronavirus. People who lose their jobs or businesses … Continue reading

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Wizard of West Returns Even Stronger Than Before

The wizard of the western world descended into the abyss while battling the Balrog monster named COVID. To the amazement of the world, he has returned with a new visage, and a revitalized mission — to defeat those twisted men … Continue reading

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A Powerful and Wise Guided Missile: What Every Child Should Learn About Himself

The following are some more thoughts that originated in Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”. Most children are given a horrible start in life. Left largely to the mercy of schools, peers, social media, mass media and … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Control and the Circle of Influence

Some Things Cannot Be Controlled — Even By the US, the EU, or the UN In the 1970’s, Ellen Langer, a researcher from UCLA, demonstrated evidence for a phenomenon she called the illusion of control… Time and again, research has … Continue reading

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Yes, You Bloody Idiots, People Can Tell the Difference Between Protests and Riots

Is there anything they will not riot over? Poll data, including data generated by my own organization, show that Americans draw a clear distinction between demonstrating and rioting. Large majorities have no problem with demonstrations, but strongly disapprove of riots, … Continue reading

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Can Even Severe COVID Infection Be Cured?

Update: Very low fatality rates in US midwest Perhaps severe COVID-19 isn’t a purely inflammatory disease, but rather a dangerous loop of ineffective human immune responses and continuous tissue inflammation, says coauthor Leif Erik Sander, an immunologist and infectious disease … Continue reading

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Donald Trump in “High Noon”

  Complete credited cast: Donald Trump … Marshal Will Kane Joe Biden … Deputy Marshal Harvey Pell Kamala Harris … Helen Ramírez Kayleigh McEnany … Amy Fowler Kane George Soros … Frank Miller Xi Jinping … Jack Colby Vladimir Putin … Continue reading

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Chinese Coronavirus: Europe Panics, Sweden Yawns

Whether on trains or trams, in supermarkets or shopping malls — places where face masks are commonly worn in much of the world — Swedes go about their lives without them. When most of Europe locked down their populations early … Continue reading

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Ideology Was Once a Fine Idea

The word “ideology” had a fine beginning, revealing bright prospects for the future: The word first made its appearance in French as idéologie at the time of the French Revolution, when it was introduced by a philosopher, A.-L.-C. Destutt de … Continue reading

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We Ain’t Paid No Whisky Tax Since 1792

Ode to the Great Whisky Rebellion: In Further Whisky News: Every True Scotsman Knows that Whisky is Spelled Without an “E”! Scotch whisky is the best whisky in the world. We cannot say whether leaving out the “e” makes the … Continue reading

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Weekly Deaths Continue Falling: Is It Over?

Nobel Prize winning chemist Michael Levitt says the coronavirus pandemic may be coming to an end. Stanford biophysics professor Michael Levitt, who won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, says the pandemic might have come to an end. “CDC excess … Continue reading

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White Privilege = Asian Privilege = IQ

Well-intentioned people fought long and hard to assure equal opportunity for all citizens and legal residents. But when equal opportunity was finally achieved, the outcomes still did not equal out. This presented a difficult choice — whether to expose the … Continue reading

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Prepare for Anything

Is The Long Stability of the US Coming to an End? The US has been an outlier in terms of long-term constitutional stability among large nations: … The 91 larger states that existed before 1940 experienced 396 different forms of … Continue reading

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Scarcity of Wit and the Coming Age of Chaos

Ancient empires including Greece, Rome, Egypt, and India, left behind some magnificent ruins. I wonder how soon it can be said that our civilization did the same. At the rate we are moving into the age of chaos, it may … Continue reading

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Can Innate IQ Inequalities be Corrected Using Brain Science?

Different human breeding populations evolved on different continents, reacting to disparate environmental conditions in different genetic ways. The outward differences between different breeding populations are obvious. The inward differences — including a stratification by IQ due to differently evolved brains … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Bad Boy Bolsonaro Upsets Global Media

Beaches, Football, Life Goes On — No Masks! At this moment, a large part of the Brazilian population has decreed, on its own, the end of the epidemic,” wrote the well-known doctor Drauzio Varella in Folha de S. Paulo newspaper. … Continue reading

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A Big Change in the Way You Fly

Fly like a business executive direct to your home town airport — but at the routine cost of a commercial air flight. The new Otto Aviation Celera has completed 31 successful test flights, and is on track to provide a … Continue reading

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Sex Differences in the Body and the Brain

In the aggregate, male bodies are different from female bodies. This has proven an inconvenience for feminists and for political activists. But the differences are real. What is it then, that causes these differences? Well, one of the major contributors … Continue reading

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UK Shrugs Off Chinese Coronavirus

At one stage whole intensive care units were full of Covid-19 patients, many of them on ventilators for several weeks. Again, thankfully, the numbers on ventilators have continued to fall, from 3,300 to 64. There are many ways of counting … Continue reading

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Deliberately Instigated Violence in an Election Year

Among political parties, only the Democrats allowed and tacitly encouraged the destruction of our cities. Of our businesses. Of our way of life. They’ve consistently tried to hide and downplay what has actually occurred. But most people aren’t that far … Continue reading

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Latest Study on Children and Coronavirus May Help Calm the Hysteria over School

From the BBC online: The BMJ study looked at 651 children with coronavirus in hospitals in England, Wales and Scotland…. “There have been no deaths in otherwise healthy school-age children,” said study author Prof Calum Semple, from the University of … Continue reading

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What is Positronium, and Where Can I Get Some?

Positronium is an atom without a nucleus, an example of an “exotic” atom. At this time, positronium can only be made inside a particle accelerator. It looks like this: Positronium is composed of an electron, with a negative charge, circling … Continue reading

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A Gem of a Physics Video

I have been enjoying the “Nuclear Physics Explained” video course lately. While scanning YouTube for some supplementary nuclear physics videos I ran across the one above, and was impressed with its visual explanatory power. We have barely scratched the surface … Continue reading

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