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Xi in Jeopardy from the Return of the Tuanpei?

Chairman Xi of Communist Party-led China sent his daughter back to the US, perhaps for safekeeping. She does not feel comfortable in China after several years in the US, and may not feel safe inside the Middle Kingdom. … Xi … Continue reading

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New Genes Pop Up Like Magic

Since 2012 scientists have been learning how new genes are created in all kinds of organisms. The image below provides a look at simple gene expression, followed by a glimpse into the creation of a new gene out of “non-genic … Continue reading

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Is Genetic Divergence a Controversial Topic?

Genetic Divergence Genetic divergence is an accepted concept in evolutionary science. Genetic divergence is the process in which two or more populations of an ancestral species accumulate independent genetic changes (mutations) through time, often after the populations have become reproductively … Continue reading

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Why China Lags

China is amply endowed with a high intelligence population, hard working and ambitious. Historically, China has supplied the world with a number of significant inventions. So why is the modern measure of China so small and lagging? China Was Once … Continue reading

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Styles of Thought

The human brain did not evolve with any particular end in mind. But we have been lucky to find at this late date in our evolution that our brains are capable of several types of thinking. Using these different approaches … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson: The Movie

A new documentary about the Jordan Peterson phenomenon is being released in movie theatres, titled “The Rise of Jordan Peterson.” It is an attempt to present the man with all his warts, wrinkles, and foibles — while also revealing the … Continue reading

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Working Age Populations Crash: What Does It Mean?

Compare the changes in working age populations for 8 nations in the graphs below. In the first graph we see the changes between 1990 and 2019. In the second graph we see changes projected for working age populations between 2019 … Continue reading

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Heredity and Behaviour in Dog Breeds

Evan MacLean (University of Arizona), Noah Snyder-Mackler (University of Washington), Bridgett vonHoldt (Princeton University), and James Serpell (University of Pennsylvania) recently published a paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, looking at the heritability of 14 dog behaviours. The … Continue reading

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Without Fossil Fuels Modern Civilisation is Impossible

80% of Energy Comes from Fossil Fuels With over 80% of energy consumption coming from fossil fuels, pretty much everything we have in our economy today is available thanks to fossil fuels. We wouldn’t have today’s homes, schools or grocery … Continue reading

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SpaceX: Mission to Mars, Earth, Luna — and Beyond

Elon Musk has one good company — SpaceX. The company has proven that it can provide reliable and economical space launch for most modern uses of space, from satellite launches to space station resupply. But Musk is introducing new goals … Continue reading

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John Boyd: Destruction and Creation

Link to Paper: John Boyd: Destruction and Creation PDF This short work by John Boyd is re-published below to illustrate the type of thinking that is necessary to break out of fixed perspectives on how past and current events shape … Continue reading

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China is Invincible

Chinese People are Ambitious, Industrious, and Intelligent Insofar as China is built upon the Chinese people, its future is solid. The Chinese people are bright, resourceful, resilient, hard-working, and above average for incremental innovation. The problem — and it is … Continue reading

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Marrying a More Beautiful Life

When contemplating marriage, most people plan on marrying a person with the same ethnic and cultural background as themselves. But a significant number of people want something more interesting, more “beautiful”, more secure, or more sexy. When thinking about marriage … Continue reading

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Obama Disapproves of Trump

Trump Approval Numbers Higher Than Obama’s It may have something to do with the economy, but Trump has higher approval numbers at this point in his first term than Obama did at the same time in his presidency. Trump’s approval … Continue reading

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Economic Freedom of the World and an Abundant Future

Nations that are economically free out-perform non-free nations in indicators of well-being Nations in the top quartile of economic freedom had an average per-capita GDP of $36,770 in 2017, compared to $6,140 for bottom quartile nations (PPP constant US$) (exhibit … Continue reading

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The Coming War of the Drones

When Iran’s leaders gave the go-ahead for an incendiary proxy drone strike against Saudi Arabian oil facilities, they turned the eyes of the world to a new reality: A coming drone war. The Drones Are Coming! Recently another son of … Continue reading

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Iran Proxy Bombs Saudi Oil Facilities: Start of Peter Zeihan’s Oil War?

Update 17Sep2019: Latest reports suggest that Iran launched more than 20 drones and cruise missiles from southern Iran in the attack on Saudi Arabia. Coordinated drone strikes on the heart of the Saudi oil industry forced the kingdom to shut … Continue reading

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Why Are Black Males Stigmatized as Violent Criminals?

The reality is that for some violent crimes such as homicide, black males are the majority of perpetrators. For other violent crimes, black males are greatly over-represented as perpetrators for their overall numbers in the population. Between 1976 and 2005 … Continue reading

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Global Economy Unsettling, Shifting Slowly

For decades, the global economy was growing on the backs of the BRICs — China, India, Russia, Brazil, etc. China, in particular, boosted the economies of raw material exporters around the world. High tech exporters such as Germany have also … Continue reading

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Can Anyone Liberate Hong Kong from King Kong?

Such images from Hong Kong must seem very curious to mainlander Chinese, who have been programmed to submit to every abuse imaginable from their murderous communist party overlords. This is the sort of thing that is carefully censored from the … Continue reading

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How Can You Tell When China Breaks?

First Understand the Role of Real Estate Prices in China … about 80% of Chinese people’s wealth is in the form of real estate, totaling over $65 trillion in value — almost twice the size of all G-7 economies combined. … Continue reading

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Between 25% and 50% of Colleges Will Fail in Next 20 Years

Michael Horn is an expert on education who predicts that 25% of US colleges will fail within the next 20 years. Personally I think the number will be closer to 50%, if you include mergers as a failure of individual … Continue reading

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Czech Republic Spreads Her Legs, China Can’t Get It Up

China badly wants to take the Czech Republic, and the Czech Republic wants to be taken. So what’s the problem? Czech President Milos Zeman has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping eight times — an unusual amount of face time … Continue reading

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Show Me the Money!

Note: Estimates below are from 2015. For purists, who believe “money” refers only to physical “narrow money” (bank notes, coins, and money deposited in savings or checking accounts), the total is somewhere around $36.8 trillion. If you’re looking at “broad … Continue reading

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Murder is Multicultural: Diversity of Crime

The table below ranks homicide rates by nation, helping to reveal the diversity of murder. The map above displays murder rates of nations graphically by color strata, with a red circle that reveals homicide rates for the most populous city … Continue reading

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