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Putin’s Vanity War is Ukraine’s Struggle for Existence

The Motivation Differential in the Ukraine War Young Russian men are fleeing Russia even faster than normal, because it is beginning to look like they may have to fight for the corrupt mafia state, if they stay. Russian men facing … Continue reading

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Putin Wets His Pants; Russians Flee Country

Russians are fleeing the country after Putin promised to begin conscripting his countrymen, beginning with an initial 300,000 allotment and then going on from there. Protests broke out in over 20 Russian cities. Russia’s Invasion Goes Into Reverse Russia is … Continue reading

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Annexation on the Nukes: A Deadly Cocktail

Putin chooses a queer tactic of desperation. First, annex territories that you do not control and never will. Then threaten to unleash a nuclear war if “your new territories” are threatened with attack. Peter Zeihan looks at which cities Putin … Continue reading

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Peter Zeihan on Collapse of Russian Empire

Putin did not have to invade Ukraine. He was having one of those Peter the Great moments and he suddenly felt like having a nice satisfying conquest. The funny thing is, it had not been going too badly for Russia … Continue reading

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V. Putin Is “Fiddler on the Roof,” While Russia Burns

More calls for Putin to resign from within Russia: More and more Russian officials are urging Vladimir Putin to get the hell out of the Kremlin as Moscow suffered another series of humiliating defeats in Ukraine this weekend. Just one … Continue reading

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Only Time

When an entire society falls under the spell of a destructive ideology, long periods of madness and brutality can ensue. Among recent ideologies which bring far more destruction than growth include radical Islam, communism, all forms of socialism (including NAZI … Continue reading

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China’s Dizzy Decline Will Lead to War

China is heading for economic decline as its working age population crashes before the nation can find the innovation and worker productivity it desperately needs. China has been trying to make up for its ongoing decline by the accumulation of … Continue reading

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Russia Turns to Iran for Ultra-Lethal Drone Force

Since Ukraine has been using Turkish drones to target the forces of the Russian invader, it is only fair that Russia turn to Iran to replace its drone losses. Does this mean that Iranian drones are better than Russian drones? … Continue reading

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6 Months of War in Ukraine; Surprises for All

Companies that have left Russia, companies that have stayed Europe is facing a cold winter without Russian natural gas. Europe is typically seen as weak in the knees and without gumption. Certainly the EU does not have a reputation as … Continue reading

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Putin Enemy Dies Unexpectedly After Falling from a 6th Floor Moscow Hospital Window

There is something about high Moscow windows that are proving lethally dangerous for Russians who Vladimir Putin believes are his enemies. In this case it was Lukoil chairman Ravil Maganov who got too close to the edge and proved unable … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuels are the Near to Intermediate Future; Nuclear is the Long-Term Future

The Energy Crisis is Artificial, Brought to You by Greens Germany is on the cusp of a catastrophic fuel shortage leading to an economic collapse and civil unrest, thanks to the influence of Green politicians and government officials and the … Continue reading

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Another Russian Gas Pipeline to Europe Down

Winter is coming to Europe, just as supplies of Russian natural gas are being choked off. Is this an unfortunate coincidence, or do the geopolitics of Putin’s bloody war on Ukraine have something to do with it? For years, mainly … Continue reading

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Russian Paratrooper Publishes Bombshell Ukraine War Memoir; Alexander Dugin’s Daughter Killed in Car Bomb

Rumbles of mutiny echo through the ranks. And it will only get worse. A Russian paratrooper has revealed gut-wrenching details in a new memoir about the war in Ukraine, describing friendly-fire incidents, hordes of starving, marauding troops, and panicked commanders … Continue reading

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The Demographic Bomb, The Groupthink Idiocracy, The Dysgenic Flood, The Unexpected Future

Ultimately, it comes down to our view of humanity. We must, Austin Williams has suggested, decide whether humanity represents “the biggest problem on the planet” or the “creators of a better future.” We still have the ability to raise living … Continue reading

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Wagner Group HQ Destroyed; 100 Mercenaries Dead

As many as 100 mercenaries are believed to have been killed in the massive strike, including several deputy chiefs. Yevgeny Prigozhin is not believed to have been killed in the strike. Prigozhin, often referred to as “Putin’s chief,” had not … Continue reading

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How Many Books Must a Person Read to Be Educated?

For Dangerous Children, I recommend reading between 5,000 and 10,000 books by the age of 21, including the books read to them as very young children. Books provide children with vocabulary as well as proxy knowledge of the larger world … Continue reading

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100 Colonels, 15 Generals, 45,000 Soldiers

A demographic disaster in the making for Russia. Millions of civilians have left, besides all the war losses. Probably the biggest problem for the Russian military is the unsustainable rate of casualties it is suffering. The Russian forces simply can’t … Continue reading

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The Rise of India; Fall of China and Russia

India is entering a high growth period which China is leaving forever. Russia is squandering its future possibilities on a wasteful and ultimately humiliating war in Ukraine. India’s growth in wealth and power is likely to have a seriously adverse … Continue reading

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Two Devastating New Videos: One from Peter Zeihan and Another from Jordan Peterson

We are becoming accustomed to hearing doom and gloom from Peter Zeihan. The problem is that the message is getting worse as time goes by. Zeihan is the long range herald for the darker future, but others are slowly catching … Continue reading

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Germany’s Collapse is Understandable — But Australia?

For years, Germany has been shutting down its indigenous nuclear power production in favor of burning Russian natural gas — and strangely calling the transition “Green.” Sure Germany built a lot of expensive wind and solar “nameplate capacity”– but it … Continue reading

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Is China Ready for Its Own “Ukraine?”

China’s Taiwan Problem Just by its existence, a prosperous and technologically advanced Taiwan acts as a constraint on China’s potential domination of the Pacific region. The US alliance with Taiwan is an irritating thorn in China’s side. China is warning … Continue reading

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Forced Kidnapping of Over 250,000 Ukrainian Children: The Essential Barbarism of the Russian Government

Ukrainian civilians are being detained and deported to Russia through so-called filtration operations, according to a newly declassified report from the National Intelligence Council, which provides analysis for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. “The filtration process includes temporary detention, … Continue reading

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Rejecting Your Most Cherished Beliefs

Have you ever changed your mind about something that was of critical importance to you? Have you had beliefs that you were sure you would never change, but which you were forced to change by the evidence? That has happened … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Now, But Russia is Dying

Russia needs more people, fast! …Russia is dying. It’s been well-established that Russia has suffered from a severe brain-drain in recent decades, but what is perhaps less obvious is that the nation’s population is declining at an alarming rate. Russia … Continue reading

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Belarus In the Middle: The Knife in Russia’s Back

Belarusian volunteers are fighting on the ground in the Russian war against Ukraine. They are fighting in the Ukrainian army, killing Russians. Meanwhile back in Belarus, the Russian army has occupied the entire country and is using Belarusian territory to … Continue reading

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