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Psychedelic Drugs for PTSD, Depression, Addiction

First Medical Marijuana, Next Medical Psychedelics? Western societies are marching toward a world where the use of psychedelic drugs in medicine will be commonplace. Some of the applications for these drugs are discussed below: In March, the U.S. Food and … Continue reading

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Three Years You May Want to Hibernate

Years 34, 60, and 78: When Bad Things Happen Scientists working at Stanford University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and institutions in Germany and Italy, have determined that protein markers for human ageing change significantly during three years of a … Continue reading

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Surprising Survival Food: Acorns

Acorns are good food Acorns can have a taste anywhere between hazel nuts and sunflower seeds, depending upon the type of oak and the growing conditions for a particular year. Acorns have been tested and found to be possibly the … Continue reading

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Genetic Load, Deleterious Genes, Gene Therapy

Genetic Load We are all mutants We all know things about ourselves that we would like to change. But if we only knew more about our genes — good and bad — we would probably know a lot more things … Continue reading

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Very Cute; But Can they Think?

Only 9% of OECD Youth Can Interpret What They Read They are cute. They have lots of self esteem. But they can’t read a complex narrative and interpret the ideas. They cannot “distinguish between fact and opinion.” In the US, … Continue reading

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Inside the “China Model”

The “China Model” of government is being promoted widely in political circles as an explanation for China’s economic rise over the past 40 years. US billionaire and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is among the latest to advocate this system. But … Continue reading

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Selling the Rope to be Hanged By: Then and Now

This is a tale of two suicides — one averted in the 1980s, the other in progress with an uncertain fate. The subject of both suicides is the same: western civilisation. The means of both suicides is the same: selling … Continue reading

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Not as Bad as Africa

Russian HIV incidence rates are not nearly as high as in sub Saharan Africa. But Russia accounts for roughly 2/3 of new HIV cases in Europe. Almost 1% of all Russians have HIV. And the numbers continue to grow. Why … Continue reading

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Europe in the Middle: “Gotta Serve Somebody”

Europe is excessively dependent upon outsiders for its defence, for its energy, for its technology, and increasingly for its workforce. Without a change in direction, the “foundations of Europe’s society and its values will come under increasing strain, as relying … Continue reading

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Unbelievable Example of Self-Sabotage

China has pulled itself up significantly, by the “open sewer” definition. But now it is threatening to go backward. Since the late 1970s, China has grown prosperous by allowing foreign investors and corporations to operate inside Chinese borders. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Trump Heavyweight Champ of Hong Kong

Hours after [US President Donald Trump] signed two bills to support human rights in Hong Kong, angering Chinese government officials, pro-democracy protesters in the beleaguered city held a “Thanksgiving Rally” Thursday night to commend him for taking the action. … … Continue reading

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Why Men Have to be Funnier than Women

Scientists Ask: Why Are Men Funnier than Women? Simply by looking at the highest paid and best known comedians, we should all suspect that men are funnier than women. But even among the population of average men and women, men … Continue reading

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What Crawled Up Your @ss?

Something strange is crawling this way. Where it stops, nobody knows. This robot moves like a worm, inching its way up the rectum and around the entire colon… It’s meant to serve as an alternative to traditional colonoscopy, an uncomfortable … Continue reading

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US President Trump Winning Black and Hispanic Voters

Democrats Always Took These Votes For Granted Donald Trump is appealing to people’s pocketbooks, and to their sense of order and tradition — something that US Democrats are disregarding. Unemployment in America is at the lowest level in nearly 50 … Continue reading

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A New Way for China?

An Uncertain Future Hong Kong embraces democracy, rejects Beijing. Worse: Communist party officials deluding themselves — this delusion could lead to civil war inside China. The people of China must follow where the Communist Party of China leads them. Yet, … Continue reading

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Sweden Kills its Own Elderly to Make Way for Violent and Hapless Immigrants

Sweden: No Place for Old Men or Old Women Sweden is importing violence, unemployment, and quasi-genocide. For ideological reasons, Sweden’s elite have opened the door to uneducated, unskilled immigrants from violent parts of the world. As a consequence, Sweden’s municipalities … Continue reading

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A Sugar Miracle and Other Stories

Imagine being able to eat all the ice cream and cookies you wanted without having to worry about your blood sugar or dental decay! The problem is not with sugar per se, but with the type of sugar being used. … Continue reading

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Can Rapamycin Help You Live to 200?

The mTOR pathway is switched on when lots of nutrients are present and it stimulates growth and reproduction. If you impair the pathway, or make it less efficient, an organism will prepare for a situation with less nutrients, and begin … Continue reading

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Fearful China in Trade War With Largest Customer

In China, people at the highest levels are beginning to fear. China’s victory lap around the One Belt One Road was meant to carry it in triumph across the entire occupied globe. But Hong Kong happened. Xinjiang is taking too … Continue reading

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The End of Babies, and Other Misc.

Around the developed world, economic pressures are suppressing birth rates and rates of new family formation. In the US, student loan debt plays a large role. In China and Russia, general economic conditions are harsh. In Europe, a dark malaise … Continue reading

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Perils of “Crisis Thinking”

In a genuine disaster, most people’s brains fail them. Here is a list of ways in which the “crisis thinking” of most people leads them astray: 1. Freezing Though it looks passive from the outside, when we’re paralysed with fear … Continue reading

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“Artificial Intelligence” in Psychiatry

We have come a long way since Joseph Weizenbaum’s 1966 program ELIZA began psychoanalysing students and staff of MIT. ELIZA was a “knee-jerk” therapist, which asked repetitive questions based almost entirely on the students’ comments to it. Follow the link … Continue reading

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A Chinese Tragedy

“Distrust saps the foundation of things.” R.H. Graves _ h/t The Chinese, as individuals, have no friends. China, as a country, all the less so._ Source Nobody Trusts China Certainly overseas Chinese in Hong Kong do not trust China, after … Continue reading

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Green Activists and Politicians are Forcing People into Poverty

Compare electricity prices with renewable energy penetration for European countries. What might you conclude? Activists and politicians are always pushing energy policies that drive up the cost of energy. This is not a problem for the wealthy, but for lower … Continue reading

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Drowning in the Shallows of Distraction?

The following article is adapted and re-published from The Dangerous Child blog. Choosing Between Shallow Distraction and Deep Work Deep Work is the ability to focus intensely on a problem for hours at a time, bringing all of your cognitive … Continue reading

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