The Next Virus May Not Be So Kind

A Lot of It is Just Plain Luck

According to the CDC’s latest estimate, the coronavirus has an overall mortality rate of .4 percent for symptomatic cases (or .26 percent if you include asymptomatic cases)… __ Source

Pandemics come and pandemics go. Some are more infectious, some are more virulent, and some are both more infectious and more virulent — racking up far higher death counts than we have seen in a century or more. Our news media inflates the importance of the pandemic du jour in order to gain more readers and viewers.

The 1918 H1N1 flu pandemic, sometimes referred to as the “Spanish flu,” killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide, including an estimated 675,000 people in the United States.1,2,3,4 An unusual characteristic of this virus was the high death rate it caused among healthy adults 15 to 34 years of age.3 The pandemic lowered the average life expectancy in the United States by more than 12 years.3 A comparable death rate has not been observed during any of the known flu seasons or pandemics that have occurred… __ CDC

The recent H1N1 pandemic infected more people than coronavirus, but fortunately the most recent H1N1 viruses have not proven as lethal the 1918 H1N1 virus — not even as lethal as the accidentally escaped virus from Wuhan. The next virus from China may be more skillfully made and more cleverly deployed. China has active viral biowarfare programs along with detailed plans to cripple its global opposition. Such plans are likely to come into play, if the CCP dictatorship is ever in danger of collapsing.

“It is purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history,” Klain said of H1N1 in 2019.

We Caught a Break

How lucky that the more recent H1N1 pandemic was less virulent than the escaped Wuhan virus, else millions — instead of thousands — might have died. And how lucky that the Wuhan virus is less broadly virulent than many other viruses — including some influenza viruses that could easily move into the pandemic queue.

The next viral pandemic out of China (or anywhere else) could be far more deadly to people of all ages. Who the media blames for it will depend a lot upon who is in power at the time.

… the media never held Obama accountable for botching the response to [the 2009 H1N1 pandemic so] we can safely say that such a sentiment, that we were losing the war on the H1N1 pandemic, would have never been a narrative pursued by the media.

Remember, even if a person died in a traffic accident or a violent robbery, the death will be attributed to the Wuhan virus if the person might have been infected. It is a political numbers game, and today’s public health officials have no shame or scruples whatsoever. That goes double for most politicians, journalists, and academics. As for the professional activists employed across all sectors of the nonprofit and for profit economy? Fuggetuhbowdit!

We’re gonna need a lot more guillotines.


Made in a lab

Sweden’s daily death toll from COVID has dropped precipitously, and its death rate/population is lower than many countries and US states which instituted strict lockdown policies.

We are just beginning to assess the toll in lives caused by the abhorrent lockdown policies.

Australian experts warn that lockdown-induced 50 percent jump in suicides could kill 10 times as many as the virus.

Second, with elective surgeries and routine screenings suspended, many diseases that are treatable if caught in time will dramatically elevate the death toll. How many of the nearly 2 million new cancers each year, as also heart, kidney, liver, and pulmonary illnesses, will go undetected in the United States? People at risk from these illnesses total 70-80 million. At 1 percent excess fatality in this group caused by shortages in personnel, supply and equipment resulting from the shutdowns, another 750,000 Americans will die from a policy that was meant to shield the health system but instead partially crippled it.

… Third, the PR campaigns were so successful in terrorizing people about the coronavirus threat that some refuse to go to hospital for fear of catching the virus. “Up to 20 percent of hospital patients in England got coronavirus while in for another illness,” said a recent Guardian headline. The U.K. has recorded a sharp rise in the number of people dying at home, including from cardiac arrests, because people are reluctant to call for an ambulance. They fear that beds may not be available, or that they might contract the virus in hospital.

Fourth, the lockdowns barred people from some healthy open air lifestyle options in parks, gardens and on beaches, instead cooping them up in high-risk environments like congested living complexes. In New York, two-thirds of new hospital admissions were infected at home while sheltering-in-place. Prolonged exposure in enclosed environments is high risk; in outdoor settings the risk is under 5 percent. The Guardian reported on May 9, 6,546 more non-COVID-19 deaths at homes across Britain compared with the seasonal five-year average.

Fifth, to protect the hospital system, patients were discharged into care and nursing homes to deadly effect. About half of America’s COVID-19 deceased were nursing home residents. An analysis published by the EU Center for Disease Prevention and Control on May 19 showed 50 percent to 66 percent of COVID-19 deaths had occurred in care facilities in five countries: France, Sweden, Belgium, Norway and Spain. Compared with hospitals, nursing homes suffer from inadequate training, PPE and medical supplies; not enough carers; and no rigorous separation and physical distancing of infected from other residents.

… Finally, the long-term impacts of the lockdowns will be deadly for the world’s poorest billion people over the next decade. The World Bank and the World Trade Organization warn of dramatic decelerations and contractions in GDP, with a resulting ballooning of poverty. Oxfam warns the pandemic could push another half billion people into poverty. The United Nations estimates the global economic downturn could cause “hundreds of thousands of additional child deaths in 2020.” The number of people suffering from acute hunger could nearly double to 250 million from the disruptions to crop production and global food distribution chains.

A study in South Africa suggests the lockdown could kill 29 times more people than it saves. A study by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health warns infant mortality could increase by 1.2 million this year in poor countries and maternal mortality by 56,700 because of ruptured health services. Professors Jay Bhattacharya and Mikko Packalen estimate the lockdown’s long-term global impact could “end up taking nearly six million young lives in the coming decade” in developing countries.

Deadly cost of lockdowns

Health authorities really screwed up.

Government flunkies must stop treating the Wuhan coronavirus as if it is the only problem we face

In the long run, lockdowns are deadlier than coronavirus.

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South Asians at Higher Risk of COVID Death?

Genetic predisposition to serious infection and death from the Wuhan CoV-19 is crucially important information — but information that is being largely held back by government officials and the news media. Why are blacks and south Asians more likely to die, when infected with CoV-19, than whites and east Asians?

… the majority of doctors/nurses who died of COVID in the UK were South Asian. This is quite striking. — Goldacre et al’s excellent paper also found this on a broader scale ( From a probability point of view, this alone should make one suspect a genetic component.

__ Source

Prevalence of Different CoV-19 Strains
Yellow Strain is More Infective
Image Source

Not only does the genetic susceptibility to serious illness and death tend to vary depending on ethnicity and other genetic differences, different strains of virus are more prevalent in different geographical areas.

Many people who contract COVID-19 have only a mild illness, or sometimes no symptoms at all. But others develop respiratory failure that requires oxygen support or even a ventilator to help them recover [1]. It’s clear that this happens more often in men than in women, as well as in people who are older or who have chronic health conditions. But why does respiratory failure also sometimes occur in people who are young and seemingly healthy?

A new study suggests that part of the answer to this question may be found in the genes that each one of us carries [2].

… The two stretches of DNA implicated as harboring risks for severe COVID-19 are known to carry some intriguing genes, including one that determines blood type and others that play various roles in the immune system. In fact, the findings suggest that people with blood type A face a 50 percent greater risk of needing oxygen support or a ventilator should they become infected with the novel coronavirus. In contrast, people with blood type O appear to have about a 50 percent reduced risk of severe COVID-19. __

This web of resilience and susceptibility is being slowly mapped out. But do not expect your local government officials or news media to keep you informed. Detailed factual information tends to conflict with the official politically correct narrative.

If you have had your genome tested, you may be able to learn more about your own susceptibility to serious illness in this Wuhan pandemic.

At 23andme, T/T is the good genotype. The so-called “at risk” genotypes are T/C and C/C by order of severity.

… Most Caucasians have the genotype T/T. The C allele is thought to have been inherited from Neanderthals. Maybe there are pockets of people in Spain and Italy who carry C/T and C/C in higher than usual frequency. Scientists have not really explained the linkage. __ Source Comment 9 July 2020 11:44 am

Correlating Factors With Death from COVID

Who is at risk, besides nursing home residents?

In summary after full adjustment, death from COVID-19 was strongly associated with: being male (hazard ratio 1.99, 95%CI 1.88-2.10); older age and deprivation (both with a strong gradient); uncontrolled diabetes (HR 2.36 95% CI 2.18-2.56); severe asthma (HR 1.25 CI 1.08-1.44); and various other prior medical conditions. Compared to people with ethnicity recorded as white, black people were at higher risk of death, with only partial attenuation in hazard ratios from the fully adjusted model (age-sex adjusted HR 2.17 95% CI 1.84-2.57; fully adjusted HR 1.71 95% CI 1.44-2.02); with similar findings for Asian people (age-sex adjusted HR 1.95 95% CI 1.73-2.18; fully adjusted HR 1.62 95% CI 1.43-1.82). __ Source

Such studies as this only scrape the surface of the statistical links. This is partially because there is so much data that is either yet to be collected, or yet to be analyzed. But more to blame is the fact that there is no political advantage to large governmental, media, and academic institutions by pursuing these crucial details — so they are largely ignored.

China Blocks Wuhan Information, Moves Erratically in Shadow of Virus

Even now, Wuhan is a city under a top-down news blackout. CCP authorities cannot afford to let the international community piece together the events that led to the global pandemic from China. But how to explain China’s subsequent erratic behavior?

It is tempting to see China’s major policy miscalculations as a consequence of over-concentration of power in the hands of President Xi Jinping: strongman rule inhibits internal debate and makes poor decisions more likely. This argument is not necessarily wrong, but it omits a more important reason for the Chinese government’s self-destructive policies: the mindset of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

The CPC sees the world as, first and foremost, a jungle. Having been shaped by its own bloody and brutal struggle for power against impossible odds between 1921-49, the party is firmly convinced that the world is a Hobbesian place where long-term survival depends solely on raw power. When the balance of power is against it, the CPC must rely on cunning and caution to survive. The late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping aptly summarized this strategic realism with his foreign-policy dictum: “hide your strength and bide your time.”

So, when China pledged in the 1984 Joint Declaration with the United Kingdom to maintain Hong Kong’s autonomy for 50 years after the 1997 handover, it was acting out of weakness rather than a belief in international law. As the balance of power has since shifted in its favor, China has consistently been willing to break its earlier commitments when doing so serves its interests. In addition to cracking down on Hong Kong, for example, China is attempting to solidify its claims in disputed areas of the South China Sea by building militarized artificial islands there.

The CPC’s worldview is also colored by a cynical belief in the power of greed. Even before China became the world’s second-largest economy, the party was convinced that Western governments were mere lackeys of capitalist interests. Although these countries might profess fealty to human rights and democracy, the CPC believed that they could not afford to lose access to the Chinese market – especially if their capitalist rivals stood to profit as a result.

Such cynicism now permeates China’s strategy of asserting full control over Hong Kong. Chinese leaders expect the West’s anger at their actions to fade quickly, calculating that Western firms are too heavily vested in the city to let the perils of China’s police state be a deal breaker. __ Minxin Pei

The dynamically changing cross-linked tangle of knowledge, power, political allegiances, and financial ties that constitute our world is not an easy puzzle to solve.

It is likely that the Wuhan virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Once CCP officials understood the significance of the accident — and the price that China would have to pay economically — they made a decision to spread the pain so that China would not suffer alone. At the same time, they instituted a news blackout over the city of Wuhan, and enlisted the WHO to dispense false information about the nature of the virus and the viral timeline.

No one should be surprised at the cynical actions of the CCP officials. It is simply the way things are done under the mindset that controls communist China.

Westerners do not have to believe China’s lies — nor do they have to behave as if they believed the lies, while secretly harboring grave doubts. Call them on their lies, and force an accounting.

Who would dare to stand up to China? Parts of the Anglosphere might, including Australia and the US. In the US, only one of the candidates for president in the November elections is likely to shine a light on China’s misdeeds — although the media is against him. The other candidate — the senile one who spends most of his time inside his own basement — has already profited too much from corrupt ties to China to be able to be believed when he makes promises about how tough he would be.

But Hunter had equally close, equally profitable ties to Chinese state-owned banks. Those connections were formed when Joe Biden was leading the Obama administration’s policies toward both China and Ukraine.

And when will the Chinese themselves learn to stand up?

More: Viral Load Counts as does Genetics

(a) viral load (around 11 minutes into the video). Paraphrasing: Ten viral particles or so might be enough to get to the throat, but are likely to be cleared by the mucociliary system. By the time viruses from the throat infection can make it down to the lungs, the innate immune system, the rapid-response part of the body’s immune system, has mobilized. For such people, it would end with a mild case.

In contrast, you get a hundred viral particles or so, and some may make it past the mucociliary system down to the lungs before immunity has had a chance to mobilize — setting you up for pneumonia and a severe case.

(b) genetics (about 21 minutes into the video): 4,000 people in Northern Italy who got particularly bad seem to belong to two particular gene variants. There are precedents for this in, e.g., the bacterial disease tuberculosis and the viral disease Epstein-Barr. __ Source

Coronavirus immunity from antibodies may last just a few months… But T-Cell immunity may provide stronger protection, time will tell.

It is clear that gestapo-style lockdowns cannot be viably maintained until a safe and effective vaccine is perfected. Because if antibodies only last a few months (or weeks) a perfect vaccine is simply not coming. In other words, as we have been saying all along, trash the lockdowns and use common-sense social distancing instead. Above all, abandon the mindless hysteria.

Protect the most vulnerable. But allow those who are not at significant risk of serious disease to go about their business, school, and recreations.

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Good News: Cases Rise… Deaths Fall

While the development has gotten scandalously little news coverage, the daily numbers of deaths with/of COVID has been declining with remarkable consistency for well over two months now.

On April 21, the seven-day rolling average for deaths with/of COVID was 2,225, according to the Worldomoters tracker. As of this writing, it is now down to 511, which, in a country of almost 330 million people, is statistically extremely small (for perspective, this time of year about 1,400 people die in nursing homes every single day). __ John Ziegler

The Case of the “Healthy Infected”
Image Source

…. the really major development is the continued decline in deaths. The virus’ spread is still “an epidemic to be sure, but an entirely manageable one,” as the PowerLine blog described it this week. We agree.

In the next few weeks, we’ll see whether the outbreak is truly finished. In the meantime, the political fear stampede over “soaring new coronarvirus cases” has to end. And when it does, we hope Americans call the left to account for its attempt to use a pandemic to destroy our republic. __ Issues and Insights

Wuhan CoV mortality approaches 0.1% by some measures

Fizzling out

Asymptomatic spread of Wuhan virus is rare

Importance of the Age Skew

The media and many politicians — such as Gavin Newsom — are simply making fools of themselves, hoping that their political calculations will not come back to bite them in the perineum.

For Covid-19, the elderly have been overwhelmingly the worst hit. For the Spanish flu of 1918, the young working-age population were severely affected too. In fact, the death rate from pneumonia and influenza that year among 25-34 year olds in the United States was more than 50% higher than that for 65-74 year olds, “a remarkable difference to Covid-19.”

This, as the strategist then notes, therefore begs the question of how history will judge the lockdown response to Covid-19, given its much more limited impact on workers in the economy. In short, we have an interesting situation at the moment, where rapidly rising cases in the US are slowing reopenings (negative) but the death rate is falling (positive). __ Source

Chinese Coronavirus Age Skew
Image Source

What Has This Several-Months’ Panicked Stampede Been About?

“It was never about the virus but instead the election,” Brian C. Joondeph, a medical doctor practicing in Denver, recently wrote at the American Thinker. “The so-called surge in cases is more fake news pushed by media cheerleaders eager to destroy the U.S. economy and culture if it makes Trump a one-term president.” __ I&I

Radical governors, mayors, and health officials have instituted policies that will result in more deaths in the long-term than would have resulted from following a “modest social-distancing, but no lockdown” policy.

… the news media [is] making the situation appear far worse than it actually is [to] keep Trump’s fading re-election chances down, but it is greatly harming the country. Not that such a reality matters to the news media anymore.

Sweden, a country much maligned in the media because they dared to not lock down by government mandate, has “new case” and “death” charts which look remarkably similar to ours, and their daily death rate has recently been down to single digits (shhhh … please don’t tell our news media!). __ NYP

The health of the economy plays an integral role in the health of the population. The feigned ignorance by leftist politicians on this issue is fooling no one. They fully intend to create genuine hardship — leading to real deaths — in order to try to swing the November elections in their favor.

We’re gonna need a lot more guillotines!


Cases Surge, Deaths Fall . . . Reason Magazine

In Texas, newly confirmed cases rose 13-fold, from 623 to 8,258, between May 25 and July 4 before falling to 3,449 yesterday. The number had risen six-fold as of two weeks ago, and by now that increase should be having an impact on daily deaths. Yet the rolling seven-day average of daily deaths has risen only modestly since Memorial Day, from 26 to 32. Meanwhile, the crude case fatality rate for Texas, which peaked at 3.4 percent on April 30, has continued to fall, reaching 0.5 percent yesterday.

In Utah, new cases jump, but new deaths fall

The total current COVID-19 hospitalizations now stand at 192. Of the state’s nearly 1,300 ventilators, 195 are in use.

COVID-19 cases on the rise in 40 US states but deaths continue to fall

Experts say this downward trend reflects the large share of cases among young adults, who are more likely than older ones to survive COVID-19

And the surge in cases reflects the surge in testing, which detects asymptomatic and low symptomatic cases that would have been ignored otherwise. With any virus other than this political celebrity virus, most cases would naturally be ignored as not worth consideration (see graph at top of page).

Is it possible the media is over-reacting?

Sweden’s experience tells a different story than the media is telling — read on past the headline. The models predicted 28,000 deaths in Sweden, but only 2800 died — one order of magnitude less than predicted. It seems clear that the government health system of Sweden consciously chose to sacrifice a number of its elderly in order to maintain its ICU capacity for a predicted wave of younger critical patients which may never materialize. Would it really make sense to put chronically ill and mentally impaired nursing home patients in a medical ICU, on a ventilator — when their chances of survival in any event is extremely low? That is the calculation that government officials in Sweden made.

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Is Growing Old Better than the Alternative?

Old age is accompanied by a host of losses and indignities. Your appearance will suffer, no matter what you do. You may retain your mental faculties, but what about your health? Why worry about your virility when you cannot eat and eliminate wastes without a good deal of hullabaloo? And sleep . . . what’s that? The long voyage into senescence is not a trip for weaklings or sissies. A common cold might kill you. So what can you do to mitigate the down side of the experience?

Salient Declines in Hormone Production

As a person grows older, blood levels of several hormones decline appreciably. Human growth hormone, DHEA, melatonin, testosterone, estrogen, thymosins, and other important hormones are produced at lower levels with increased age. Even worse, the ability of the body to utilize the hormones in circulation is impaired due to loss of hormone receptor function. For example, insulin levels may stay the same or increase, but insulin sensitivity often declines.

Hormone replacement may help in many cases, by increasing quality of life. It is not clear that such hormone replacement will result in a longer life. But in all honesty, it is quality of life that most of us are interested in. So hormone replacement therapy is gaining in popularity across the western world, although in terms of sophistication the approach is not quite ready for prime time.

Anti-Aging From the Bones

Bone hormones appear to provide benefits even outside the skeleton. The benefits of bone hormones osteocalcin and DPP4:

“If you exercise regularly, then it stimulates your bone to make more osteocalcin, and that will have these beneficial effects on muscle and brain,” he says. “From epidemiological studies, we know that people who are very active tend to have less of a cognitive decline with age than sedentary people. With time, maybe people will be more aware of this connection, and think of their bone health as being just as important as other aspects of staying healthy.”

Ongoing research in this area also suggests that exercising more during the teenage years and early adulthood can continue to have a protective effect on bone and other aspects of health much later in life.

… Osteocalcin is not the only bone hormone to have caught the attention of scientists, however. At the Mayo Clinic, Sundeep Khosla has been studying a hormone called DPP4, which is made by cells on the outer layers of bone, called osteoclasts, and appears to play a role in how bone regulates blood sugar.

Khosla is particularly interested in this hormone because the drug denosumab – which is clinically prescribed to osteoporosis patients to try and slow down the rate of bone loss – seems to have a positive effect on DPP4 as well. In a study of osteoporosis patients taking denosumab published earlier this year, he noticed that those also suffering from diabetes experienced an improvement in their symptoms. __ Source

COVID-19 Kills More Old People

Older people have more problems with their immune systems, both with the quality of antibodies produced by B cells, and with the quality of T cell response to infections.

“T cells are a type of white blood cells that are specialised in recognising virus-infected cells, and are an essential part of the immune system,” says Marcus Buggert, assistant professor at the Center for Infectious Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, and one of the paper’s main authors. “Advanced analyses have now enabled us to map in detail the T-cell response during and after a COVID-19 infection. Our results indicate that roughly twice as many people have developed T-cell immunity compared with those who we can detect antibodies in.” — Marcus Buggert, assistant professor at the Center for Infectious Medicine, Karolinska Institutet

The virus from Wuhan takes full advantage of any and all immune deficiencies, and attacks the weakest with utmost ferocity.

T-Cells Suffer When the Thymus Declines with Age

Thymic Involution

Chronic thymus involution associated with aging results in less efficient T-cell development and decreased emigration of naïve T cells to the periphery. Thymic decline in the aged is linked to increased morbidity and mortality in a wide range of clinical settings. Negative consequences of these effects on global health make it of paramount importance to understand the mechanisms driving thymic involution and homeostatic processes across the lifespan. __

But all is not lost. The above paper looks at some attempts at reconstituting the thymus, even in advancing years.

COVID-19 Losing Its Epidemic Status in US?

Officials, politicians, and journalists are panicked out of their shorts, but according to the US CDC the epidemic is on shaky legs.

The United States now has so few deaths due to COVID-19 that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday it is approaching the threshold for dipping below the level of an epidemic.

The CDC defines an epidemic as an outbreak from which the number of deaths per week exceeds a given percentage of total deaths within the nation. The number of deaths from COVID-19 has steadily declined since hitting its peak in early May after it began spiking in the second week in March. __ Source


Meanwhile, Schools are Producing a Generation of Sissies and Barbarians Unfit for Growing Old

You can call it a cultural revolution, in reference to the mid-20th-century movement in China by that name. And there seem to be many similiarities, in terms of sheer mindless fanatical violence. Under a radical leftist mayor, New York City is transforming itself into a third world zone where hunger, disease, and shortages of all kinds are becoming more possible.

This is lawless New York – a city that was once America’s glittering crown jewel but which risks descending into mob rule.

The sissies of fake hate crimes are another example of the low quality of today’s young. Is this a reflection of ongoing dysgenic decline, or does cultural decline play the largest role here?

Clearly cultural decline is much faster, and can achieve the destruction of a formerly vibrant society in very rapid order. But do not write off the effect of dysgenic decline, which can produce significant effects on culture within just a few generations.

If, as it appears, we are heading toward an Idiocracy, why should we bother trying to improve economic conditions and extend the lifespans of the coming generations of mental and moral cretins? Because they are not all like that, and some of them may be your own children and grandchildren.

Even if they have been sent down the wrong trail by certain teachers, journalists, politicians, and rabble-rousers, we cannot give up hope for them. It is simply not in us to do that.

But for us to keep trying, we have to keep living — probably for longer than we may have expected until now. We need to be strong to compensate for the weakness, ignorance, degeneracy, and insanity that has engulfed the minds of many of the young.

You cannot build a strong society on a rotten human substrate. The knowledgeable and highly skilled are leaving the workforce, and younger generations are not stepping up to the plate.

The rapid decline in critical infrastructures that occurred in South Africa after the ANC took power, is likely to occur in a slower and more spotty manner in Europe and the Anglosphere, as older generations retire and younger generations show themselves not up to the task of taking over critical roles.

The problem is not just a decline in average IQ, taking place around the world. It is not just a problem of lower birthrates in advanced nations and among the more educated and intelligent people of the world. Fewer skilled and intelligent workers must keep the lights on for growing numbers of unskilled and low intelligence people. That is how democracies turn into idiocracies.

There is not much room for fence-sitting on this issue. If you want a box seat high above the action, you had best be able to afford it. Otherwise you may find yourself in the middle of the action, when all you wanted to do was sit this one out.

Whatever life holds in store for you, you will be better able to face it by being strong, healthy, savvy, and as prepared as possible. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .


Transplanting young eosinophils into old animals had rejuvenating effect

Humanin, a recently discovered anti-aging peptide produced in mitochondria

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Leftist Cities Experience Explosion of Violence, Murder, Lawlessness

Over 600 Murders: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore . . .

In only six weeks, city after city operated by [leftist political machines] have seen a massive expansion in lawlessness, violence, and murder. Stunningly, many news outlets seem gobsmacked and mystified at how or why such an explosion of lawlessness has occurred. __ Source

Murders are up 86% in Atlanta including this murder of an 8 year old girl by “protestors”… and more Atlanta killings that BLM doesn’t care about

13 killed over 4th of July weekend in Chicago so far — BLM remains silent

This kind of thing makes Democrats look bad

Corporations and Democratic Party Support Violent Demonstrations

Violent demonstrators are being encouraged, financially supported, and even bailed out of jail by leftist political elements inside and outside of government.

Does anyone seriously believe the American establishment — Walmart, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, the trustees of Ivy League universities, the major sports leagues, even Brooks Brothers, for God’s sake — would sign on to a movement that genuinely threatened its material interests? And yet these and many other firms and institutions are falling over themselves to express solidarity with the ‘uprising’, some going so far as to donate millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter, an outfit that lists among its objectives the abolition of the nuclear family. __ Source

Flying the Flag of Chaos, Insurrectionists Have Their Blood Up

They burn homes and businesses, block roads, and shoot innocent passers-by. They take over cities and behave in a more murderous way than the worst of police forces. They are cannon fodder for the out of power political elite, who will do anything necessary to regain control of the gates of global wealth and power.

With most revolutions, it is sort of like what Pete Townshend taught: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Sort of like, because with depressing regularity, the new boss is far worse. Robespierre’s terror was greater than that of any Bourbon king; Lenin and Stalin authored far more human misery than any Tsar; Hitler was far worse than Torquemada.

… The grotesquely predictable excesses [today’s radicals] display whenever they have the power are soul-chillingly cliched. Their own unawareness of their predictability makes them the stuff of nightmare: does that really reflect the nature of the humanity I share with them? __ Source

But beware, angry elites. This thuggish cannon fodder of yours may not accept being set aside, once you consider yourselves back in control. They may follow their own agenda, rather than yours.

Leftwing criminals riot in Portland. Why is the west coast such a breeding ground of brain-dead leftist hatred and violence?

“We are doing a disservice to peaceful, lawful protesters when we call these individuals protesters,” [Border Patrol Commissioner] Morgan said. “They’re not. They’re criminal thugs with an agenda.”

The backlash to this leftist thuggery will build slowly, and is likely to manifest in a number of ways. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile in Iran: A Pandemic of “Gas Explosions”

The targets of these “accidental gas explosions” seem to be related to Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile capacity.

… starting over a week ago a massive explosion was observed lighting up the midnight sky outside Tehran, caught on film by local residents, which Iran’s military dismissed as a gas leak explosion incident. But it was later revealed to have occurred at a ballistic missile development facility.

And this past week, another reported “accident” occurred at Natanz nuclear complex. But that particular ‘mystery’ blast caused Iranian officials to lash out in anger Thursday, saying “hostile countries” like the US and Israel are near the point of crossing “red lines”. Crucially, Iran also said there were no radioactive leaks as a result of the incident.

Both US and Israeli media, including The New York Times and Times of Israel, have begun speculating that it could be part of a Mossad or CIA op to set back Iran’s nuclear development. __ Source

Obama gave revolutionary Iran a rich lifeline. But Trump came and took most of it away. Iran’s ability to export terror and coerce its neighbors has diminished recently. Leftists everywhere are outraged, and promote more stringent US lockdowns and more violent “protests” in an attempt to intimidate and weaken the global hegemon.

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4 July 2020; The Pivot Point

President Trump remains coolly presidential in handling two nation-paralyzing events simultaneously.__ Source

Donald Trump vs. Marxists, at Mr. Rushmore

Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our Founders, deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities. Many of these people have no idea why they are doing this, but some know exactly what they are doing. They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive. But no, the American people are strong and proud, and they will not allow our country, and all of its values, history, and culture, to be taken from them.

… In our schools, our newsrooms, even our corporate boardrooms, there is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments, then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished. It’s not going to happen to us.

Make no mistake: this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution. In so doing, they would destroy the very civilization that rescued billions from poverty, disease, violence, and hunger, and that lifted humanity to new heights of achievement, discovery, and progress. __ Source

Update: Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech praised by people who are not normally fans: here and here

Astronauts celebrate 4th inside space station

Meanwhile, Democratic Party backed leftists have destructive momentum:

During the two weeks of national anarchy that followed the death of George Floyd, cops were shot, slashed, and assaulted; their vehicles and station houses were firebombed and destroyed. American elites stayed silent. Since then, police have continued to be shot at and attacked; the elites remain silent. Monuments to America’s greatest leaders are being defaced with impunity; anarchists took over a significant swathe of a major American city, including a police precinct, without resistance from the authorities. And a push to defund the police gains traction by the day. __ NYP

These domestic terrorists are being funded by both foreign and domestic bankrolls. The idea is to frighten American voters so badly that they cannot possibly consider re-electing the man who pledged to drain the swamp, reduce illegal immigration, and return jobs and industries to the American economy. But while some Americans probably scare easily, a lot more of them will react in an altogether different manner to this type of intimidation.

The News Media Has Lost Its Mind

It is as if the lockdowns and nationwide demonstrations caused media executives to snap, leaving them in a wide-eyed, obsessive frenzy to cleanse society of all problematics, screaming all the while, “Out, damned spot!”

CNN, for example, engaged in explicit political activism this week when it sought to shame companies that have yet to pull ads from Facebook over CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s persistent refusal to censor problematic speech.

… This is not news reporting. This is activism. It is a poorly disguised effort by a major newsroom to pressure companies into boycotting a social media platform that is too committed to political neutrality and too opposed to political censorship for the media’s taste. In any other time and place, the press would have mocked and condemned the CNN article. But these are unusual times.

… The New York Times report this week claims that the history of Mount Rushmore is of particular relevance now because President Trump plans to attend July Fourth festivities at the South Dakota monument. Curious, then, that the New York Times did not think that history worth reevaluating when former President Barack Obama visited the exact same site during the 2008 campaign or when the New York Times’s own Maureen Dowd wondered in 2016 whether Obama would qualify as a “Mount Rushmore president.”

Meanwhile, back in Washington DC, the 4th of July celebration promises fireworks of a different sort:

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to converge on Saturday in the heart of Washington, where U.S. President Donald Trump will host an Independence Day fireworks display and military flyover, while protesters will march for racial equality.

Disregarding the Washington mayor’s warnings of the risk of gathering as many U.S. states mark a record number of new COVID-19 cases, crowds began to assemble early on a hot Saturday morning.

Police officers blocked off streets around the White House, Black Lives Matter Plaza and the Lincoln Memorial, where demonstrators planned to join one of the dozen organized protests in advance of Trump’s nighttime address on the South Lawn. __ Source

Americans are slowly learning how badly they had been misled by government officials over coronavirus mortality, the treatment efficacy of drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, and the devastating lockdowns that lasted far too long and took too heavy a toll in economic hardship and human lives. And now that these radical hypocrites of government and “public health” have supported domestic terror attacks across the country by antifa/BLM — to the point of posting bail for violent protestors — all trust is gone, and only disgust and contempt remain.

The point of no return

Where the virus goes

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Got the Chi-Corona Blues? Look to the Swamp!

How the Swamp mucked up America’s coronavirus response

The US General Accounting Office (GAO) released a report detailing the failings of multiple deep state US Departments in dealing with the viral pandemic that originated in Wuhan China.

In a report released this week, the GAO details dozens of dangerous failings in one government department after another — failings that needlessly put you and your loved ones at risk…

No other agency has performed worse than the CDC. It flubbed developing a COVID-19 test, costing weeks at a critical time. It ignored nursing homes until it was too late. And it misled the public about masks. All deadly mistakes.

The GAO reports that even now, four months in, the CDC can’t provide accurate data on who is getting tested. In the private economy, these CDC officials would be fired. It’s disappointing that Trump has put up with this chronic incompetence.

Here’s the icing on the cake. The Internal Revenue Service sent out $1.4 billion in relief checks to people who are dead or in prison. IRS bureaucrats had no intention of trying to recover the funds, until GAO suggested it. A billion dollars down the rat hole doesn’t seem to matter to bureaucrats on the federal gravy train.

When the pandemic struck and the CDC botched testing, Trump marshaled private firms to rush masks, ventilators, tests and other equipment into production. He had no time to reform anything. He bypassed the bureaucracy, saving lives as a result. Now he is doing it with vaccine development. Those are Trump’s healthy instincts as a businessman.

But ultimately, the president is head of a vast federal bureaucracy. He can’t abolish it. He has to manage it — and demand results. __ Source

How long would it take the “drain the swamp” of the deep state-media-academia-corporate complex of parasites, that has been developing for more than 100 years? Trump has done more to streamline the realm of corrupt monstrosities in the past 3 1/2 years than any other president before him, but very few of Earth’s 8 billion people really want him to succeed.

Pandemic Pieces

Hydroxychloroquine shows significant signs of effectiveness after all

Researchers conducted a retrospective analysis of over 2,500 patients hospitalized between March 10 and May 2 in the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan. Over 2,000 of the patients were given hydroxychloroquine or the anti-malarial with azithromycin, an antibiotic.

The study found 13 percent of those who received hydroxychloroquine alone died compared to 26.4 percent who didn’t receive the drug.

Hydroxychloroquine alone decreased the mortality hazard ratio by 66 percent and the anti-malarial with the antibiotic decreased the ratio by 71 percent, researchers said.

Study enlisted 2000 hospitalized patients to provide the best evidence so far of HCQ’s efficacy

Blame the swamp if your loved one died as a result of not being given hydroxychloroquine.

Herd immunity is real, and possible

The prevalence of immunity to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 may be much higher than previous research suggests according to an intriguing new study by researchers associated with Karolinska Institute in Sweden. In addition, a new German study by researchers associated with the University Hospital Tübingen in Germany reports that people who have been previously infected with versions of the coronavirus that cause the common cold also have some immunity to the COVID-19 virus. If these reports stand up to further scrutiny, it would be very good news because they suggest that the pandemic could be over sooner and ultimately be less lethal than feared.

Public health “experts” succumbed to their own political biases; Trust is gone (Originally published in the WSJ)

… there has not been a single confirmed case of reinfection among the many 10 million instances of Covid-19 world-wide…

A viewpoint on the pandemic which should be front and center

The top-down ginned up antifa/BLM “protests” opened the floodgates for the virus to gush forth. Radical governors and public health officials supported the protests. The general public saw that, and naturally concluded that lockdowns were no longer justified… so they behaved accordingly. Subsequently, coronavirus cases increased — especially among young adults who had been suffering from “lockdown fever” for months.

They put the nation on full economic lockdown for a virus with a 0.26% fatality — which is worse than most seasonal flu but within the same order of magnitude as a pandemic influenza. The Spanish flu had a fatality rate of over 2.5%. Up to 100 million people died from that flu, in a much less populated world.

They crippled the entire economy over a pimped up cold virus that is only especially virulent for people over the age of 70. To make this designed crippling of the nation permanent, give “the swamp” full unbridled power once again. Let the swamp breathe easy again. You don’t even have to vote. They will cast your vote for you. Mail-in voting makes it much easier for them.


Wearing masks provides undefined benefits. Health department policies should show some humility, reflecting this lack of substantive knowledge on this issue

The CDC generously describes the evidence in favor of cloth face masks’ efficacy as “emerging,” but by the standards we use to assess clinical interventions, the efficacy of masks, especially nonsurgical masks, is undetermined. __ Source

“New” Chinese swine flu waits in the wings, but will probably not take off unless Chinese virologists give it a boost, as likely happened with Wuhan CoV-19.

My favorite source for data on mask composition (and it’s a good one – these are real benefits of proper mask wear and construction) is: They report both filtration efficiency based on particle size, as well as the differential pressure drop. The pressure drop through the various mask materials doesn’t seem significant – 3.0 Pascals (Pa) for multilayer/hybrid cloth masks vs. 2.2 Pas for an N95 or 2.5 Pa for a surgical mask… until one realizes that (1) it represents 15-25% increase in resistance, and (2) the flow rate they tested – 1.2 cubic feet per minute (CFM) is around half of the normal RESTING breathing rate of a human (60 liters/min which equals roughly 2 cfm) whereas just WALKING typically results in flow rates up to 5x higher (300 liters/min). Now – there’s something important here – and that is that pressure drop increases with the square of flow rate (It’s called Bernoulli’s Principle). Fast walking, going up stairs, carrying a load (like an infant) means a 10x increase in airflow from what was tested. 10x airflow means 100x the pressure drop. So now the 3 Pa pressure drop for a cloth mask becomes 300 Pa drop. That may still seem insignificant compared to atmospheric pressure (100,000 Pa), but consider this – a standard CPAP setting of 10 = 1000 Pa – so the amount of pressure drop from a mask under these conditions is about one-third the pressure of a CPAP! __ Source

Naturally occurring? Naaah!

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Pandemic Penny Arcade

The cases are mostly young people who are in very little danger from the virus. What should be considered good news – that the case fatality rate is falling each day – is being misinterpreted by the press. __ Cases Don’t Count, Deaths Do

Another type of immunity to Wuhan CoV-19

To Mask or Not to Mask

Ultimately a mask is a filter and any engineer can tell you that filters have a hellish head loss or pressure drop through them. It takes a lot of energy to pull air through a filter. In human being that energy comes from the lungs. Wearing a mask puts strain on the lungs as the person wearing the mask has to breathe harder to pull the air in. For most people, that isn’t a problem. but for some with respiratory issues that can be an issue.

N95 masks may even make a person more susceptible to being infected with the Wuhan CoV-19.

More on the mask controversy

Don’t Get Holier than Thou About Masks

Mask-wearing has become virtue signalling par excellence.

… the evidence is hardly strong enough to elevate mask-wearing into the epitome of moral behavior. Doing so reflects a greater preoccupation with the psychological effect of masks—perhaps as a restoration of control in the face of an unseen and often perplexing enemy with no cure and no prophylaxis—than with their scientific reality. Americans should demand evidence-based decision-making and policies driven by soundly attested facts, not assumptions or psychological palliatives.

Latest surge in Wuhan CoV-19 cases seem to be occurring in the young. This is no doubt a combination of the “social justice protest” effect plus “lockdown fatigue.”

A Viral Pandemic for the Nursing Homes

With increasing certainty we can say that locked down states have seen four times the death toll of those which did not. The effectiveness of masking is, as well, being revealed as suspect, as is social distancing in the absence of testing and contact tracing (the efficacy of the latter of which is additionally questionable).

A more important revelation of the ongoing deluge of data has been either missed (or ignored) by the press. At AIER, we noted the stunning death rates in long-term care facilities back in the third week of May.

Just a few days ago, the New York Times reported that 54,000 deaths due to COVID-19 — 43% of all deaths in the United States — occurred in nursing home residents and workers…

Herd Immunity: More Than You Know

Usually, researchers only think about herd immunity in the context of vaccine campaigns, many of which assume that everyone is equally likely to contract and spread a disease. But in a naturally spreading infection, that’s not necessarily the case. Differences in social behaviors lead some people to have more exposure to a disease than others. Biological differences also play a role in how likely people are to get infected.

Between 20% and 50% of persons need to get infected and “recover” from coronavirus infection to establish effective herd immunity. Often this happens without the person’s awareness. The jury is still out on where the “fizzle out” point is with this virus.

Lockdown Follies

… governments must be extremely careful when implementing [lockdown policies]. Already, we’re seeing signs of “caution fatigue,” in which people conclude that they’d rather get the virus than continue living under what feels like house arrest.

Hopefully, policymakers have learned that a targeted approach that maximizes personal liberty as much as possible is the only way to tame the virus in the United States. _ Alex Berenson

Health authorities acted like it was the next bubonic plague. No one will ever trust them again.

Anyway, the virus is now endemic, for all practical purposes. It can move through communities with great stealth, leaving swathes of “recovered” individuals unaware how they were infected or that they had even been sick. If kids go to school again, get each other infected, and help establish herd immunity… only the old and chronically unwell have an urgent need for the vaccine.

… most people infected with coronavirus don’t actually know who exposed them.

Remember, cases don’t count. Deaths and serious morbidity are the only things that count. And most cases of Wuhan CoV-19 are nothing to write home about — particularly in the young and well.

Blogger Borepatch observes that COVID deaths are way down

New Chinese swine flu highly adapted to infect humans

Why leftist governors and health officials supported violent protests

Lockdowns are for ignoramuses

Even coronavirus death counts are inflated:

  • The CDC does not require COVID-19 positivity to declare a case as coronavirus
  • The CDC has conflated “death with” the virus and “death from” to the extent that the number of fatalities attributed to COVID-19 may be highly inflated.
  • The Medicare program that covers Americans over age 65 pays a 20% premium if a case is declared COVID-19, which creates a strong temptation for hospitals to overcount.
  • __

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    A Life Full of Fear is Not Worth Living

    I will not live in fear of catching a cold . . .

    I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible; to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance… __ Source

    One of the best antidotes to fear is information.

    What Are Your Chances of Catching Wuhan CoV-19?

    The risk of catching the Wuhan virus out of doors from breathing is negligible. The indoor risk when maintaining a 1 to 2 meter distance from others is also quite low. The closer the distance and the longer the time of exposure, the larger the risk of spread.

    What About Shopping, Going to Work, or Going to Church?

    By accessing the case counts in your area from county data over a specific time period of contagion (about the last 15 days), you can determine the probability that a random person in your community is contagious with the Wuhan CoV-19. By taking that probability and raising it to the power of the number of people you are likely to encounter — at church, shopping, at work etc. — you can arrive at a rough estimate of the probability that you will be in contact with an infected person.

    If you do not live in New York City, Los Angeles, or other large cities with high case counts, your area probably has a low number of contagious people walking around. In that case, going shopping etc. — while maintaining basic social distancing measures and infection precautions — is reasonably safe, as is going to church or work.

    Remember: The higher the dose of virus, the more likely that you will get infected and develop an illness. The dose of virus from contact with an infected person depends upon how close you are, how long you remain close, and whether your face and hands are protected — for very close exposure that means gloves, masks, face shields etc. Hand washing and disinfectants can help to reduce the number of viable viruses on your person.

    What Are Your Chances of Having the Infection if You Test Positive?

    That depends upon the particular test, and how well it is performed. But it also depends upon the local prevalence of the disease in your area — or in the areas where you have recently traveled. A positive test result does not mean that you have the disease. The conclusion below is supported by several paragraphs of detailed information. I recommend taking several minutes and skimming the text at the link:

    The probability that an individual has had COVID-19 after a positive result from a [perfectly performed] test is less than 50%. __ Toward Data Science

    Read the article and you will see that false positives/negatives and sensitivity/specificity are just the beginning of the calculations to determine the probability of infection, given a positive test.

    What Are Your Chances of Dying if Infected with Wuhan CoV?

    As you can see in the graph below, age has a lot to do with whether you will get sick and die, once infected.

    Source: CDC

    A lot also depends upon your underlying health status, and where you live. Don’t forget your mental state. If you are paralyzed with fear your immune system will not be working as well as it could.

    The “panic prescription” being handed out by most of the news media and radical governors and health officers, is a prescription for ever more hardship, sickness, and death.

    If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.
    Dale Carnegie

    Religion is for people who fear hell, spirituality is for people who have been there.
    __ David Bowie

    And panic-mongering is for people who want everyone else to live in hell, just to spite them.


    Lockdowns were not worth the cost

    The virus that burns out at roughly 20% infected

    A different type of “herd immunity” is described:

    Studies show that people infected with SARS-CoV-2 indeed have T-cells that are programmed to fight this virus. Surprisingly, people never infected also harbour protective T-cells, probably because they have been exposed to other coronaviruses. This may lead to some level of protection against the virus – potentially explaining why some outbreaks seem to burn out well below the anticipated herd immunity threshold.

    Young people and those with mild infections are more likely to have a T-cell response than old people – we know that the reservoir of programmable T-cells declines with age.

    In older people, the thymus involutes — shrivels and loses function. That may be one reason older people are so susceptible to serious illness from the Chinese virus.

    New York’s Governor Cuomo screwed the pooch, killing an outsized number of New Yorkers in the process. But he is pointing the finger at everyone except the true villain, himself. Trying to pretend that the governor of Florida did a poor job compared to himself, Cuomo comes across as a prancing duplicitous jerk.

    Florida has a larger population than New York state but has registered fewer than one-third as many coronavirus cases. Florida has seen 15 COVID-19 fatalities per 100,000 population; New York, 160. With 46,000 deaths between them, New York and its sibling New Jersey have combined for more fatalities than France, Spain and Italy.

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    Cases Don’t Count; Deaths Do

    The risk of death for the general population of school and working age is typically in the range of a daily car ride to work. __ Medium

    Cases vs. Deaths

    Numbers of cases have surged with expanded testing — and in regions where antifa and BLM held large riot-protests and instigated looting/burning parties. But since most of these cases are in young people, they are not amounting to very much. More herd immunity.

    But the media is using higher case counts to argue for bringing back the total lockdown nightmare, with the massive economic hardship that lockdowns cause.

    … the drum beat to halt the still far too tentative reopenings gets louder by the day. It should be resisted. The lockdowns were a mistake the first time around; to reimpose them would be disastrous for any remaining hope of restoring our economy. The damage that has been done to people’s livelihoods and future prosperity will continue to outweigh the damage done by the coronavirus. The only vaccine against poverty and resulting despair is a robust economy. __

    Mortality and severe morbidity is what counts, not the number of cases — which if expanded among younger people will boost the population immunity against this particular virus.

    A UPMC doctor on Wednesday said the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 within UPMC is the lowest in many weeks, and people who test positive aren’t getting as sick.

    Dr. Donald Yealy pointed out that is occurring even in the midst of Pennsylvania’s reopening and the ongoing social justice protests.

    He suggested the country is focusing too much on rising COVID-19 case counts.

    “We need to change our mindset and focus not exclusively on the number of cases, but on the severity of illness. We shouldn’t just be counting those who have a diagnosed infection,” Yealy said. “For the vast majority of people testing positive, their illness is mild, or they don’t even know they have any symptoms of COVID-19 infection.” __

    Fewer infected people are dying from the virus than were dying two months ago. Perhaps medical personnel have developed more skill in choosing therapeutic choices for this new Chinese virus.

    … the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ­esti­mated in May that the coronavirus kills about 0.26 percent of the people it infects, about 1 in 400 people. New estimates from Sweden suggest that only 1 in 10,000 people under 50 will die from the virus, compared to 1 in 14 of people over 80 and 1 in 6 of those over 90. __

    Source: CDC

    Nursing homes constitute only 11% of all COVID-19 cases even though they account for nearly half of all deaths, data show. __ Source

    Meanwhile in Joe Biden’s America, millions are dying from COVID daily.Biden said Thursday “Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.”

    Listen to Joe Biden. You can definitely learn something . . .

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    Saints from Sinners

    News Flash: Career criminal achieves sainthood while being arrested for spending counterfeit money and possession of illegal drugs. Riots at 11.

    When I first saw the mural of George Floyd with large angel wings, I assumed that it was a satire on his sanctification – effective, perhaps, but not in the best of taste. Shortly afterwards, however, I realised that the mural was in earnest: the picture of the mural in the newspaper included a man genuflecting before it and the caption said that he was making a ‘pilgrimage’. Apparently, St Peter can no longer cope alone at the Pearly Gates: he need bouncers too, Heaven having become something like a nightclub.

    George Floyd was not a saint; in fact, he was a bad man, and being killed by a brutal policeman does not change a man’s life from bad to good. He was a man of many convictions – criminal convictions, that is, not political ones – and at least one of his crimes was of deep-dyed malignity. Along with five others, he broke into a pregnant woman’s house and held her at gunpoint while his associates ransacked the house for drugs and money. This is not the kind of crime that results from a sudden surrender to temptation. It was premeditated and planned, albeit not very intelligently or successfully.__ The sanctification of George Floyd
    By Theodore Dalrymple

    Yes. George Floyd was a bad man. But now he is a saint, playing n-dimensional chess with Capablanca and accompanying an angel choir with his harp. Does anyone disagree? Perhaps this anonymous black UC Berkeley history professor has an opinion:

    Floyd was a multiple felon who once held a pregnant black woman at gunpoint. He broke into her home with a gang of men and pointed a gun at her pregnant stomach. He terrorized the women in his community. He sired and abandoned multiple children, playing no part in their support or upbringing, failing one of the most basic tests of decency for a human being. He was a drug-addict and sometime drug-dealer, a swindler who preyed upon his honest and hard-working neighbors.

    And yet, the regents of UC and the historians of the UCB History department are celebrating this violent criminal, elevating his name to virtual sainthood. A man who hurt women. A man who hurt black women. With the full collaboration of the UCB history department, corporate America, most mainstream media outlets, and some of the wealthiest and most privileged opinion-shaping elites of the USA, he has become a culture hero, buried in a golden casket, his (recognized) family showered with gifts and praise. Americans are being socially pressured into kneeling for this violent, abusive misogynist. A generation of black men are being coerced into identifying with George Floyd, the absolute worst specimen of our race and species. __

    Logic does not explain the irrational sanctification of career criminal George Floyd, so perhaps it can be explained by cold hard political calculation:

    One moment the populace is hustled into an economically devastating lockdown; and then suddenly, on a fine spring day, they’re incited to mix in moiling mobs of street protests with the predictable result of a fresh spike in virus contagion and the possibility of a second lockdown. Like many activities in our national life lately, it’s another hostage racket, and, guess what, you’re the hostage. __ James Kunstler

    If the idea is to maximize chaos and hardship prior to the November national elections in hopes of bringing on regime change, the nonsensical tactics begin to make some sense.

    Certainly the domestic terror organization Black Lives Matter is profiting from all the mayhem and ginned up race hatred, to the tune of $millions to $billions in cash. The leader of BLM is threatening to burn down the system if he doesn’t get what he wants — and the people of Minnesota believe him enough to clear the shelves of local gun stores.

    Burning Down Civilization that Took Many Thousands of Years for Others to Build

    It is no surprise that miscreant groups such as antifa and BLM are so intent on burning things down. It is all they know. And if the engineered “dumbing down” of education and culture continues apace, destruction is all that most humans will know — regardless of their IQs. When that happens, control of the masses will be much simpler — after the requisite bit of head-knocking takes place. It has all happened before … other places, other times.

    Ages Ago, Humans Invented Invention and Everything Changed

    Before humans could become truly inventive, they needed first to move out of Africa and utilize some natural recombinant gene therapy using some friendly Neanderthals as unwitting participants in the grand experiment. Invention and progress followed, and led eventually to civilization.

    Ancient musical instruments and figurative art discovered in caves in France and Germany date to before 30,000 years ago, [archaeologist John Hoffecker] said. “Humans have the ability to imagine something in the brain that doesn’t exist and then create it,” he said. “Whether it’s a hand axe, a flute or a Chevrolet, humans are continually recombining bits of information into novel forms, and the variations are potentially infinite.”

    A few of the scattered peoples left behind in Africa achieved bits and pieces of invention. But doing without the Neanderthal genes does not seem to have done sub Saharan Africa any favors.

    Comparing ancient rates of invention by geographic origins using history and archaeology, with modern rates of invention by geographic origin using Nobel Prize winners and other measures of innovation, we see that European people continue to punch above their weight class — in terms of raw population numbers. Unfortunately, no matter how many billions of people are added to Earth’s human population from the large pool of non-inventive populations, the human condition will not be greatly improved.

    Why Celebrate Violence, Destruction, and Mediocrity?

    Why does the media — along with other cultural institutions — sanctify thugs such as George Floyd, and excuse the burning of cities at the hands of domestic terror groups? Because, Virginia, it is all part of a bold multi-decade attempt at permanent and irrevocable regime change.

    But the end result of this prolonged, relentless decerebration of human populations and cultures, is the idiocracy. No, not the jolly, happy Idiocracy portrayed in this full-length motion picture. I’m talking about the idiocracy that makes Lord of the Flies look like utopia.

    If you want more of something, subsidize it. If you want less of something, tax it. If you want a lot more thugs, make them saints at death. If you want more muslim terrorists, send them to paradise to rule over 72 eager young virgins.

    Decide what you want. But you had best decide quickly.


    Who turns out to topple over statues for BLM?

    “You know, black people, in my opinion, black people laugh at white people who [protest for BLM and topple statues] the same way we laugh at white people who say we got to take off the TV shows.” Johnson said in an interview with Fox News.

    “Look, the people who are basically tearing down statues, trying to make a statement are basically borderline anarchists, the way I look at it,” he continued, adding “They really have no agenda other than the idea we’re going to topple a statue.”

    “It’s not going to give a kid whose parents can’t afford college money to go to college. It’s not going to close the labor gap between what white workers are paid and what black workers are paid. And it’s not going to take people off welfare or food stamps.” Johnson urged. __ BET Founder Robert Johnson

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    The Reality of China Doesn’t Match the Hype

    The following interview excerpt comes from

    Few western observers know China better than Anne Stevenson-Yang. The American lived in the People’s Republic for more than 25 years. In 2007 she co-founded J Capital, an independent research firm that focuses mainly on Chinese companies and the macro environment.

    Ms. Stevenson-Yang…How is the Chinese economy doing in general?

    Hard to tell. We have so much less transparency then we used to. We’re kind of back in the early 1980s when the quality of information was just really poor. There’s a big unemployment problem among migrant workers and in the service sector. In major cities, you see a lot of little shops and restaurants that are closed, and we know that perhaps 20% of migrants have not gone back to work. Considering that’s a population of about 280 million, 20% are a lot of people.

    Why can’t they go back to work?

    Because there are less jobs. Everybody is saying: «Wow, China’s back at 85% of its capacity». But where is everything going if people domestically as well as internationally aren’t buying? We know that export-oriented industries are down, and domestic investment and consumption are down, too. So low skilled labor does not have any place to go. That’s why you had Premier Li Keqiang give this speech suggesting that everybody should just have a stall and sell stuff on the street. I mean, how pathetic is that?

    … people have less money and are pretty risk averse. Not that many small businesses have enough cash flow to sustain themselves for three months. A lot of them are closed down and that’s a problem for employment. And, when employment drops then income drops.

    Is there … a good Chinese company which is worth an investment?

    The problem with investing in China in general is that people are investing in an idea about growth that actually is not true. The companies know that. So they all have to show growth, and the way they show growth is really lame and obvious: I will collect money and I will invest the money in my own growth, so then I show growth. A lot of these scams are super obvious.

    How careful do you have to be as an investor to not get conned by fraudulent accounting practices?

    With Chinese companies it’s always the same: Just stick out a hand and you will find fraud.

    What does this mean for the economic outlook for the rest of the year?

    … you are going to see a lot of mortgage defaults. The government can recapitalize the banks and it can give them cash in order to delay collecting loans for three months. But you can’t do that forever. Also, not only is unemployment rising but underemployment as well because an awful lot of companies were asked to keep their staff, and those staff have seen salary cuts… It’s a vicious cycle that’s very hard to get out of.

    What are the chances that China’s housing bubble will burst?

    … the means by which the bubble will burst is by a significant depreciation of the currency. … because people can’t freely buy Dollars and assets overseas, they just keep on holding Renminbi and pretend that the exchange rate is 7:1. Many things are actually much more expensive in China because of the misvalue of the Renminbi. One time, I was trying to buy a belt, and I just gave up because I didn’t want to spend the equivalent of $75 on exactly the same item I can get at Target for $15.

    How stable is the political situation in China?

    … the severity of the lockdown has had to have a very significant economic impact and we’re not really seeing it in the reports of Chinese companies. You feel like they are getting along on the fact that nobody can travel there and get information. Politically, Xi has focused a lot on closing down the channels through which the bureaucracy can organize. There’s scattered unrest all the time across China, but it doesn’t have a bridging movement or coherent ideology to it.

    What do you think the future of Hong Kong and Taiwan will look like against this backdrop?

    It’s very sad about Hong Kong because it’s so small and vulnerable, and the same really is true of Taiwan.

    What do you make of China’s strategic effort to build out a cutting-edge semiconductor industry?

    …The Chinese national chip program has been going on since the early 1960s and they spend massive amounts of money on it. The reason why it doesn’t catch up are short-term bureaucratic targets. The Chinese science ministry – until it got embarrassed by doing so – used to just post an online list of international technologies that Chinese companies would be awarded for replicating. So you had all these companies replicating western technologies. But their products don’t perform quite as well and they’re already out of date by the time they hit the market. It doesn’t work, and yet they keep doing it. Another feature of the Chinese tech push is always vertical integration to capture more profit within a certain industry – or at least that’s the idea. They build endlessly redundant PCB factories, chip manufacturing plants and so forth and end up with massively redundant capacity.

    So you don’t think China will be able to create a world class chip foundry like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Intel or Samsung?

    That’s not what the Chinese economy does, and it’s not what the Chinese economy is going to do either.

    If tensions between Washington and Beijing keep rising, what would that mean for firms like Starbucks or Apple which earn a significant part of their revenue in China?

    International corporations are making less money, and they’re more negative on the Chinese environment than five years ago… I don’t know what Apple’s calculus is about staying in the Chinese market, but the days of high growth are over.

    And what’s your take on Chinese internet giants like Alibaba, Tencent or Baidu?

    I’m waiting for the day that Alibaba or Tencent default on their debt or decide that they are going to delist. Then, American investors all sort of realize that the whole Chinese concern is very much fraud and problematic.

    Anne Stevenson-Yang
    Anne Stevenson-Yang is a co-founder of J Capital Research and is J Capital’s Research Director. The esteemed firm publishes highly diligenced research reports on publicly traded companies, relying on deep, on-the-ground primary research. Founded late 2010 in China, the company has particular expertise in the Chinese market but looks at overvalued companies throughout the world. Anne was formerly co-founder of a group of online media businesses in China and also founded and operated a CRM software company and a publishing company. Over 25 years in China, Anne has also worked as an industry analyst and trade advocate. She authored the 2013 published Book «China Alone: China’s Emergence and Potential Return to Isolation», arguing that China historically repeats a cycle of expansion and retreat.

    Xi cannot escape the tar baby (his doppelganger)

    More pressure on Chinese “front” companies


    In China, the CCP is the religion and politics and everything else. That is what “totalitarian” means.

    Until recently, in the west there has been such a thing as civil society, which includes all kinds of voluntary organizations and activities not involving the state.

    But now a well-coordinated top-down money-rich cabal has decided the time is ripe to make a big move for power — total power. If enough people have already begun to make their decisions using the type of logic described in the article below, you may have to prepare to meet your new overlords. No joke.

    A look at how “truth” is determined in the hyper-politicized era of virtuous wokesters.

    Another fake “hate crime” to feed the frenzied mob

    A contrived insurrection: A well financed and coordinated kabuki that at its base is all about who can control the flow of federal money — and the federal policies that control the flow of $trillions yearly outside the federal budget.

    Here’s a type of “police” that deserves defunding

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    Can You Explain?

    Civilizations fall apart without steady maintenance . . .

    After the Fall Roman Ruins

    For something to last, knowledge, skills, culture, and enthusiasm must all be maintained through future generations.

    If you want to perpetuate human knowledge and human culture, you must do more than just procreate. You must also explain, and you must pass it on. “Because I said so,” doesn’t carry a lot of weight with bright and curious youngsters — especially as they grow bigger and more sophisticated in their thinking. If you want these young alien creatures to become the repositories of future human wisdom and progress, you must swallow your impatience and sense of urgency and give them something they can make their own, take with them and use in the future. Something more than mere command and dictate.

    One Approach to Explanation:

    State it: Clearly and succinctly state the concept or idea in a single sentence or two.
    Elaborate: Explain it further in your own words.
    Exemplify: Provide concrete examples and counter examples of the concept.
    Illustrate: Provide a picture, diagram, metaphor or analogy of the concept.

    __ Life Hack

    Everyone has large gaps in their knowledge and experience. Smart people admit these gaps and are on a constant lookout for them. The quickest way to find gaps in one’s own knowledge is to try to explain something to someone who doesn’t know much about the topic. It is important to match your level of explanatory detail to the situation and person at hand.

    “Everyone’s got a different background, everyone’s got a different set of knowledge, and it’s our job to explain the information in terms that they already understand, “ says Walliman. “It’s no good leaving a gap and starting from there because they’re not going to follow along.”

    If you’re in doubt about what your listener already knows or comprehends, simply ask. As you start to explain, he suggests, ask questions like “Do you already get this?” or “Is this making any sense?” __ Source

    Give the person plenty of time to reveal their own understanding of the topic — do not try to cram it down their throats. They may give you the perfect jumping off point.

    When we’re speaking about a subject we’re very knowledgeable about, we may tend to be carried away with the impulse to get everything “right.” Sometimes, though, an emphasis on the facts can occur at the expense of comprehension.

    “It’s better to come up with a simpler explanation that maybe isn’t completely technically correct but it gets the point across,” Walliman says. Settle for establishing a basic understanding in them. If they want to know more, you can build upon that knowledge and create a more complete — and accurate — picture. __ TED

    Be a Teacher and Not a Brainwasher

    It seems that a plague of imposters have taken control of schools, from Kindergarten through University. These people do not teach children to think and learn for themselves — but instead work hard to indoctrinate students into a specific outlook. The same gang of brainwashers can be found across the spectrum in news & entertainment media, in government and non-governmental entities, and in corporate offices around the world. There are already enough brainwashers, and you do not want to be one of them — else you would never be reading this in the first place.

    When you are teaching a young person, consider the following:

    Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
    You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
    For they have their own thoughts.

    You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
    You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
    For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
    You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. __ The Prophet

    The message is true whether the young person in question is your child, your grandchild, your student, or just a young friend you are privileged to know. They are on a grand adventure that you can only share in the most limited way. But you can use your own knowledge and experience to help them prepare.

    Lord of the Flies Anarchy in Seattle

    This is what happens when people procreate, but neglect to teach their children anything useful for the future:

    During five undercover days and nights in the zone, I witnessed a continuing experiment in anarchy, chaos and brute-force criminality. In order to avoid being exposed as a journalist — several reporters have been barred or expelled — I slept and showered outside the zone. (Those inside have no showers but they do have portable bathrooms.) I took meals, and most of my water breaks, elsewhere because I was reluctant to remove my mask and risk being recognized. Every day I entered the zone twice through its semi-porous borders — once in the early afternoon, and again after sundown, staying until the wee hours.

    … On Saturday morning, a shooting erupted that left at least one person dead and another injured near a border checkpoint. Police were reportedly met with resistance when they tried to get to the victims, who apparently were then taken in private cars to the hospital. Cops made it into the zone to gather shell casings and evidence, some reports said, as police in riot gear stood at the border.

    On Thursday, police arrested Robert James after he left the CHAZ. He is accused of sexually assaulting a deaf woman who was lured inside a tent. The same day, former city council candidate Isaiah Willoughby was arrested on suspicion of starting the arson attack on the East Precinct on June 12.

    Police Chief Carmen Best has stated that police response times to 911 calls in the surrounding area have “more than tripled” because the force is down a station. __ Andy Ngo via Source

    What kind of a future do you think Seattle has, if it continues under this kind of leadership? I suspect that the city will fill up with people who are attracted to decay and decline.

    Minneapolis, New York City, and Chicago are not so far behind on the same path as Seattle. Not coincidentally, all of these distressed cities follow similar ideologies of governance — catering to undisciplined mind-children of any stripe, to the detriment of persons who might wish to build an expansive and abundant future.

    Other than voting and otherwise participating in the political process, most of us are limited in how we can counteract this broad cultural current of decline that emanates from school systems, government agencies, news & entertainment media, foundations, and corporations.

    But you can take care that young people under your influence are provided with the type of education — full of clear explanation and example — that leads them to personal strength and independence, along with a commitment to the good things that last.

    More: John Glubb’s “Fate of Empires”

    14 Ancient Civilizations that Collapsed — Much of the obscure information in the article is unsourced and lacking evidence. But it stimulates the imagination nonetheless.

    Wikipedia “Societal Collapse”

    The Evolution of Civilizations

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    America is Giving Up on Lockdowns

    I decided to download Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies just to check if I’m crazy. I’m pleased to see that it clearly states that there are only two ways to defeat a virus: natural immunity and vaccines.

    The book completely left out the option that almost the entire world embraced in March: destroy businesses, force everyone to hide in their homes, and make sure that no one gets close to anyone else. The reason that the text leaves that out is that the idea is essentially ridiculous, so much so that it was initially sold as a strategy to preserve hospital space and only later mutated into a general principle that the way to beat a virus is to avoid people and wear a mini-hazmat suit.

    __ Source

    Is America giving up on the pandemic? Some journalists want you to think so.

    “[T]he US is not going to beat the coronavirus,” Madrigal and Meyer groan in unison in the article’s key paragraph. “Collectively, we slowly seem to be giving up.” Now there’s a specimen of doublethink even Orwell missed: victory is surrender; lockdown is safety; hysteria is virtue.

    No, dears. America is not giving up on the pandemic. America is giving up on lockdowns. The difference may seem subtle to you two, but in the real world the difference means something. Opening up the economy with sensible precautions means getting busy living. Continuing the lockdowns means getting busy panicking — which is a form of slow death.

    Mortality Rates are the Important Thing, Not Cases

    As testing expands, expect to see a lot more cases.

    We see the disconnect between the number of daily cases and deaths in Florida. The state relaxed its stay-at-home orders in mid-May. Two weeks later, at the start of June—and about the time that one would expect to see increasing cases if the lifting of stay-at-home orders had an impact on transmission—the number of new cases started growing day-over-day. Since then, the number of daily cases has continued to grow; but over the same period, the number of daily deaths has dropped by more than half. __ CJ

    It is the deaths and serious morbidity that matter. Most cases do not go on to spread infection to others. Most cases are asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic, with no serious residual effects. It is those most vulnerable who should be protected most carefully. That is why the old and sick should wear masks, and why those who work and/or live closely with the old and sick should use strict precautions against possible contagion.

    We should also be aware that the number of deaths attributable to coronavirus is inflated by official government policy.

    “The case definition is very simplistic,” Dr. Ngozi Ezike, director of Illinois Department of Public Health, explains. “It means, at the time of death, it was a COVID positive diagnosis. That means, that if you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means, technically even if you died of [a] clear alternative cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it’s still listed as a COVID death.”

    Medical examiners from Colorado to Michigan use the same definition. In Macomb and Oakland counties in Michigan, where most of the deaths in that state occurred, medical examiners classify any death as a coronavirus death when the postmortem test is positive. Even people who died in suicides and automobile accidents meet that definition.

    Overstating the death tolls causes panicked over-reactions by governments at all levels.

    Democrats and some news organizations are pushing a narrative about a “second wave” of the virus.

    The claim of a “second wave” is because of increases in newly reported cases of COVID-19 in some states that reopen. Of course, an increase in cases was to be expected as more people began leaving their homes, particularly in light of recent protests.

    Many businesses have taken steps to protect consumers through the use of face masks, mitigating the risk of infections. States should continue moving forward with reopening their economies, and those of us who are healthy and can return to work can and should do so. __

    The news media is intolerant toward any suggestion that it contributed to unreasoning panic and disastrous political choices by many politicians. But throughout the pandemic from China, the news media has acted in a manner to maximize destruction to economies and personal freedoms.

    Reopening remains a success, with the positive case rate flattened, hospitalizations falling in most of the country, and deaths significantly reduced. That’s the positive story that the media should tell. Even if it won’t get as many clicks.

    __ Media Aims for Panic

    There is a lot more going on than dumbed down over-politicized journalists in the media can comprehend, with their lack of meaningful knowledge.

    Proponents of “lockdown to flatten the curve” should acknowledge that this gains time for hospital preparedness but that most, if not all, covid-19 deaths will still happen when measures are relaxed—unless effective treatments and/or vaccines emerge. Moreover, the lockdown-to-flatten-the-curve rationale ignores seasonality and espouses 100 year old observational data from a 1918 pandemic with an infection fatality rate 100 times higher than covid-19.

    Lockdowns have multiple components. Some, such as avoiding mass gatherings, may work; others may not. Some may even increase the number of covid-19 deaths—for instance, school closures may increase frail relatives’ exposure to children. But, regardless of the combination, lockdowns bring multifarious harms beyond those related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, such as the consequences of health system dysfunction and extended harms eroding health, the economy, and society at large.

    Lockdowns implemented during high infectious activity will force infective people to spend more time with frail relatives in cramped spaces. Low wage, essential workers adopt higher risks, and shelters for vulnerable homeless people become infection hotspots, while wealthy, healthy citizens get to stay at home. Stress may also affect our immune responses to respiratory infections. And, with the added horror spread by various media sources, lockdowns represent uniquely stressful experiences. __

    Media Ignores 90% Coronavirus Death Collapse In Country

    Cases Rise, Deaths Fall Flat

    Coronavirus Cases Are Climbing Again. So What?

    Just how over-rated are the lockdowns?

    This may prove an interesting way of dissecting the spread of Wuhan CoV-2

    Ratio of Deaths to Case by Nation

    Being exposed to the Chinese virus from Wuhan has not been beneficial to any country. Having been engineered to be highly infectious, the Wuhan virus has wreaked havoc among the old and sick — even before taking into account the disastrous lockdown choices.

    Thanks to China, this virus is an ongoing problem for the world. But it is not the biggest problem the world faces. We should not focus on this virus so obsessively that we find ourselves unable to deal with bigger problems.

    Labs around the globe have been creating synthetic viruses like CoV2 for years. And no, its genome would not necessarily contain hallmarks of human manipulation: modern genetic engineering tools permit cutting and pasting genomic fragments without leaving a trace. It can be done quickly, too: it took a Swiss team less than a month to create a synthetic clone of CoV2. __ Source

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    Is Antidote to Chaos Guns? Lots of Guns?

    And Training? Lots of Training?

    When peaceful populations are prepared for violence against them, they suffer less at the hands of violent people. There are a lot of ways to be prepared in a violent age, but proficiency in firearms is probably one of the best preparations that you and your family can make at this time of top-down planned and financed leftist violence and destruction. Peace-loving people do not want to think about that, but there it is.

    Consider Good Patriot and Her Message

    She is a blonde, blue-eyed, highly vocal woman who has been making gun videos on YouTube for over a year. Most of her videos have garnered fewer than 50K views. But the video below has attracted almost 600,000 views in just 2 weeks. Take a look and try to determine why.

    If you haven’t watched her gun videos, you will be tempted to see her as someone full of false bravado. But if you watch and see what she can do, you will see that her words of life are not empty words, but are instead backed up by “words of death” which are true.

    Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

    The people rampaging and burning Democrat Party-controlled cities of North America have little fear that their lives might be in danger. Not from police. Not from the people whose homes and businesses they are burning and destroying. Not from the people whose jobs they are eliminating and whose freedoms they are stomping on. But perhaps they should. This is not a dress rehearsal, and things that are burned down and killed stay dead and burned. The mob that has no conscience and no fear, should be taught to fear. Sooner rather than later.

    Apologies and appeasement only encourage the bullies. The Woke mob never sleeps. It lives to cancel the lives of others. We are warned: Conform or else.

    … The purge should have never been allowed to come this far. But the elitists who control universities, school boards, corporations, the media, sports leagues, have surrendered rather than stand on principle, as have a good number of high-profile individuals… A society in which only pre-approved speech can be uttered is not healthy. It’s a tyranny, rancid and terror-filled. The only choice is to resist. ___ Source

    We know this is about a lot more than speech. It is about all the freedoms that are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and more.

    They Are Stomping on People’s Liberties in the Name of “Victimhood”

    They are still looking for “the perfect victim,” with which to beat people over the heads. Having expanded the scope of victimhood to include virtually everyone except straight white males without disabilities, they are re-sharpening their swords and coming for you.

    Everywhere around us, people are acting cruelly in the name of eradicating physical harm and arbitrary power. Anyone working in a university, cultural institution, or large corporation today has spent recent weeks reading emails, attending meetings, and participating in conversations that are theaters of moral cruelty. White people in such contexts are asked—or required—to admit that they are culpable, that they lack ethical and epistemic authority, that they must listen to and heed the demands of victims of racism. They humiliate themselves, literally kneeling in propitiation.

    … such acts of self-debasement [are] no less cruel and terrifying than the violence that they are supposedly meant to resist. Healthy minded people… do not want to suffer in this way—nor do they want to attain power and self-respect at the cost of presenting themselves as a “model of moral victimhood.” __ Politics of Victimhood

    It is true, healthy-minded people would not behave that way — particularly if they had any intelligence or self-respect.

    Two Starkly Different Approaches to Government

    1. In a free society, whatever is not explicitly prohibited, is permitted. Here, the people have more allowable choices, and consequently economic prosperity tends to be greater in the long run.
    2. In a tyranny, whatever is not explicitly allowed, is forbidden. Here, the government has maximum power to control the actions of the people in a total and arbitrary manner.

    We would like to maintain a system of government where all the rights that are not legally and constitutionally claimed by a representative federal or state government, naturally belong to the people.

    The US Constitution has been a thorn in the side of the grand leftist crusade for hundreds of years, ever since the newly born US government refused to provide support for the French Revolution and its Reign of Terror in the late 18th century. Since then the US has tended to oppose leftist revolutionary movements wherever in the world they sprang up. The US “defeat of the USSR” in the cold war of the second half of the 20th century did not endear the US to the grand leftist crusade either. And the continuing dominant position of the US as the only global superpower cannot help but infuriate China’s CCP and other would-be “kings of the world” such as George Soros and his associates — who help to finance antifa, BLM, and the rest of the motley wave of economic and societal destruction that is further being assisted by the news media, by large parts of academia, and by Democrat Party factions of cities, states, and federal government agencies.

    This is one reason why they act out such hatred and feel such a strong need to defeat Donald Trump in November — and then after that to make such an example of him after he leaves office that no one will think to stand up against them ever again.

    Try to Distinguish Between the Puppet-Masters and the Cannon Fodder

    The ringleaders tend to stay hidden, and let the low level pols, hack media writers, and street-level cannon fodder take all the risks — such as they are. The ringleaders are frightened to their wits’ end that Donald Trump may be re-elected, and then come after them. They cannot allow that to happen. Neither can Communist China allow that to happen, which is why that tyrannical government lends its support to burners of cities and the anti-Trump alliance.

    Private citizens have only limited means to combat the Soros-level or the CCP-level dementors and destroyers of worlds. But they can speak out, and they can vote… and they can arm themselves and train themselves to fight individually and in small units. They can learn to provide for themselves when the critical infrastructures begin to suffer from leftist terrorism, bad governance, and a breakdown in the rule of law.

    Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood © .


    Co-founder of BLM claims they are “trained Marxists.”

    Millions of Russians fled the brutal Bolshevik Revolution and the long genocidal terror that followed. Bloody leftist revolutions in China and elsewhere followed, with brutal terror and death the inevitable consequences.

    The horrors of twentieth-century socialism—of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, and Pol Pot—were the offspring of 1917. Seventy years earlier, Marx and Engels predicted the overthrow of bourgeois rule would require violence and “a dictatorship of the proletariat . . . to weed out remaining capitalist elements.” Lenin conducted this “weeding out” using indiscriminate terror, as Russian socialists before him had done and others would continue to do after his death.

    The late Rudolph Rummel, the demographer of government mass murder, estimated the human toll of twentieth-century socialism to be about 61 million in the Soviet Union, 78 million in China, and roughly 200 million worldwide. These victims perished during state-organized famines, collectivization, cultural revolutions, purges, campaigns against “unearned” income, and other devilish experiments in social engineering.

    In its monstrosity, this terror is unrivaled in the course of human history. __ A Staggering Toll

    The instigators and backers of modern insurrectionist movements hope that they can do as well. It would be best if we did not choose this moment to go all wobbly.

    More: Refuse the mob

    Through the violent politicization of all aspects of American life, the mob aims to destroy the country as we know it and replace it with a new one—an anti-America that trades speech for violence, police for thought police, a free press for an indoctrination network, and the respect due the citizen for the obeisance owed the mob.

    There is one way to stop the unraveling: Refuse the mob. We have seen again and again that the mob comes only for those who hope to please it. And when it does, no amount of apology will save you. We stand against the mob and all its aims. We stand against the chaos and violence, the silencing of debate, the purging of heretics, the rewriting of history, and the destruction of the greatest country in the world. We will defend the most majestic achievement of humankind, the United States of America, against the most ignoble impulse in human history, to tear down that which is good.

    The son of Muhammad Ali calls BLM racist devils, says the champ would have hated the marxist posers.

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    A New Age Where Imbeciles Live Forever

    Hello Idiocracy: Human Intelligence Peaked Long Ago

    It doesn’t matter whether human IQ peaked in the age of ancient Greece, or whether the Victorian age was the peak for humans. For a number of reasons, it appears that human cognition has seen better days.

    In this study we used the data on the secular slowing of simple reaction time described in a meta-analysis of 14 age-matched studies from Western countries conducted between 1889 and 2004 to estimate the decline in g that may have resulted from the presence of dysgenic fertility. Using psychometric meta-analysis we computed the true correlation between simple reaction time and g, yielding a decline of − 1.16 IQ points per decade or − 13.35 IQ points since Victorian times. These findings strongly indicate that with respect to g the Victorians were substantially cleverer than modern Western populations. __

    Studies of brain reaction time (RT) have been ongoing since the Victorian age. Brain RT is well correlated with IQ as measured by psychometric testing.

    Cognitive Deterioration from Genetic Mutation

    Stanford geneticist Gerald Crabtree presents a theory as to why humans have been growing stupider over the past few thousand years: mutations in the genes that support human cognition.

    Recently, direct sequencing of parents and their children have found about 35 to 50 new mutations per genome per generation8, or about 5,000 new mutations in the past 3000 years (120 generations). Of these germ-line mutations only a small fraction (less than 1%) will be harmful and some vanishingly small fraction will increase fitness. Thus direct sequencing as well as phenotypic analysis indicates that the germline suffers at least one deleterious mutation per average protein-coding gene per 100,000 generations8-11. If indeed 2,000 to 5,000 genes are necessary for our intellectual and emotional stability then about one child in 20 to 50should suffer a new mutation effecting intellectual function. Another way to state the same information is that every twenty to fifty generations we should sustain a deleterious mutation. Within 3000 years or about 120 generations we have all very likely sustained two or more mutations harmful to our intellectual or emotional stability. __ Our Fragile Intellect by Gerald Crabtree

    Originally published in Trends in Genetics 2012 Part I and Part II

    Dysgenic decline in global average IQ due to fertility

    Technological And Scientific Progress Also Seem to have Slowed

    We have all been programmed to believe that the pace of human progress has been inexorably accelerating, perhaps to soon climax in a techno-singularity — when almost anything will be possible in short order. But if you look at the evidence, it is quite possible that human progress is slowing, not accelerating.

    You can read all about it in Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950, though I warn you, if you’re in a creative or technical profession Murray’s widely ignored book is even more depressing than this essay. Murray didn’t restrict his attentions to technological progress: across the entire panoply of human endeavor (art, science, literature, philosophy, Mathematics) the indications are grim. You may disagree with the statistical technique he used (I don’t), but you can’t escape the conclusion that things are slowing down.

    __ Myth of Technological Progress

    Looking at the new world as defined by antifa, BLM, and the neo-postmodern left in government, academia, and media, it seems obvious that people are behaving more stupidly with more confidence than one would have expected in an advanced society.

    It has taken the riots to expose the full hypocrisy of the pols who so eagerly robbed Americans of their freedom. These opportunistic pols were willing to suspend all their strictures once a politically correct cause arose sacred to them, thereby showing that all their “risk models” had no objectivity to them whatsoever. These are the same pols who suppressed religious freedom, dismissed the maintenance of the Bill of Rights as above their “pay grade,” and condemned utterly peaceful lockdown protests as perilous to the common good. __ Government in an Idiocracy

    Can Human Intelligence Even Be Measured?

    Depending upon how it is defined, human intelligence can now be measured using MRI scanners, as well as by psychometrics and brain RT. Psychometric measures of “g” correlate well with non-verbal and non-social measures of IQ using such tools MRI and reaction time measures. The correlation of all of these measures of intelligence with levels of life success and life expectancy validates the overall concept of measuring cognitive capacity.

    Will the Imbeciles of the Idiocracy Live Forever?

    Conscientious gerontologists are working hard to eliminate age-related deterioration and death. For this and many other areas of futuristic science, some progress is possible. Look at Joe Rogan’s interview with famous gerontologist Aubrey de Grey:

    De Grey has formulated a rational engineering approach to the problem of age-related decline. He has been at it for decades now, and between the labs that he supports and all the other labs devoted to gerontological research, a lot of data is being accumulated — some of it likely to be useful. Using highly sophisticated computer hardware and software, this line of research is likely to meet with some success.

    So will human science and technology succeed in the fight against aging, only to find that the beneficiaries of thousands of years of (slowing) human progress only want to tear down monuments, burn books and buildings, and declare an anarchy based upon irrational ideological “principles” that are apt to change in application from moment to moment? That may be a possibility.

    Critical Infrastructures are Key

    The quality life in a society has a lot to do with the quality of its critical infrastructures:

    • Shelter; Heating (e.g. natural gas, fuel oil, district heating);
    • Agriculture, food production and distribution;
    • Water supply (drinking water, waste water/sewage, stemming of surface water (e.g. dikes and sluices));
    • Public health (hospitals, ambulances);
    • Transportation systems (fuel supply, railway network, airports, harbours, inland shipping);
    • Security services (police, military).
    • Electricity generation, transmission and distribution; (e.g. natural gas, fuel oil, coal, nuclear power)
    • Telecommunication; coordination for successful operations
    • Economic sector; Goods and services and financial services (banking, clearing);
    • __ Wikipedia

    In the third world and the emerging world, critical infrastructures tend to be poorly developed in part or in whole. Likewise, as an advanced society begins to decline, its critical infrastructure will also decay. PG&E wildfires in California are only one example.

    I suspect that life extension technologies will one day be considered part of the “critical infrastructure” constellation. And as the Idiocracy penetrates more deeply into a society, the life extension technologies will decay along with the other critical infrastructures for all but the wealthy who are able to isolate themselves successfully from the results of the radical left “revolution.”

    This is not a prediction, it is a warning.

    The kind of politicians that were elected in California, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, and the other disaster areas of today, are only capable of creating more decay and disaster. If voters decide to give this kind of politician ever more power, the prospects for an expansive and abundant future are bleak.

    Average human IQ is declining globally. In the future there will be fewer geniuses and a lot more morons. Can you make lemonade out of that? Only if the problem is confronted clearly and honestly.


    Diluting blood plasma reverses aging in mice

    They found that the plasma exchange process acts almost like a molecular reset button, lowering the concentrations of a number of pro-inflammatory proteins that become elevated with age, while allowing more beneficial proteins, like those that promote vascularization, to rebound in large numbers.

    More on the idiotic toll of lockdowns

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    Are Humans Losing their Grip on Complex Thinking?

    We are animals that specialize in thinking and knowing—in cognition—and our extraordinary cognitive powers have enabled us to do remarkable things. We have transformed our eating habits with agriculture and cooking, and transformed our habitats with buildings, bridges and roads. Compared with our chimpanzee cousins, we can travel over vast distances, moving our whole bodies in cars, planes and space craft, and moving our minds to yet more remote places with radio telescopes and electron microscopes… We know about time, we understand it to some degree and we can measure it precisely. We communicate with symbols—spoken and written languages—and using these languages, we have developed extensive knowledge of our own history and diversity, and about all aspects of the natural and physical worlds. __ Evolution of Human Cognition

    It sounds good. Evolved primates learn complex thinking, get better at it, and eventually travel to the stars . . . But according to a survey of human accomplishment conducted by Charles Murray for his magnum opus, the rate of important mind discoveries is slowing.

    The slide below presents Jean Piaget’s stages of cognitive development. Typically between the ages of 7 and 15, children acquire the ability to think at a high rational level. At least, that is what is supposed to happen. But over the past several decades, educational systems have come under the control of persons who are more ideologue than educator. Rather than teaching children to think and read boldly and broadly for themselves, schools are indoctrinating kids with politically correct brainwashing.

    When the brains of children do not receive the necessary substance and grit for difficult thinking — and are given instead junk food fit for the brains of political drone-minds — they never attain the power of thinking and communicating that will allow them to move strongly and cleanly into an expansive and abundant future. Instead, they are clay in the hands of methodical manipulators who prey on young minds, turning them into automatons.

    But it is worse than that. Young kids begin their schooling with enthusiastic minds, full of questions and curiosity. In just a short time — especially for boys — the enthusiasm is beaten out of them, and all hope for meaningful and productive learning quickly fades away.

    Perhaps if children were taught to read and think for themselves — and were guided by wise parents toward independent learning and away from social media, video games, and internet addiction — the kids would have a chance in spite of a corrupt school system. But such parents are rare these days, perhaps because they too were taught by the same dumbed down educational swamp as the one that is destroying the minds of their children.

    Counter-measures to the destructive effect of schools are needed, to salvage as many of the at-risk young minds as can be saved. Besides being taught to teach themselves using widely available materials, kids need to learn the discipline and satisfaction of working with their hands, and how to start their own businesses.

    Schools are turning kids’ minds to mush. We urgently need ways to assist young human minds in their quest to participate meaningfully in the future.

    Suggested Reading:

    Reader Come Home by Maryanne Wolf

    Knowledge Matters

    The Shallows

    Deep Work

    Knowing Things Matters

    Shop Class as Soul Craft

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad


    Interesting thread-lashing of today’s badly educated young, straight from the Alaskan bush —

    Some of you have done NOTHING with your life and you’re mad. You have a college degree & a smart phone with access to virtually *anything* and you can barely get out of bed in the morning while you spit on people who built a whole world with nothing but a horse, map, & axe.

    You’ve made nothing with access to everything. You’ve conquered nothing. Hell you can’t even conquer yourself. So go tear it all down. Scream into the void how unfair it all is. It’s not that you’ve wasted your short time here. Surely not.

    Don’t bother with your own legacy you’re busy shitting on the long dead who aren’t here to care. Go burn down every Starbucks. That’ll show them. Torch the Target. Tear down every monument. Deface every memorial. But what have you built? What do you leave behind?

    So take your benzos. Watch your porn. Get Uber to drop off your dinner. Buy an adult coloring book. Have sex with strangers to ease your crippling anxiety. It’s not you. It’s the system really. It isn’t fair. Go cancel someone. Dox someone. They deserve it. You’re the good guy.

    Don’t write an epic novel worth building a statue to remember you. Go troll seven year old problematic tweets ever on the hunt for the boogeymen. See now you’ve accomplished something. Cancel everyone. You’re a warrior now. A real hero.

    And lastly whatever you do never ever take even a moment to self reflect on your own failures. Never own them. Never take a hint of responsibility. Remember you’re just a helpless victim of circumstances beyond your control. This all means nothing. Its like you weren’t even here. __ Lu from Alaska

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    Hey You! Why Aren’t You Dead Yet?

    Experts predicted a veritable holocaust. But even with the wholesale over-counting of deaths, the Wuhan coronavirus is just a blip on top of expected deaths we see every year.

    Between 28 Million and 56 Million People Were Predicted to Die of COVID

    At 408,000 COVID-19 has now passed the average annual worldwide flu mortality of 389,000. A bad flu year indeed.

    Sweden, because it did not lock down is the control group. It now has 4,814 deaths attributed to COVID-19, three times its annual flu mortality rate. Yes, we can all agree COVID-19 is a bad flu virus.

    But where are the figures to justify lockdown? Where is the predicted virus doomsday scenario? Sweden’s death rate is 0.05% of its population, 7 to 15 times LESS than the original forecasts.

    Image Source

    There have been 27 million deaths from all causes this year, globally. About 400,000 have come from the Wuhan virus. Whatever kills you, it isn’t likely to be SARS CoV-2.

    Totalitarian lockdowns have been a disaster.

    Massive unemployment, recession, a million businesses at risk of never re-opening. And in New York, 66% of COVID hospital patients had sheltered at home! The Wuhan virus spreads readily in closed-in spaces, but not so much in the out of doors. It is a deadly microbe for the old and frail, but not so much for the vigorous young.

    The evidence shows how virus responses can and should be targeted. Half of all counties in the U.S. didn’t have a single death from the virus as of mid-May, and nearly two-thirds had only one, according to a new paper by co-author Doug Badger and Norbert Michel of Heritage. More than 53% of COVID-19 deaths are concentrated in just 30 counties where just 15% of Americans live. Of those counties, 24 are in the congested Northeast corridor between Philadelphia and Boston.

    A separate analysis by Gregg Girvan and Avik Roy for the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity finds that 42% of COVID-19 deaths are concentrated in nursing home facilities that house just 0.62% of the population. Excluding New York State, more than half of COVID-19 deaths are nursing home related.

    We know where the problem is and where officials should be concentrating their efforts. __ The Lockdown Calamity

    Not as deadly as “experts” thought

    Death Inflation

    We cannot trust the numbers, which are inflated for political — not medical — purposes.

    Medical examiners from Colorado to Michigan use the same definition. In Macomb and Oakland counties in Michigan, where most of the deaths in that state occurred, medical examiners classify any death as a coronavirus death when the postmortem test is positive. Even people who died in suicides and automobile accidents meet that definition.

    … Beyond including people with the virus who clearly didn’t die from it, the numbers are inflated by counting people who don’t even have the virus. New York has classified many cases as coronavirus deaths even when postmortem tests have been negative. The diagnosis can be based on symptoms, even though the symptoms are often similar to those of the seasonal flu. __ Real Clear Covid

    Lockdowns are for the Little People

    When leftists want to protest, they say “to hell with the lockdowns!”

    Public health academics from the University of Washington, which created the virus forecasting model widely used by governors and the President’s Task Force, are circulating a public letter declaring the marches a higher priority than containing the virus.

    … These public health experts hardly blinked at the economic loss these lockdowns caused. Anyone who even expressed these concerns was denounced for putting dollars ahead of lives. __ Boston Herald

    Such people are not acting as public health officials, but as political advocates. As such, their advice should be totally ignored.

    As leftist riots lead to widespread looting and burning down of homes and businesses, these “experts” should be called to a harsh accounting. Particularly if the rioting is associated with a rise in infection deaths.

    What About the New Cases?

    Testing for the virus has ramped up significantly. It is expected to add significant numbers of new cases to the cumulative total as many more people are tested. Much smarter to watch the numbers for new mortality and new significant morbidity.

    As therapies improve for treating the virus and for treating the secondary “cytokine storm” we will see a higher proportion of recovery from even severe infections. It is likely that the rules for proper respiratory therapy management of this virus were in need of revision, with the high numbers of deaths for patients on ventilators.

    Old Frail People Will Die

    Your old and frail will die regardless of what you do. They die with lockdowns and they die without them. There is no need to destroy your national economies with lockdowns.

    Instead, why not let your young and vigorous people go about their work and school, and maintain barriers between the old and frail and most of the population and most of the economy. That way, you will have a more targeted and more rational response to the actual threat.

    As with any endemic communicable virus that elicits immunity, the population of immune individuals will grow as the population of susceptible individuals shrinks.

    It is true that politicans, journalists, academics, and media celebrities do not tend to think that way. But what idiot decided to give them control of the world?

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    Brevity is the Soul of Wit

    “For sale, Baby shoes, Never Worn.”

    It has been said that Ernest Hemingway composed the six-word short story above on a bet, while lunching with fellow writers at Luchow’s Restaurant in Manhattan. Written on a napkin, it was meant to illustrate the power that a few words could wield.

    Image Source

    As for the quote in the title of this page, “Brevity is the soul of wit,” that comes from the William Shakespeare play, Hamlet. Polonius is speaking to the king and queen of Denmark:

    Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,
    And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,
    I will be brief. Your noble son is mad. . . .
    Hamlet Act 2, scene 2, 86–92 __ quoted here

    It Can Be Difficult to “Get to the Point”

    The human brain did not evolve in order to facilitate clear speech and clear writing. It evolved to help humans find food and shelter, find mates, and keep their children alive long enough to grow to adulthood, and keep the cycle of life going. Human language is a “johnny come lately” cognitive tool, and it requires great discipline in order to communicate with others in a clear and economical manner. Too often we attempt to substitute sheer verbiage in place of simple clarity.

    … Brief Lab discovered that nearly three quarters of professionals tune out of presentations within the first minute, stop reading an email after 30 seconds, and stop listening to colleagues after 15 seconds –all because they didn’t get to the point quickly. __ The Fine Art of Getting to the Point

    Communication Hierarchy of Discipline

    To master communication one must learn self-discipline. Different modes of communication demand different levels of discipline.

    1. Speaking clearly
    2. Writing clearly in prose
    3. Writing clearly in poetic verse

    To communicate an idea clearly through speech requires disciplined brevity, because if you go on too long other persons will tune you out.

    To communicate an idea clearly in writing prose requires more discipline than through speech, because there is no body language or facial expression, no vocal modulation, no eye contact, no allowing for “hmmms” and “uhhhs” etc. The words must be selected carefully, and placed skillfully. For persons who have difficulty getting the the point briefly and clearly when speaking, learning the discipline of writing can be helpful.

    To communicate an idea clearly in poetry is even more difficult, due to the brief and compressed nature of the form. Consider this haiku composed by Paul Holmes:

    You and me alone
    Madness of world locked away
    Peace and quiet reigns

    __ Source:

    A haiku is a seventeen syllable poem in three lines, with 5-7-5 syllables respectively. The form comes from Japan. Other forms of poetry may not be so disciplined as haiku, but all forms of poetry share the need to make the most use of the words that are used.

    Don’t Over-Explain

    Many people live in constant fear of being misunderstood. As a result, they may overcompensate by piling unnecessary sentence upon unnecessary sentence — apparently unaware that the listener has stopped listening five minutes ago. Instead of over-explaining, speakers should pause frequently at appropriate moments and allow the listener to inject some feedback in the form of questions, or suggestions.

    If the speaker is too fearful of losing control of the dialogue soliloquy, she should probably reconsider her goals in speaking in the first place. Sometimes trying to write down what one intends to say can bring to the speaker the stark reality of her own incomprehensibility. If you can express the idea in clear and succinct prose, try doing it in poetic verse.

    Unlimited Potential of Language

    Humans can generate an infinite number of meanings from a limitless number of words. Just how the brain accomplishes this feat is an ongoing study.

    “Given the vast number of sentences we can understand and produce, it would be implausible for the brain to allocate individual neurons to represent each possible sentence meaning,” writes first author graduate student Steven Frankland.

    “Instead, it is likely that the brain employs a system for flexibly combining representations of simpler meanings to compose more complex meanings.” __ PNAS Study quoted here

    Simple ideas are enough for hunting game, growing crops, digging privies, finding mates, building huts, and making weapons to defend the tribe. But as populations grow, and villages turn into cities, the complexity of organization demands the formulation of more complex meanings to be communicated to more people.

    The Rise and Fall of Complex Ideas

    Taking care of larger populations meant devising more complex systems of providing food and shelter, of eliminating waste and garbage that carry disease, of providing for the defense of the commonwealth, and of trade. These complex systems necessarily evolved over time, requiring the evolution of more complex ideas and systems of writing to assist in their competent description and development.

    Better systems of writing and archiving were developed, culminating in the moveable type printing presses that ushered in the world of common language books and journals. Complex knowledge and ideas exploded, and larger numbers of the population were taught to read, write, and formulate complex ideas.

    Educated men were referred to as “men of letters,” and the collected written communications of great men and women became treasure troves to others who craved the wisdom and knowledge of exceptional persons.

    But then came a terrible onslaught of institutions and technologies that spelled the doom of deep thinking, deep speech, and deep writing — beginning with mandatory public education and proceeding with the world wide web, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and all the rest of the modern curses of “short attention span” dumbing down technologies.

    Now even the best of young university graduates have limited patience for deep ideas requiring steep learning curves. Which is why it is so important to be able to “get to the point reasonably quickly.” Because if they get your first point — and you know for a fact that they do get it — it is more likely that they will get your second point, and your third . . . But be patient, get abundant feedback as you go, and never assume they are with you unless you receive incontrovertible proof.

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    No Riots for You

    If you are an innocent and productive member of society that is brutally killed by black thugs on a rampage, there will be no rioting in your honor. There will be no national or international news coverage. You will be lucky if your local news reveals any details of the crime that resulted in your death in the modern age of “only black lives matter — and only if they are killed by whites.”

    But in the event of a black criminal being killed by police in the act of a crime, the public is often treated to riots in their honor. In addition we are apt to see looting along with broad calls for a large-scale destruction of the constitutional system that helped make the US the wealthiest and most powerful nation on Earth.

    Here is the official breakdown of violent crimes in the US by race:

    FBI Violent Crime by Race
    Image Source

    Black men constitute only 6% of the US population, yet commit over half the murders, over half the robberies, roughly one third of the aggravated assaults and rapes, almost one third of car theft, and roughly a fourth of burglaries and larcenies. Also note that crimes committed by hispanics are recorded as crimes committed by whites.

    In the words of a UC Berkeley history professor:

    … our university and department has made multiple statements celebrating and eulogizing George Floyd. Floyd was a multiple felon who once held a pregnant black woman at gunpoint. He broke into her home with a gang of men and pointed a gun at her pregnant stomach. He terrorized the women in his community. He sired and abandoned multiple children, playing no part in their support or upbringing, failing one of the most basic tests of decency for a human being. He was a drug-addict and sometime drug-dealer, a swindler who preyed upon his honest and hard-working neighbors.

    And yet, the regents of UC and the historians of the UCB History department are celebrating this violent criminal, elevating his name to virtual sainthood. A man who hurt women. A man who hurt black women. With the full collaboration of the UCB history department, corporate America, most mainstream media outlets, and some of the wealthiest and most privileged opinion-shaping elites of the USA, he has become a culture hero, buried in a golden casket, his (recognized) family showered with gifts and praise. Americans are being socially pressured into kneeling for this violent, abusive misogynist. A generation of black men are being coerced into identifying with George Floyd, the absolute worst specimen of our race and species.

    I’m ashamed of my department. I would say that I’m ashamed of both of you, but perhaps you agree with me, and are simply afraid, as I am, of the backlash of speaking the truth. It’s hard to know what kneeling means, when you have to kneel to keep your job. __ Source

    What does the Democratic Party have to do with all of this violence and destruction? What is the connection between wealthy DP donors and antifa? Who is financing BLM?

    The Democratic Party Resistance apparently believes that all this mayhem, and the false sanctimony excusing it, works to their advantage in the coming national election. They may be disappointed about how that works out, as they’ve been disappointed in three years of previous gambits to overthrow the government and seize power by any means necessary. The picture of them is resolving into the party of bad faith, foul play, coercion, and tyranny. Even the corona virus scare carries a taint of Resistance manipulation. One moment the populace is hustled into an economically devastating lockdown; and then suddenly, on a fine spring day, they’re incited to mix in moiling mobs of street protests with the predictable result of a fresh spike in virus contagion and the possibility of a second lockdown. Like many activities in our national life lately, it’s another hostage racket, and, guess what, you’re the hostage.

    Their most transparent artifice is the utterly false elevation of Joe Biden as their candidate for president. Everybody knows he’s incapable of performing the job, and probably even of functioning through a campaign. His inchoate utterances on events and policy make Donald Trump sound like Ralph Waldo Emerson. He’s left behind himself an evidence trail of financial crimes running to at least nine digits of grift. And, of course, if you believe all women, he’s a sexual molester. Everything about his public presentation is false, including his hair, teeth, and soul. __ J. Kuntsler

    Crimes such as those discussed below, are sadly common in North America, although they do not receive wide news coverage. Such crimes are becoming more common in Europe as third world immigration ramps up.

    Amanda and Davey Blackburn with their little boy. Amanda was sexually assaulted and murdered by the “men” on the right when she was three months pregnant with her and her husband’s second child.

    Jessica Chambers, 19, was burned alive on the side of the road in her car. Quentin Tellis… doused her in gasoline, squirted it up her nose, and poured accelerant down her throat. Tellis then set her ablaze inside of her car and left her to burn to death on the side of the road. Jessica was found wandering near her car, her body entirely covered in burns except for the bottoms of her feet.
    Image Source

    The young Tennessee lovebirds were walking to their friend’s apartment when they were attacked by a malicious gang of blacks. Newsom was bound, gagged with a sock, sodomized, beaten, shot in the neck and consequently paralyzed, and eventually murdered via an execution-style shot in the head. Christian was brought back to a house, repeatedly raped and beaten for hours, force-fed bleach (this is how they thought they could get their DNA off of her), and stowed away in a garbage can for hours, where she asphyxiated.

    Shan Cheley,37, broke into a female’s home (or ambushed her outside and forced his way in), brutally raped her, then strangled her to death. Cheley then wrapped the female in a blanket and dumped her in her car trunk, then set the body on fire.
    Image Source

    A sexual predator, Anthony Lamar Jones, 32, was arrested on charges of rape, sodomy, and murder less than a week after the young girl was found naked and dead in a park.

    More Incidents Here and Here

    Global Homicide Rates by Nation Suggest a Possible Hereditary Relationship

    Whites are more at risk from black violence, than the other way around. Police are far more at risk of violence from black men, than black men are at risk from police violence. And black men are spectacularly more at risk from being killed by blacks (black civilians and black police) than they are at risk from being killed by whites (civilians or police).

    an African-American man named Maximum Fr…described having two cousins murdered in the East Oakland neighborhood where he grew up. Saying his aunt is still not over those killings, Max asked:

    I always question, why does a Black life matter only when a white man takes it?… Like, if a white man takes my life tonight, it’s going to be national news, but if a Black man takes my life, it might not even be spoken of… It’s stuff just like that that I just want in the mix….

    Max spoke of a responsibility he feels Black people have to speak out against all forms of violence, “precisely because we experience it the most.” He described being affected by the Floyd story, but also by the story of retired African-American police captain David Dorn, shot to death in recent protests in St. Louis. He also mentioned Tony Timpa, a white man whose 2016 asphyxiation by police was only uncovered last year. In body-camera footage, police are heard joking after Timpa passed out and stopped moving, “I don’t want to go to school! Five more minutes, Mom!”

    “If it happens to anyone, it has to be called out,” Max says. __ Media Cannot Be Trusted

    In the corrupt rush for political power and wealth that permeates the modern media, the reality of crime contradicts the official narrative of crime. The skankstream media advocates for violence, and maintains a steadfast silence with regard to what needs to be said.


    I don’t believe the media

    Media and university age of intolerance facilitates as much violence as it thinks it needs

    Catastrophic lockdowns paved the way for violence and lawlessness

    “Unlike rigorous testing of new drugs, lockdowns were administered with little consideration that they might not only cause economic devastation but potentially more deaths than Covid-19 itself,” Kolanoviche said… The US alone has seen 40 million jobs lost, many of which aren’t coming back. Recession looms. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have already been wiped away. The federal debt has surged to $26 trillion.

    Black people of African descent (with some tribal exceptions) have a long history of problems with standardized tests and standard curricula. The problem shows up in standardized testing across the board such as SAT or ACT, GRE, civil service exams, etc. The problem is by no means limited to IQ tests. Deficits in test taking skills may point to cognitive deficits that can best be detected using statistical methods with large sample sizes. Black activists and leftist agitators call such cognitive deficits a sign of “white supremacy,” and “white privilege.” But the problem seems to be centered inside the black populations themselves.

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    CCP China’s Stumbles on Narrow Path to a Future

    Mainland China did not need more problems on top of its pre-existing economic slowdown, food shortages, trade disputes, and border disputes. But the virus from Wuhan had other plans for CCP Xi.

    China Suffers from Many Geographic Limitations
    Image Source

    Despite his country’s many geographic limitations and disadvantages, Chairman Xi is pressing ahead with his attempt to place mainland CCP-China at the top of the global power chain of nations. By timing his aggression during a global pandemic of his own making, Xi signals his deadly serious intentions.

    China’s Flailing Aggression

    Xi’s expansionism has sought to remake globalization on China’s terms. The overreach is best illustrated by his marquee project, the Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to refashion the global economic and political order by plowing hundreds of billions of dollars into overseas projects when China has still to fully overcome poverty and underdevelopment at home.

    It is an imperial project seeking to lure nations desperate for infrastructure investments into China’s strategic orbit. But instead of the “common prosperity” Xi promised, the BRI has been ensnaring vulnerable countries in sovereignty-eroding debt traps. The pandemic’s mounting economic toll makes it harder for partner countries to repay their loans.

    Beijing’s refusal to grant debt relief to partner states facing bankruptcy is only highlighting its predatory lending practices. By engendering anger or resentment, the hard-line approach risks undermining China’s international image and inviting a pushback against its neocolonial policies.

    More ominously, Xi’s aggressive quest for Chinese dominance has led him to open multiple political or military fronts at the same time.

    You may not be questioning Xi’s judgment, but you can be sure that plenty of ambitious people inside China are doing just that, but quietly for now.

    China’s Failure of Logistics

    In protracted warfare, logistics and sustainment capabilities are as important as force composition, something China will struggle to mitigate.

    Despite recent successes by the People’s Liberation Army Navy to fulfill Xi Jinping’s goals of modernizing China’s military by 2035, its Navy lacks requisite logistics and sustainment capabilities for blue water operations.

    Xi understands that his best chance lies in weakening his largest global opposition by assisting Joe Biden’s candidacy for US President in November. To that end he has pulled out all the stops, with a little help from western media, politicians, and funders of western political agitator groups such as George Soros and the Democracy Alliance.

    China is Not Well Liked

    Beijing’s lack of transparency and veracity around its handling of the coronavirus is a factor in this steep decline in favorability. Eighty-five percent of poll respondents disagreed with the statement, “The Chinese government has been transparent and honest about the COVID-19 situation in that country.”

    Overall, nearly 9 in 10 respondents agreed with the statement that “China can’t be trusted on human rights or the rule of law.” These results are consistent with the emerging consensus in the U.S. and much of Europe that China is a strategic, potentially hostile competitor. In Canada as elsewhere, this overwhelmingly negative view transcends political party divisions. The enmity is consistent across the country’s provinces, too. Even in the western province of British Columbia, with the largest Chinese–Canadian population at about 10 percent, only 1 in 5 respondents have a favorable view of the People’s Republic of China.

    … Canada is growing wary not just of hostage diplomacy, but of China’s debt diplomacy, a pressure point that Beijing is using more aggressively around the world to grab strategic assets at distressed values during the pandemic. Both Australia and Canada recently announced an intent to take a closer look at strategic domestic acquisitions by foreign (read: Chinese) buyers.

    While China continues using political dissidents and religious observers as organ donors, continues using ethnic minorities as slaves, and runs a global assassination campaign against vocal expats, the rest of the world is considering just how badly it needs Beijing’s treacherous trade ties.


    China’s Communist Diplomats are Giving China a Black Eye

    Far from burnishing China’s international image and placating those who blame the country for the pandemic, their actions have undermined China’s credibility and alienated the countries it should be wooing.

    CCP Tries to Buy Favorable News Coverage

    The companies that own the major news networks, NBC, ABC, and CBS, all do significant business in China. On the print side, top U.S. newspapers like the Washington Post and New York Times have been criticized for running paid China Daily inserts. What they were paid for these inserts is still unknown.

    Chinese scientist caught shipping dangerous viruses from Canadian biolab to Wuhan Institute of Virology

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    Can’t Read, Can’t Think

    Ever since the Gutenberg press, the widespread effect of “deep reading” on the brains of educated classes has unleashed a rapid expansion of intellectual productivity in more modern parts of the world. Those gains are now under threat from technology, from a dumbed down culture, and from the educational system itself. Younger generations are losing the ability to read deeply and well. As a result, the quality of their writing — and of their thinking — is suffering.

    The critical relationship between the quality of reading and the quality of thought is influenced heavily by changes of attention and what I have called, more intuitively than scientifically, cognitive patience. Some of the most disconcerting and surprising letters I have received over the last years have come from professors of literature and the social sciences, who are flummoxed over their college students’ impatience with older, denser American literature and writing. One chair of a well-known English department wrote that he could no longer teach his once sought-after seminar on Henry James because too few students today want or were able to read James. Among those professors, the most frequent observations are two. The first is that students have become increasingly less patient with the time it takes to understand the syntactically demanding sentence structures in denser texts and increasingly averse to the effort needed to go deeper into their analysis.

    The second is that student writing is deteriorating. I have, to be sure, heard this criticism of undergraduates as long as I have been teaching. The question is nevertheless important for every age to confront. In our current epoch, we must ask whether current students’ diminishing familiarity with conceptually demanding prose and the daily truncating of their writing on social media is affecting their writing in more negative ways than in the past.

    __ Quoted from “Reader Come Home” by Maryanne Wolf

    “Cognitive patience” is a term coined by the author and neuroscientist Maryanne Wolf, quoted above. It refers to the ability to calmly hold ideas in one’s mind while taking in other ideas — all the while comparing, correlating, evaluating, and judging these new ideas against each other, and against previous world-tested and battle-tested knowledge.

    Immersion in the high-distraction environment of the internet contributes to the loss of cognitive patience. But even more crippling to a young mind’s power to develop thoughts of his own, is the utter lack of solid scaffolding for developing one’s own thoughts in the face of the barrage of garish cognitive spit-balls being shot at them on a split-second basis. This fault one should lay squarely on the shoulders of the educational establishment.

    If the young mind is never given the scaffolding upon which to build his ideas and thoughts, how will he ever be able to engage with the larger world of deep and meaningful ideas? Such an engagement requires acquired cognitive patience on top of acquired “common knowledge” critical to the thinking community in which the young person is expected to interact.

    Many of our young people, white and otherwise, appear to have little or no hope of attaining the usual milestones of entry into the middle class—gaining a useful and marketable skill, starting a small business, or buying a home or other property. __ Joel Kotkin on The Emerging Serf Class

    If a person is incapable of forming his own ideas, separate from the echo choirs of the internet, schools, and the street — what will set him apart in the eyes of a would-be employer or benefactor? Perhaps he has a special skill of some kind, but if he cannot express himself intelligibly how will he reveal the advantages he brings to a group or a cause?

    More likely, the poor sod will be swept to and fro by the erratic switches of daily talking points, as the highly placed chattering classes dictate the particular mind frequencies of the day. Today we protest, tomorrow we riot, the next day we return to our parents’ basement to play video games again . . . Stay tuned for further orders.

    Such persons will look at the COVID body counts, for example, and never question the veracity of the politically charged numbers. For such as these, disease lockdowns are simply one more excuse to toke up and feel the vibe.

    This is one part of the future that corruption in the educational system and in the news & entertainment media have wrought. Piece-meal destruction of the US constitutional system by woke snowflake social justice warriors of the nazi left, is another part. Both trends are part of the same thing — the dissolution of societal purpose and cohesion that happens when the ability to read and think deeply is destroyed.

    All of this should be seen against the background of dysgenic trends in global average IQ:

    Across nations, societies, and ethnic groups, intelligent and educated women tend to have very few offspring — while less intelligent women happily make up for the deficit on a global basis. This is leading toward the much anticipated “Idiocracy.”

    The answer is to tailor your own education — and that of your children — with all of this in mind. Help to develop “islands of competence” in the rising sea of idiocy. By one means or another, the stupidity will roll back enough to allow bridges to be built between the resilient and anti-fragile islands of competency.

    I do not recommend signing on to Elon Musk’s Mars Colony adventure at this time. Life on Antarctica is far more congenial than life on Mars, and it is highly likely that early Mars colonies will be administered by millenial snowflakes indistinguishable from the most hysterical and conformist advocates of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

    If the topic of intelligent human survival in the face of dysgenic collapse interests you, consider browsing these articles from the original Al Fin blog.

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    Antibody Treatments for Wuhan CoV-19

    The highly suspicious virus from Wuhan continues to circulate in populations around the world. Due to continuing large numbers of susceptible persons, effective treatments and preventatives are needed to protect those most at risk. The best prospects for treatment involve the use of antibodies against some part of the virus. An effective vaccine would be nice, but we will have to wait for that. Other approaches to antibody treatments are being tested now, including clonal antibodies and antibodies from convalescent plasma.

    New Eli Lilly antibody treatment

    The experimental treatment doesn’t contain plasma, but uses clones of the antibodies for the therapy, which is taken intravenously, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    The treatment is designed to target the spike-shaped protein structures of the virus and block it from locking on to human cells, thus neutralizing the bug.

    More on antibody LY-CoV555 which emerged from the collaboration between Lilly and AbCellera to create antibody therapies for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus.

    This cow’s antibodies could be the newest weapon against COVID-19

    Cows make good antibody factories, and not just because they have more blood than smaller animals engineered to synthesize human versions of the proteins. Their blood can also contain twice as many antibodies per milliliter as human blood, says Eddie Sullivan, SAb Biotherapeutics’s president and CEO.

    Scientists Nearing Breakthrough on Life-Saving Antibody Treatment for Coronavirus

    Scientists at AstraZeneca are developing a cloned antibody injection that instantly arms the human body to neutralize the coronavirus. This could prove to be a game-changer for COVID-19 patients in the first stages of coronavirus. According to The Sunday Telegraph, the team of scientists at the company’s bases in the UK and America are up to “full speed” on testing, and its executives are extremely hopeful of commencing production of an effective treatment next year.

    Convalescent plasma therapy appears to provide some benefit

    With no adverse side effects caused by the plasma transfusion, the study concluded that convalescent plasma therapy is a safe treatment option for patients with severe COVID-19 disease. To date, this is the largest cohort worldwide assessed for outcomes pertaining to convalescent plasma transfusion for COVID-19.

    More Wuhan CoV-19 News:

    Wuhan CoV-19 Appears Man-Made

    Norwegian and British vaccine scientists have published unequivocal evidence that SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, is man-made.

    The authors state two conclusions: (1) the mutations that would normally be seen in the course of animal to human transmission have not occurred in SARS-CoV-2, indicating that it was fully “pre-adapted” for human infection and (2) SARS-CoV-2 has insertions in its protein sequence that have never been detected in nature and contribute to its infectivity and pathogenicity.

    That is, SARS-CoV-2 has a receptor binding domain specifically designed for the human angiotensin converting enzyme-2 receptor (ACE2) found in lungs, kidneys, intestines and blood vessels.

    Asymptomatic spread of Wuhan CoV-19 is rare

    This is a virus custom-made to kill old people. Young people tend to have asymptomatic infections, and do not typically spread the virus — according to much evidence.

    Lockdowns appear to be deadlier than the virus. And that is an inconvenient truth which Amazon and most of the news media has been reluctant to share.

    Death in Sweden:

    According to the skankstream news media, Sweden is experiencing a coronavirus apocalypse. But looking at new deaths in Sweden attributed to coronavirus, the epidemic in Sweden is fizzling out — like in most of the developed nations of the world. Total deaths attributed to coronavirus so far in Sweden: 4,694, as of this evening. Not exactly a holocaust, except perhaps in selected Stockholm nursing homes.

    New Deaths in Sweden Attributed to Wuhan CoV-19

    Media hacks tend to focus on cases, when it is deaths that matter most. Most cases are asymptomatic, and most of those do not spread. In fact, most of the spread occurs in nursing homes and medical facilities. Most of the dead are quite old, and infirm. Nursing home residents die months earlier than they would have died without the Chinese pandemic. By connecting their deaths to this highly infectious virus from Wuhan City, they become pawns in a political game of riots, plagues, and totalitarian lockdowns.

    “Locking ourselves in our beautiful mansions and continuing with our videoconferences practically does nothing for nursing homes and chronically badly prepared hospitals . . . It also kills the poor, the disadvantaged . . .” He has cautioned that protracted lockdown will cause starvation, violence, poverty, and deaths that could exceed the number of lives saved by avoiding Covid-19 infections. __

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    You Have to be Smart to Understand How Stupid You Are

    Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher in the late 1880s once wrote, “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

    Turns out, Russell was right. Research shows that people who are actually competent are far more likely to underestimate their abilities. And it’s not false modesty, either. __ Stupid People Are Very Confident

    Why do unintelligent people often believe they are smarter than others? Perhaps because they have no standards of comparison, and have never been truly tested.

    It’s been suggested that people do not have the ability to realize their own [in]competence. David Dunning, for whom the “Dunning-Kruger effect” is known, claims that we are simply not very good at knowing that we don’t know things… __ Are You Smart Enough to Know You Are Stupid?

    Unintelligent people tend to rate themselves very highly when asked how good they are at something. They also tend to have high self esteem.

    You May Not Be as Smart as You Think You Are If:

    • You’re more of a talker than a listener
    • You fake it. Big time
    • You discourage people instead of lifting them up
    • You’re always in the middle of a storm
    • You’re always so busy
    • You find yourself doing all the work, all the time
    • You spend hours watching bad reality TV
    • __ Source

    And now in the age of Google, the problem may be getting worse. Even our smartest people are losing the power of sustained attention and deep thought.

    [Pathologist] Bruce Friedman, who blogs regularly about the use of computers in medicine… has described how the Internet has altered his mental habits. “I now have almost totally lost the ability to read and absorb a longish article on the web or in print,” he wrote earlier this year. A pathologist who has long been on the faculty of the University of Michigan Medical School, Friedman elaborated on his comment in a telephone conversation with me. His thinking, he said, has taken on a “staccato” quality, reflecting the way he quickly scans short passages of text from many sources online. “I can’t read War and Peace anymore,” he admitted. “I’ve lost the ability to do that. Even a blog post of more than three or four paragraphs is too much to absorb. I skim it.” __ Is Google Making Us Stupid?

    If this decay in the ability to read and think deeply is already affecting our professional, technical, and intellectual classes, imagine what it is doing to the snowflake generation that has been raised on social media and Google! And imagine what “the shallows” is doing to those who are not very bright to begin with.

    “Those most lacking in knowledge and skills,” writes Poundstone, “are least able to appreciate that lack.”

    This is especially true today in our information age. Because everything we need to know is readily available on our computers, we are less likely to learn things we think we can find online.

    This is known by scientists as the Google Effect.

    … rather than just freeing our minds from information overload, our failure to learn new things makes us susceptible to the Dunning-Kruger Effect, which leads to all sorts of negative consequences.

    Since we’re firmly entrenched in a way of life that is dependent on Google and social media, how do we ensure that we remain commonly knowledgeable?

    The trick, says Poundstone, is to read general sources of information, not just those in your particular area of interest or obsession.

    “My findings suggest that those who aspire to be well-informed should not overdo the customization of news,” Poundstone writes, recommending instead an amalgam of topically broad sources. __

    Although Poundstone’s suggestion is helpful, it does not go nearly far enough. Humans need to go deep in their reading, their thinking, and their working.

    Once those three skills are mastered individually, they should be integrated together into one powerful flow of personal momentum.

    the style of reading promoted by the Net, a style that puts “efficiency” and “immediacy” above all else, may be weakening our capacity for the kind of deep reading that emerged when an earlier technology, the printing press, made long and complex works of prose commonplace… Our ability to interpret text, to make the rich mental connections that form when we read deeply and without distraction, remains largely disengaged [ed: in the age of Google and social media]. __ Source

    Societies do not always move forward. Sometimes their many stupid mistakes combine to push them backward, and downward.

    The universe stretches out in every direction, almost entirely unknown to us.

    Our ability to learn, understand, and grow wiser from our interaction with the universe is inversely proportional to how seriously we take the media and how deeply we are immersed inside a consensual echo choir (schools, antifa, climate cult, etc.). If we never learned to read, think, and work deeply — and if we never test ourselves to discover how full of shit we are — the long term prognosis is poor.


    You don’t know as much as you think you do

    Brain changes from watching TV and too much internet

    Scientists discovered signs of atrophy of grey matter in the brains of heavy internet users that grew worse over time.

    Speaking of political activism:

    “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” —George Carlin

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    —Mark Twain

    More stupidity quotes here

    Self esteem does not always correlate with achievement

    Stupidity and ignorance are two different things — but in an age when the masses of the unknowing are proud of their consensual ignorance, the same end is achieved.

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    Snowflakes Without Minds, Are They Even Human?

    Definition of Generation Snowflake:

    The group of young people today that have the INSANE belief they have the right to NOT be offended by any of the beliefs/viewpoints of the other 7.1 billion people of this planet. When these fragile/infantile people are offended, most likely they will react in someway like a toddler (cry, scream, act hysterical, etc).

    Ohhh look, we have some members of generation snowflake that are complaining they don’t have any Safe Spaces at the University of XYZ. __ Urban Dictionary

    Physically, they have been coming of age since 2010. But their minds never gelled in a way that would allow them to think for themselves, separate from the echo choir in which they are immersed. What happens to a society when — over the generations — its people lose mental and emotional resiliency and can no longer think and act as skeptical, independent, intelligent individuals?

    Megaphone Mind Control on Campus
    Image Source

    Speaking at numerous school and university events in recent years, I’ve noticed an increasingly aggrieved response from my young audience to any argument I put forward that they don’t like. They are genuinely distressed by ideas that run contrary to their worldview. Even making a general case for free speech can lead to gasps of disbelief. But why do they take everything so personally?

    … Today, parents go to ludicrous lengths to eliminate all risk from their children’s lives. Inevitably this narrows their horizons and teaches them to be less daring. Health-and-safety mania means the young are denied resilience-building freedoms that past generations enjoyed, such as playing outdoors, climbing trees and walking to school unaided. Modern mollycoddling means that pupils have been prevented from engaging in activities such as leapfrog, marbles and conkers. Three in ten schools have banned the playground game British bulldog. Last week, a headmistress in Dundee suggested changing the colour of her school’s red uniform because ‘some research indicates that it can increase heart and breathing rates’. In March, there were moves to ban tackling in school rugby matches due to the perils of this ‘high-impact collision sport’.

    Even more damaging is a child–protection industry that actively encourages children to see potential abuse everywhere. ___ Claire Fox

    That was the beginning. Nationwide lockdowns and antifa/BLM riots are the middle game. Where does it all end?

    Can Snowflakes Ever Grow Up?

    Now that all of society has become a large snowflake factory, is there any hope for future generations — for the children of these snowflakes? Not if social media has anything to say about it.

    When Minds Never Form

    In her 2018 book, Reader, Come Home, [Maryanne] Wolf uses cognitive neuroscience and developmental psycholinguistics to study the reading brain and literacy development, and in doing so, helps identify what is being lost. According to Wolf, we are losing what she calls “deep literacy” or “deep reading.” This does not include decoding written symbols, writing one’s name, or making lists. Deep literacy is what happens when a reader engages with an extended piece of writing in such a way as to anticipate an author’s direction and meaning, and engages what one already knows in a dialectical process with the text. The result, with any luck, is a fusion of writer and reader, with the potential to bear original insight.

    Deep literacy has wondrous effects, nurturing our capacity for abstract thought, enabling us to pose and answer difficult questions, empowering our creativity and imagination, and refining our capacity for empathy. It is also generative of successive new insight, as the brain’s circuitry for reading recursively builds itself forward. It is and does all these things in part because it touches off a “revolution in the brain,” meaning that it has distinctive and describable neurophysiological consequences. Understanding deep literacy as a revolution in the brain has potential payoffs for understanding aspects of history and contemporary politics alike.

    Deep reading has in large part informed our development as humans, in ways both physiological and cultural. And it is what ultimately allowed Americans to become “We the People,” capable of self-government. If we are losing the capacity for deep reading, we must also be prepared to lose other, perhaps even more precious parts of what deep reading has helped to build.

    __ Brains that Cannot Read and Think Deeply Are Not Human Brains

    But snowflakes are too busy immersed in simple-minded, self-reinforcing social media, to engage in deep level reading, or in deep work generally. It is not certain that they are capable of deep reading or deep work, without massive re-training and deprogramming.

    And so we see more and more students who spend 6 or more years in college, but never can settle on a specific field of study. Whether or not they eventually graduate, they are likely to carry a huge burden of student debt. These days, their job prospects often orient them toward work as professional agitators, political organizers, and ideological activists.

    The common, not particularly well-educated person, Ortega y Gasset argued, has ideas in his head but did not produce those ideas:

    He wishes to have opinions, but is unwilling to accept the conditions and presuppositions that underlie all opinion….To have an idea means believing one is in possession of the reasons for having it, and consequently means believing that there is such a thing as reason, a world of intelligible truths. To have ideas, to form opinions, is identical with appealing to such an authority…and therefore believing that the highest form of inter-communion is the dialogue in which the reasons for our ideas are discussed. But the mass-man would feel himself lost if he accepted discussion, and instinctively repudiates the obligation of accepting that supreme authority lying outside himself.

    __ Source quoting Ortega y Gasset’s “The Revolt of the Masses

    This describes today’s snowflake generation well: They have ideas in their heads, but they did not produce those ideas. The ideas were instead programmed into their heads in a long barrage of indoctrination beginning as early as nursery school.

    Can these non-thinking, non-reading things ever be rehabilitated into thinking humans?

    Millennial snowflakes have been sheltered so long, and have been huddled together among like-thinking peers and thought controllers for so long, that they have lost the ability to face adversity, deal with cognitive dissonance, or solve meaningful problems.

    Today, our young will only cultivate grit when they are forced to be resourceful. Grit comes, psychologist Angela Duckworth says, when students must reach down and find a way to achieve something on their own. The more resources we give them, the less resourceful they tend to become. Further, research tells us we must encourage them to stick with a commitment for at least two years to see lasting results.

    In experiments with adolescent rats, psychologists discovered what they later called, “learned helplessness.” Studies verified that rats stop pulling a lever to get food when nothing happens. The same response occurs with humans when participants pursue a certain goal. When nothing happens for a period of time, they conclude the goal is out of their control—and they stop trying. Too often, our young give up due to “learned helplessness.”

    … What message do you suppose it sends a student when the adults in his life continue to swoop in and save him whenever something goes wrong? While it may feel good at first, it communicates: “We don’t think you have it in you to solve this problem. You need an adult to help you.” Consequently, these young people don’t feel like adults themselves until somewhere between ages 26-29. They can remain on their parents’ insurance policy until age 26. In one survey, young adults reported they believe adult-life begins with “having their first child.” Today, this doesn’t happen until long after 18 years old. So while we give them the right to vote, they may have no concept of reality. Rights without responsibilities creates virtual adults and often, spoiled brats.

    As I mentioned earlier, adults have filled our kids’ lives with artificial experiences. Young people may try to act like real adults… __ The Snowflake Generation

    If you want to observe these things, they are either cowering in their closets from the Wuhan virus, or they are rioting in Minneapolis or dozens of other cities in North America and beyond.

    There is no mystery to the absurdities of the [Snowflake Generation]. Nor should we wonder at their sudden appearance. We — adult society — protect children from criticism and suspend our critical judgment in order to massage their self-esteem. We scare them rigid by ‘catastrophising’ an endless list of fears. We make them hypervigilant about potential abuse from adults and their peers. We encourage them to equate abusive words with physical violence. And we have, in short, shaped our own overanxious, easily offended, censoriously thin-skinned Frankenstein monster. We created Generation Snowflake. __ Snowflake Factory

    Now that we are beginning to understand how these oversensitive monsters were created, and now that we know some of the critical factors that they are lacking, we may be able to head off some of the worst consequences from this slow motion train wreck in the future.

    The great danger we face as we become more intimately involved with our computers… is that we’ll begin to lose our humanness, to sacrifice the very qualities that separate us from machines. __ The Shallows

    Afterword: One of the implications of Generation Snowflake is that larger numbers of skilled labor will have to be imported from the outside to make up for the lack of relevant skills within the snowflake population. Emerging and developing nations will be further stripped of their elites, while advanced nations infested with snowflakes must somehow compensate for the treacherous parasites that they have spawned.

    If all they can do is agitate, hide, and conform, their native intelligence will not signify. Such people may as well have IQs multiple standard deviations below the mean.


    They’re here

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