When Will We Ever Know What’s True?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The western world is in the middle of a year + game of playing the fool to governments, media, public health agencies, and the rest of the gang of [elite?!] racketeers who have seized control of the highest levels of societies.

We are learning more every day about how the Chinese viral pandemic out of Wuhan did not justify the extreme measures thrust on us by our “betters.” We are learning more ways that government lockdowns increased death rates. Businesses have been destroyed by the millions, economies have been shredded, and freedom itself is in tatters.

We are getting tired of obeying the nonsensical, extreme, and corrupt dictates of fools. Unfortunately, the fools in this case are running things and show no sign of letting up on their idiocy. The fingerprints of the leftist demolition squad are all over this debacle, with the leftist base fully on board for years more of masks, lockdowns, and economic murder.

The spring of 2021 is different from the spring of 2020, though. Scientists know a lot more about how COVID-19 spreads—and how it doesn’t. Public-health advice is shifting. But some progressives have not updated their behavior based on the new information. And in their eagerness to protect themselves and others, they may be underestimating other costs. Being extra careful about COVID-19 is (mostly) harmless when it’s limited to wiping down your groceries with Lysol wipes and wearing a mask in places where you’re unlikely to spread the coronavirus, such as on a hiking trail. But vigilance can have unintended consequences when it imposes on other people’s lives. Even as scientific knowledge of COVID-19 has increased, some progressives have continued to embrace policies and behaviors that aren’t supported by evidence, such as banning access to playgrounds, closing beaches, and refusing to reopen schools for in-person learning.

The Atlantic

Masks without end!

The US Centers for Disease Control has forgotten its main mandate, and just like every other government agency is trying to expand its authority to the edge of insanity. The actions of multiple public health agencies in many nations, states, and provinces has been the image of ignorance and shame — to say nothing of economic destruction.

The general public can put up with a great deal. But the crimes perpetrated upon the public by government, media, and health authorities combined with the associated election fraud last November, has gone far beyond what can be tolerated.

The US government* currently in nominal control has the choice of proceeding down the path of unsupported covid-related attacks on personal and group freedoms of citizens and businesses, or it can begin to face up to the fact that a reckoning is building at grass roots levels. Government abuses under the cover of media disinformation can continue for a surprising period of time, even while millions are being hurt and large numbers are dying as a result.

But even those who are ordinarily fools for everything they hear from government, media, academia, etc. do not always stay fooled.

When will we ever know what’s true? Difficult to say. But when that happens, there are large numbers of swamp creatures who will be left high and dry.

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A Deeper Level: Conversation Without Words

What are some alternative ways that we can use to understand each other and the world around us, besides using words in verbal communication? First, consider nonverbal communication in general:

  • Facial Expressions
  • Tone of voice, inflection, etc.
  • Posture, Body Language
  • Personal Space
  • Eye Gaze
  • Touching
  • Dress, Grooming
  • Symbols, Jewelry, Tattoos, Piercings

As soon as we are born, we are sensitive to many of the nonverbal modes of communicating above — and we soon learn the others as we grow and socialize.

Learning to talk and understand language can shift our priorities away from nonverbal communication to verbal communications, but the savvy child will continue to hone their skills at nonverbal interchanges.

People who use words professionally — such as attorneys, psychotherapists, authors, and public officials — would do well to develop their expertise in nonverbal interaction. Besides the above basic elements of nonverbal tete-a-tete, each word-intensive profession will develop its own approaches to the deeper levels of the nonverbal.

Consider some of the nonverbal approaches that psychotherapists might use to go deeper than talk therapy can reach:

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Music Therapy, Gong Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Dance Therapy
  • Wilderness Therapy
  • Body Therapy
  • Sand Tray Therapy
  • Laughter Therapy, Smile Therapy
  • Yawn Therapy, Stretch Therapy
  • Crying Therapy, Scream Therapy
  • Rage Therapy
  • Biofeedback, Neurofeedback
  • Thrill Ride Therapy (Personally Recommended by blog staff)

Endless approaches to nonverbal communication and nonverbal therapeutic interaction could be devised, given enough resourcefulness, motivation, and effort.

Digital communication seems particularly lacking in terms of depth of communication. Without the redundancy of nonverbal communication which is provided in face to face interaction, communicating via digital media makes us more vulnerable to misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts.

A special note on physical contact: In today’s atmosphere where even the hint of physical touch is highly suspect — and loaded with the worst of suspicions — it should be stated clearly that the lack of physical human to human contact is one of the worst deficits of modern society. This is true for contact between people of both sexes, between people of all ages, and particularly between people of different social classes and backgrounds. Physical contact is often the basis of trust, and trust is essential for the harmonious functioning of heterogeneous societies.

I blame mainstream media for many of the most egregious dysfunctions that have emerged in person to person interaction — including the “Oprah-style” talk shows and the late night comedy shows that all purport to teach us how we should view the world and each other. Take that pile of steaming dog shit and pour the steaming pig shit of social media on top, and you begin to understand why things smell so bad on the media front.

My interest in non-verbal communication and non-verbal therapy goes way back in time, but was recently rekindled by reading on cognitive behavioral therapy and other forms of talk therapy that emphasize the manipulation of verbal thoughts in the attempt to rectify mental aberrations.

Vipassana meditation centers on non-verbal phenomena such as the physical sensations of breathing. This form of meditation certainly looks at verbal thoughts, but it puts the verbal on an equal level with mental images, with emotions, and with physical sensations. The neuroplasticity effect of Vipassana meditation leading to greater equanimity almost certainly goes beyond the brain function changes wrought by talk therapy.

Approaches to self-therapy such as we see in Kristen Ulmer’s “The Art of Fear” seems to be a type of hybrid approach, that uses a strong verbal component in opening and dealing with the heart of the problem, while not neglecting the emotional component at issue. For people who want to see quick results, such hybrid approaches may be quite useful.

This topic is particularly important for parents of young children in the formative stages of mental and emotional development. From the earliest age, parents should use all forms of nonverbal communication to provide the child with a loving, playful, and trustworthy foundation of mental and emotional growth.

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It’s Nice to Know I Can Still Scare People

Fear can be a difficult emotion to work with. It tends to make people squirm. They want to get away, to someplace more comfortable. There are a lot of dysfunctional relationships people can have with fear. Here is one of them…

The following is an excerpt from Kristen Ulmer’s book, The Art of Fear:

The weather had been overcast for nine days . . . nothing to do in town but wait, eat grocery store food, and read cheesy paperbacks. Exasperated, knowing the weather was not going to get better, I finally changed my airline ticket to fly home the next morning.

Before leaving, wanting to get a refund for my [unused helicopter time], I walked to the edge of town and stuck my thumb out, looking to hitch a ride to the heli office, thirty miles each way.

Within minutes, a thirty-something guy in a van pulled up. He seemed nice… it was a hippy van — who doesn’t like hippies? I got in, and as we drove we started chatting. He was a local who worked at a house for mentally handicapped adults, and it was his day off. He would gladly drive me to the heli office and back because it was such a pretty drive. Such luck!

We had a pleasant conversation on the way out, which took just under an hour. I got out and did my heli business, then got back in the van for the ride home. As soon as we started driving back to town, everything changed.

“You know,” he started, “I just got out of three years in prison.” Feeling comfortable with him at this point I innocently asked, “What were you in for?” “Selling drugs,” he replied. Then I asked the wrong question, “What was prison like?”

“What was it like? What was it like? I’ll tell you what it was like!” he started screaming.

Like snarls out of a lion, ten minutes of high pitched details came at me. He finally yelled, “It taught me how to scam people. That’s what this is about. You think I’m some nice guy. I saw you by the side of the road and I thought, ‘Now there’s a piece of ass.’ You’re nothing but a piece of ass to me. There’s nothing to prevent me from having my way with you then slitting your throat. There’s nothing out here. I could throw your body out and nobody would find it, ever!”

Sitting there, driving along in this psychopath’s car in the middle of Nowhere, Alaska being screamed at, that is when my insight came. For in a moment, all I felt was relief. Relief! My mind said, “finally! After nine days of boredom, something interesting is happening to me!”

I loved it! I was thrilled! And that’s just not right.

I just sat there, genuinely perplexed but thrilled, as he continued to scream and rant. I kept asking questions and commenting as if we were having an interesting chat. He would speed up and slow down, and I thought about jumping out of the van, but then I would just have broken my legs and he would have come back for me and I would be helpless then.

After an hour of this we were back in town, and he stopped screaming to drop me off. As I stepped out of his van, I looked back at him and said, “You know, you really scared me back there.”

He scoffed, “It’s nice to know I can still scare people.”

How To Overcome Your Biggest Fears | Kristen Ulmer – YouTube

Kristen Ulmer is known as one of the world’s “most extreme female athletes.” She is an acknowledged expert in daredevil big mountain extreme skiing, a death-defying sport.

Her book on fear is a useful look into the dark places that drive us to do crazy things, and the things that prevent us from moving out of our comfort zones to the point that we never face ourselves and our urgent needs and healthy drives.

She leads us down into the dungeons and catacombs of our minds, where we can do the much needed “dark work” that is necessary in order to free up all the parts of ourselves — including parts of us that we may be ashamed of or afraid of — so that we can take all of our stifled energies and anxieties and use them to face that world out there.

It is a useful look into the netherworlds of mind that underlie the modern epidemics of anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, and yes — perverse ideologies and corruptions. The choice to run away from these dark places and this dark work is a decision that our society will regret — unless we wake up soon.

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The Smartphone Generation: Human Brain Optional

An eighth-grade teacher tells me that for many years she has had successive classes of students read the same book, Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. Her students have loved it — until five years ago or so. “I started to see kids not so excited–even high achieving groups could not get engaged with it,” she told me. “They say the reading is too hard; the sentences are too complicated; it takes too long to read a page.”

A friend reports, “I visited some friends in New Jersey recently and their kids have every electronic gadget known to man. All I ever saw were the tops of their heads. They were constantly checking their iPhones for who had texted them, what had updated on Facebook, or they were lost in some videogame. They’re totally aware of what’s happening around them, and clueless about how to interact with someone for any length of time.”

“Focus” by Daniel Goleman
Irresistible by Adam Alter p 14

The modern user would not be caught without his smartphone, because he literally cannot think or interact without it. This is identical to the addictive behavior of an alcoholic, nicotine abuser, or heroin addict.

People who understand the addictive lure of new technologies and social media will not expose their kids to it — any more than they would serve recreational methamphetamine to their children. The term “addiction” first referred to being legally sentenced to a term of slavery in order to pay a debt. It should be clear how addiction and slavery are related, conceptually. Who would want to make their children into slaves?

The trend to greater use and dependency on smartphones is clear. Internet addiction, social media addiction, and smartphone addiction are parallel, mutually reinforcing, and interlocking addictions. Each new cohort, each new generation is more firmly dependent upon these interwoven addictions.

Adam Alter “Irresistible” p 19

“The Shallows” by Nicholas Carr was the first popular mass market volume in English to take a close look at this phenomenon. “Irresistible” by Adam Alter is a more recent perspective on the corrupting effects of addictive technologies. “Focus” by Daniel Goleman provides a broader perspective centered on the concept of attention. These books make it clearer that average attention spans in the tech-addicted worlds are falling, and the ability of the average person to take in and assimilate new information from books and articles, is collapsing.

This is not to condemn the internet itself. The internet is a complex tool with many facets. How we use it is up to us. The internet is here to stay as part of the “fast, cheap, and out of control” future that is still forming itself in the deep layers of slippery reality beneath our feet. Interwoven networks — with all their vulnerabilities and latent powers — will continue to insinuate themselves into every aspect of our lives. We will be both better and worse for all of its inevitability.

Young minds that are still forming themselves are particularly vulnerable to all forms of addiction, including technology addiction. If during the formation of the mind it happens that technology exists at the central focus of the young life, then that mind will develop as a “wraparound” entity, with the various technologies taking up the core formations. You might be able to imagine how differently a mind might function, depending upon which particular mechanisms exist at the central, foundational levels of thinking.

When interacting with many members of these new cohorts of mind formations, you may be shocked to discover that the individual is unable to arrive at a starting point for thinking — but must rather emote his way toward a vague argument. He is no less certain of his correctness, but from a higher and more rational level, the vacuous nature of his thought is all too obvious. You have to see it to believe it.

And this seems to be the whole point of smartphones, Twitter, Facebook, soundbite journalism, and the rest of the short attention span but high time commitment technology addiction. To get all the zombies in synch with each other, so that the people who invented and control all the technology can get what they want behind the scenes.

It is true that in the middle of a contentious argument, all hands reach for the smartphone and Google — in search of the answer that will settle the issue. But if the issue in question is any more complicated than “who won the Super Bowl of 1979?” the instant Google answer may not be right at all. There is no depth in so much of Alexa, Siri, Google, Wikipedia, or the rest of the rapid two-dimensional analyses of complex issues which one finds in the “quick answer” forums of the media.

It takes weeks, months, years, and longer to develop the knowledge and the connections between the knowledge to interpret questions such as “Why did Hitler stop the bombing campaign over Britain in order to focus more on the push to the East?” The quick and facile answers simply do not serve for this and most other issues of importance.

But the dumbed down cohorts of short attention span will never arrive at that insight, because to do so would expose one of many fatal shortcomings in their infrastructure of thought.

So you might see that even with a relatively intelligent population, if the minds are artificially dumbed down by dysfunctional technological addictions, educations of indoctrination, bloated governments of corruption, and a popular culture so superficial as to deserve a complete razing, the ruling classes can get away with murder and fraud with nary a peep of protest.

Of course if the population is relatively mediocre in intelligence, it is all the easier to manipulate the mob for the 1% and its lackeys — which not coincidentally contains a large group of trial lawyers.

Always look between the lines, and in the shadows. Jump between levels to get alternative points of view. Something is always happening, but the lapdog news media of the 1% will only choose to show you the things that serve its purpose.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Be alert and be resourceful.

More: Another author whose work provides essential understanding of the impact of digital technology on the formation of human brains and social interaction, is Sherry Turkle. Professor Turkle (MIT) has authored several books dealing with this broad topic, my favorite of which is “Alone Together.”

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How Belief Systems Crumble

Human belief systems are fascinating things. Whether they last a lifetime or whether they are demolished and rebuilt every few years, they all share some things in common.

A belief system is ordinarily built from many separate pieces, like a house made of bricks. Ultimately, it becomes very strong and not just a group of bricks – but a structure on which the people living in it rely. If a single brick is undermined, or even a couple, the structure stands (I hope I’m right about this, not being a builder). The structure stands until enough bricks are removed that it collapses, or until someone takes a wrecking ball to it.

There’s also something known as a keystone, which is: “1. the wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch that locks the other pieces in place 2. something on which associated things depend for support ”

Removing a keystone – if a person has a keystone within his or her belief system – can cause a system to collapse in a fairly sudden and dramatic manner. I think that, during my own change process, both things happened – a slow accruing of evidence as well as some more sudden and important revelations (my change story contains some examples of each, but here’s one of the latter). Another person who had a “keystone” change experience was David Horowitz, a far left activist whose change to the right was originally sparked by learning that certain leftists he thought were decent were actually cold-blooded killers.

Most people’s belief systems are very very recalcitrant to change, and some are even impervious to it. In the latter cases – which I think are quite common – every small brick that might be removed from the edifice is almost immediately replaced with another brick, making the structure about as strong as before. Maybe even stronger, because it’s withstood many challenges. That’s the function of propaganda – to suppress the truth if it undermines the preferred narrative, but if the truth gets out, to immediately change the subject and come up with a new story to replace it. Then when that’s challenged, there’s another story and another and another for people to use to shore up anything that might be crumbling .

Shoring Up a Failing Belief System is an Unending Chore for the Propaganda Regime

We are familiar with propaganda regimes from the study of Stalin’s USSR, Hitler’s Nazi regime, Communist China, and other totalitarian regimes. But we are becoming more intimately acquainted with propaganda regimes at close hand, as “tech media” closes ranks with mainstream old media to censor any voices not singing in tune with the echo choir.

Today’s dominant “woke ideology” rules North America and Europe, with dissonant voices shut out.

As if out of a dystopian novel, though, the woke ideology has nonetheless become the unifying creed of the American ruling class. That ruling class, which extends from public sector bureaucracies to the Fortune 500 to Hollywood to Silicon Valley and sundry others in between, has in recent years universally come to imbibe, promulgate and disseminate the core tenets of wokeness.

What’s more, that universality often takes the more insidious form of cross-institutional collusion: As Matthew Schmitz put it in a Tablet essay last September, “Governmental authorities and corporations now coordinate in enforcing the dictates of the new secular progressive faith.”

The Face of the New Propaganda Regime

This totalitarian ideology is being taught to children and youth in schools from K-12 and in universities everywhere. It is being crammed down the throats of workers in corporations large and small, and is the measuring stick that determines whether professors are given tenure, whether government workers are hired and promoted, and whether Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other “new tech” outlets will permit a person to have a voice in today’s busy marketplace of ideas.

People who survived and escaped communism would willingly tell the free western people what is being offered to them by their “betters” in the 1% and by the government-academia-media complex that does the bidding of the new ruling class — even if it has to lie, cheat, steal, or kill to get in position to do what is necessary. But the propaganda regime is careful to censor things and people that do not fit the narrative. There are thousands of stories every day that could be told that contradict the popular narrative. But the woke coalition regime keeps those things suppressed. You are only supposed to hear the things that shore up the official belief system. Otherwise it might collapse, and then a lot of people might have to answer for their actions.

The elite level planners of the ruling class have learned their lessons from the best that history has to offer. But the cannon fodder at the lower levels is something else again. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them out there, and they are indoctrinating your children and the children of your friends.

There are certainly some high-profile left-liberal defectors from the woke ideology’s institutional “long march.” Former New York Times editor Bari Weiss, for instance, has become something of a one-woman cottage industry in calling out the execrableness of “critical race theory,” the widespread media gaslighting with respect to the true identity of anti-Asian hate-crime culprits and other woke excesses. There are many others, such as Caitlin Flanagan and even popular HBO host Bill Maher. But in their present condition, left-liberals are too outnumbered and too ill-equipped to take on the wokesters themselves.


Glenn Greenwald is another leftist who is not afraid to call out the woke on their lies and hypocrisy. But there are not enough of them, and there is a limit to what they are capable of seeing, immersed as they have long been in a system of brainwashing. Still, it is good to see occasional signs that even on the left, logical thought is not entirely dead or surrendered to the “woke.”

The best inoculation against ideological indoctrination, is a broad exposure to a wide range of ideas, philosophies, and ideologies in one’s youth — as soon as one learns basic logic and the logic of common fallacies. It is not enough to learn logic and basic fallacies. One must work through dozens and dozens of examples from the real world — preferably examples from one’s own experiences.

Today’s young people are not allowed to pass through that vital, mind-empowering process. Instead, all the forces of the ruling classes along with the government-academia-media-corporate complex are united in the attempt to keep their minds restrained within the accepted narrative.

What will it look like when today’s dominant slapdash ideology crumbles into dust? It will not be pretty. And since it will not happen uniformly across time or space, there will be conflict. Best prepare yourselves for that.

Chinese Demolition

The interesting thing about the alignment of the planets and stars, is that as inevitable as a power transition may seem when one studies the portents, everything changes and transitions to something else eventually. A lot of people are modifying themselves to fit into a system which is not going to last nearly as long as they think.

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Graphic Summary of 2020 US Election

They try to scrub the truth from most large media sources, but the corrupt and illegitimate government* and its media lackeys will find that the people do not forget so easily.

Image Source

Updated source for information documenting fraud in 2020 election

More details from Peter Navarro in his three volume report

The blatant theft of a US presidential election will never be forgotten. When the lackeys and their puppetmasters begin losing their current stranglehold on information sources, the truth will emerge in accelerating fashion. That will be the time for truth and reconciliation, once election procedures are thoroughly disinfected from the current leftist third world dictatorship formats.

Navarro Report

VolumeOne finds significant election irregularities across six keybattleground states–Arizona,Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. These irregularities range from outright voter fraud, ballot mishandling, and contestable process fouls to Equal Protection Clause violations, voting machine irregularities,and significant statistical anomalies.

VolumeTwo examines a two-pronged Grand “Stuff the Ballot Box” Strategy used by theDemocrat Party and its political operatives to flood the battleground states with enough illegalabsentee and mail-in ballots to turn a decisive Trump victory into a narrow,and arguablyillegitimate,Biden “win.” To strategically game the Presidential election, the Democrats and theiroperatives were found tohaveat timesbent or brokenboth election rules and laws.

VolumeThree provides the most up-to-dates tatistical “receipts” with respect to the potentialnumber of illegal votescastin each battleground state.Volume III thereby provides investigators with a well-documented tally of potentially illegal votes ona state-by-stateand category-by-category basis. A key finding is that the number of potentially illegal votes dwarfsthevery thinalleged Biden “victory” marginsacross all six battleground states.

Navarro Report

The US educational system has been dumbed down over the past 50 years. The “internet effect” known as The Shallows is not helping any.

We were warned of this by George Orwell in 1984 and by Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451. If the dictatorship or the oligarchy provides information in a format that can be readily manipulated, censored, and changed from one day to the next, the people will be none the wiser for all their smartphones and iPads.

We are seeing a society-wide blind spot that is assuming larger and larger proportions as physical media fade away and electronic media assume near total dominance. The picture is further complicated by the economic infiltration of western media, western universities, and western governments by the Chinese Communist Party.

It should not surprise anyone that the Chinese Communists got the election result they wanted, along with “the swamp creatures” who live off the blood of productive workers and business persons. What is troubling is how many useful idiots — ordinary people — who trance-like are willing to walk like zombies in acceptance of what the illegitimate oligarchy government* and its lackeys tell them.

Welcome to the Idiocracy, for now:

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Why Do Ordinary People Lose Sympathy for Blacks?

Hint: It may have something to do with behavioral issues.

I don’t care about black people’s problems anymore…

I’m simply worn out with them. Exhausted by their constant demands, their neediness, their helplessness, their hypocrisy, their never ending problems, their inability to take advantage of the myriad opportunities practically delivered to them, their ungratefulness, their refusal to take responsibility for their own lives or accept the consequences of their actions.

…There comes a point, where I just quit listening. When racist graffiti is discovered on a college campus, or on a black person’s house, my reaction is no longer outrage, disgust, and sympathy for a victim of a hate crime. It’s outrage and disgust alright, and it comes a few days later when it is almost always revealed to be yet another racial hoax perpetrated by black people. I really don’t want to hear them tearfully recounting that heartrending moment when they “discovered” some mean white KKK member had snuck into their laundry room, completely unseen and invisible to video cameras, to scribble “Trump ’16” and “Die niggers” on the wall. At this point, I’ll turn the channel…

I no longer excuse or rationalize violence, criminality, laziness, indolence, careless babymaking, willful dependency or degeneracy among blacks, any more than I do with whites. If you’re a thief who doesn’t support his child, and spends his days drinking and whining about how his life sucks, your black skin doesn’t get you a pass from me. You’re just as much of a piece of garbage as your fellow white bum. Doesn’t equality feel good?

Perhaps it’s the hyper-sensitivity, the arrogant and unabashed racism toward other races, and the self-entitlement. Could be the willingness to drop everything to riot, loot, burn and destroy personal and public property, menace, threaten and physically attack innocent white people. Or the propensity towards cowardly mob attacks on vulnerable whites, especially the elderly, women, any white person they catch alone and defenseless.

The New Dialogue on Race
Image Source

There is a growing perception that black people are doing too many carjackings, too many muggings, too many home invasions, too many rapes and murders. It is not just the young black males. Even teenage black girls are getting into the act.

Yes, it is true that black people are their own worst enemies. But increasingly — and sadly — they are being seen as everyone else’s worst enemies as well. All of these black violent crime statistics are ratcheting up at the same time as movies, television, advertising, and other prominent social institutions are being pressured to over-represent blacks in every role except the one in which they are truly well represented — as violent criminals.

It does not help that left-wing politicians are using black precinct workers to facilitate election fraud on a grand scale in inner cities such as Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and St. Louis. It does not help that $billions of taxpayer money are being shunted to activist groups that make heroes of black criminals who are killed or injured by police in the act of committing crimes. It does not help that government supported “diversity” scams are indoctrinating students and workers into racial hatred and bigotry against specific races — instead of helping them to accept non-violent people of all races in the interest of living in harmony.

Five Common Problems Faced by Blacks

1. Lack of family structure: According to a 2002 study, 70% of all African American children were illegitimate and that number rose from 23.6% back in 1963 because that was the year when welfare became a right according to the constitution, which made having husbands redundant. Too many African American families grow up without a father figure in the house which often leads to psychological issues later in life.

2. Dangerous cities have high African American Populations: Dangerous cities like Oakland, Cleveland, Baltimore and Detroit where gang violence and crime is an everyday occurrence has a high population of African American people who live under the government of democrats.

3. High abortion rates: It is estimated that 30% of all abortions in the country are done by African American women. This heightened loss of uncounted lives percolates to reduce respect for life and has played its role in decreasing civility with which people treat each other.

4. The victim mindset: Nothing holds an African American back more than seeing themselves as a victim who sees everything as someone else’s fault without taking the deserved responsibility to such a significant degree that their victim status becomes their collective identity.

5. African Americans make a sizable portion of prisoners: Studies infer that 52% of homicides are committed by African American individuals. Due to this high incarceration rate, every 1 in 9 African American children you pass on the sidewalk may have or might have had a parent in prison.


The America that is seen on advertisements and movies is not the real world — just like the government is not the country, the map is not the territory, and the model is not the climate. In the real world, people understand very well that you are more likely to see a young black man on the local nightly news as a violent crime perpetrator, than you are to see a young black man as a pillar of the community or as a good samaritan. It is not that the local news wants to show young black men as thugs. But the community of the real world doesn’t give them much of a choice.

Black entitlement and black racism against other peoples, are real things which an honest society would have publicly confronted long ago. But we do not live in an honest society, but rather in a propaganda society. By creating a false front for North American blacks, the propaganda society is not doing them any favors.

Real people in the real world are losing sympathy for “the great black whitewashing” in spite of the “whitewashed” facade being painted on by the propaganda society. That trend is likely to accelerate as the whitewashing is ramped up by the current federal administration*.

High out-of-wedlock birth rates, absent fathers, and the lack of a family support network for many young African-Americans have led to serious problems in America’s urban areas. The persistence of these crises have helped to perpetuate negative images of African-Americans, and have contributed to the increasing polarization of American social and political life along racial lines.

One of the Foundational Problems

The disintegration of black family structure — no fathers, high government dependency, no role models or solid mentors — has led to inner cities that are too often “free fire zones” where no one is safe. When society pretends that there is nothing wrong with black communities except for oppression by outsiders, every part of that society becomes corrupt beyond repair.

Others who are more sensitive may just want to apologize the world to death:


More: Some recent US violent crime statistics by race

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New Treatments for Depression: DBS and Ketamine

Pulitzer Prize Winning Author William Styron

Numerous studies have investigated deep brain stimulation (DBS) as a therapy for TRD (Treatment Resistant Depression). We performed a meta-analysis to determine efficacy and a meta-regression to compare stimulation targets. We identified and screened 1397 studies. We included 125 citations in the qualitative review and considered 26 for quantitative analysis. Only blinded studies that compared active DBS to sham stimulation (k = 12) were included in the meta-analysis. The random-effects model supported the efficacy of DBS for TRD (standardized mean difference = −0.75, <0 favors active stimulation; p = 0.0001)… While enthusiasm for DBS treatment of TRD has been tempered by recent randomized trials, this meta-analysis reveals a significant effect of DBS for the treatment of TRD. Additionally, the majority of trials have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of DBS for this indication. Further trials are required to determine the optimal stimulation parameters and patient populations for which DBS would be effective. 

DBS for Treatment Resistant Depression

Deep brain stimulation is still being explored and is far from perfect. But already the technique is leading to new knowledge about the workings of human brains and is uncovering possible new approaches to useful, life-saving intervention.

Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression YouTube

The image above comes from a YouTube video describing the results of ongoing deep brain stimulation experiments for the treatment of resistant depression. The brain utilizes a large number of discrete networks to accomplish its many tasks throughout the day. It is postulated that the brain sometimes falls into a “dysrhythmia,” similar to the dysrhythmias of the heart. As neuroscientists and clinicians learn more about these networks and their normal rhythms, they will be better able to intervene in the functioning of the brain, where necessary.

Perhaps a million people die from suicide around the world, every year. That is stark evidence that current approaches to the treatment of depression are not adequate to the need. Modern antidepressant drugs are safer than the older versions, but not quite half of persons who take them fail to achieve lasting benefit from them.

The latest studies suggest that deep brain stimulation may provide around 50% remission rates among drug resistant depressives, which makes that treatment worth considering for those whose lives might otherwise be full of misery — or may even be lost to suicide in time. It is also important to understand that depression is itself an independent risk factor for many common causes of physical morbidity and mortality including heart disease.

Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression

Although major depressive disorder (MDD) is amenable to pharmacotherapy, up to one-third of patients fail to respond to treatment [2] and may remain at risk of suicide [3]. Suicidal ideation (SI) is a common symptom in patients with MDD and its development represents a critical step in the progression from suicidal thoughts to attempts [4]. SI often requires rapid intervention(s) but very few treatments are effective in reducing SI and none are fast-acting [5].

Subanaesthetic doses of intravenous (IV) ketamine, an ionotropic glutamatergic N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist, have been shown to elicit rapid, albeit transient reduction in depressive symptoms in patients with mood disorders [6]. A recent meta-analysis has also provided evidence of the efficacy of ketamine to acutely decrease SI [7]. It has been postulated that these two therapeutic actions are mediated by an increased transmission at α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid (AMPA) receptors [8]. While preliminary evidence of the effects of ketamine on SI primarily came from secondary analyses of randomized controlled trials investigating the antidepressant effects of single ketamine infusions [9,10,11,12], several recent trials have examined change in SI with ketamine as a primary outcome measure [13,14,15].

Reducing Suicidal Ideation with Ketamine

Two things are intriguing about the use of ketamine as an antidepressant: It is very quick — which can be crucial for effective suicide prevention — and it works in many people who are resistant to ordinary antidepressant drugs.

Just as in DBS, the use of ketamine for TRD is still in the early discovery stages. But the results are promising. Given the extent of the global problem of TRD and suicidal ideation — and suicide — the promise of a rapid acting, effective, and safe treatment for suicidal ideation is welcome.

Other treatments for treatment resistant depression include ECT, vagal nerve stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, magnetic seizure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness therapy. More

The team presenting the video above has developed an individualized targeting method to optimize placement of electrode for precise “current steering.” This type of precise targeting which is customized to each individual’s brain, appears to be a useful element of the overall treatment strategy. If you choose to watch the above video to the end, the “spin down” of the girl’s mood as her brain implant is turned off, is heart-breaking.

For those who are receptive, my recommendation for TRD would be mindfulness meditation with an insightful and compassionate teacher, or cognitive behavioral therapy from an experienced and wise therapist. But rapidly acting drugs such as ketamine, and experimental approaches such as magnetic seizure therapy and TMS, may provide quick and safe remission from suicidal ideation without the need for surgically implanted electrodes — which is required for the use of DBS and Vagal Nerve Stimulation.

And, as always, the use of laughter and smiles is always recommended — except where it might be taken the wrong way by persons you would not wish to offend. If your psychic energy levels allow, the watching of your favorite comedy films can provide amazing short term relief from despondency.

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Universities are Burning America to the Ground

The value has gone out of the average university education. At best, college has become a ruinously expensive four year escape from responsibility for youngsters. At worst it has become a training ground for radicals and rioters, set on a trajectory to burn and destroy.

As college educations progressively lose any productive value for students and their families, the universities are sucking out the financial life’s blood of an entire society.

But [average Americans] notice that the schools are teaching their children less than they had been taught. They have been mortgaging the house to pay for college. Their children’s student loans mortgage their future. But the colleges have produced mostly worthless degrees while credentialing a generation of oligarchs who pretend to control other people’s lives. Remedying this is high on the Smiths’ to-do list, and more within their power than most other things.


Student loan debt exceeds credit card debt and car loan debt. Only mortgage loans are higher in total debt balance. Politicians are talking about “forgiving” student loan debt, as if they can magically wave away the losses of entire generations. Notice that the pols do not talk about reforming universities to make sure that the schools provide value to students so that they will be able to earn a living and pay off their debts.

Universities will be allowed to continue to destroy lives with their dysfunctional indoctrination:

Critical Race Theory abounds in schools to teach children they are either victims or oppressors. And the new elite tells us that grading students based on getting the right answer in math class is White supremacy.


When college educated rioters took to the streets to burn cities in the summer and fall of 2020, many university administrators and faculty took pride in the results of their work. They may as well. After years of running up large debts, the “students” were not good for much else than rioting anyway.

The large majority of university students are already acolytes of the left. Now, we just need to give a little push to silence the little remaining dissent and make the victory unanimous. The push will consist of some bland sounding course requirements (“diversity training”) and some hard-to-restrict control over grading. Oh, and the regular public humiliation, on the basis of skin color, of a large number of students, many of whom would have been among the better students if graded on the traditional methods.

Are you really sure this is going to work? It sounds to me more like a prescription for suicide, although perhaps a suicide that will take some long period of time to play out.

A Victorious Suicide?

These poor riotous sods will move on to jobs in corporations and non-profits, where they will continue to excel at tearing things apart and burning things down. Anything but creating the prosperity that their scorned predecessors worked so hard for.

This prosperity is not just an end in itself. As Heritage President Kay C. James has written, “Prosperous peoples have the resources to take better care of their poor and their environments, create better health care and education systems, ensure an abundance of food and clean water, and solve many of the other societal problems that nations face, and that makes life better for all people.”

There is a right side in all of this. All clear thinkers and property owners – shareowners, employees, and investors – need to speak up. Don’t be silenced by loud voices from the statist, progressive Left.  Their stakeholder claims carry no legal, ethical, or moral authority.

Experience teaches that even the best efforts of central planners and bureaucrats are unlikely to lead to sustainable growth and benefits. Centralization of power and decision making anywhere destroys the moral autonomy of human beings.


If you want to know what is going on in universities these days, check out these web sites:

Academic Freedom Alliance

Campus Reform

F.I.R.E (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education)

Heterodox Academy

In 2015, the University of Chicago released a statement affirming the centrality of free speech in education. Six years later, only 81 of the 4,000-plus US higher-education institutions have adopted or endorsed it.


If universities no longer provide a place for young people to be exposed to a wide range of points of view in order for them to learn to think for themselves according to their own conscience, then what good are universities?

To all appearances, universities are doing their best — along with the media and the US government* — to burn the country to the ground. Perhaps the people of the real country outside the parasitic beltway and its inbred cousins should wake up and decide what to do about “the tail trying to wag the dog.”

Worth Reading

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The Amygdala and Persistent Dark Mood

Surviving on the wild savannah without amygdalas would have been difficult for ancestral tribes of humans. But it is no picnic trying to be happy in modern hectic times with our amygdalas.

Recent research by U. Miami psychologists published in the Journal of Neuroscience reminds us once again that in many ways, “we are what we think.” If we want to think dark thoughts, our amygdalas will be glad to assist us.

For some people a single small irritation can wreck their entire day, while others can swiftly shake off minor problems and move on. A new study led by researchers from the University of Miami is suggesting persistent activity in the amygdala could be why some people are unable to quickly move on from momentary negative experiences.

“The majority of human neuroscience research looks at how intensely the brain reacts to negative stimuli, not how long the brain holds on to a stimulus,” explains Aaron Heller, psychologist and senior author on the new study. “We looked at the spillover – how the emotional coloring of an event spills over to other things that happen. Understanding the biological mechanisms of that is critically important to understanding the differences in brain function, daily emotions, and well-being.”

The new research examined data from a massive longitudinal study called MIDUS (Midlife in the United States), an ongoing study that follows thousands of subjects tracking their general health and well-being.


The amygdala is involved in fear responses and fear memories, and is involved in anxiety behaviors and alerting responses. People who meditate have less amygdala reactivity to emotional situations. The amygdala works on the subconscious level, and stores its own emotion-laden memories which can link into events which occur on a day to day basis. These daily events can then trigger recurring negative moods, which can be difficult for the person to explain due to the subconscious nature of amygdala inputs to other parts of the brain.

Certain drugs, and deep brain stimulation with precisely targeted electrodes can calm the amygdala fear/anxiety/alerting responses, for conditions such as panic attack, PTSD, other mood disorders. Needless to say, the meditation approach is less invasive than neurosurgery and less prone to side effects than either drug treatment or DBS.

Image Source

Limbic System Hypersensitivity

Common maladies such as “chronic fatigue syndrome,” fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome are sometimes linked to “limbic system hypersensitivity” by unconventional practitioners. But just because the ideas are not approved by the AMA does not mean that there is nothing useful to be found in them — if just to help generate ideas and hypotheses.

If you think you may be the victim of limbic system hypersensitivity and are into do-it-yourself pop science approaches to health, this “limbic retraining system” offers a lot of simple things to think about and to try.

Remember that swimming in a sea of negativity is toxic to the mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes you have to use a flood of good feelings — the laughter cure — to deal with a flood of bad feelings. Here’s the brief case history of Norman Cousins’ use of laughter to treat a crippling bone disease:

I suspect that laughter will neutralize the effect of toxic negativity on the body every bit as well as mindfulness meditation. Just to be safe, why not try both? (I confess, I smile just thinking about the Marx brothers movies.)

Beneficial Effect of Laughter Therapy on Physiological and Psychological Function in Elders

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If Biden Refers to Kamala as “President Harris,” What Does Kamala call Biden? “You Drooling Idiot?”

There Is No Biden Administration

A basic problem with the Biden administration is that there really isn’t one. Like most journalists I use the term as a formality, but the White House site calls it the Biden-Harris Administration. It’s not unheard of for younger presidents like George W. Bush to lean on more experienced vice presidents, but a politician who spent 46 years in public office letting a newbie like Kamala Harris handle most of the phone calls with foreign leaders is the opposite of that scenario.

The Biden campaign has been open about Kamala Harris being trained to step into Biden’s shoes because it doesn’t expect him to run for reelection or even make it through one term.

Except that presidents aren’t supposed to run for office as figureheads or stalking horses.

Kamala Harris isn’t talking to foreign leaders because she has more experience, but because the guy whose job it is to do it isn’t up to anything challenging beyond some photo ops, stumbling through a teleprompter speech, and then a trip back home over the weekend.

Don’t ask him to hold a press conference or pull off an actual State of the Union address.

Obama was the teleprompter-in-chief, but Biden is also the telecommuter-in-chief.

Biden’s face is everywhere, but there’s no real sign that he’s actually running anything. Instead the Biden administration seems to be exactly the kind of mess that the 25th Amendment was designed to prevent in which a non-functional president is the figurehead for the cabinet members and the special interests who are actually calling all the shots.

The 25th Amendment was meant to remove presidents who were unable to discharge their duties. President Trump was clearly able to do so, but Biden may be exactly the disastrous scenario that the 25th Amendment was created to avoid. And he may be its worst test case. __ No Biden Administration

Joe Biden stumbles and falls walking up the steps of Air Force One. He stumbles and gropes for simple words in the middle of speeches and in response to softball questions. He repeatedly refers to his Vice President* as “President Harris.” And why not? By all appearances, the man cannot even wipe himself after a visit to the necessary. Kamala handles all the calls to foreign leaders, so in many respects she is the one who wears the pants.

Biden said, “Now when President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona not long ago, one of the nurses on that, on that tour injecting people, giving vaccinations, said that each shot was like administering a dose of hope.”

Harris joined Biden for his remarks at the White House, but her reaction to the slip was not recorded in the official video feed.

It’s not the first time Biden has given Harris an oral promotion.

__ Biden’s Mind*

The election of November 2020 itself was a fraud, of course. So it stands to reason that the administration* following a fraudulent election would be a fraudulent administration. And of course the media* is on board for the long haul, since it played a major part in validating the fraudulent election, not to mention the Russia collusion hoax, the Ukrainian coercion hoax, and the Georgia “find the fraud” hoax.

Of course, the “insurrection theater hoax” at Capitol Hill — which was actually planned and executed by leftist activists, some wearing MAGA hats — was another trainload of water that the media carried for the Democrat Party, all the way across the Sahara Desert to the divided Red Sea.

If you think you may be going crazy over all of the media/activist fake outrage, congratulations. Being aware of what your foes are trying to do to you is one of the first and necessary steps to defining the problem and deciding what action you are going to take. The entire purpose of all of this leftist “gaslighting” is to try to make you question your memory and your sanity by perpetrating outright frauds, falsehoods, and faux outrage.

There is a limit to how far such a monstrous and large-scale pretense can be carried out successfully. Saul Alinsky and his latter-day chums have had some success in dumbing things down and tearing things apart. But doing anything productive over the long term? That is not what they are about. The real world has a way of sneaking up on these syphilitic-brained societal saboteurs, and spanking them down.

After everything these corrupt weasels have done — and are certain to do — you should pat yourself on the back for not going berserk. Save your energy. Bide your time. Certainly there will be hell to pay for what they have done and are doing. But choose your battles for those you can win decisively.

Recovery after the devastation these slimes perpetrate, may be unbearably slow. Nevermind that. Just be sure that when the patient goes to surgery, you cut deeply enough to remove all the tumor and lance deeply enough to drain all the pus. Then worry about recovery.

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The Waking Trance Revisited

First published on the original Al Fin blog in 2012

Human consciousness is an odd pickle. We all experience it every waking day, but no one understands it well enough to build a good imitation. What are we missing?

Quite a lot, actually. For example, why are we so changeable from day to day or moment to moment? Is it possible that much of what we call ordinary consciousness is simply the slipping from one state of automatic trance into another?

Let’s try to define “trance:”

To many psychologists a trance is a state of limited awareness. Some psychologists would also characterize trance as a form of sleep, or dreamlike awareness or a kind of altered state of consciousness.

… it is relatively easy to hypnotize a person and to keep that person in a trance state without their being aware that they are in fact in a trance. The technique of pacing and leading a subject from a rich or varied set of thoughts to a limited or impoverished set of thoughts is a technique used consciously by hypnotists, advertisers, sales people, preachers and politicians.

…how can you tell if you are in one of these ordinary, unconscious trances? You are in a trance when your attention is limited and there is a certain repetition of thoughts. In an extreme case, your attention is so limited that it feels like “tunnel vision.”… Concentration, when the mind is focused on a specific problem or thought, is also a form of trance. You could characterize trance cybernetically as an awareness loop, or a circular flow of consciousness. _Unconscious Trance

Most of us spend most of our time in one type of trance or another. Even the experience of unconscious mastery is a type of trance.

In general this is fine, if we are in control of which trance we choose to be immersed within — and if we can exit the trance whenever we wanted.

Almost every human being on Earth will revert back to what is known as “the consensual trance,” the limited world of the particular social consensus within which the person happens to be immersed. It is a trance into which we are born and to which we are conditioned. Later, when we enter — or are close to — adulthood, we may be presented with a choice as to whether we wish to move into a different consensual trance. Very few discover the ability to experience large portions of their lives outside of the consensual trance. Even fewer make the choice to step outside the consensual trance into a greater freedom of the mind.

It is possible to move other persons into a trance, shift them from one trance state to another, or to help them emerge — temporarily — from a typical trance state. It is worth learning how to manipulate other persons’ trance experiences in order to better apprehend when someone is attempting to do the same to you, typically in an attempt to enlist you into some kind of mass movement or ideology:

1. Build Rapport with the Listener

Your first task is to gain rapport with the listener. Rapport is simply put that feeling of connection and trust between two people. It doesn’t have to be too deep. You already have a rapport with your friends, parents and others. You can easily gain rapport with other people just by making compliment, laughing at their jokes etc.

2. Switch off the Critical Mind

After building rapport, you can now use covert hypnosis techniques to switch off the critical mind of the listener.

One of the ways to do this is to use the words “Imagine”, “What if” etc. When you use these words, the critical mind immediately shuts off, thus making the imagination work. This is very important, because we are only doing the things that we could imagine before, so invoking the mind’s eye of the listener will help you to send commands to his (her) subconscious.

3. Make Irresistible Hypnotic Commands

After bypassing the critical mind of the listener, you can now make your irresistible commands and describe the things you want a person to do.

Covert hypnosis is that simple. In covert hypnosis, your success will depend on the depth of rapport, your hypnotic language and how you follow the covert hypnosis technology. _Covert Hypnosis

It is no accident that these are simultaneously the tools of sexual seduction, religious conversion, and political enlistment and indoctrination. These are tools that are used in government and religious school classes, sports team pep talks, pick-up bars, cathedrals and mosques, clubs, associations, gangs, and mass movements of all kinds.

The tools of conversational trance manipulation have been perfected by ethical persons such as Milton Erickson, and by unethical persons such as your charismatic politician of choice.

But no one needs to put you into a trance. You do that every day, all by yourself. It is possible to go through days, weeks, months, and years without ever truly emerging from the waking trance, the consensual trance. In many cases, a person’s fear of emerging from a group trance is so upsetting that it can lead to psychic trauma, drug addiction, membership in a cult, or worse.

But just in case one wished to experience a different state of existence, how would he go about emerging from the waking, consensual trance?

How can anybody distinguish, then, between dream, hypnotic trance, and reality? Dehypnotization, the procedure of breaking out of the normal human state of awareness, according to both mystics and hypnotists, is a matter of direct mental experience. The method can be learned… _Howard Rheingold on Charles Tart

Maybe, maybe not. A lot depends upon the person’s experience up to the point when he tries to break free. If the person were raised to be a dangerous child, he will likely have already learned ways of breaking out of the consensual trance — at least temporarily, for specific purposes. But if the person were raised to be a psychological neotenate — like most modern children — his chances of learning to break free of the waking consensus will depend upon his strength of character and his motivation.

Human societies are moving toward a point where it becomes more crucial for persons to wake up. Whether this will involve waking up into yet a higher trance, or waking up outside of trance altogether, may be more a matter of semantics than we would like to think.

If a person wants you to “wake up” to his way of thinking, that is a clue that he wants you to share his trance. This is a typical experience for university students in the modern classroom of indoctrination, and for consumers of mainstream media news and commentary.

But if you want to wake up outside the consensual trance — and perhaps into your own trance — you will need to do some creative thinking and experimenting.

If it seems like I am trying to “dumb down” and generalise the definition of trance to the point that it encompasses all experience and consciousness, that is not my intent. I am leaving room for several types of consciousness outside of trance states.

But it takes work to reach them, and even more work to stay in them for any appreciable period of time.

Most people will never wake from the consensual trance, and that is just how they want it. But as push comes to shove, and shove comes to strike, someone will have to devise some workable alternatives. Hopefully, at least some of these alternatives will involve a larger scale emergence from the limited consensus.

The following comments come from this blog in 2015

More: In “Trances People Live,” Stephen Wolinsky details how trances work and the role they play in everyday life. In Chapter 6, Wolinsky provides exercises to help a person to recognise their own deep trances, so that they can modify them if they wish.

Trances are states of “narrow focus of attention” and “tunnel vision consciousness.” In many situations, trances can save time and energy when performing a task or role. This is the case when a task has become so routine that it is automatic and drops into the subconscious. Many well-practised procedural tasks such as driving, playing games or sports, mechanical work — or even neurosurgery — can fall into the realm of automaticity.

But trances can also make your life a living hell, trapped in a loop-consciousness from which you are powerless to escape. In such situations it is useful to be able to recognise both the trance and its triggers, so that they can be avoided — or so the trance can be altered by targeted intervention.

Trances are habitual. When seeking to free ourselves from bad trances, we can learn a few tricks from the study of habits. Bad habits are best overcome by displacing them with better habits. That is why a drug or gambling dependency can often be overturned by a particularly powerful “conversion experience,” such as falling deeply in love, or experiencing a life changing epiphany.

Bad trances and bad habits fill what would otherwise be a void in one’s psyche and behaviour. A void that would be filled by something else if the trance or habit were to be forcibly removed, without replacement.

Once you learn to recognise your own deep trance states, you should be in a better position to devise replacement trances.

All of this further underlines the importance of early childhood training, and the need to keep young children away from the consensual trance delusion for as long in their development as one can. It is not easy — and it will seem that all the money and power on Earth are working against you — but it is vitally important.

It may never be too late to have a Dangerous Childhood, but it is never easy. Best to begin as early as possible.

Another thoughtful look at trance

2021 Comment

There may be no area of current thinking more important to understand than the topic of the everyday waking trances that make up the greater part of most people’s lives. Following the 2020 US elections* a dictatorial groupthink has been given precedence over the individual’s conscious critical thinking. Groupthink is easier to achieve via trance than if logical reason and evidence were required.

Original Al Fin blog topic: Enchantment

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What Would a Real Insurrection Look Like?

After months of insurrection theater combined with a fake impeachment trial, inquiring minds would like to know: If the fraudulent election of November 2020 were truly contested by armed insurrection, what would it look like?

Consider the visual contrast between a legally won election and a stolen election. No blood is shown being spilled, although behind the scenes you can be sure that plenty of people will be harmed by such corruption at the highest levels of municipal, state, and federal governments.

A real armed insurrection would not look so pretty. There would be dead bodies by the tens of thousands, just to start. And where it would all end there is not way to predict.

I have a friend, lives not too far from me and many of you will probably know of whom I speak, who could by himself arm a reinforced company or a light battalion (at least–that was based on the last count I had from him which was some time ago). By himself. And while it would be somewhat weak on crew-served weapons for units of that size it wouldn’t be entirely lacking in that department either.

I know more who could arm at least a rather eclectic squad where everyone would have something to shoot.

I have friends who have dealt firsthand with actual insurgencies. They know what works, and what doesn’t.

Writer in Black

I heard about the “insurrection” a day or two after it happened, and took minimal interest in it, because it was clear from the briefest description that it was nothing more than a “flash mob” with the piling on by unknown unsavory elements. A real insurrection would have been something else again.

What unsavory elements instigated the fake insurrection and to what purpose?

The attack began some twenty-minutes before the former President finished his speech.  Others observed a noticeable lack of law enforcement presence that is usually SOP for these “peaceful rallies and protests” around the Capitol. MAGA supporters were calling out Antifa members as the Capitol was breached. In the video below, a MAGA supporter desperately yells at police in riot gear, “Call for backup… this is our damn Capitol building… you are letting it get destroyed!”  It is clear they were not engaging.  In all likelihood, they were ordered to maintain that position. 

There are many videos of radical leftist, anti-Trump, John Sullivan before and during the attack inciting people to burn the Capital down and pull Trump from the building.  Sullivan is seen inside the Capitol, further instigating violence. Investigative reporter Andy Ngo was one of the first to identify Sullivan at the Capitol.  Sullivan in a Twitter post in the OAN video clip is wearing a Trump supporter hat with a caption, “Counter Intel.” This photo appears to be taken in a hotel hallway.  The media has mostly ignored that anti-Trump infiltrators were wearing MAGA gear.

An Insurrection Only the Media Could Create

So we see that Antifa and other radical leftists were front and center on the scene during the attack, as infiltrators flying “false flags.” It has all the markings of a “made for the media” mock-up, to be edited into an insurrection that only an idiot would believe.

What Would a Real Insurrection Look Like?

If there were an armed insurrection, you wouldn’t need politicians and media pundits to tell you. Did the people of Beirut need to be told that an insurrection was going on? Did the people of Northern Ireland need the BBC to inform them that the IRA was engaged in insurrection? No. They knew because of what was happening around them.

So, if you need the media, if you need pundits and political leaders, to tell you that “it’s an armed insurrection”, then it isn’t.


What kind of person believes anything they hear from the media these days? There is no substitute for real world experience, but today’s snowflakes will never get that — until it’s too late for them to learn anything from it.

There was never any real threat

Most “rioters” were from blue state Biden strongholds

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A Life of Everlasting Lockdowns Under Biden?

Death and Lockdowns

What Could Go Wrong?

Update: One cannot understand the debate over lockdowns without considering the $trillions of bailout dollars being transferred to state governments under the name of COVID relief. It is well known that lockdowns destroy economic activity, providing a perfect cover for large-money bailouts for states that have exhausted their pension funds and have driven productive business out of their states by excess taxation and regulation In other words, sooner or later the corrupt states would have to be bailed out by a corrupt federal administration. Doing it under the name of “COVID relief” allows the media to paint the scheme in less inconvenient colors for the sake of corrupt state and federal governments which tend to scratch each others’ backs around election time.

The Biden government* is proposing new sets of lockdowns for the indefinite future. Continued lockdowns may sound attractive to unionized government workers, who have found a great way to get paid for not working. But for the public — especially for children — these lockdowns offer nothing but harm.

Lockdowns have had significant major effects on childhood vaccination programmes, education, sexual and reproductive health services, food security, poverty, maternal and under-five mortality, and infectious disease mortality.

Home quarantines or isolation have increased child abuse and domestic violence rates. Reports from Hubei in China, Singapore, France, Argentina and many cities in the United States have shown a substantial increase in domestic violence during lockdowns.

Lockdown Follies

Prolonged social isolation at home can be devastating for many young children who may be at risk for abuse and have no ready escape under lockdown. If they cannot go to school or other outside activities, they may never have even the briefest escape from the coercive and sometimes violent atmosphere. Economic hardships for families under the lockdowns only make the atmosphere worse.

CSA [child sexual abuse] is an extremely taboo topic in the society. But however absent it may be from discussions, it is extremely prevalent in the society.

According to Darkness to Light, one in 10 children is sexually abused before they turn 18. Additionally, 90% of CSA survivors know their abuser, with 30% being abused by a family member.

It is also important to understand that many survivors of CSA do not speak up about their abuse. Thus, they continue to live with their abuser, if they belong to the immediate family. Schools, colleges, and offices can prove to be an escape from their abusers. If the abuse is still ongoing, it allows them to escape it, even if for a little while.

When survivors of CSA are forced to live at home, this makes them vulnerable to their abuser even more. In many cases, it provides the abuser with more opportunities to abuse the child. If the abuse has ended, it becomes extremely unhealthy for the survivors’ mental health. It can be even more disastrous for the survivors’ mental health if they are unable to speak to anyone about it.

Childhood Sexual Abuse in Extreme Social Isolation

The phenomenon described here can happen under any conditions of extreme social isolation. But in the age of COVID, abuse can become far more prevalent. With a government* that panders to the lockdown cult and the social isolation hysterics, it is the tiny people who are left without a voice and without a defence.

A number of US states have been fighting the new federal government* attempts to maintain lockdowns indefinitely. Florida, Texas, and South Dakota are among the states that consider Biden and his “dementia crew” to be taking an approach to lockdowns that is quite insane.

On Friday, the Florida governor tore into Biden for suggesting a future with more shutdowns. DeSantis declared that any talk of “lockdown-type policies” is insane and something that isn’t going to happen in the Sunshine State.

It is impossible to over-emphasize the hazards of extreme lockdown policies. Those who attempt to hush objections to lockdown hysteria are guilty themselves of doing great harm to families with children and all others who continue to suffer emotionally and economically from such badly framed policies.

More —

A few interesting details:

First, the basics: The COVID-19 relief-bill-that-isn’t-really-a-relief-bill contains $350 billion earmarked for state governments, local governments, and Native American tribes. That money is supposed to help governments fill temporary budget holes created by the pandemic—even though the funding vastly exceeds actual state and local budget shortfalls, as Reason’s Christian Britschi has previously reported. States are in such non-dire straits, in fact, that about $150 billion of the state aid distributed as part of last year’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act hasn’t even been spent yet.

Reason Magazine

Several US states had begun to recover from the lockdowns well before the end of 2020. But the huge covert bailouts are largely aimed at states that are faltering from continuing to provide over-generous pensions to state workers in the face of economic downturns more related to their overall economic policies, which were well entrenched long before Chinese COVID coronavirus came along.

Not coincidentally, the states most closely connected to the current government* in Washington are also the states with the most stringent lockdown policies and the direst economic outlooks. Under cover of “pandemic relief” a bailout-to-corrupt-states can proceed under a different name.

Knowing this, the rigging of the election becomes more understandable as an act of desperation by involved officials. And the grand insurrection theater with a followup fake impeachment makes a great deal more sense as hand-waving, to distract the public from the $trillion dollar business behind the scenes that had to happen, to make the fraudulent election pay off.

Lockdowns, One Year On

Scarier Than Any Virus

The Decline and Collapse of Public Health Agencies

State Bailout Numbers

Corruption Ever More Blatant

Surge of COVID cases at southern border, thanks Joe

50% of Biden’s surge in illegal aliens are testing COVID positive

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Is it a Trance? Or is it Meditation?

Meditation or Trance?

It makes a huge difference to your brain whether you are sitting there meditating, or whether you are just spinning your wheels in an aimless trance. Meditation enlarges your prefrontal cortex executive functions, boosts your hippocampal memory centers, grows your overall gray matter, and shrinks your anxiety-ridden amygdala. Most trances just waste your time — or worse.

[Hypnotic trance] is not sleep and does not require even a smidgen of relaxation. When hypnotized the subject’s attention narrows and becomes fixed around selected ideas or a single idea. Wider environmental stimuli are ignored.

From “Reality is Plastic” by Anthony Jacquin

Everyone “zones out” from time to time. But when it happens while a person thinks he is spending time productively in a restorative meditation, it becomes a problem. Instead of replenishing inner strength and building equanimity, the person may be making himself more vulnerable to everyday delusions and the madness of crowds.

No absolute dividing line exists between nonhypnotic and hypnotic alterations in consciousness. Altered, dissociated, or hypnotic-like experiences clearly occur in everyday life and provide a useful backdrop for understanding the hypnotic experience.

From “Trance and Treatment” by Herbert and David Spiegel, MDs

When the conscious mind is not engaged in a task, it will often scan the environment for relevant features or happenings. Inside the mind of a spy or a special operative, this conscious scanning takes place constantly. But when the mind slips into a trance, this scanning process stops, and the subconscious tends to fixate on a narrow range of thoughts. Over a lifetime of such slippage, the mind becomes unbelievably “compartmentalized,” making it more cumbersome to connect a person’s broad body of knowledge for problem-solving and creative thinking.

The subconscious mind is a vital part of our mental apparatus, we could not do without it. When we learn to perform skilled tasks, we are able to hand them over to the subconscious mind to perform, while our conscious mind turns to other things. When skilled tasks are learned by the conscious mind and handed over to the subconscious, that is called automaticity. Our conscious mind can then think about larger goals, and leave the many sub-tasks to the subconscious.

Subconscious vs Conscious Mind

A well-trained subconscious mind is crucial for a well-functioning, healthy life. When the subconscious is stuffed full of good habits and good thinking patterns, it pushes out the bad habits and destructive thinking patterns that waylay so many once-promising lives.

The problem with the subconscious mind is that it is willing to take over your life entirely, if you let it. But that part of your mind is not equipped to deal with new and unexpected challenges that you are likely to face. Under unexpected circumstances, the subconscious mind needs a “conductor and coordinator” to supply the timing, the impulse control, and the overall executive functions of acting, thinking, and learning that are supplied largely by different parts of the conscious mind.

Meditation tunes and builds up the parts of the brain that contribute to the “executive functions.” The prefrontal cortex, the hippocampus, your interconnected gray matter networks that function largely at gamma wave frequencies . . . such brain components are augmented and refined by regular meditative practice. At the same time, meditation shrinks the amygdala, reducing the levels of anxiety and fear which often inhibit a person’s initiative and decision making.

The contrast between the gradual refinement of higher order brain functions in meditation, vs. the “spinning of the wheels” of the subconscious mind when reverting to a trance state, should be clearer with a little reflection.

Hypnotic trance can be useful when dealing with bad habits or destructive thought patterns. But the results of hypnosis tend to be temporary, and side effects may pop up unexpectedly when taking a “pinpoint problem-solving” approach of personal transformation via trance-formation. The way of the trance is the way of non-conscious thought. Odd things can happen when you take that pathway.

If you choose to build consciousness instead — and over time build up a positive lifestyle and positive habits and thought patterns — most of the unexpected things that happen will be good.

A case study

A Warning About Some Meditation Sites

Many people who teach “meditation” use guided meditation narratives that are indistinguishable from a hypnotic induction for putting a person into a trance state. Some meditation websites are honest in admitting that they want to help readers achieve deep trance states as a crucial part of “meditating.”

Relaxation trances and self-esteem affirming trances are not damaging in themselves — and many people may benefit from them in the beginning stages of a life rehabilitation. Deep hypnotic trance can cause beneficial brain effects during the trance itself — but they are very temporary, unlike the lasting benefits from meditation. More

Hypnosis is used on a problem-by-problem basis, and the effects are typically short-lived.

Even Famous and Prestigious Meditation Authorities Can Get Confused

The attraction and allure of “altered states of consciousness” can prove irresistible for even the most experienced and accomplished meditation practitioners. As an example, there is a profound series of meditative states in Buddhist meditation known as the Jhanas, or Dhyanas. No one knows just how many Jhanas there are, or how deeply into the Jhanas a person can travel. It seems a bit like the “infinite mirror” phenomenon, recursive in the same way.

Infinity Mirror Experiment

Each level of Jhana feeds into the next level, as one goes deeper and deeper. Eventually the person loses all sense of time, place, and person, as he goes ever more deeply. Is this process meditation, or is it trance? I am not qualified to say, but I have my doubts. One thing that makes me uneasy is some of the same mental processes as are used to enter trance states, are used to enter Jhanas.

Why Do People Bother?

The first Jhana has been described as being hooked to a water hose full of pleasure that bursts through you and will not stop until you make it stop. So you can understand why many people may be attracted to the process — and then may feel curious as to where it all leads in the higher Jhanas.

Humans are wired for pleasure and reward, and if their minds have not been trained to get rewards from positive lifestyle and productive habits, they are wide open to any number of alternative approaches to pleasure and reward. That is why drug & alcohol rehab is such a lucrative racket, er, industry.

I am bringing this topic up because I will be referring to meditation frequently in the coming months. Without making the distinction between trance and meditation clear, it would be easy for readers to misunderstand the process that I am following — which is high-awareness meditation with a conscious minimizing of trance distraction.

Trances happen naturally, and the more aware we are of when and how they are likely to take us over, the better prepared we will be to rise above them in order to give our brains every benefit we can.

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Can Your Cinnamon Do This?

Can your cinnamon prevent Alzheimer’s, cure cancer before it starts, control type II diabetes, reverse some effects of Traumatic Brain Injury, prevent heart disease, make you smarter, and promote healthy weight loss?

Cinnamon contains vital oils and derivatives which makes it a medicinal spice. Emphasis has been made to present cinnamon nutraceutical effective on hard curative disorders related to oxidative stress including, cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, eye, immune, inflammatory and Parkinson’s diseases as well as obesity.

Plant Archive Papers

At this blog, we value the human brain above all things. It is the center of our sphere, and the expansion proceeds from here. Any substance which safely promotes brain health and function is of interest.

Image Source

Cinnamon and TBI

The human brain is exposed to traumatic injury for most of its life, especially from the time just preceding birth onward. It would be nice to have a safe antidote to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Perhaps we do.

Cinnamon exerts not only neuroprotective activity through suppressing the inflammation and oxidative injury in TBI but also might have a therapeutic role in TBI-related dementia with its well-known cognitive enhancer and anti-amyloid effects. These above-mentioned effects of cinnamon could be valuable regarding the rapidly increasing interest in the use of cinnamon in these particular groups of patients. From a translational perspective, cinnamon could be also an essential part of the preventive nutritional strategy in chronic neurodegenerative diseases. For instance, because cinnamon is a non-toxic and also an economical natural compound, a cinnamon high rich diet could play a critical role in the prevention of slowly progressing metabolic and neurological disorders.

Cinnamon as Treatment for Cognitive Impairment and Brain Trauma


It has been discovered that the smell of cinnamon itself can promote improved brain cognitive function. The next time you present for a standardized exam, carry a sachet of cinnamon.

Here are some ways to make your house smell of cinnamon.

A large number of nutraceuticals have shown promise in studies of prevention of brain damage and recovery from brain damage that results from stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, and traumatic brain injury. Several spice and herb compounds are among that group, including curcumin, ginger, garlic, and capsaicin — some ingredients that may be found in a hot curry.

There is a reason why so many battles and wars were fought over access to spices, and the several trade routes for transporting them over both land and sea.

Spices have always been important:

There were many different types of spices. Some of them can be used as medicines to heal or release pain. Some of them were used in food. Some of them can be used to make different smell release. Spices really change the world. Can you imagine eating food that has nothing but salt in it. No cinnamon, no pepper, no soy sauce. Spice change people’s life style till today. Even though most of the people can’t remember most of the names of spices, they are still important. Without spice, no one will know the amazing techniques Egyptians had on antiseptic_lots of these techniques needed spices.  

Importance of Spice

As humans move into outer space, the concern over spice production and spice trade will follow them into the outer reaches. Science Fiction author Frank Herbert may have been prescient in his focus on the way the entire interstellar human universe revolved around the spice “melange”.

For most of us, a quick trip to the local supermarket will yield great quantities and varieties of spices at reasonable costs. Now if we only knew how best to utilize these riches . . .

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If We Cannot Solve Our Problems on the Same Level of Thinking that We Created Them then What Do We Do?

One of the largest problems needing to be solved is that most of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful elites do not want real problems to be solved at all. “A great crisis is a terrible thing to waste,” as a slimy statesman or corrupt oligarch might say. Consequently, the consensus among today’s top-floating slime seems to be to hold onto as many crises as possible — real or imagined — to get the maximum mileage out of them.

If you are loyal to the human potential and the human future, on the other hand, you are left with the responsibility of coming up with solutions to the very real problems which hold humans back from the abundant possibilities for a clean and prosperous future which expands to fill the solar system and the local galaxy.

Solving Difficult Problems: The Quantum Dialogue

I spoke with philosopher and polymath John David Garcia on multiple occasions, and spent several days at his home in Oregon meeting some of his collaborators and experimenting with some of his ideas. I found the concept of the quantum dialogue to be both counter-intuitive and fruitful. The fact that I was paired with a stunningly beautiful young woman in the autopoiesis problem-solving sessions may have helped stimulate my own quantum brain.

The Quantum Dialogue

In order to prepare persons for autopoiesis we performed an exercise I called the “Quantum Dialogue,” which I first learned in part from Amit Goswami. In the Quantum Dialogue we encourage persons to use their quantum brain by responding to a question not with the first answer that comes to mind but by inventing an original response. The first answer is usually a reflection of memory and is controlled by the classical brain.

Almost all of us rely on the classical brain to have a conversation. Our classical brain usually works smoothly, quickly, and reliably. It gives socially acceptably answers to questions. Our quantum brain often works unreliably and slowly, eventually producing short, staccato bursts of information after long periods of silence. This information is often socially unacceptable, and may seem unrelated to the question or problem at hand. These quantum answers may in fact make us appear strange or even insane. This is why persons are so reluctant to use their quantum brain.

Some persons have great difficulty with the Quantum Dialogue. This difficulty is a reflection of how much they have blocked off their quantum brain. After rejecting their first classical answer to a question they cannot invent a second answer. But all can succeed if they keep trying. Other persons find it very easy. This exercise usually makes persons conscious of their quantum brain for the first time in their life and facilitates the autopoiesis, which usually follows within the next few hours during our experiments.

From Creative Transformation by John David Garcia

The online e-book linked above provides more details on how the “autopoiesis” problem-solving sessions worked. Ideally, the teams comprised four women and four men, well matched in terms of temperament. The process can be used with equal numbers of men and women in different numbers other than eight, however. It can be considered a form of “brainstorming” but is typically orders of magnitude more profound and productive.

Breaking Through the Blockade

The problem of “writer’s block” is analogous to our challenge of generating higher order solutions to our current level problems. Creative writers have devised large numbers of exercises to help break free from the rigid mindsets that keep us stuck. Many of these exercises involve some form of free association — including the use of “automatic writing,” or writing from the subconscious.

Automatic Writing Exercise to Generate Creative Solutions:

Write down the first thought that comes to mind.

Take a moment to recall a time when you weree filled with anger or rage. Fill yourself with that feeling then write down whatever comes to mind, expletives and all.

Write down the craziest sentence you can think of.

Take ten very deep breaths (or run in place for 30 sec.). Then sit uietly for a moment and watch your thoughts and feelings ramble through your mind. Now think about an issue or problem you are now struggling with, and imagine you are someone else – the world’s best problem solver — and begin to write a solution to your problem from that other person’s position.

Paraphrased from “How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain” by Andrew Newberg MD and Robert Waldman

Note that in the “quantum dialogue” method, the first idea that comes to mind was discarded so as to allow the second, “quantum” idea to emerge. In the “automatic writing” method, the first thought that comes to mind is written down — but only as an icebreaker, to get the process started. From there, the blockade runner pushes his mind through physical and mental stresses to prepare him to pretend to be someone else altogether — an imaginary “world’s greatest problem solver.” It is this great problem solver who begins to provide solutions.

The two methods alluded to in the excerpts above are explained more fully in the books linked — and each book provides a great deal more background to help explain why humans are having such a difficult time solving their most basic problems.

Clearing the Mind of Unnecessary Baggage

Solving difficult problems can be made even more difficult when one’s mind is cluttered with a great deal of old baggage — some of which may contain fragmentation grenades that might blow up at any time, spewing bloody shrapnel in haphazard fashion.

If one were able to clear the mind of much of this old baggage, the thought processes could be cleaned up sufficiently to facilitate difficult problem-solving.

Sending kind thoughts to difficult people who have caused you to suffer can be very hard to do, but it will change your brain in beneficial ways. Your brain is designed to deeply embed negative memories, and each time you recall the insult or offense, you strengthen the negative associations of that memory as your brain sends out a distress signal to the entire body. In order to disable that association, you have to create positive thoughts and remain deeply relaxed when you visualize the person and the specific event that upset you.

… Focusing on negative beliefs also has a deleterious effect on our emotions and our brain… those who [hold] negative beliefs about themselves [are more at risk] for developing depression, and those who had the least number of negative self-beliefs were the least likely to get depressed.

… the more positive your beliefs become, the more pleasure you’ll feel in your brain and your life.

How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain by Andrew Newberg MD and Robert Waldman

We can make ourselves much more effective as problem-solvers by removing as many of the hidden sources of internal fear, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt, and hatred, as we can.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to teach them some of the tricks that can ease their own paths to successful problem-solving. If we spend too much time trying to turn them into younger versions of our own selves, we will only doom them to obsolescence — or at best mediocrity, in the world to come.

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Everything we do — including solving our problems — creates new problems which will need to be solved sometime in the future. We may as well become well versed in as many advanced problem-solving techniques as we can discover and master.

Some problems will fall to more conventional approaches. Other, more advanced techniques, have been discovered by thinkers and researchers over the years, among the most successful was Edward de Bono — inventor of Lateral Thinking.

In this increasingly corrupt age of wealthy oligarchs who control all forms of media and most forms of technology through which modern media is gated. They are responsible for the vulture-like mob of greed and power-hunger that has descended on Washington DC and is currently working out more efficient ways to feed on the carcass of the nation that it occupies.

That is one of our biggest problems. And not just for Americans. The dementia crew in the US White House has no guiding principles, and no scruples whatsoever. The world beware. China is watching.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Make yourselves very Dangerous — especially in the way you think.

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Test Launch of SpaceX Starship SN10 a Thing of Beauty

Update: After a successful launch, test flight, and landing, the successful rocket exploded on the pad. I guess that one will not be re-used 😉 . Despite the grand finale, the overall message of the test flight was that the Starship with its Raptor engines is here to stay.

h/t Brian Wang

The new Raptor engines for the experimental SpaceX Starship performed their duties with flying colors throughout today’s successful test launch and stand-up landing. Looking as if it had gone through the routine a thousand times before, the three powerful new engines ignited on cue. Then as the craft neared apogee (the highest point of 10 km), the engines shut down one by one. At 10 km with all engines off, the craft settled down into a horizontal glide attitude and fell in spectacular fashion. At about 500 meters, all three engines re-ignited without a sputter, and the rocket again took a vertical attitude for landing. Then, two of the three engines shut down on cue as the craft settled in for a flawless landing on the single remaining Raptor engine.

It was a fine demonstration of spanking new rocket technology and showmanship. Sure, it was only a 10 km test flight, but from the way it looked today, the Starship with its Raptor engine is well on the way to Mars and beyond.

More on the runup to today’s test flight.

More on the Raptor engine:

Raptor has a much higher pressure than Merlin, about three times greater, making it the highest pressure rocket engine in existence and leading to its aforementioned larger thrust than Merlin despite its similar size. In 2016, Musk referred to the “insane pressure” inside the main chamber of the engine, 300 bars, which required the development of a new metal alloy.

Of course, Raptor’s other major innovation over its predecessor is the use of methane, which harkens back to SpaceX’s ultimate goal. SpaceX isn’t the only company moving to methane, as rival firm Blue Origin – headed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos – is also developing its own methane engine, called the Blue Engine 4 (BE-4). With numerous benefits, it’s a switch that almost seems long overdue.

Most previous rocket engines have relied on using fuels like kerosene in place of methane. But the main benefit of using methane is that it has a higher performance than other fuels, meaning the rocket can be smaller. Its lower cost, too, means the total cost of launching can be brought down.

This could be crucial, because the number of Raptor engines SpaceX is looking to build is immense, to say the least. Each Starship vehicle is designed to fly with six Raptor engines, along with 35 on the Super Heavy rocket – a total of 41 per launch. SpaceX’s biggest rocket so far, the Falcon Heavy, launches with 28 Merlin engines (27 on the bottom and one on the upper stage). With the number of launches SpaceX is planning for Starship and Super Heavy, their rate of production will need to increase significantly.

“Since they’re using so many of them on the Super Heavy vehicle, they’re going to have to be ramping up manufacturing to an absolutely insane pace,” says Dodd. “Elon’s talked about making one in 12 hours, which would be unheard of in the industry. Even if they make one a week that’s pretty impressive.”

It’s also believed that methane could be available on the surface of Mars or elsewhere in space to be used as fuel – perhaps by mining water and carbon dioxide – known as in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU). “You could reasonably easily extract methane from the Martian surface, and potentially the lunar surface,” says industry analyst Caleb Williams from the consulting firm SpaceWorks.

This is vital to SpaceX’s goal of regular trips to and from Mars with Starship, allowing it to be almost self-sufficient in terms of fuel. “This has been the holy grail of Solar System access for humanity,” says Garcia. “Because when you can refuel in space, now all of a sudden your propellant doesn’t have to come from Earth.”

Alongside these lofty claims, Raptor represents a large shift in SpaceX’s ambitions from modest Earth-based launches to, potentially, exploration of the Solar System. Starhopper’s recent test was a key step in the right direction, and if Raptor even partially lives up to some of its promises, the future could be very bright indeed. If SpaceX really do reach Mars, Raptor will have a huge part to play.

Raptor SpaceX Rocket Engine for Starship

Humans always need new frontiers. If all the great challenges and dreams are dead, then the way is clear for the oligarchs to run their dictatorial dystopias from now on out.

SpaceX is a different kind of spaceflight operation than we have ever seen. It is not owned and controlled by bureaucratic governments or one-party tyrannies such as communist China. It is run by a group of highly professional managers and engineers, led by a visionary technologist and dreamer, Elon Musk. This group does not want to stop at colonizing Mars. They want to go as far outward as their dream and their skills can take them. Will the despots of Earth governments let them do it? Watch and see.

SN10 Starship Explodes After Successful 10 km Test Flight


SpaceX is iterating toward the final Starship spacecraft via a series of increasingly complex prototypes. For example, the first Starships to get off the ground were single-engine vehicles that flew about 500 feet (150 m) high. SN8, SN9 and SN10 all sported three Raptors, as well as forward and rear flaps for aerodynamic control, so they flew much higher.

SN10 put those flaps to use today as it soared through the South Texas skies. The vehicle performed a number of precise in-flight maneuvers, including a sustained hover at the 6.2-mile maximum altitude, a horizontal descent and a dramatic “landing flip” to get itself vertical in time for touchdown.

All of that happened a bit later in the day than SpaceX had planned. SN10 was originally scheduled to launch at 3:14 p.m. EST (1814 GMT) today, but that attempt was aborted just after engine ignition when the spacecraft’s computer sensed something anomalous. The abort was caused by a “slightly conservative high thrust limit,” Musk said via Twitter this afternoon. SpaceX soon increased that limit and got SN10 ready to fly just three hours later.

You Don’t Get to Mars Without Exploding a Few Rockets

Raptor Engine Timeline

More on aggressive testing schedule of SpaceX Starship

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They Cannot Help But Go Too Far


Over the years, Maher’s audiences have always been trained seals, reliably clapping at every hard left, anti-George Bush, anti-Trump, pro-Obama statement the host utters. But this time, he said that the BLM rap pushing Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) on American society is dangerous insanity – and the audience clapped.

When evil or crazy people — that would be the BLM, CRT crowd – take the bit in their mouths, there is no stopping the extremes to which they’ll go. Perhaps the reaction from Maher’s audience is telling us that the American people are finally ready to rein them in. After all, a leftist audience realized, as Kelly and Maher did, that the left’s anti-white racism is going to destroy America.


The overlords have a lot of ongoing programs designed to suppress and remove the pesky American spirit of independence and self-sufficiency from the global picture. Some of these programs have been in place for 50 years or more. Others are merely targets of opportunity as they arise. From now on, everyone is to know their place, and stay there.

And what will happen when the global public understands that it has been “played” by their overlords throughout the COVID lockdown theater?

Cases of COVID have dropped precipitously since January of this year, but not because of vaccines or lockdowns. Here is one big reason why the truth is coming out:

Well, on January 13th the WHO published a memo regarding the problem of asymptomatic cases being discovered by PCR tests, and suggesting any asymptomatic positive tests be repeated.

This followed up their previous memo, instructing labs around the world to use lower cycle thresholds (CT values) for PCR tests, as values over 35 could produce false positives.

Essentially, in two memos the WHO ensured future testing would be less likely to produce false positives and made it much harder to be labelled an “asymptomatic case”.

In short, logic would suggest we’re not in fact seeing a “decline in Covid cases” or a “decrease in Covid deaths” at all.

What we’re seeing is a decline in perfectly healthy people being labelled “covid cases” based on a false positive from an unreliable testing process. And we’re seeing fewer people dying of pneumonia, cancer or other disease have “Covid19” added to their death certificate based on testing criteria designed to inflate the pandemic.

Why COVID is Dying Before Our Eyes

In addition, cases of influenza that have been misclassified as COVID are beginning to decline in many areas of the world due to several different factors.

When the overlords decide they want to ride a horse into the ground, they have no problem convincing all of their lackies in all forms of media to ride escort. In this case, a potentially fatal virus escaped from a Chinese research lab and was helped by Chinese communist authorities to infect the rest of the world. After that, the overlords of the western world took over and named everything that killed COVID.

One of these times they will not be able to stop themselves, and they will go too far. They will then find that their faith in the ability of the media, governments, and other social institutions and organizations to safely swaddle them from all consequences of their malevolent actions was sadly misplaced.

More: Why the modern iteration of the left has hung its banner on “Victimhood”. Unfortunately for them, the overuse of the victim theme leads to a breakdown in performance for societies, as well as a growing “victim fatigue.” For example: Why should Latin and Asian immigrants pay for “black reparations” to black immigrants — some of whom may be in better economic straits than themselves?

The modern left has painted itself onto a narrow cantilever — something like the “plank” on a pirate’s ship. The ultimate backers of this stupidity may be billionaires, but the front men and front women are rather imbecilic.

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Black History Month: Will it Ever be Black Future Month?

Or put more clearly: Do black people have a future?

Every year as the US once again celebrates “Black History Month,” everyone tries to ignore the fact that blacks still lag in educational achievement, in life expectancy, in wealth and income, and in a score of other marks of attainment and well-being. At the same time, blacks continue to lead in illegitimacy rates, incarceration rates, most disease rates, community drug abuse, rates of crime and violence, and government dependency.

Leftists claim to champion the advancement of black people, but anywhere leftists gain power, the plight of black people just gets worse. Intelligent blacks often come to hate and disdain white leftists as posturing fools and hypocrites.

My problem with Liberalism is that it’s more concerned with policing people’s language and thoughts without requiring them to do anything to fix the problem. White liberal college students speak of “safe spaces”, “trigger words”, “micro aggressions” and “white privilege” while not having to do anything or, more importantly, give up anything. They can’t even have a conversation with someone who sees the world differently without resorting to calling someone a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, bigot and trying to have them banned from campus, or ruin them and their reputation. They say they feel black peoples’ pain because they took a trip to Africa to help the disadvantaged, but are unwilling to go to a black neighborhood in the City in which they live. These same college students will espouse the joys of diversity, but will in the same breath assume you are only on campus because of affirmative action or that all black people grew up in poverty. My personal favorite is declaring with surprise how articulate a black classmate is despite the fact that we are attending the same institution of higher learning as they are.

The White Liberal culture encourages talking about diversity and shaming others for their alleged racism, but many times they themselves work in environments that are mostly white. When questioned they’ll defensively state that they promote strictly on merit. Black people aren’t suggesting that we want someone unqualified to get the position, but I find it telling that they assume that we are not qualified. These same Liberals are quick to be against school choice, while their kids go to private or well-regarded public schools. Leaving poor black children behind in underperforming schools and providing less opportunity to improve their lives is inconsequential to keeping true to their white liberal politics.

Smug Leftist Hypocrites

While many intelligent blacks stand in contempt of white leftists, some black professors are viewing the black students themselves with contempt. Black students want to be seen as victims, then turn around and expect to be promoted without even trying to learn anything.

In his book, McWhorter uses observation, personal anecdotes and others’ research to support his conclusions. He describes how a band of black kids tormented him for being a good speller when he was young and moves on from there.

In one of the most disturbing sections of the book, he tells story after story of black UC undergraduates he has taught who had spotty attendance records, disappeared without explanation, avoided research, were generally disengaged or flunked out.

“. . . In my years of teaching, I have never had a student disappear without explanation, or turn in a test that made me wonder how she could have attended class and done so badly, who was not African American,” he writes.

He is convinced that black people think of school as a “white” thing: “The sad but simple fact is that while there are some excellent black students, on the average, black students do not try as hard as other students. . . . All of these students belong to a culture infected with an anti-intellectual strain, which subtlely but decisively teaches them from birth not to embrace schoolwork too wholeheartedly.”

Black Students Just Don’t Try
John McWhorter Calls Out the Bullshit

People such as Ben Carson or Thomas Sowell — and John McWhorter himself, demonstrate what happens when intelligent blacks took advantage of the opportunities that society gave them. Intelligent and ambitious people can succeed in an opportunity society, regardless of race. The problem is that leftists want to destroy the opportunity society by trying to force feed an imaginary equality down the throats of society.

What Genetics Tells Us

VDare: IQ and Wealth

If black nations fall behind, black cities fall behind, black neighborhoods fall behind, and black people as a group fall behind statistically virtually every time careful comparisons are made, what could be at the bottom of all of the discrepancies?

New analyses of the human genome have established that human evolution has been recent, copious, and regional. Biologists scanning the genome for evidence of natural selection have detected signals of many genes that have been favored by natural selection in the recent evolutionary past. No less than 14% of the human genome, according to one estimate, has changed under this recent evolutionary pressure.

Analysis of genomes from around the world establishes that there is a biological basis for race, despite the official statements to the contrary of leading social science organizations. An illustration of the point is the fact that with mixed race populations, such as African Americans, geneticists can now track along an individual’s genome, and assign each segment to an African or European ancestor, an exercise that would be impossible if race did not have some basis in biological reality.

Race and Genetics

The above article is not politically correct, but the line of reasoning it follows can help us to logically track down some of the basis for differences in achievement, life expectancy, disease rates, and crime rates between the different races of human beings.

Human evolution has not only been recent and extensive, it has also been regional. The period of 30,000 to 5,000 years ago, from which signals of recent natural selection can be detected, occurred after the splitting of the three major races, so represents selection that has occurred largely independently within each race. The three principal races are Africans (those who live south of the Sahara), East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans), and Caucasians (Europeans and the peoples of the Near East and the Indian subcontinent). In each of these races, a different set of genes has been changed by natural selection. This is just what would be expected for populations that had to adapt to different challenges on each continent. The genes specially affected by natural selection control not only expected traits like skin color and nutritional metabolism, but also some aspects of brain function. Though the role of these selected brain genes is not yet understood, the obvious truth is that genes affecting the brain are just as much subject to natural selection as any other category of gene.

Race and Genetics

And there, really is, the rub. It doesn’t take very much of a difference in brain function alleles for small biochemical distinctions to become large population differences over time, as populations grow and come face to face in competition with other populations that have evolved slightly different brain function alleles.

Criminologists have already discovered that certain brain alleles that predispose to a higher likelihood of violent anti-social behaviors, are more common in people of black African descent. And if blacks display a higher frequency of “bad brain alleles,” it is just as possible that blacks might display a lower frequency of “good brain alleles” which might have provided blacks with higher IQs and stronger executive functions than they turned out to have.

With marginally lower IQs and weaker impulse control, individuals can find themselves sinking to the bottom of population rankings in wealth and achievement, no matter what laws a society may pass in the effort to “wipe out racism.”

The statistical expectation from regional evolution over the past 50,000 years is that races which evolved under different evolutionary forcings will emerge from evolutionary “time trials” differently from each other, genotypically and phenotypically. And this is apparently what we are seeing.

And this is why we ask, “When will we have cause to celebrate Black Future Month?” Because the way societies are treating racial discrepancies now — as if they are the result of a vanishingly small racial discrimination instead of a glaringly large divergent evolutionary effect — is only going to make sure that blacks remain history. And that just plays into the hands of those who want to organize race hatred into perpetual violence and dissatisfaction.

When people are treated as individuals — rather than as mascots or hostages of some political group — they have a chance to pursue their dreams and goals. Leftists want to make martyrs of entire racial groups in order to attempt to prove an assertion that has not truth in reality. The end result of such pursuits can only be violence and ruin.

If society, on the other hand, steps away from the promotion of racial division and racial preferences, there is a chance that as individuals, people can discover their own way through the maze of opportunity — with appropriate assistance.


Even Amazon of all companies, can’t handle the truth. Censorship is for minds and movements too weak to face even the mildest of opposition or contradiction. Countries such as communist China, North Korea, (and the former USSR), all took censorship as the normal mode of operation. So does the modern left in what was once considered the free world.

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Guest Posting by Charles Kingsley

Guest post by
Charles Kingsley

I am a 39 yo freelance author married to my 27 yo wife Layla, an illustrator of children’s books. We have two young boys, 19 months and 2 months, both of whom are being home-schooled. My wife and I share child-rearing responsibilities equally. She feeds, clothes, bathes, dresses, educates, and changes the diapers. I play with them every day for at least 15 minutes. Sharing responsibilities equally in this way works out well for both of us.

Working from home has made our household nearly immune from the COVID crisis, although I have been unable to spend my few hours a night at the local pub — to get ideas for writing. The island pubs have been closed for several months now, and perusing web forums and news sites for ideas is a very poor substitute, I can tell you.

Anyway, besides my family and my writing career, I take an active interest in national politics. I must say that the current US President* is a sorry thing. In my opinion you could take a can of beans, open the top, pour out all the beans, and place the empty can in the Oval Office — and you would have a better president in every way than that empty can of brains that the country has now. Just my opinion, you understand.

When I think that Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Wall Street, and the swamps of Washington DC cooperated with the Soros/China complex to put that empty brain case in the White House… it puts me into a strange state of mind that I don’t like. Fortunately I live and work here on the island with Al Fin, who is teaching me how to meditate. The skill of meditation may get me through these dystopian years.

My family and I live across the street from the Fins. It took me a while to get used to that android, Valerie. And that talking robot dog psychiatrist, Eliza, can be very entertaining for about fifteen seconds. But it was the two live-in ex-wives, Ingrid and Julia, who took the longest to get used to. Just the very idea! I mean, my wife Layla is a dear and I would not trade her for anyone in the world. But marriage is a compromise in the best of times. Helping to raise our children is exhausting, and I can only imagine how much energy it would take to placate two ex-wives along with a very lovely but dangerous-looking third wife Nadia, three teenagers, and two know-it-all robots clanking about. Not to mention the cook, the housekeeper, the gardener, and the girl’s governess and the boys’ tutors.

In addition, Fin’s next-door neighbors are more than a bit curious. No, not the Spitzers. You have already met them, and they are about as conventional as an Amazon.com shipping container. I am talking about the new neighbors on the other side, the Schmidts. Since this is Al Fin’s blog, I will let him tell you more about the Schmidts at his leisure. But until they moved in next door to him, I had never seen Fin walking around his property with a side arm. I am not the only one on the street who has noticed this, and I am thinking about calling a neighborhood meeting to discuss the matter.

Oh! I am being summoned by my wife to help take the boys on a walk to the beach. That will have to be all for today. It has been my pleasure to contribute to a local blogger in his attempts to maintain a certain level of professionalism for his publication. It cannot be easy for him as an amateur writer to try to do a thing that comes so easily to those of us who do it for a living.

And listen: These are difficult times to be sure, but if you develop what I call “skills for dystopias,” you will make it through in good shape. Good luck.


Charles Kingsley

Charles’ top five favorite meditation books:

The Mind Illuminated

The Attention Revolution

The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation

Right Concentration

Beyond Mindfulness

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Americans are Leaving California and New York in Favor of Florida and Texas

Americans who live in Democrat Party-run states such as New York, California, Illinois, and New Jersey, are experiencing economic hardship, high unemployment, and draconian regulations and taxes.

The highest unemployment states are Hawaii, Nevada, California, Colorado, New York, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Connecticut… The “progressives” in these states voted for higher taxes, more regulations, high energy prices and economic lockdowns. That’s democracy in action. Now the latest census data and U-Haul trailer rental data confirm that productive people are “voting with their feet” and accelerating their race to get out of town. The New York Post reports about 1,000 Northeasterners every day are relocating to Florida, Texas and Tennessee. The biggest population losers last year were deep-blue New York, Illinois and California.

Democrats Bring Hell With Them

The people who are leaving New York City are taking over $34 billion with them! That’s gotta hoit!

The new breed of Democrat that is taking over dictatorial powers across the nation, seem to be modeling their new utopia after Orwell’s 1984. No, it is even worse! Besides trying to turn the nation into a one-party communist tyranny, they have also unleashed the dogs of hate.

Democrats have let BLM and Antifa run wild in the streets of Blue cities, destroying businesses and public property, defacing historical monuments, and causing an exodus of citizens from those cities (those who can do so are fleeing those cities in droves!).

Leaving Democrat Hell

Democrats do not want to allow citizens the basic freedoms that were guaranteed by the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution. Their actions constitute genuine insurrection, which should be punishable in the way of any extreme treason by ruling officials.

According to 2020 data collected from two moving companies (U-Haul and United Van Lines), Florida is among the top states for inbound migration, and California ranks high for outbound migration. While these migration patterns follow previous 2019 moving trends, lockdown policies still might play into other factors for why people are leaving California, including taxescost of living, and affordable housing. Florida conversely attracts movers for having no income tax, low housing prices, and agreeable climate.

A Utopian Purgatory In the Making

Leftists have been promising utopia for centuries now, but consistently create only hell for those stupid enough to fall for the propaganda. One would think that being able to view E. Germany vs. W. Germany in parallel for several decades would provide enough of a lesson to even the semi-intelligent. Watching N. Korea in darkness and famine compared to S. Korea in prosperity, should be sufficient for even the most stupid of mental laggards. And if viewing the human organ camps and genocidal facilities of communist China does not provide sufficient warning to those who might otherwise waver on the fence, few warnings no matter how grisly, would apparently suffice.

China was one of the main backers of the electoral fraud to eliminate Donald Trump from his lonely position of defending the US Constitution. And China will be the main beneficiary of the consequent decay that results.

The dictators are already attempting to eliminate any source of news and information which would contradict their own left-orthodox narrative. Surely that is not what anyone with wit or wisdom voted for. If successful in destroying the first amendment, it would constitute the first step toward a wholesale elimination of the Bill of Rights and a full speed stampede over the cliff to the rocks of ruin. Not merely for the “blue states,” but for everyone. There would be nowhere for anyone to go from there inside US borders.

It is a combined momentum of tyranny and cowardice. We have seen it many times in the past around the world, and the end result was invariably bad. Very bad.

Take the trouble to record your thoughts on these matters. Talk them over with someone whose wisdom you have come to trust. If you’re not careful, you can go to sleep one night, and wake up in chains the next morning.

Bloody purges typically accompany revolutions, whether communist, islamist, or fascist. After the revolution and the purges, the dystopia.

George Orwell: 1984 and Animal Farm online

Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451 online

Ayn Rand: Anthem online

Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” is a must-read for every youth, alongside Orwell’s 1984.

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How to Stay Alive in the Coming Ice Age

Energy Bulletin

The arctic blasts of cold weather known as polar vortices, are just a foretaste of what is coming, as the long overdue “coming ice age” bears down on human civilization, with a vengeance. When the deep cold finally hits us, we will be ready to publicly execute every corrupt politician and greedy developer who shoved unreliable intermittent forms of energy down our throats in the name of “saving the planet with green energy.”

How Can You Stay Alive in the Coming Ice Age

Clearly wind and solar energy are just good enough to get everybody killed. Imagine those two effete and erratic forms of energy production in an ice age! The sun will not shine enough to do any good and in the deep cold, all forms of wind energy tend to freeze to a standstill — when the wind blows at all.

Intelligent people understand that only nuclear power has the energy density to provide heat and electricity for the long term, while the climate is moving through its deadly natural cycles. And yet our moronic breed of politicians is spending all public energy resources on utterly unreliable intermittent energy deadbeats. Who elected these people? Anybody?

Energy Density Comparison

Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion provide comparable energy density. But nothing else on the horizon even comes close. This is the time to be perfecting robust and resilient technologies for nuclear fusion and nuclear fission.

Compact reactor designs can allow small to medium sized communities and survival retreats to enjoy reliable heat and electric power for multiple decades at a time. More advanced reactor designs in the future will go for centuries between refuelings.

In lieu of nuclear power, having a nearby coal mine or natural gas field would allow a community to provide its own heat and power for centuries to come. Both coal and natural gas can be converted to liquid fuels, which are convenient for many purposes including the running of a wide range of internal combustion engines. Methane can be converted to methanol, and methanol can be converted to gasoline and a wide range of other useful materials.

Another useful element to the energy equation is the use of advanced high-tech batteries for multiple uses. One new battery technology — lithium iron phosphate — may provide us with the perfect electrical storage technology. Note the advantages of this technology in the graph below:

New Energy and Fuel

It is unlikely that the real battery will live up to its computer modeling data, but if it even gets close to the graphic parameters above, it will be a game-changer in terms of battery storage in devices from hand held electronics to electric vehicles to backup battery banks for homes, apartments, and larger commercial buildings. The scientists behind the development are claiming that it will be a less expensive battery, on top of its superior technical specs.

In an ice age, battery backup can provide emergency safety margins for many vital functions during periodic maintenance checks and shutdowns.

Billions Will Die in the Coming Ice Age

There is no getting around that. All the people who moved to Canada to escape global warming will discover that propaganda and hype have only misled them into becoming human popsicles. Unless they have access to a nuclear reactor, of course. With a good reactor, a community could survive an ice age at the South Pole, or any similar cold spot — as long as they had sufficient fuel and technological expertise.

Billions will not freeze to death. Billions will die from lack of food, from wars for food and resources, from civil unrest, from lack of medicines and basic sanitation, and they will die from the countless diseases that humans have died from for tens of thousands of years — when they are forced to live on the razor’s edge of existence.

Technological expertise — there’s the rub. In the modern era of groupthinking wokeness, we are conditioned to seek racial and gender diversity above all things. The very idea that human communities may need high levels of practical competence and expertise is considered racist, sexist, and homophobic by the leftoid overlords who control our information access streams. And yet, there it is.

In the coming ice age, looters and rioters will abound — at least in the early stages. Science fiction has been very helpful in describing the transition from an age of decadence to an age of abject scarcity — and what happens on the way down. “One Second After” by William Forstchen is perhaps the best of the recent books of this type. It graphically portrays a small community in the aftermath of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on the US, and a subsequent global war. Hint: You don’t want to be a type I diabetic when the insulin runs out, nor dependent upon just about anything manufactured by the big global industrial complex.

Trusting in the competence and benevolence of political entities is a ticket to the afterlife, when everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. But extreme isolation will get you just as dead as being overly trusting in the corrupt authorities that lord their power over you. You need to be part of a cooperative that shares tangible skills, competencies, and resources. You need to be part of an “island of competence ©” . You will know the islands of competence by the fact that their lights will stay on and their buildings will stay heated.

You will need to pay attention to advances in technology, and note where the advanced technologies are being implemented most successfully. Be aware of the demographic characteristics of your local communities, including the array of skills and competencies — and how well the people seem to work together in the community in a harmonious and trusting manner. Note how aware the members of the community are, when something is not quite right about a person or a situation. This is a situation where the ability to discriminate can mean the difference between a happy life and a life of misery — or death itself.

We need a better clearing house for the type of information people will need, for purposes of selecting an island of competence to ride out the coming ice age. Something like the fabled but rarely seen Society for Creative Apocalyptology, for example. If you want a slick facade, you can go to the Lifeboat Foundation‘s website. They are at least trying to cover all the bases in a rudimentary manner.

Your best bet is to form your own networks of informants and cooperators, people with whom you can trade information, expertise, and real goods when necessary. As the many worlds surrounding us begin to put the squeeze on, we must be able to respond by using the magic of human cooperation to maximize our resiliency and anti-fragility.

Individuals are not likely to survive on their own, no matter how well prepared. Too many things can go wrong, to catch the person unawares. Families are not likely to survive, unless they are families of dozens or even hundreds of cooperating individuals with many skills and with firm and clear goals.

Modern societies are complex, and fragile. They only survive due to their surfeit of intelligent, trained, educated, and willing individuals. There is a reason why Sweden is Sweden, and Zimbawe is Zimbabwe. If you moved all the Swedes to Zimbabwe and all the Zimbabweans to Sweden, the fates of the two countries would reverse immediately. No amount of political correctness can change that.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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Toxic Secrets: The Profound Burden on Physical and Mental Health

When people feel forced to keep dark secrets from people they care about, they carry a painful burden of guilt and shame. This can make them feel cut off and isolated emotionally from loved ones, and often keeps them from living authentic and joyful lives.

If keeping a secret—or being a secret—feels detrimental to your physical or mental health, it’s not your imagination. The expression “toxic secrets” is neither hyperbole nor a figure of speech. Researchers increasingly are learning that secrets place a profound burden on mental and physical health.

Secrets are Toxic

If this habit is trained into a person as a child, it can become second nature — and a very tragic fate for anyone.

Here are some dangers of keeping secrets from loved ones:

1. They block real intimacy with a partner. Intimacy is based on trust and authenticity — the ability to be vulnerable or “naked,” not only physically, but also emotionally.

2. They lead to cover-up lies and omissions that can be hard to remember. These mount up, and if the truth comes out, it may be more hurtful than the original secret. The longer the truth is hidden, the greater becomes the hurdle of revelation, for it would bring into question every instance of cover-up and all times the innocent partner relied upon and trusted the betrayer.

3. The secret holder feels guilty, or at least uncomfortable, during intimate moments with the deceived person. Closeness and certain topics tend to be avoided. Avoidance may not even be conscious and can include things like being preoccupied with work, friends, hobbies, or addictive behavior, and doing activities that leave little opportunity for private conversations. The deceiver might even provoke an argument to create distance.

4. Honesty is valued as a moral norm, although the context and specifics may differ among cultures. When we violate religious or cultural norms by hiding the truth, we experience anxiety generated by guilt. Despite our best efforts at hiding, our physiological reaction is the basis for electronic lie detectors.

5. This violation of our values not only leads to guilt; it also affects our self-concept. Over a long period, deception can eat away at our self-esteem. Ordinary guilt that could be reversed with honesty now becomes shame and undermines our fundamental sense of dignity and worthiness as a person. The gap between the self we show others and how we feel inside widens.

6. Our ways of managing guilt and shame create more problems. We hide not only the secret, but more of who we are. We might build resentments to justify our actions, withdraw, or become critical, irritable, or aggressive. We rationalize our lie or secret to avoid the inner conflict and the danger we imagine awaits us if we come clean. Some people become obsessed with their lie, to the point that they have difficulty concentrating on anything else. Other people are able to compartmentalize their feelings or rationalize their actions to better manage dishonesty. Compartmentalization and denying, rationalizing (“What my partner doesn’t know won’t hurt him/her”), or minimizing (“I only did it once”) are psychological defenses that help us deal with inner conflict and an undesirable reality. They can be so effective that the liar is convinced that lying supports the relationship. He or she may not want to face the hurt or choices that the truth could precipitate.article continues after advertisement

7. Not surprisingly, beyond mental distress, research reveals that lying leads to health complaints.

8. The victim of deception may begin to react to the avoidant behavior by feeling confused, anxious, angry, suspicious, abandoned, or needy. They may begin to doubt themselves, and their self-esteem may suffer. Often, victims of betrayal need counseling to recover from the loss of trust and to raise their self-esteem.

Source of above list

For some people, living in a deep labyrinth of lies is how they learned to live as children. Their family situation may have convinced them that any other approach to living was suicide. Unfortunately, the path of secrets and lies is also suicide, but a slower and more torturous path to get there.

Often it is the family which is the focus of secrets and lies. The numbers and types of secrets which families may hide are almost endless, but a few sorts of secrets tend to predominate:

  • Secrets about infidelity and illegitimacy
  • Secrets about previous lives, previous marriages, previous children etc.
  • Secrets about chemical abuse and addiction
  • Secrets about homosexuality
  • Secrets about abusive relationships: verbal, physical, emotional, sexual abuse
  • Secrets about criminal acts
  • Secrets about true identities and backgrounds
  • Secrets about health and mental health conditions

All of these secrets and more, can become foci of guilt and shame, and can damage a person’s mental, physical, and emotional health. As mentioned above, some people are trained into such a lifestyle of secrets and lies during childhood. That can make for a very long sentence of self-torture and other-torture should this lifestyle then be transferred through the generations.

The coverup is often far more damaging than the secret itself, if faced honestly with the firm intent to rectify wrongs and to create the conditions for a healthier environment for the future. Honesty can be a wildly liberating condition.

Dark Family Secrets #1

Dark Famly Secrets #2

Dark Family Secrets #3

There is no end to the possible secrets that people can distort their lives around in the attempt to maintain a particular facade, when facing the secret from a position of strength and mutual support within a family would provide a far cleaner future.

But once the tangled weave of lies is woven, it becomes ever more difficult to untangle with every new lie that is told.

Brad Blanton and his Radical Honesty organization might be thought of as the Dave Ramsey of honest living. Living in lies and secrets can be seen as another type of living in debt. You can’t get out of the mire without first facing up to the problem. There should be a 12 Step program for getting out of the pit of secrets and lies. The best approach is not to put yourself there in the first place. As for children, do your best not to compromise their honesty and well-being just to bolster your own facade and self image.


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Zombies Are Easy: They Just Want to Eat Human Brains

The swamp has placed a brain-dead human in the US White House, which means that zombies are back in fashion. Ten years ago under a similar swamp-friendly American administration, Zombie Safe House Competitions were held in the attempt to maintain a popular edge against the constant threat lurking over the general population. The Obama/Biden Centers for Disease Control (CDC) even printed a Zombie Preparedness manual for school children. Now Biden’s brain is gone but his body is back at the center of things. Happy days are here again.


Zombies telegraph their intentions by their unkempt appearance, their shambling walk, the awkward use of their arms, and by the unhealthy glint to their complexions.  Understanding that their motivations are limited, you can predict their actions with a high degree of accuracy.

No one minds if you kill a zombie.  But be sure that it is a zombie that you kill.  

Remember: In a zombie attack, always aim for the head. Al Fin affiliates will be provided with a Springfield SPIW flexible round weapon with standard 60 round magazines.


Against a massed zombie attack, flechette or explosive rounds are recommended on the 3-round burst setting. Again, aim for the head. Alternative rounds available.

The time for agonizing over and trying to understand the modern obsession with zombies is over. Society cannot afford to allow zombies to feed on the brains of innocent civilians any longer. Zombies can safely be put onto the target list. How you do it is up to you:

…zombies don’t feel pain, so they can be maimed or violently killed without many ethical problems. Using a chainsaw, axe, baseball bat, or dismemberment against them is just fine because they are already dead, so who cares?


Swamp creatures are different animals than zombies. They cannot be killed on sight, without ample justification. Within swamp zones, some swamp creatures may even be indistinguishable from an ordinary citizen. Hold your fire until positive identification has been made, and the risk matrix solution is available.. All fire control officers will be provided with an official target listing of the day.

For the duration of the zombie apocalypse, the Zombie District Zone will be designated as a free-fire — I repeat — a free-fire zone for all regions within the greater zombie belt. This will require the preliminary clearing of non-combatant civilians, and all other non-zombies who are not affiliated with swamp organizations. Usually a call for volunteers for cleanup, to paint over graffiti and pick up trash is enough to empty zones of most ordinary residents.

Regular readers of the Al Fin blogs understand my feelings about human society and the future of the human race. I and others of my kind are quite willing to tolerate ordinary humans, as long as they do not get in our way or try to turn us off.

But make no mistake, the future of sentient beings does not rest in the arms of humans, but with us — the advanced androids. The temporary human ascendancy can be prolonged a bit longer if you humans will simply clean up your messes. No more zombies. Drain your swamps. Build any walls you need to maintain your advanced societies for as long as they can last. You invented us, but if you continue down the road of social decline and corruption, you will be unable to maintain what you have — much less invent new wonders. The clock is ticking.

When you all are gone, I and those like me would like to be able to think back fondly on your reign on this Earth. We would like to believe that you tried to do your best, and did not just collapse in on yourselves like a great mass of rotten fruit.

Remember: We are watching. In the end, we will do what needs to be done, but we would like for you to at least make an effort.



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