Alternative Approach to High School: The University Model

Note: Most of this posting is based on an earlier blog posting by Bob Hall

High Schools Too Often Are Used as Daycare Facilities for Overgrown Children

The educational system in the US is geared to produce lifelong adolescents, possessing few practical life skills, if any. The entire journey from K thru 12th grade is generally wasted for most students, leaving them almost wholly unprepared for either life in the real world, or a meaningful expedition through higher education.

At best, only 25% or fewer of high school students are qualified by aptitude and disposition for a rigorous 4 year college education. Of that 25%, fewer than half are given an adequate preparation for a meaningful college education. Most are provided with little more than the equivalent of high school aged daycare.

The image above contrasts the traditional approach to high school with broadly alternative approaches. It is a wasteful and whimsical form of “wishful thinking” for high schools to shunt most students into a college prep format, when the real world is in need of highly skilled, competent, and open-minded (not politically correct) youth who have been trained to think and act for themselves.

Meaningful Education is Too Often Deferred Until the College Years

But there is nothing magical about the learning processes required for college level coursework. If students have not learned to learn by the college years, it is too late for most who have instead learned destructive habits of thought during the earlier school years. Alternative approaches to High School and earlier schooling is therefore becoming a desperate need for modern societies, which cannot afford to waste its dwindling human resources.

University Model for High School Education

[The University Model for High Schools] is designed to appeal to the varied interests of students while having sufficient academic challenges in the areas of reading and language skills, mathematics, and science within each “college”. Certainly, this is meant as a concept for further work and refinement, but I have long felt that the traditional organization of high school was for the convenience of the educators as opposed to the education of the students.

Don’t construe the “colleges” as isolated; students would still have the opportunity to take courses within those other units that they felt [along with counselors] augmented their primary coursework.

Imagine the Lake Orion High School described in yesterday’s post with this University Model. It is an ideal candidate. The facilities are among the best. The present curriculum offers innovative alternative courses. It is just a step away from the school of the future… and showing other schools how it can be done.

The world is changing… perhaps it is time for high schools to change. ___

Bob’s rough sketch of the university model for high schools is based upon the idea that young people should not be forced to conform to the “insider educators'” viewpoint of how youth should be educated. The current system shunts a flood of unprepared and unqualified students to a university system that is becoming overwhelmed by the need for remedial education. As a result, social promotion is becoming common — even in elite colleges — and a growing number of universities are becoming very expensive “daycares for young adults.”

But isn’t this pathetic?

Here there are 18-year-old adults, with rights to vote and their older, “I feel your pain” frame-of-mind faculty, who, the university administration believes, must be pampered because – horror! – “academic performance can bring up many emotions”.

Poor, poor babies.

Other young people their age are enlisted in the army; sent overseas; working in farms, factories, construction, mines and oilfields. Non-academics toil hours in factories, in freezing streets, in hospitals, cutting trees, driving buses and trains – but academia is singled out for the emotional toll working with – presumably – young adults, already selected for their superior skills.

Working youth risk their lives and pay taxes, as do many adults not employed by academia or other subsidized entities. And what do universities worry about? That their heavily subsidized students and faculty suffer disproportionate emotional distress in need of accommodation. ___

One’s immediate reaction may be: Shame on universities — faculty, staff, and administration! But today’s faculty, staff, and administration are merely the products of the day before yesterday’s K-12, and the effluent of yesterday’s colleges.

It took over 60 years of intentional dumbing down to get to this point. Forget that. It is time to focus on what can be done to stop this corrupt process in its tracks, and create newer alternatives that benefit children, youth, and young adults.


Costs of remedial education in higher ed [PDF] (before the turn of the century, when things really went bonkers!)

How much “university daycare” can you buy with $1.31 trillion?

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Good Science Has Nothing to Do With University Degrees

The Slowing of Scientific Discovery

The “Science Establishment” is spitting out PhDs, journal articles, and scientific data at record levels. But something happened along the way to our sci-tech utopia. Has scientific progress actually slowed in recent decades, despite a record number of “scientists”, “science journals,” and “scientific data output?”

Almost every week we read about ‘new hopes’ for cancer sufferers, developments in the lab that might lead to new cures, talk of a new era of space tourism and super-jets that can fly round the world in a few hours. Yet a moment’s thought tells us that this vision of unparalleled innovation can’t be right, that many of these breathless reports of progress are in fact mere hype, speculation – even fantasy.

Yet there once was an age when speculation matched reality. It spluttered to a halt more than 40 years ago. Most of what has happened since has been merely incremental improvements upon what came before. That true age of innovation – I’ll call it the Golden Quarter – ran from approximately 1945 to 1971. Just about everything that defines the modern world either came about, or had its seeds sown, during this time.


Inside the fog of modern academic science, it is “all about the PhD.” This approach excludes many of the best candidates for advancing scientific knowledge, and foolishly focuses on persons well suited for the groupthink environment of a highly politicised academia.

Fortunately, it has not always been that way.


Modern Science is Built on the Work of Men Who Had No Science Degree

Modern people have been conditioned to equate “schooling” with “education.” The two categories are not equivalent — and are often antithetical. The best education is obtained outside of the classroom, in the interactive real world — where being wrong has genuine consequences, and provides instant feedback.

The confusion between “schooling” and “useful education” is even greater when it comes to science. If a person is trained in a faulty paradigm of science, for example, his schooling actually works against his useful education. Such a person is unlikely to contribute to the advancement of the body of useful science.

A Few Famous Scientists Who Built the Foundations of Modern Science (Without a Science Degree):

Leonardo da Vinci . . . (1452 – 1519), mathematician, engineer, anatomist, geologist, botanist, inventor, artist.


Antonie van Leeuwenhoek . . . (1632 – 1723), first microbiologist, the “Father of Microbiology.”


Benjamin Franklin . . . (1706 – 1790), physicist, inventor, “America’s First Scientist.”


William Herschel . . . (1738 – 1822), astronomer, discoverer of the planet Uranus.


Caroline Herschel . . . (1750 – 1848), astronomer, younger sister of William Herschel above, named by the Royal Society one of “the ten women in British history who have had the most influence on science.”


Mary Somerville . . . (1780 – 1872), mathematician, astronomer, science writer, named by the Royal Society one of “the ten women in British history who have had the most influence on science,” also called the “Queen of nineteenth century science.”


Michael Faraday . . . (1791 – 1867), physicist, chemist, electromagnetism pioneer, coined ‘electrode’, ‘cathode’ and ‘ion.’


Mary Anning . . . (1799 – 1847), palaeontologist, fossilist, named by the Royal Society one of “the ten women in British history who have had the most influence on science.” The nursury rhyme and tongue twister “She Sells Sea Shells (by the Sea Shore)” was based on her.


Charles Goodyear . . . (1800 – 1860), chemist, discoverer of the process of vulcanizing rubber.


William Darwin Fox . . . (1805 – 1880), naturalist, entomologist (insect researcher).


Charles Darwin . . . (1809 – 1882), naturalist, evolutionary theorist, geologist.


William Fox . . . (1813 – 1881), palaeontologist (no relation to the William Darwin Fox above).


Henry David Thoreau . . . (1817 – 1862), naturalist. Also a famous author.


Thomas Henry Huxley (T.H. Huxley) . . . (1825 – 1895), biologist, anatomist, coined the term “agnostic.”


James Prescott Joule . . . (1818 – 1889), physicist, co-discoverer of the law of conservation of energy.


Gregor Mendel . . . (1822 – 1884), botanist, naturalist, first geneticist, the “Father of Modern Genetics.”


Science Is as Science Does

The possession of a science degree does not make a person an actual scientist, and the lack of a science degree does not prevent one from doing world-class science. Consider an administrator, science populariser, or journal editor who happens to have a science degree. Is this person a scientist? Not unless he actually does science in a valid and disciplined manner.

By those criteria, most people who call themselves “scientists” today — PhD or no PhD — are not real scientists, but rather poseurs and pretenders. Some fields of “science”, such as climatology, are densely populated by such poseurs who play with computer models and participate in political polemics, rather than doing valid science.

What is Valid Science?

Science is primarily a verb, rather than a noun. It is a particular method, or way of doing things. Here are some basic principles of science:

§1 A scientific argument consists of clearly stated premises, inferences and conclusions.

§2 A scientific premise is verifiable. Premises and their sources are identified and readily available for independent verification.

§3 A scientific inference is logically valid.

§4 A scientific conclusion is deduced by application of axioms, definitions and theorems or measured properties and scientific concepts that have already been verified or validated.

§5 A scientific concept consists of statements that are logically valid conclusions deduced from premises that are themselves logically valid conclusions, axioms, definitions or theorems.

§6 A scientific concept is well-defined and has a well-defined capability of prediction within a well-defined context.

§7 A scientific concept can only be validated by comparison of predictions deduced from that concept with measurement results. Whenever predictions differ from measurement results, by more than the combined uncertainty of the measurement results and the claimed capability of the concept, there must be something wrong with the concept – or the test of it.

§8 A scientific concept can only be referred to as validated for the context covered by the validating tests.

§9 A scientific statement is based on verifiable data. Data and precise information about how that data was obtained are readily available for independent verification. Whenever data are corrected or disregarded, both uncorrected and corrected data are provided together with a scientific argument for the correction.

§10 A scientific measurement report contains traceable values, units and stated uncertainty for well-defined measurands in a well-defined context.

§11 A scientific prediction report contains values, units and claimed capability for well-defined measurands in a well-defined context.

Unless a person follows guidelines or principles such as those listed above — contained in sources such as  …   Responsible Science, Volume I: Ensuring the Integrity of the Research Process; Panel on Scientific Responsibility and the Conduct of Research,  Singapore Statement on Research Integrity,  EPA’s Principles of Scientific Integrity, Max Planck Society – Rules of good scientific practice or  The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, etc., he is unlikely to be “doing science,” and does not qualify as being a scientist.

Academics, Journalists, Politicians, Attorneys, Salesmen … All Lie for a Living

Much of the modern world is built upon pretense and deception. Such double-dealing is expected in politics, journalism, advertising, sales, law, academics, etc. But we expect better from our “scientists”, engineers, physicians, dentists, welders, electricians, mechanics, and plumbers — people who should know what they are doing and are held responsible for their work.

Academic “scientists” are largely held responsible for obtaining grants and getting published. Even if everything they say and publish is a lie or otherwise misleading, they are considered to be “successful scientists” if only they can obtain tenure and publish the requisite number of journal articles. But lately in addition, they are being required to pledge allegiance to groupthink dogmas and political correctness — things which should not be a part of a professional “scientists'” portfolio.

In a Corrupt Rent-Seeking Culture, Status is Everything; Integrity is Nothing

Mainstream culture celebrates everything that glitters — whether or not it is actually golden. From professional athletes to professional hucksters, if the mainstream bullhorns support a person or a cause, it has a good chance of succeeding — at least until the spotlight turns to something more novel and less stale.

Unfortunately, modern educational systems have become an integral part of this decadent mainstream culture. This means that graduates of mainstream educational systems are drawn to the celebrity mainstream — whether in science, journalism, or most any other line of work. Such a “status culture” leads its adherents to cut corners in the quest for celebrity status.

One sign of the corrupting effect on science of the status culture, is illustrated in the website “Retraction Watch.” Retraction Watch is a timid attempt to reveal scientific fraud. Such a halfhearted attempt can only barely scratch the surface — but a deeper penetration and exposure of scientific fraud would likely reveal much more about today’s backstage controllers of culture than would be healthy for any investigator.

Real Science is Harder Than Most “Scientists” Can Do

The discipline of good science is heavy and hard. Doing good science is not something that most citizens can do — just like doing world class neurosurgery or flying a supersonic fighter in a hostile environment are things that most citizens cannot do.

Unfortunately, universities have lowered their standards for accepting students and for granting degrees — for reasons economic and political. Many modern science graduates should never have been admitted to a rigorous programme of higher education to begin with. For students of low aptitude and poor disposition, there are areas of “science” which are highly politicised, which welcome them with open arms. Areas dealing with “climate,” “the environment,” “sustainability,” and the like are representative of these dumbed-down areas of pseudoscientific “science.”

And as one would expect, such persons are often the first ones to be called to testify for a congressional committee, or to be quoted in a mainstream media story. The status culture supports its own, regardless of scientific or logical validity.

Is it possible that much — or most — of the hundreds of $billions spent recently on science has been misallocated or even totally wasted? It is difficult to say. It is likely that no one wants to look very closely at the question, for fear of what may be revealed unwittingly. Damage control and coverups take time to put into place, and in the age of the internet, non-sanctioned news can travel at lightspeed — and be very difficult to eradicate completely from the net.

Today’s university professor, administrator, staff, student, and graduate, all feel that rules — such as scientific standards of conduct — are meant to be broken. Particularly if breaking the rules can advance a person’s status and success level. In such a status and celebrity culture, is it any wonder that Nobel prizes go to puffballs such as Obama or the IPCC? “Image is Everything,” as they say in elite circles.

And yet in the world outside of politics, journalism, university, and law, in a world where reality means something and failure can result in clearly attributable mass deaths — science is a verb, not a noun. Good science can be done by anyone — science degree or not — if they follow the rules.

If humans truly want an abundant and expansive future, they will need to turn away from the status-conscious celebrity culture of groupthink, and learn to tune in to the real universe and the discipline that such a tuning will require.

Science is a matter of evidence, not what a majority of scientists think…. The notion of a monolithic “science,” meaning what scientists say, is pernicious and the notion of “scientific consensus” actively so. The route to knowledge is transparency in disagreement and openness in debate. The route to truth is the pluralist expression of conflicting views in which, often not as quickly as we might like, good ideas drive out bad. There is no room in this process for any notion of “scientific consensus.”
__ “Scientific Consensus” is an Oxymoron quoting John Kay of the Financial Times

Science is all about proving the old paradigm wrong, about destroying the consensus. Anyone who persecutes heretics in the name of consensus is no scientist.

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China’s Shaky Foundations: A World at Risk

China Debt Exponential Growth Danger

The world is watching China’s credit explosion, wondering how it will all end. It is a cold comfort that some of the same institutions that denied the subprime crisis of 2007-2008 are now denying a crisis of Chinese debt.

Speculative Frenzy Built on Exponential Debt Rise

much of the lending appears to represent a speculative frenzy, often involving residential real estate, that has become of increasing concern to some Chinese officials, bankers and economists.

… Shadow banking, or lending that takes place outside official banking channels, plays a major role in the Chinese economy, where big government-controlled banks are often slow to lend to private businesses and entrepreneurs. But experts worry that untrammeled shadow lending could lead to ticking time bombs that could threaten the financial system of the world’s second-largest economy. __ NYT

It is not only residential real estate that has been experiencing a frenzied, near mindless speculation in China. Debt accumulating beneath the behemoths of Chinese state owned enterprises represents an out of control risk to China’s economic future.

Not all speculative frenzies are created equal. If large numbers of savvy investors are free to invest in enterprises that offer high payoffs, a significant number of successes are likely — possibly lifting entire economies to a higher plateau of well-functioning and self-reinforcing capital systems. A number of countries have undergone “investment-led” financial booms over the past 100 years “including Germany in the 1930s, the Soviet Union in the early Cold War period, Brazil during the Brazilian miracle, South Korea after the Korean War, Japan before 1990, and China today—to name just the most important and obvious cases.” source

The US remains the most famous and enduring of the investment-led national economic booms:

the American financial system in the nineteenth century… was chaotic, prone to crises, mismanaged, and often fraudulent; yet the United States grew very rapidly during that time.

___ Michael Pettis

Indeed, the US in the 19th century grew from being an impoverished hodge-podge of conflicted ex-colonies to become the most wealthy nation on the planet. At the beginning of the 19th century, the US was little more than a mismatched set of raggedy former colonies, huddled along the Eastern seaboard of North America. By the end of the 19th century — despite a catastrophic mid-century civil war — the US had become a coast-to-coast commercial, financial, and industrial juggernaut.

The “wild west” nature of American finance throughout the explosive growth of the 19th century is part of the reason why the US grew so far, so quickly. But American finance incorporated an openness and a discipline — simultaneously — that the Chinese system lacks.

In the 19th century high-growth American financial system, private investment in high risk technology and infrastructure typically led government investment — often by a wide margin of time and dollar quantities. This is in contrast to the Chinese system, where government banks drive investment in infrastructure based upon political reasons.

In 19th century America, when ventures failed bad loans were written down almost immediately, and liquidated. That way the pain of failure was borne by investors quickly, and written off. This rapid casting off of the chains of past failures allowed 19th century America to move on from failed enterprises to future inventions, innovations, and enterprise. But China cannot do this, since so much of the failed and unnecessary industrial and infrastructure investment is tied up with the personal wealth of party officials at all levels of government.

… the American financial system then (and now) has been very good at providing money to risky new ventures. It provides capital on the basis not only of asset value but, more importantly, on future growth expectations, and risk-taking has been actively rewarded. In China, it isn’t clear that this is the case at all. Chinese banks favor large, well-connected, and often inefficient giants at the expense of risk-takers. ___ Source

The Consolidation of Power and Wealth by Xi Jinping

Long before the reign of Xi, Chinese wealth had become consolidated in the hands of high level government and military officials. But thanks to Xi’s “reforms,” final control of virtually all wealth and power now flows through the central party offices in Beijing.

So after five years of Xi, his main accomplishments seem to have been to consolidate his power while satisfying people’s desire for social change through crackdowns and promoting traditionalism. The problem is that these efforts come at the expense of actual reforms…

… The complete failure to reform the economy means that the government’s argument about low growth—that China’s economy has slowed only temporarily while the economy restructures—appears less and less plausible. Instead, what could be happening is that the country’s inability to reform further is sending it into the feared middle-income trap—a country that cannot take the next step to become a truly prosperous society. __ NYBooks

China economic specialist Michael Pettis has begun a series of essays looking at historical examples of “rapid-growth” economies over the past few centuries, and what ultimately became of them. His informed approach to economic history allows us to speculate in a more intelligent way regarding the fate of China’s ongoing drive for global prominence.

Looking at government-driven infrastructure spending, for example:

… there is a natural limit to infrastructure spending, and this limit is often imposed by institutional distortions in the market economy. When this natural limit is reached, more investment in infrastructure can be wealth-destroying, not wealth-enhancing, in which case it is far better to cut back on investment and to focus on reducing the institutional constraints to more productive use of capital, such as weak corporate governance and a weak legal framework. The pace of infrastructure investment cannot exceed the pace of institutional reform for very long without itself becoming a problem. __ Michael Pettis

When China Was Forced From an Export-Driven Economy to an Internal Stimulus Economy

After the 2007-2009 global deleveraging crisis, China’s economy was forced to rely far too much on financial stimulus from internal infrastructure investment. Massive misallocation and overproduction followed from the tangled political influences which guided this ongoing monstrous infrastructure stimulus. As a result, ghost cities were built alongside bridges and railways to nowhere. Huge wind and solar developments were built but never connected to the grid, left to rust. More on China bubble

Real Estate Oversupply

David Stockman: China’s Monumental Ponzi Scheme

China’s economy has a certain resilience due to its massive size, and the incredible intelligence and energy of the Chinese worker and entrepreneur. Unfortunately, the rigid top-heavy Chinese system does not allow Chinese workers and entrepreneurs the investment capital and the freedom to produce and trade, which would allow the Chinese people as a whole to achieve the type of regional and global dominance of which they are capable.

Thus the very shaky foundations that underlie the system built by the Communist Party of China. No one knows when the fatal nudge will come, but the further Xi pushes his agenda of consolidation of power, the more brittle the Chinese system becomes in the face of inevitable external and internal chaos.


China’s economic boom was loosely based upon the investment model of 20th century Japan, which itself copied the economically successful 19th century US investment-based model. As discussed in Michael Pettis’ clear essay linked below, China (and Japan) left out a number of critical features of the US investment model, which allowed 19th century America to leapfrog the economic powers of Europe to become the world’s greatest industrial, commercial, and financial power. A deeper look.

Full reading recommended to better understand what China would need to do to avoid falling into its own trap.

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Climate Apocalypse Cult Built on Faulty Models

Why Climate Change Models So Badly Flawed

Climate is shaped by hundreds of factors, most of which scientists do not understand with any precision. In other words, most of the meaningful variables that contribute to the Earth’s chaotic climate cannot be well modeled. This helps explain why models fail.

The list of variables that shape climate includes cloud formation, topography, altitude, proximity to the equator, plate tectonics, sunspot cycles, volcanic activity, expansion or contraction of sea ice, conversion of land to agriculture, deforestation, reforestation, direction of winds, soil quality, El Niño and La Niña ocean cycles, prevalence of aerosols (airborne soot, dust, and salt) — and, of course, atmospheric greenhouse gases, both natural and manmade. A comprehensive list would run to hundreds, if not thousands, of elements, none of which scientists…understand with absolute precision. __ Source

IPPC Models vs. Observed Temperatures

Almost All Climate Models Fail Well to the High Side of Actual Temperatures

A group of scientists recently put out a new study confirming the 15-year “hiatus” in global warming. That study made headlines, but what went largely unnoticed was a major admission made by the paper’s authors: the climate models were wrong.

“There is this mismatch between what the climate models are producing and what the observations are showing,” John Fyfe, Canadian climate modeler and lead author of the new paper, told Nature. “We can’t ignore it.”

“Reality has deviated from our expectations – it is perfectly normal to try and understand this difference,” Ed Hawkins, co-author of the study and United Kingdom climate scientist, echoed in a blog post.

This is a huge admission by climate scientists and a big victory for skeptics of man-made global warming who have for years been pointing to a mismatch between climate model predictions and actual temperature observations.

__ Source

So What is Driving Climate Modelers to Pretend to Knowledge They Do Not Have?

The need to win research grants plays a part. Pretending to be able to understand and explain something will tend to win more grants than confessing one’s true ignorance and incomprehension.

…. about two-thirds of the models’ predicted future warming comes from factors that are not understood.

Now you can see why I said “You simply cannot do that”: When you get a discrepancy between a model and reality, you obviously can’t change the model’s known factors – they are what they are known to be. If you want to fiddle the model to match reality then you have to fiddle the unknowns. If your model started off a long way from reality then inevitably the end result is that a large part of your model’s findings come from unknowns, ie, from factors that are not understood. To put it simply, you are guessing, and therefore your model is unreliable. __ How Reliable Are Climate Models?

Problems in Modeling and Forecasting Climate Change
Climate Models Wrong for Six Decades

Below are a few factors involved in driving our chaotic global climate, along with level of understanding by science and degree of incorporation into models:

Factor Understood? Contribution to models’ predicted future warming
ENSO No 0%
Ocean Oscillations No 0%
Ocean Currents No 0%
Volcanoes No 0%
Wind No 0%
Water Cycle Partly (built into Water Vapour, below)
The Sun No 0%
Galactic Cosmic Rays (and aerosols) No 0%
Milankovich cycles No 0%
Carbon Dioxide Yes 37%
Water Vapour Partly 22% but suspect
Clouds No 41%, all highly suspect
Other (in case I have missed anything) 0%

Table Source

It is clear that since less important factors are over-emphasised — or misconstrued — in climate models, while more important factors are either ignored or their impacts distorted, that models have very little chance of representing real-world processes underlying actual climate change. But truthfully confessing their ignorance would not garner rich research grants to the grand collaboration, and would certainly not have won the IPCC the Nobel Prize.

This is not science, it is a cult. And since this cult threatens the world with an apocalyptic future if it is not given the power and wealth it demands, it is an apocalyptic cult. Further, since this apocalyptic cult deals with climate, it is most aptly labelled a “Climate Apocalypse Cult.”


Eminent MIT Professor Richard Lindzen calls global warming hysteria a “cult”

Climate Cult leaders gain status, recognition, income, and a sense of belonging

Similarities to the Jim Jones suicide cult

What makes this cult a cult:

1) The Cult’s tenets cannot be disproved.
2) Only the State as Church can redeem us.
3) Participation is not optional. Confiscatory tithing is mandatory.
4) Climate cult texts, idols, and all forms of worship will be tolerated in all places public and private,
5) All citizens will perform “regulatory penance.”
6) Failed prophesies are not evidence of illegitimacy.
7) Revered texts may be “reinterpreted” by Cult Clerics (see also: experts) at any time to ensure that the ‘evidence’ reinforces the belief system.
8) If you refuse to accept cult doctrine you are a denier.
9) Deniers may be pilloried in public, excommunicated from any scientific or professional community, may not in any number represent a consensus, must repent to be cleansed of their sin or take a vow of silence.
10) Deniers may be charged by the State with crimes against the Faith.

There is a new sheriff in the White House, and at least one of his deputies is taking aim at this cult-like takeover of much of US science and energy policy.

If humans are to have an abundant and expansive future, they must stop wasting resources and personnel on cult-like pseudoscience.

We’re gonna need a lot more guillotines.


Intentional global warming on Mars: Creating a backup planet in case of the next ice age. And then, there is Backup Plan B.

h/t FabiusMaximus

True Confessions of Climate Change Denier

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Green Energy is an Unimitigated Disaster

Residential Energy Prices 2016
In Germany, the world leader in green energy, electricity prices have now reached a level triple those paid in the United States. See chart. Imagine the anger here if middle-class Americans saw a tripling of their utility bills each month.

Germany, Australia, and Ontario — among other jurisdictions — made catastrophic errors in judgment when they committed their constituents to a dependency on unreliable, unaffordable, poor quality wind and solar energy. Now, these governments are beginning to pay the price for their ideologically-driven energy policy decisions. Some of them, such as Spain and Sweden, have been wise enough to begin stepping back from the precipice.

Sweden announced a decade ago that it was all in on green energy and launched a wind power program that the politicians have now had to embarrassingly acknowledge has become hopelessly expensive and inefficient. They are now shutting down wind turbines and the government will phase out the subsidies that have been lavished on the industry.

The EU spent an estimated $750 billion on green energy handouts over the past decade and what it has bought for that is a doubling of its power costs. This has given American steel, auto, light manufacturing, agriculture, and technology firms a big competitive edge in world markets. This is why European nations and Australia are understandably desperate for the U.S. to move to the same green energy policies that they adopted years ago. __ Affordable, Reliable Energy is a Life or Death Matter

Misery loves company. That is why Europe desperately needs for the US to jump over the precipice alongside her. Otherwise, Europe may have no high-energy industries left before long.

Germany is Losing Jobs in Multiple Sectors Due to Green Energy Overreach

Germany has been losing jobs in energy-intensive industries due to growing energy costs and increasing instability of the power grid — thanks to an over-penetration of erratic wind and solar energy schemes. What is more astounding is that even in the “green energy jobs sector,” Germany is losing jobs. All this, despite rocketing government expenditures on green subsidies.

According to McKinsey’s survey, there has been “a drop in the workforce in energy-intensive industries” for the first time in 2016. In March 2016, there were a total of 15,000 workers less than half a year earlier…

… For the time being, however, household electricity prices continue to rise, from 29.35 cents per kilowatt hour to now 30.38 cents. “The European average energy price has declined slightly over the same period,” the McKinsey study says. “Meanwhile, the price level for German household electricity is 47.3 percent above the European average.” The overall costs will thus continue to rise – by 14 billion euros by the year 2025. The costs then would be at 77 billion euro per annum. __ Welt via GWPF

Idiotic German government energy policies are destroying Germany’s power utility industry, along with all the industries that depend upon high levels of reliable, affordable electric power. These industries are slowly but surely packing their bags and moving away from Deutschland, taking their jobs with them. The Germans themselves are finding it more difficult to pay to stay warm through their long, cold, cloudy winters.

Now investors, workers, and taxpayers are counting their losses from the green energy disaster. E.on’s and RWE’s stocks have lost 80 percent of their value from the old time highs, as the two companies have had to adjust their business model to the green policies. Workers have been losing their jobs, and taxpayers are in for billions of euros to cover the write off of nuclear plants—E.on and RWE have won lawsuits against government.

As of German consumers, they pay one of the highest electricity rates in the developed world. __ Forbes

What Underlies Such Stupidity Across Europe, Australia, and Other Anglosphere Countries?

Across most of Europe and much of the Anglosphere, a cult-like ideological groupthink pervades most academic, media, and governmental discussions about energy and climate. The minds of journalists, academicians, bureaucrats, and political activists have been marinating in a vat of politically correct lefty-green distilled spirits for decades. These minds are now poorly suited for any work other than acting as part of the great green echo choir. Here is how college students are conditioned:

College professors are tasked not only with shaping the minds of their students but also setting the tone for the intellectual climate and cultivating a fully contextualized, long-term outlook when it comes to current issues. In many cases, professors have influenced or even directed student responses to controversies like the election of Donald Trump. (All of these trends, furthermore, are even more pronounced in our nation’s liberal arts colleges.)

So why should this set off alarm bells? It should do so because our nation’s professors have moved ideologically so far to the left over the past few decades that they have fundamentally broken with the broader American polity, and even incoming freshman that they hope to guide and influence. __ American Interest

Universities have become an ideological and philosophical monoculture, preventing young people from being able to develop their own minds independently from the moulding effect of highly opinionated and generally intolerant professors. Parents often go into debt into the hundreds of $thousands of dollars in order for their children to become indoctrinated into closed-mindedness. This process is often referred to as an “academic lobotomy.”

The same mind-set predominates in media centres, government bureaucracies, and in political lobbies/NGOs/activist institutes and foundations, across Europe and the Anglosphere. But despite the best efforts of this massive international echo choir, US President Donald Trump was elected in November of 2016, and the world of leftist groupthink may never be the same.

The great panic on the left and the resultant attacks on Trump are the left’s response to this fear. The left is desperate to prevent the light of consciousness from being directed at the intricate mental structure leftists have erected. Once a single pillar has been removed, the entire structure will begin to crumble, and it will become apparent that the progressive fantasy is merely a construction of ideas with no basis in reality.


Thankfully, President Trump has made it known that adopting more of the policy quackery of Europe — at a time when the U.S. Has more recoverable shale oil and gas and more clean coal than any other nation on the planet — is no way to make America great again. Europe is running away from the fantasy of green energy, and this is one rare instance when America may want to follow their lead. __ Source

Just a fraction of the costs of the green energy scam

The absolute waste of it all

Beware government mandates and subsidies

The Groupthink Cult at the Foundation of the Green Energy Scam

For far too long, one body of men, establishment climate scientists, has been permitted to be judges and parties on what the “risks to the Earth system associated with increasing levels of carbon dioxide” really are. __ Professor Richard Lindzen

The climate apocalypse cult comprises large numbers of self-interested persons in university, journalism, government, $billion environmental juggernauts, “science” journals, and other institutions of society. $Trillions are at stake around the world, and these corrupt and dishonest cultists will not hesitate to sacrifice the reliability of western power grids on the altar of ideological groupthink.

This quasi-criminal ideological cabal is at the heart of the green energy scam.

Science itself — as an institution, not as a method — is getting an ugly black eye from allowing itself to be corrupted in this manner. Clearly, we’re gonna need a lot more guillotines!

Technical Papers (PDF):

Comparing Costs of Intermittent and Dispatchable Electricity Generating Technologies

MIT: Managing Large Scale Integration of Intermittent Renewables


A clear and detailed explanation why modern wind turbines cannot reliably serve a public power grid PDF

Reliable, affordable, high quality electric power drives modern human civilisation. Maintaining the electrical grid is a life or death matter, and cannot be trusted to ideologues.

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Bernie Sanders Praised Fidel Castro, the Sandinistas, the Venezuelan System . . .

America Needs Revolution, says Sanders.

Bernie Sanders’ admiration for revolutionary socialism goes back several decades. In 1985 Sanders filmed an interview in which he expressed admiration for Fidel Castro, and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. More recently, he has admired the system of Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela, and other Latin American socialist paradises — all of which have failed or are failing badly.

Venezuela is Dying

Venezuela is a Real Riot

Venezuela is, however, a true global leader in violence. Shootings, stabbings, grenades, bombs, tear gas, kidnappings, gang violence, extortion; you name it, we’ve got it.

Senior Venezuelan officials traffic drugs and weapons throughout the Americas with bedfellows Iran and Hezbollah. While at a lower level, regime cronies and corrupt law enforcement agencies serve as local arms dealers, and soldiers supplement their wages through the sale of all sorts of weaponry and military materiel. It is therefore no surprise when criminal bands use grenades and automatic rifles to assert their authority, and exert revenge.

And why not? They can get away with it. Impunity is the name of the game in Venezuela. Over 90 percent of cases are never tried. And when impunity and injustice pervade throughout a quasi-anarchical society, the people inevitably take the law into their own hands. In recent years there has been a distinct rise in street trials, public lynching, and revenge killings involving blood and guts worthy of an episode of Game of Thrones, not a modern country. __ The Hill

This is Bernie Sanders’ workers’ paradise in the flesh. Like the failed state of Cuba, Venezuela illustrates the impoverished ideology of punishing success and rewarding corruption.

At Havana’s state-run retail hubs, reports Nick Miroff, “Customers with long shopping lists face no fewer than seven places to stand in line. One for butter. Another for cooking oil. A third for toothpaste. And so on.” The caption to a dismal accompanying photograph shows people waiting “hours for their government ration of chicken.”

This is what happens when central planners think they can allocate economic resources better than the unguided hand of individual free choice. Like any good scientific experiment, this one is easily replicated, and has been time and again. See, for example, Venezuela, which has now run out of toilet paper, tampons, and other basic necessities because some people there think they should make all the choices for other people. And yet for many, the repeated lesson still has not sunk in. In an unintentionally hilarious essay about Cuba not so long ago, one writer noted that “the people are hungry here. There are severe food shortages. I do not understand why a tropical island would lack fruits and vegetables . . . and my only assumption is that maybe they have to export it all.”

The cognitive dissonance when socialist theory interacts with the real world, is staggering. But if someone has never learned to appreciate reality even when it is punching them in the nose, he may not be aware of why he is feeling so dizzy.

One can understand this obstinate obtuseness in the very young. Socialism is often taught to high school and college students as the embodiment of good intentions, compassion, and “doing the right thing.” The sad, real world results wherever socialism is seriously implemented, are omitted from the history lessons, so as not to confuse the little biters.

But for someone to grow to the ripe old age of 75 and still be spouting the same gibberish, as if he had not been refuted by the real world every time he turned around, that requires a deep corruption and dishonesty of the soul which goes far deeper than your average judge or civil servant taking a bribe.

Bernie Sanders and the $15 Minimum Wage

Bernie Sanders publicly supports a national increase in the US minimum wage to $15 an hour.

If you are a manufacturer of robots, it makes sense to promote a $15 minimum wage. Robot sales would increase exponentially, and thousands of new uses for robots would be found inside every industry which employs minimum wage workers.

But unfortunately, large numbers of low wage workers would lose their jobs, tens of thousands of businesses would fail, and low-skilled workers of every age — but especially the young and late middle-aged — would find it impossible to get paying work outside of the black market and criminal enterprises.

Young People Who Have Never Studied Philosophy, Economics, History, and Psychology Deeply, Follow Like Sheep

News media coverage and academic teachings have failed to reveal to young people the inevitable results that come when a nation follows “the socialist way.” And so a new generation has grown up ignorant of the 100 million + deaths in the 20th century that followed naturally after the adoption of communism [PDF document] in China, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam. Far more than died from all of the wars in Europe and Asia, from the genocide of Hitler — more were killed by communist policies, under the banner of creating a socialist utopia. And apparently, socialism is not yet satisfied with past blood-lettings. The followers of Bernie Sanders will not be content with beating and pepper-spraying old people who support a form of populism which socialists don’t like.

Privileged young people follow Sanders like sheep, not understanding the movement’s ideological underpinnings and the world toward which that ideology is leading them.

A mild fact-checking of some of Sanders’ claims

Lefty-Greens Would Like to See 90% of Humans Die Off

The green leftist movement, the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, seems innocent enough. Their strategy is to stop all human breeding so that humans can die off, and allow the Earth’s natural ecology to recover to its pre-human pristine state.

Another leftist approach to generating a mass human die-off sounds slightly more realistic, and ominous. The scientists referred to in the excerpt below want to concoct a deadly virus to do the job.

Professor Pianka said the Earth as we know it will not survive without drastic measures. Then, and without presenting any data to justify this number, he asserted that the only feasible solution to saving the Earth is to reduce the population to 10 percent of the present number.

He then showed solutions for reducing the world’s population in the form of a slide depicting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War and famine would not do, he explained. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved.

Pianka then displayed a slide showing rows of human skulls, one of which had red lights flashing from its eye sockets.

AIDS is not an efficient killer, he explained, because it is too slow. His favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. However, Professor Pianka did not mention that Ebola victims die a slow and torturous death as the virus initiates a cascade of biological calamities inside the victim that eventually liquefy the internal organs.

After praising the Ebola virus for its efficiency at killing, Pianka paused, leaned over the lectern, looked at us and carefully said, “We’ve got airborne 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that.”
__ Ron Bailey

Apologists for Pianka and for those who gave him a standing ovation, protest that Pianka was “only kidding.” But Professor Pianka is not the only green leftist to go on record longing for a great human dieoff of 90% of Earth’s population or more.

If All the World Were Socialist, The Dieoff Would Take Care of Itself

The human population is admittedly too large for its “carrying capacity,” if all the world were socialist. The same is true for a world where the average human population IQ is 75, as in black Africa. In the socialist case, human enterprise and innovation would be intentionally hamstrung and electively lobotomised. In the case of low global average IQ, humans could simply not produce enough scientists, engineers, technologists, clever managers, biomedical providers and researchers, and all the other bright people who do the work for the less gifted 90%.

The dieoff is always there in the background, just waiting for “Atlas to Shrug,” or for the smart fraction to call it a day. A Bernie Sanders-style government would go a long way toward bringing such a thing about.

More: A few reasons why leftists have increasingly taken on the stench of dog shite recently

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The Incredible Shrinking Left

“We have to teach [people] how to communicate, how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white.”


The Left’s increasingly violent protesters are Trump’s greatest allies. This reaction by the American public is logical and just, contributing to the long stability of our society.


The Great Leftist Temper Tantrum Backfires

Beaten and Pepper Sprayed by Privileged Young Leftists
Image Source

Peaceful marchers are beaten and pepper sprayed by leftist thugs. Is George Soros happy with his handiwork?

Leftists in media, the Deep State, and on university campuses have gone into full derangement panic, as they rage from temper tantrum to temper tantrum — behaving simultaneously as thugs and spoiled children. They should not be surprised if such behaviours cause public opinion to turn against them.

[Leftists] mystified by the election of Donald Trump might look to the Middlebury assault—in which Charles Murray was shouted down and physically pursued as he left campus while the professor escorting him was attacked and put in a neck brace—for a slice of the explanation. The answer may lie less in the grotesque conduct of college students awash in—wait for it, wait for it—privilege than in what the impassioned youth never said. __ Liberty Law Site

Are they trying to start a “civil war?” Apparently, yes. But so far much restraint has been shown toward these pampered groupthinking flecks of excrement and their backers. We can hope that provocateurs of violence such as Soros, Obama, mainstream media execs, Deep State operatives, university administrators and professors, and persons in both the Bernie Sanders camp and the Hillary Clinton camp will not get their fondest wish for large-scale bloodletting.

Some of this leftist outrage is clearly staged, astroturfed and financed by political saboteurs. But much of the violent and oppressive behaviour by leftists is a result of emerging threats to their power base and an eroding of their control of public speech and finance. The ability of mainstream media, Deep State bureaucracy, and university thugs to shut down free speech is becoming attenuated in the age of Trump. More on intolerant leftist bullying on campus.

The Left Expected to Control Speech, Policymaking, and Public Funding Indefinitely

Everything had been going so well for the anti-western left during the 8 years of Obama’s imperial reign. It has been a desperate shock to their systems to have to face the unhappy victims of their incompetent management, in the form of a populist democratic backlash. Reality sucks for those who cannot handle the truth of their own inadequacies and slippery grasp of the actual mechanisms of the real world. Fantasy ideologies eventually destroy those who never bothered to grow beyond their absurdist and delusional logic structures.

It Takes At Least 2 Years for Meaningful Reform to Kick In

When Ronald Reagan was elected almost 37 years ago, his much-needed reforms to the badly corrupted system of US governance took roughly 2 years to bring about a radical resurgence in prosperity and morale which lasted almost 20 years. The expected Clinton collapse never happened, thanks to the 1994 mid-term elections and the radical reformist congress which helped to reinforce and extend Reagan’s earlier reforms. It took over 10 years for Bill Clinton’s time bomb to go off.

The Clinton-Bush-Obama dynasty of incompetence has finally brought the corrupt zombie government back into a dominant position, and it is likely that violent turbulence in the system will result from any honest efforts to reform the Deep State and its many deadly tendrils extending into media, academia, the corporate culture, and all other cultural institutions.


Leftist media bubble exposed

The leftist bubble-reality encompasses most of media, social sciences and humanities in universities, Deep Government, nonprofit foundations, activist lobbies, NGOs, and the diversity racket penetrating all of the above as well as corporations. Consensus groupthink makes idiots of entire generations. Only those trained in sceptical contrarianism — such as Dangerous Children — will easily see through the ideological blinders worn by virtually everyone else.

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Is China’s Goose Cooked? And Other Bedtime Stories

Economically, China needs a powerful recession to get rid of businesses being kept alive by loans. Politically, China can’t afford the cost of unemployment. The re-emergence of a dictatorship in China under President Xi Jinping should be understood in this context. China is trapped between an economic and political imperative. __ Cooking Its Own Goose

China’s Goose is Cooked

China’s huge and growing “debt mountain” is unsustainable. China accounts for half of global debt since 2005, and Chinese debt has been increasing dramatically in the last few years.

Non-performing loans and bond defaults are mushrooming — especially in the “state owned enterprise” economic sector. Chinese investment is losing its punch, as it requires 3 units of currency to achieve 1 unit of growth. This means that failing enterprises must take out new loans to pay the interest on previous loans. This situation is sometimes referred to as a debt pyramid, or credit bubble.

Without the election of President Trump, China could have limped along for another 4 or 5 years without serious reforms, as its debt mountain continues to build. But with the election of US President Donald Trump, China is in great difficulty. President Trump’s threats to rejuvenate US manufacturing and to meet Chinese tariffs with new tariffs of his own — tit for tat — represent a huge threat to China’s economic (and military) plans.

The Chinese economy is experiencing a real and worrisome slowing — slow enough that even defence spending must be slowed. It is generally believed by wise China observers that China will grow old before it grows wealthy, on a per capita basis. The Chinese workforce is already beginning to shrink, as large population cohorts are ageing into the senescent years.

Notice the abrupt dropoff in population as the teen cohorts move into young adulthood.
China’s working age population is dropping off, representing significant problems for the workforce, agriculture, and the military.

China’s economic miracle, like that of Japan before it, is over. Its resurrection simply isn’t working, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Sustained double-digit economic growth is possible when you begin with a wrecked economy. In Japan’s case, the country was recovering from World War II. China was recovering from Mao Zedong’s policies. Simply by getting back to work an economy will surge. If the damage from which the economy is recovering is great enough, that surge can last a generation.

… China has a massive industrial system linked to the appetites of the United States and Europe. It is losing competitive advantage at the same time that political systems in some of these countries are generating new barriers to Chinese exports. There is talk of increasing China’s domestic demand, but China is a vast and poor country, and iPads are expensive. It will be a long time before the Chinese economy generates enough demand to consume what its industrial system can produce. __ China’s Continued Decline

China and Russia: 2 Nations With Neo-Imperial Ambitions Facing Economic/Demographic Straits

Although both China and Russia find themselves facing serious economic obstacles in their quest for neo-empire, neither nation has toned down its bellicose rhetoric or violent acting-out on the international stage. Russia is refining the accuracy and stealth of its nuclear missile forces, and China is attempting to build its own ability to project military force far beyond its borders.

Russia faces a severe reduction in its ethnic Russian population over the next few decades, especially in its working age cohorts. China’s demographic situation is not nearly so severe, although the impact of a shrinking workforce will put a painful squeeze on many of the CCP’s ambitions.

Innovation and productivity are both relatively poor in China/Russia, and entrepreneurial opportunities are restricted to the few well-connected persons at the top of these corrupt societies. In the face of shrinking foreign investment and reduced technology transfer from overseas, neither nation can expect to escape from the existential hole their respective governments have dug for their societies. Massive misallocation of resources into their corrupt military and propaganda sectors only aggravates the long term problems for these misfits.

Back in the US, Trump Attempts Radical Reform

The greatest fear of the American media, academia, and the Deep State, is that Trump might actually succeed in bringing about a much needed economic remodeling and rejuvenation in the US. Thus the deranged hysteria which dominates American media outlets, university campuses, and Deep State sleepers deep inside multiple government agencies and departments. And yet for all their efforts, these reactionaries are panicking and making mistakes that are likely to come back to haunt them.

Meanwhile, chief executive officer Donald Trump continues to follow his basic plan — to drain the swamp, kill the parasites, and create conditions for profitable commerce and job formation to return to the US.

The U.S. tax system has undermined capital formation by taxing productive savings and investment several times at high rates. The proposals to greatly reduce the corporate tax rate and to expense investment (an immediate write-off) will do much to make the United States internationally competitive again. These tax changes, along with a large reduction in individual tax rates that are above the long-run revenue and growth maximizing rates, will spur growth. The House Republicans have proposed a controversial border adjustment tax to fill a projected revenue hole from the tax rate reductions. It may be illegal under the World Trade Organization rules, and would be unnecessary if greater spending cuts were made…

As has been widely recognized, the United States has been suffering from a huge regulatory drag. Those responsible for producing all of the new regulations failed to do serious cost-benefit analyses and, hence, hundreds of thousands of regulations have been issued in which the costs far outweigh the benefits to the economy. The administration has already begun a rollback of the most destructive regulations, and a concerted effort to get rid of all of the counterproductive ones might add as much as 1 percent to economic growth.

Economic growth comes about from capital formation — the use of more and better tools, and more and higher-skilled labor. The labor force participation rate is at a three-decade low, indicating that, with the right incentives, there are many millions who might re-enter the work force. There are endless true stories about the mismatch between the skills that employers need and what people are trained to do. Too many young people are pushed into college where they take many useless courses — making them, in some cases, less employable — rather than obtaining a tech education or entering apprenticeship programs for which the Swiss and Germans excel. __ Roll Back the Constraints

Don’t Forget Immigration

What the US government could learn from Australia on immigration:

Today, after more than two decades of change, Australia maintains a list of skilled occupations for which practitioners get visa preferences. Applicants for visas must qualify by accumulating points for various characteristics, including competency in English, post-secondary education or certification in a trade, and a history of skilled employment. The emphasis pays off in workers who more quickly integrate into the country’s economy and boost its economic output. According to the Productivity Commission report, the median annual income of Australia’s skilled immigrants is above that of the population in general, while the income of those entering the country under family preferences is below the median. And family-preference immigrants have higher rates of unemployment than the overall population, while skilled migrants are more likely to be employed.

Reformers have tried to move America toward such a system, but opponents denigrate the idea as a violation of “family values.” When in 2007 Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy proposed reform legislation that would adopt a skills approach, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama objected, as did Hillary Clinton, claiming that the reforms would separate families. This idea, however, ignores the fact that most immigrants come here willingly, not by force; no other country assumes that when an immigrant arrives, he gains the right to bring over his entire family. Under most skills-based systems, workers who gain entry can bring their spouses and their minor-age children—but not adult relatives. __

Most intelligent and observant people now understand that it was former president Obama’s intent to weaken the US both domestically and internationally. Obama’s intentional degradation of an already corrupt and broken system of immigration is as clear an evidence of his malign intent as any of the dozens of other destructive policies that the former Illinois state senator foisted onto the longsuffering American people.

Useful reading to clarify context and expand mental peripheries:

The Great Equalizer by David Smick
The Accidental Superpower by Peter Zeihan

There are reasons why the US catapulted from a deeply indebted hodge-podge of small new world colonies to the wealthiest nation on Earth in just 100 years (1790 – 1890) — despite suffering a bloody mulit-year interruption in the middle of this growth period (US Civil War 1861-1865). The degree to which the USA represented a radical departure from the traditional way of doing things was reflected in the rapid rise from one of the most impoverished nations to the most wealthy nation on the globe just 100 years after the US Constitution was ratified.

There are four basic guidelines to maintaining [this ascent]: (1) guarantee the rule of law over the rule of personality, group or ideology, (2) keep knowledge open and transferable, while at the same time protect rights to ideas, (3) ensure peace and tranquility, and (4) have a private and transparent venture capital system that will make investments — and reap the benefits from those investments — based on the value of the project not on whether the project is politically well-connected.


And even now, over 200 years since, the “Accidental Superpower” threatens to extend its economic leadership for another century, if necessary reforms are carried out.

Unstable Eurasia Disintegration Alert

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College: Are You Just Wasting Your Time?

Worthwhile Degrees by Field Source

Worthwhile Degrees by Field

Not All Degrees are Created Equal

Some degrees allow students to pay back their college loans rather quickly. But more than half of modern four year degrees leave graduates competent to do little more than flip burgers, wait tables, or drive a shuttle van. Very few youth are prepared to choose a path through the higher ed labyrinth. As a result, hundreds of $billions are wasted in the US on non-performing degrees. The growing mountain of student debt that results from this societal ineptitude and government/university/bank collusion to defraud, is staggering.

… tuition is “on a runaway train” because the federal government is too eager to underwrite student loans and universities have no incentive to keep tuition affordable.

“What they’re trying to do is ask taxpayers to subsidize more kids to go to college, when they may not in fact need to,” he said. __ Source

As a result of college debt — particularly money owed for worthless degrees — contemporary youth are more likely to postpone their lives for lack of funds, sometimes indefinitely.

The standard repayment plan for federal student loans puts borrowers on a 10-year track to pay off their debt, but research has shown the average bachelor’s degree holder takes 21 years to pay off his or her loans. __ Source

There are Alternatives to this Treadmill to Nowhere

A tremendous disconnect between the US educational system and the real world of work and commerce

When young people are shunted through a mass production educational system that disregards the student’s needs and misjudges real-world demand, the resulting waste of human potential is incalculable. Alternatives to the university system abound, which would better suit roughly 75% of young people who are realistically unsuited for college — or have no interest in higher education.

Encouraging students to consider the trades and parents to give their children the money they would spend on a four-year college degree to put a down payment on a house might be a better use of finite economic resources. The alternative of forcing the proverbial square peg into a round hole will condemn another generation to student debt slavery forcing them to put off buying a home or getting married.

… The root of the problem is intervention by the federal government in providing student loans. Since 1965 when President Johnson signed the Higher Education Act tuition, room, and board has increased from $1,105 per year to $18,943 in 2014–2015. This is an increase of 1,714 percent in 50 years. In addition, the Higher Education Act of 1965 created loans which are made by private institutions yet guaranteed by the federal government and capped at 6.8 percent. In case of default on the loans, the federal government — that is, the taxpayers — pick up the tab in order for these lenders to recover 95 cents on every dollar lent. Loaning these funds at below market interest rates and with the federal government backing up these risky loans has led to massive malinvestment as the percentage of high-school graduates enrolled in some form of higher education has increased from 10 percent before World War II to 70 percent by the 1990s. __ Source

Kids go to college these days to learn to binge, fornicate, and receive an indoctrination in lifelong incompetence.

The above aphorism is true for many, but not for all college students. For some, getting a four year degree is worthwhile, and opens the way to a lifetime of real world learning, living, and accomplishment. But for far too many, the college experience becomes a gateway to indebtedness and the first of many failed expectations.

Most children are indoctrinated by the triumvirate of corruption: mass media, government, and the school systems. Today’s parents tend to hand over control of their children to society — from daycare to university. A weakening and eventual breakdown of society is the clear result.

Student Loan Debt Statistics

More articles on alternatives to college on The Dangerous Child blog

Remember: Dangerous Children master at least three ways of supporting themselves financially by the age of 18. At that point, if they wish to pay their way through college, they can afford it. They might also receive the equivalent of several advanced degrees in science, engineering, information technology, or other substantial fields via online training, at a very low cost. But more likely, they will invest and start a number of businesses and build an independent income base at a relatively early age. Most will likely then go on to network with others like themselves, in order to build a more abundant and expansive human future.

The choice is clear: Continue allowing government, big education, and big finance to destroy the futures of the young — or begin instilling competence and mastery into children from an early age and let the wise and skillful children and youth take control of their own futures from a position of strength.

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Ugly US Economy Wins “Least Ugly Economy” Beauty Contest

By some measures, the US is neither the most productive economy nor the most innovative per capita. The US government is mired deeply in exponentially expanding debt, and US society is undergoing a demographic decline of a dysgenic nature. And yet a growing flood of foreign money is pouring into the US, and there is no sign of any slowing in foreign investment. In the global quest for a safe haven there is a perception that as bad as the US economy has been, every other economy in the world is worse.

Since the 2008 financial crisis foreigners have been big buyers of everything American… Foreign investors yearn for safety but also sense something else — that America may be poised for extraordinary economic achievement. __ Chapter 8 : A Nation of Dreamers
The Great Equalizer by David M. Smick


Roots of Innovation Source

Roots of Innovation

The more socialist and corrupt countries — such as Bernie Sanders’ darling Venezuela — stifle innovation and bedevil living standards at all levels besides the corrupt elites at the very top.

Even in the Ugly Obama Economy, the US Led in Foreign Direct Investment

The US leads all other nations in foreign direct investment, followed by Hong Kong, China, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Canada, and Singapore, to round out the top 10. Source: Foreign Direct Investment Wikipedia

The US takes the leading position, not because the US system is so attractive, but because other systems are uglier.

But now, with the prospects of a significant overhaul in the US tax code along with several other US government policy changes meant to bring multinational investment and capital to the US, the chances of a significant boost in the outlook of the US economy are growing better.

The story below illustrates just one large venture capitalist who is poised to invest in the US economy, now that the tables are turning in favour of enterprise and commerce, for a change.

The world’s largest technology investor is preparing to ramp up his bet on the Trump economy.

Masayoshi Son, the billionaire technology entrepreneur from Japan, promised President Trump late last year that he would create 50,000 new jobs in the United States through a $100 billion technology fund.

Now, Mr. Son and his financial advisers are weighing several major possible deals… __ Source

Mr. Son is not alone in choosing to invest in an economic resurgence in North America. The reasons for Son’s investment optimism would be clear to anyone who had read just two recent books: Peter Zeihan’s “The Accidental Superpower,” and David Smick’s “The Great Equalizer.”

Optimism does not come easily to those raised on the tainted milk of jaded journalism and ubiquitous societal cynicism. But a steady diet of popular cynicism too often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and one of today’s most insidious stunter of minds.

Cutting Through the Intentional Sabotage by Angry Sore Losers

The concern triggered by Trump’s election stems in no small part from the rise of what I call “Trumpology” – the incessant scrutiny of Trump’s personality, his statements, and his tweets. Trumpology is a new growth industry and the media embraces it because it fits their definition of a newsworthy story perfectly. Trump’s communications generate all the criteria journalists look for in a good story: conflict, anxiety, comedy, theater, and outrage. This helps media companies, even those attacked by Trump, sell advertising like hotcakes. Many experts now spend their time putting Trump’s words under the microscope, seeking to identify all the disasters they might create. In addition, psychologists have been busy analyzing his personality and upbringing in order to explain why he is acting so weird. __

Under Obama, US government spending raised the national debt to $20 trillion, more than double where it was when Obama’s first term began. Government spending profligacy was combined with anti-business policies which would have eventually destroyed the US economy — with only the well-connected elites at the very top of the system left relatively unscathed. To most observors, there seems no clear way out from this dead-end trap of exponential growth in government debt and spending.

The only way for the US to emerge from Obama’s avalanche of death-by-snowballing-debt is to create the conditions under which the private sector US economy can grow in a rapid but sustainable manner. If the incentives are properly set, the boom can go on — with occasional minor corrections — for decades. At the same time, US government regulations and spending must be put to the sharp scalpel and cut to the bone of bare necessity.

In addition, the US needs to surmount the political losers’ attempts to sabotage society and the economy. Here are some examples of how the current political opposition is marginalising itself:

Beware pepper spray in hands of deranged political agitators

Hyperbolic outrage backfires

With All the Violent Bernie Sanders Supporters Running About, Some Useful Tips

Stupid Outrage (via gunfreezone)

Analysis of Left’s mob violence at Middlebury, their fast track to irrelevance.

The more temper tantrums and misfires the leftist opposition attempts, the more marginalised they make themselves. Bad enough that they are abysmally ignorant of philosophy, economics, history, and evolutionary psychology. By diving headfirst into the shallow pool of violent destructiveness and uninformed belligerent activism, they freeze themselves at the lowest levels of ignorance and incompetence.

If the US left wishes back into the game, they will need to relent to constructive engagement, rather than their repeated attempts to blow things up and burn things down.

More on innovation and intellectual property index rankings:

Being Least Ugly is Cold Comfort

Escaping The Obama Curse Image Source

Escaping The Obama Curse
Image Source

By the criterion of adult work rates, by contrast, employment conditions in America remain remarkably bleak. From late 2009 through early 2014, the country’s work rates more or less flatlined. So far as can be told, this is the only “recovery” in U.S. economic history in which that basic labor-market indicator almost completely failed to respond.

Call it the “non-recovery recovery.” Obama never meant for the US to escape eternal stagnation, and under a President Sanders or President H. Clinton, it never would.

If the Trump administration receives sufficient cooperation from the Congress and the courts to unleash North America’s pent-up entrepreneurial energy and sequestered capital, the US may yet grow its way into another few decades of boom years, similar to what happened after the Reagan reforms, lasting two decades or so. Of course, one would need to actually read books with a solid knowledge foundation and an open mind to know what happened to turn the US around from the universal malaise of the 1970s to the optimism of the 1980s and beyond.

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Elusive Fusion Power: Our Greatest Challenge? It Will Not Invent Itself

We seek him here, we seek him there,
Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven? — Is he in hell?
That damned, elusive Pimpernel __ The Scarlet Pimpernel

Controlled nuclear fusion is like the Scarlet Pimpernel: damned elusive, and furiously sought by the French, among others. But the massively exorbitant effort to harness fusion that is located in France, looks ever more elusive by the year.

Perhaps what is needed is a more clever approach (or approaches).

h/t The Fusion Blog

Nuclear Fusion Offers the Highest Energy Density of Current Approaches

Nuclear fusion is commonplace inside the core of stars. But down here on Earth, fusion is far more difficult to control where humans make their homes. But the quest is worth pursuing, given the quantities of energy involved.

The chart below displays a number of current and past approaches to earth-based nuclear fusion for electric power and heat. Nuclear fusion is such a tantalizing prospect because of its potential to revolutionise human existence, providing unlimited heat and power into the indefinite future. Fusion is likely to be the primary power source for future human societies on Earth and in outer space.

Approaches to Nuclear Fusion Source

Approaches to Nuclear Fusion

Sure many of these ideas will fail, but if one hits net power, it will fundamentally change human civilization, forever. Fusion is coming along much faster than folks realize. It also has the potential to make a much wider and deeper impact on human civilization than most appreciate.


Look at the comparative energy densities of various forms of energy which are potentially available to humans, and notice the advantage that nuclear reactions provide. If humans intend to build a decent future for their progeny, they will take these things into account when planning their energy research budgets.

Energy Density Comparison from Wikipedia Fusion, Fission Orders of Magnitude Better than Chemical and Other Energy Sources

Energy Density Comparison from Wikipedia
Fusion, Fission Orders of Magnitude Better than Chemical and Other Energy Sources

A combination of nuclear fusion and advanced nuclear fission would provide humans with as much heat and power as they might conceivably need. The small amount of hydrocarbon power that might be needed for niche uses would be entirely unobjectionable to anyone with a working brain.

Clean, unlimited, affordable energy opens the door to an expansive and abundant human future. If, on the other hand, human societies follow the ruinous energy prescriptions of Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and the other usual suspects, their descendants can look forward to living in caves, in ever dwindling and sickeningly deprived generations, over time. Echoes of Kurt Vonnegut’s Galapagos.

Fusion in a quantum femtosecond

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A Place Where Rich People Feel Safe

Millionaire Migrants Source

Millionaire Migrants

According to New World Wealth, a market research firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the number of millionaires moving to another country jumped 28 percent in 2016 from the previous year, reaching the highest level the firm has found in its four years of measuring. Millionaire migration has grown 60 percent since 2013, the firm’s findings show, and there are no signs that it is slowing.

Andrew Amoils, head of research at New World Wealth, said he expected the ranks of millionaires on the move to top 100,000 within the next two to three years. __ Going to the Anglosphere

With so much of Europe and the emerging world in turmoil, those who can escape are seeking a safe haven for themselves and their wealth. The wealthy will desert a sinking ship in search of what they see as safer, higher ground. First they send their capital, then they send their families, and finally they jump ship themselves.

Money may not buy happiness, but it does buy the ultimate flexibility for making financial and lifestyle decisions.

For many of the world’s millionaires, money provides a highly effective means to escape their home country when times get tough. They can pack their bags, and move their family and capital to a location that will provide superior opportunities for prosperity.

According to a new report by New World Wealth, this couldn’t have been truer for 2016, as the amount of millionaire migrants increased by 28% from the previous year. __ Millionaire Migrants

Where Are Millionaires Going? Where Are They Running From?

Most of the BRICS, France, and Turkey are the biggest current losers when it comes to the millionaire migration. On the other side of the account, the nations of the Anglosphere are the biggest winners at this time. Overall numbers of migrating millionaires appear to be rapidly rising.

France is beseiged by immigrant violence. The flood of violent migrants overwhelming Europe is likely to drive many more wealthy Europeans out of the old, formerly safe countries to places of generally greater safety and stability. Turkey is experiencing instability as a result of tensions in government and by violent threats emanating from surrounding Islamic nations in turmoil.

There have been several terror attacks in France in recent years. And there are winds of political change blowing: Earlier this month, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen launched her presidential campaign with a hardline speech on immigration and globalization, leading some commentators to say Le Pen, if she won, could pull France out of the European Union in a “Frexit.” __ Marketwatch

Global Stability Map

Peter Zeihan’s map above reveals his expectations for future stability of world nations. Zeihan’s predictions generally match the data from the “Millionaire Migrant” infographic above.

Zeihan (like George Friedman) overrates Turkey, perhaps failing to predict Erdogan’s sudden lurch toward personality cultism and dictatorship, a la Putin.

As we at the Al Fin Institutes have been saying for many years, under current leaders the underlying foundations of the BRICS nations are brittle and unstable. Chinese debt and corruption are out of control, Russian society (and economy) festers from self-inflicted wounds, and India’s endemic corruption may be beyond remedy. Brasil has much agricultural and natural resource wealth, but its people are hopelessly mired in leftist incompetence and an unfortunate combination of debt and dysgenic decline. South Africa, with an average population IQ of 72, has gone to war with its “smart fraction,” never a wise strategy for achieving economic prosperity.

The long term health and stability of Europe depends upon whether the old countries still have enough wisdom in their governments to bring dysfunctional immigration and welfare state policies under control. Stepping back from the “green precipice” and the “climate apocalypse cult” would likewise infuse much energy and potency into the economies and peoples of old Europe.

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A Buzzing in Your Head: We Are All Cyborgs Now

Cyborg Transition: Staying Ahead of AI

A Stunning Evolved Intricacy Cortical Columns by Layer

A Stunning Evolved Intricacy
Cortical Columns by Layer

First We Learn to Understand the Brain

Three tech pioneers whose work can bring about the age of human cyborgs:

Tech Pioneer #1: Jeff Hawkins

Jeff Hawkins founded Palm Computing, and is currently involved with his cognitive science company Numenta — attempting to decipher the inner secrets of how human intelligence works. Insights from Hawkins’ research should help to design more intelligent machines — and better neuroprosthetic devices and brain machine interfaces. Here is a brief introduction to some of his early insights:

Hawkins’ List of the Functional Components of Intelligence

1) Networks of neurons that learn and recall sequences (required)

– Continuous learning, not batch (required) – Many simultaneous predictions (required)
– Robust (required)
HTM: active dendrites, synaptogenesis, no spikes

2) Regions that use sequence memory for:

– sensory inference (required)
– sensory-motor inference (required)
– motor generation (required)

3) Hierarchy of regions (required)

– number of regions (parameter)
– size of regions (parameter)
– connectivity graph (parameter)

4) Embodiment (required)

– sensors (parameter)
– built-in behaviors (parameter)
– emotions/motivations (parameter)
– episodic/spatial memory (parameter)


Understanding the intricate interplay of cortical and subcortical regions will give us a foundation for developing smoothly working neuroprosthetics and brain machine interfaces. Neuroprosthetics will replace lost functions in the disabled, and will enhance normal function for ordinary brains. Brain machine interfaces will allow humans to interact with machines and cyborgs both near and far.

Becoming Digital: Techno-Evolution for the Human Brain

Tech Pioneer #2: Bryan Johnson

Johnson, who made his fortune selling his payments company Braintree to PayPal for $800 million in 2013, doesn’t have past experience in neuroscience. He is, however, riding a new wave of interest from Silicon Valley. There is a growing fear, among some futurists and other Silicon Valley elite, that humans will develop a crippling dependence on machines and software that continue to rapidly accelerate beyond our capabilities and understanding. This is a fear not necessarily shared by the neuroscience community, which is less focused on enhancing human intelligence, at least right now, than they are on treating people with Alzheimer’s and helping paraplegics regain movement.

Yet the goal of Kernel, ultimately, is to allow humans to outcompete or at least co-evolve alongside machines — by becoming a little digital themselves. ___

Basic Brain Machine Interface Concepts

Brain Machine Interface Using Neuroimplant Source

Brain Machine Interface Using Neuroimplant

Early neuroprosthetics will help the blind see, the cripple walk, the dumb to talk and the deaf to hear. As the devices become more sophisticated, they will help the forgetful to remember, help ordinary people to learn and create, and serve to keep humans relevant in the age of rapidly advancing machine intelligence — according to tech megamillionaire and neuroprosthetic researcher Bryan Johnson. Advanced future neuroprostheses will help balance your moods, your sleep-wake cycles, and give you supercalifragilistic orgasms. 😉

The Neural Lace Neuroprosthetic Device

Tech Pioneer #3: Elon Musk

Elon Musk made his early killing with Paypal. He has since progressed to SpaceX, and plans to develop a human colony on Mars [and perhaps also the moon]. But Musk is very concerned about the potential for artificial intelligence to make humans obsolete. To prevent this, he has discussed an idea for developing a “neural lace” neuroprosthetic for sophisticated brain-machine interfacing.

Effectively merging in a symbiotic way with digital intelligence revolves around eliminating the I/O constraint, which would be some sort of direct cortical interface […] a neural lace. __

Neural Lace on Mouse Brain Source

Neural Lace on Mouse Brain

The brain grows literally throughout the neural lace. When it’s injected, this two-dimensional mesh ends up being like a cylinder that’s still a mesh, and it gets filled with the tissue. In some process, we don’t understand all the details, there’s obviously some regrowth, and some remodeling of the tissue refills this space where the needle initially moved all the tissue out of the way. Then you’re left with something where it’s interpenetrating between this roughly cylindrical structure of the mesh. You could envision co-injecting this network, the mesh or lace, with stem cells and literally regrowing damaged tissue. Using some stimulation and stuff, you could help to rewire this in the way you want—somewhat science fiction, but also not totally crazy. It’s certainly in the realm of what’s physically possible. __ Real World Neural Lace

The neural lace in the image was placed inside the skull of a mouse by the team of Harvard researcher Charles Lieber, interviewed in the article excerpted above. According to Lieber the device performed beyond his expectations.

Of course there is a big difference between placing a neural lace directly on the brain of a mouse, and doing the same thing for a living human brain. But these things must be done delicately, with baby steps.

What Does It All Mean?

On the one hand, the urgency to stay ahead of AI that is being displayed by Musk and Johnson could be dismissed as a form of Singularitarian “magical rationalism.”

This particular Singularitarian strain of magical rationalism could be glimpsed in Elon Musk’s widely reported recent comments at a conference in Dubai. Humans, he insisted, would need to merge with machines in order to avoid becoming obsolete. “It’s mostly about the bandwidth,” he explained; computers were capable of processing information at a trillion bits per second, while we humans could input data into our devices at a mere ten bits per second, or thereabouts.

But there is a lot more going on here than an unrealistic existential human angst at being replaced by our machine creations. We truly would like to be able to repair damage to our senses, and augment our cognitive and neural/motor skills at least as well as we can repair broken bones, torn muscles, or blockages in blood vessels. It is not difficult to see how neuroprosthetics and brain machine interfaces could augment our abilities to perform basic functions despite the ravages of time, and better meet our goals in the face of a wide array of challenges — including more sophisticated machines.

We don’t just want to hold onto our jobs against a flood of intelligent machines. We want to be able to devise and perform ever more sophisticated and potent tasks for ourselves — relegating even the brightest machines to subservient tasks where their lack of boredom and insensitivity to exhaustion make them ideal menial workers in courts, operating rooms, press conferences, and administrative centres. Augmented humans will have more important things to do in the larger world.

That is the hope, anyway. In the real world, any tool that gives elites in the ruling classes more control over those lower down in the power strata will be seized upon by the same people who use the “climate apocalypse cult” and other manipulations of media, academia, and bureaucracies of all kinds to keep the people in their place.

The threat of a more competent, creative, and aware populace can keep even the most assured elitist up late at night.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst

It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.


Tech pioneer Paul Allen’s contribution to cognitive science

Japan’s second richest man teams with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund to develop a computer chip with “an IQ of 10,000”

New technology replacing human workersthanks to jacked-up minimum wage laws. More good intentions on the road to Venezuela.


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War is Coming to Sweden Thanks to Swedish Government

… to accept there is a problem would mean accepting nearly 80 years of liberal thinking was wrong. … Multiculturalism doesn’t work …mass immigration does not lead to integration… Sweden has made a big mistake.

Read more: Source

Because Sweden Can’t Handle the Truth Must It Die?

Swedish detective defies bosses to tell the truth about migrant violence:

What I’m going to [reveal to you] taxpayers is prohibited … for us state employees [to expose].’

He wrote: ‘Here we go; this I’ve handled Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, off of, assault, violence against police, threats to police, drug crime, drugs, crime, felony, attempted murder, Rape again, extortion again and ill-treatment.

‘Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again Christopher… what is it true. Yes a Swedish name snuck on the outskirts of a drug crime, Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again.’

Springare said he was due to retire soon and therefore no longer feared the disciplinary proceedings which might be brought against a younger officer for disobeying their superiors and raising the issue. __ Swedish detective in Oreboro exposes government/media lies

“Swedish Crime Statistics Show Murder and Rape Up 70% Since Recent Migrant Flow Began” according to video below:

… people’s patience with their visitors is wearing thin following a year of violence, sickening sex assaults and the death of social worker Alexandra Mezher, 22, who was knifed to death at an asylum centre for unaccompanied children at the hands of a Somalian migrant who claimed he was 15.

At the time, her grieving mother, an immigrant herself from the Middle East said: “Immigration has destroyed Sweden.”

… the drain on the public purse remains high as fewer than 500 of the 160,000 2015 arrivals have managed to secure jobs. … the strain placed on the economy of the country, which was expected to spend about one per cent of its GDP on asylum seekers in 2016. __ Sweden Crumbles

Police are forbidden to report the magnitude of the problem — the Swedish government refuses to measure and expose the enormity of migrant crime being unleashed upon the population. Perhaps to do so would risk government officials being strung up by the lampposts.

Swedish criminologists and politicians have made sure that no new statistics have been released. Not a single recent research study in Sweden has attempted to estimate the causal effect of immigration on sexual assault or homicide rates. Parliament recently defeated a motion to produce up-to-date crime statistics based on national origin. We simply do not know what percentage of sexual assaults or homicides were committed by immigrants last year in Sweden. The Swedish criminologists and government officials who adamantly deny the effect of immigration on crime don’t know these figures, and strikingly don’t want to know.

__ Source

The author of the piece quoted above wants to have it both ways. On the one hand he admits that no valid statistics have been released. On the other hand, he claims that things are not as bad as “some people are saying.”

Sweden spends at least 1% of GDP on increasingly violent third world immigrants — roughly the same amount as it spends on its military. But Sweden cannot help but spend an increasing amount of its budget on the migrant problem — which is a ticking time bomb.

Swedes Drowning in Stockholm Syndrome

Watch the controversial “Stockholm Syndrome” video for yourself, and decide who is telling the truth, and who is covering their asses in desperate political correctness. Sweden is sowing a vicious future for itself.

Sweden’s suicidal political correctness and desperate denial of its looming demographic demise is reminiscent of similar whimsies of self-immolation being spouted by leftists across Europe and the Anglosphere. It is looking more and more like the largest problem facing the west is ideological leftism, followed closely by violent islamism, ballooning debt, and a general dysgenic demographic decline.

If Sweden is to Survive, Who Should She Emulate?

Swedes Need a Strong, Tough, Dangerous Militia Like Switzerland’s

According to Niccolo Machiavelli in the 15th Century, the Swiss were the most armed and most free people in Europe. Thanks to the Swiss policy of “armed neutrality,” Switzerland remains heavily armed and relatively free.

Since 1815 the Swiss have not fought in a foreign war, yet they have maintained the tradition of a citizen army and rifle and pistol shooting are among the nation’s most popular sports with almost every village having a shooting range, over 3,000 ranges in all.

The Swiss military forces are composed almost entirely of the militia. Only 800 out of 50,000 officers are professionals. They, and the recruits which happen to be training at any given time, are the only people in Switzerland on “active duty.”

The Swiss militia system is unique and is not comparable to the present Reserve and Guard forces in the United States. The basis for conscription is the constitution, which mandates military service for every Swiss male from age 20 to 50 (55 in the case of officers). There are no exceptions. Conscientious objectors are given a choice between Army non-combat units and jail. Those physically unfit for military duty but employable are required to pay a tax.

__ Swiss Report

Israel is another badly beseiged nation whose citizens are expected to be ready to take up arms against society’s enemies. Israelis have a far more realistic idea about who they are and who their enemies are. And so they are far better prepared than the Stockholm Syndrome sufferers-in-denial inside Sweden.

Swedes Are Heading for an Ambush and a War

The native Swedish people will not need to travel anywhere to go to their war. It will find them where they live. And it will stuff their PC denial down their throats — unless the Swedes quickly wake up and get Dangerous.

Being a Dangerous Child is about far more than being skilled with firearms and other methods of planned and improvised defence. It is knowing what is happening around you, and what is likely to happen due to the convergence of present trends in the near future. Being Dangerous means understanding both tactics and strategy, and having the competent skills and the hard determination to do what needs to be done — when it needs doing.

Sweden is Not Alone

One sees the same problems — and the same PC denial — in Holland, Norway, Belgium, Hollande’s France, Merkel’s Germany, and across much of Europe and the Anglosphere, often in leftist-ruled enclaves infested by radical feminist decay.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

More — The crime statistics picture in Sweden is intentionally murky, but demographic trends predict things will get much worse before getting better. Swedish women have few children, whereas third world migrants have many: Swedes are declining, violent newcomers are growing exponentially to fill Swedish birthing centres, schools, and eventually will infiltrate police and military branches.

Another look at the war by Sweden’s government against the Swedish people

No one in Sweden is taking the trouble to measure the impact of migrant crime before things pass the point of no return.

To isolate the effect of immigration on crime, we need data on crimes committed by immigrants. Obtaining this type of data is easy in the United States or Denmark, but not in Sweden. The last time there was an official report breaking down crime statistics by immigrant status and origin was in 2005, for the years 1997 to 2001. These statistics confirmed that immigrants were significantly overrepresented amongst offenders, in particular in committing violent crimes. The foreign born were four times more likely to be suspects in homicide cases than those with Swedish origin, and 4.5 times more likely to be suspects in rape cases.


Matthew Fisher: Trump was wrong on the details, but right about ‘problems’ in Sweden

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A World Ripe for Disruption

Global Economy  Visual Capitalist

Global Economy
Visual Capitalist

The global economy has been in a state of rapid ferment for several decades. Although the US has operated the world’s largest national economy for the past 127 years, some of the world’s other former economic giants are beginning to fade due to demographic collapse. And others, such as India and China, are hoping to challenge the US in the near future for the top spot in the rankings.

Much More is Happening than Raw Economic Outputs

In the world’s largest economy and sole superpower, a bloated and oversized government is heating to a boil. Trump advisor Steve Bannon is promising to pop the bubble of big government and its cronies, bit by bit, every single day. Brand new UN ambassador Nikki Haley is finally calling the corrupt consortium of international gangsters to account, and promising extra-close scrutiny of all future US funding of the crooked cabal on the Hudson.

The new US administration is putting a lot of effort into “draining the swamp,” on national and international levels. But US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin predicts that it will be the year 2018 before most of the growth dividends from these efforts will bloom.

US Energy Production is Already Surging

US hydrocarbon production is beginning to experience a new renaissance, led by US tight rock (shale) oil & gas. The impact of this US energy renaissance on global geopolitics will be huge and unpredictable.

US Shale Trajectory Peter Zeihan Geopolitics

US Shale Trajectory
Peter Zeihan Geopolitics

Saudi Arabia Accidentally Boosted US Oil Technology

Saudi Arabia’s price war inadvertently created a dream scenario for American innovation. What’s happening now is a leaner, meaner, greener set of technologies that is allowing shale to tackle what detractors rightly see as its greatest Achilles’ heel: high upfront production costs. Such tech advances comprise the bulk of shales recent price advantage. In 2012, before any of those technologies had been operationalized full-cycle costs were about $90/barrel. In November 2014, when the Saudi’s launched their price war, the full-cycle break-even cost across the shale patch was probably about $75 … by August 2015 that figure had plunged to $50 in the Big4 fields. As operators started to redesign wells with the entire lifecycle of production in mind, that per-barrel production cost for new wells dipped to the vicinity of $40 in November 2016. North American shale already is more cost-competitive than the global average. As these technologies continue to mature and play off on another, a price structure of around $25 sometime in 2019 seems within reach.

Your average well involves inputs from more than 100 companies from start to finish. With the technology that exists now, each well now likely can be relied upon to at least triple its long-term output compared to 2014 norms for on average less than a 50-percent increase in cost, with less surface infrastructure. __ Gavekal Capital blog via Valuewalk

US Private Commercial Space Enterprises Set to Grow

Next Stop: Cislunar Space Image Source

Next Stop: Cislunar Space
Image Source

Elon Musk’s SpaceX gets most of the attention, but a number of other US private space enterprises are developing ways to make the commercialising of outer space a viable enterprise. Bigelow Aerospace, for example, has devoted the past 16 years to developing safer, cheaper to launch, more affordable space habitats for orbit and for planetary surfaces.

For the last sixteen years Bigelow and his company, Bigelow Aerospace, have been advancing inflatable habitat technology. Inflatable technology lets you squeeze a housing unit into a small package, carry it by rocket to a space destination, then blow it up like a balloon. Since the spring of 2016, Bigelow, a real estate developer and founder of the Budget Suites of America hotel chain, has had an inflatable habitat acting as a spare room at the International Space Station 220 miles above your head and mine. And Bigelow’s been developing something far more ambitious—an inflatable Moon Base, that would use three of his 330-cubic-meter B330 modules. What’s more, Bigelow has been developing a landing vehicle to bring his modules gently down to the Moon’s surface.

Then there’s a wild card—Jeff Bezos. Bezos’ Blue Origin rockets already have a well-tested capacity to take off, land, then take off again. Which means that in the next few years Bezos’ rockets, too, could land cargoes and passengers on the Moon. __ How to Get to the Moon in 4 Years — to Stay

As NASA returns to its original mission and backs away from the climate apocalypse cult, prospects for human advancement into space suddenly improve.

Next 30 years?


Overseas, China and India have thriving space programs, while Russia’s space ventures have generally fallen on hard times.

Disruptive Technologies in Biotech

Gene editing technologies promise massive future disruptions on unimaginable scale

The Epigenetics Revolution will be an intrinsic part of the biotech explosion

Don’t forget stem cells. The promise of “stem cell rejuvenation” offers the possibility of a more vigorous and longer life. When combined with more efficient disposal of senescent cells, an ongoing rejuvenation of a person’s adult stem cells would boost cardiovascular fitness, cognition, strength, and a general youthfulness well into middle age and beyond.

Disruption in Manufacturing and Supply Chains

The 3D printing industry is rapidly emerging across many sections of industry and commerce With 3D printing, the boundaries between industries may begin to break down, as any company with advanced 3D expertise could move rapidly into almost any area of manufacturing and supply chain enterprise.

The development of polymer ink for 3D printing is becoming a multi-$billion industry and will continue to expand rapidly. And that is only a fragment of the 3D printing phenomenon. Metals printing, bioprinting, printing entire buildings – automobiles – boats etc. will lead to a profitable divergence across the 3D manufacturing field. And don’t forget home 3D printers for short-circuiting supply chains for the benefit of households.

Disruptive Technology in Commercial/Industrial Supply Chains

A brief overview of the many innovations flowing out of Israeli ventures. Israel is emerging as the most innovative nation in the world, for its size.

Slight Tweaks to US Tax Code Can Trigger Significant Disruptive Growth in US

The central economic goal of Donald Trump’s administration will be to boost U.S. economic growth. Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s nominee for treasury secretary, has said that the administration’s objective is to raise the rate of GDP growth to three to four percent, doubling the rate achieved over the last decade. This will be accomplished by establishing a globally competitive corporate tax rate, adopting a territorial corporate tax system, reducing excessive regulation, boosting domestic energy production, and introducing better trade policies.

The United States has the highest corporate tax rate of any country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. At 35 percent, the U.S. rate far exceeds the rates of the United Kingdom (20 percent), Germany (16 percent), Canada (15 percent), Ireland (13 percent), and many other countries. This high rate discourages investment, and reducing it will encourage it. The Trump administration plans to lower the corporate rate to 15 percent, eliminating the disadvantage for U.S. companies, making the United States a more attractive destination for investment, and creating jobs for American workers.

In addition to a high domestic corporate tax rate, the United States also imposes a 35 percent tax on repatriated foreign earnings (with a credit for any foreign taxes paid). This has led U.S. companies to locate their manufacturing operations abroad and to keep their foreign earnings abroad, as well, rather than bring them back to the United States. Few other countries have such a policy, and it is one reason why U.S. companies have parked an estimated $2.5 trillion overseas. __


Get rid of the state-sponsored barriers to growth. Then watch how these common-sense incentive-minded policies turn rosy scenario into economic reality.

Changes in policy could easily result in a return of many $trillions of cash, invested into an economy where opportunity, productivity, and disruptive innovation can once again rule. Remember: Most jobs are created by startups within their first 5 years of existence. Obama killed US productivity, industrial innovation, and the startup culture. A few tweaks in the underlying rules and opportunities can bloom like a meadow in spring.

Some Disruptive Innovations May Not Be to Our Benefit

Even a utopia under “The AI of Everything” may not be everything we have hoped for:

Are You Man Enough to Stand Up to the Future of AI Robots and Self-Driving Taxi-Drones?

… in the A.I. era, machines [will be] doing all the thinking. Because, over the decades, [we’ll have] gradually given up our autonomy, step by step, allowing ourselves to be transformed into A.I.’s docile, fabulously pampered pets. As A.I. whisks us from place to place — visits to family members, art galleries and musical events — we will look out the windows, as unaware of its plans for us as a poodle on its way to the groomer’s. __ Liu Cixin

Developed nations have already allowed their educational systems to be corrupted and “dumbed down” to the point that for most students and recent graduates, the brain has become a vestigial organ. Self-driving cars are becoming a necessity for short attention span text and twitter addicts, who would otherwise continue wrecking their cars and disrupting the lives of innocents on the highways.

Large scale national and international violent clashes are likely as disruptive technologies create radical changes in the fortunes of various populations, ideological confederations, and economic cartels. And certainly it is widely said that periods of peace are merely temporary interludes, necessary to allow nations to prepare for war. Anyone who makes plans in ignorance of the certainty of the war to come, lives in a fools’ paradise.

Disruptive Innovation Will Flow from the Developed World

But the developed world will not be safe from the many aftershocks of this disruption. If human populations remain mired in stasis, and fail to choose an abundant and expansive future, a lefty-green dystopia of destroyed opportunity, insurmountable debt, and dysgenic decline becomes more likely over time.

In the dystopian scenario, as jobless numbers rise across the globe, our societies sink into prolonged turmoil. The world could be engulfed by endless conflicts between those who control the A.I. and the rest of us. The technocratic 10 percent could end up living in a gated community with armed robot guards. __ Liu Cixin

Ordinary people will never be shown the underlying reasons for the destruction of their comfortable existences. Propagandists from government, media, and academia will do everything possible to keep the public’s eyes off the reality of ruling class malfeasance.

Perhaps it is time for a revolution of competence and contrarians?

The Dangerous Child Phenomenon Represents one of the few Countertrends

The Dangerous Child Method is based upon the teaching of broad based skills and competencies from the earliest age. Dangerous Children are capable of supporting themselves financially in at least three different ways by the age of 18. They are likely to form the nuclei of more competent communities and societies that will grow up quietly to largely replace the foundering mainstream society. The long term goal is to build a divergent, abundant, expansive human future.

US President Trump cannot save the mainstream society, although his stopgap measures may well buy time for the competence movement. But even if Trump knew how, he will not have enough time to reverse the lefty-green onslaught of drone-like groupthinking corruption combined with a massive global dysgenic decline of intelligence and executive function.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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Venezuela: The True Face of Bernie Sanders

Venezuela is the true face of civil collapse. Compared to that socialist paradise, the US is the picture of domestic tranquility.

Food and Medicine Shortages Desperate Socialism in Action

Food and Medicine Shortages Desperate
Socialism in Action

5 Years Ago Bernie Sanders Said that Venezuela is the True American Dream

In an essay lamenting what he described as the intractable income inequality of the American economy, Senator Sanders declared: “These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger.”

Despite receiving trillions of dollars in oil revenue over recent decades, Venezuela is in the midst of an unprecedented economic collapse, owing precisely to the redistributionist programs that Sanders has extolled as a model for the U.S. economy. Grocery store shelves are barren, hospitals have no access to vital medicines, rationing is under way, and riots have begun to coalesce in the streets of Caracas.

Ecuador’s President, Rafael Correa, is preparing to leave a country mired in a deep recession and facing a currency crisis. Like Venezuela, Ecuador has been ruled by a socialist government that was able to subsidize its social engineering projects through oil revenues. The end of the oil boom has left the government without the means of paying for its programs, and as Correa prepares to leave office – most likely turning it over to Vice President Lenin Moreno – he used a recent earthquake as a pretext for a huge tax increase.

Argentina, the third of Sanders’ economic role models, is a country with immense natural and industrial wealth that has seen its economy strip-mined by a kleptocratic government. Under President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the government’s official statistics agency, Indec, released a steady stream of fabrications to disguise the country’s decline – which were accepted at face value by credulous people like Bernie Sanders. __ Sanders’ Words Come Back to Haunt

Bernie Got Angry in 2016 When Asked About Venezuela by Univision

Sanders… has built his campaign on Chavez-esque class warfare and has similar proposals to massively expand the size of government. If Sanders’s socialist ideology was correct, then Venezuela would be a utopian paradise. But reality suggests otherwise. __ Sanders’ Avoids Acknowledging Results of His Own Policies

Of course he got angry. He is a socialist, among a group of corrupt and hypocritical politicians whose policies lead directly to ruin. It is the nature of politicians to lie and obfuscate, then to get angry when they are called to face their own words.

Bernie Was Not Alone in Praising Venezuela — Before the Inevitable Deluge

Dead Socialist Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez was praised throughout his life by many figures in academia, journalism and Hollywood despite his brutal regime.

This praise included Salon writer David Sirota’s piece after the leader’s death, titled “Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle.” In British publication The New Statesman, a headline as Chavez was nearing death in January 2013 was “Hugo Chavez: Man against world,” and its sub-headline read “As illness ends Hugo Chavez’s rule in Venezuela, what will his legacy be? Richard Gott argues he brought hope to a continent.” __ Praise from the Left, and Ruin of Venezuela

Caracas is the most murderous and destitute city on the planet — a perfect model of socialism in a multicultural society. Flush with oil but bare of opportunity, flooded with corruption. A socialist’s paradise to rival North Korea or Cuba.

What is socialism in Latin America?

[It happens when] the government taxes, loots, plunders, and confiscates wealth and regulates and controls economic activity. In doing so, it prevents wealth from accumulating. It keeps people poor. __ Enforced Socialism and Death in Haiti

This is what Bernie Sanders promotes in his hypocritical and opportunist quest to “equalise.”

Is Young America Falling for Socialism?

Respected demographic writer Joel Kotkin thinks that more and more young Americans are drifting back to a once discredited and unworkable system as a result of the trendy insider fad falling in behind Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. Other journalists throw cold water on such projections, and suggest that “big government” is becoming ever less popular among the young, judging by their actions in toto.

Under normal circumstances, young adulthood is the time when youthful sentiments are replaced by hard but workable strategies for succeeding — and procreating — in the real world. Under the Obama – Bush – Clinton dynasty, a destructive socialist undertow has taken over much of media, academia, and the Deep State of government bureaucrats and their wealthy crony enablers in the corporate and financial sectors. Young people are never exposed to the full range of ideas, for fear that they may learn to think for themselves.

It is natural to have socialist tendencies when one is young. “If at age twenty one is not a socialist, he has no heart. If at age thirty he is still a socialist, he has no brain.” Traditionally, young socialists who examine the real world more closely in adulthood, begin to grow out of the more impressionable sentiments of childhood and youth.

Unfortunately, youth are enmeshed so deeply in the ubiquitous and invisible leftist indoctrination, and distracted by brain numbing entertainments – social media – internet echo chambres etc., that they never read the books their minds need in order to build a foundation of human thought. Incapable of independent thought, they are prey to the professional elites who for the most part control the public thought waves.

Bernie Sanders is the Shepherd

The sheep are those who take him seriously. Venezuela is their destination.

Remember: Sanders is a US Senator (no administrative responsibility or expertise) from a tiny, sparsely populated state. Vermont’s population is largely lefty-green and can be accurately described as an “echo chambre” in terms of mentality. Sanders himself is a lifelong political activist and leftist revolutionary. He has no constructive agenda beyond revolution.

There is no evidence that Sanders took a bribe from the Clinton campaign, despite the fact that he bought a $600,000 summer home (more than his declared personal net worth) soon after endorsing the former Arkansas lawyer for US President.

More: Sweden is collapsing under a violent load of Muslim migrants

We have 50 no-go zones acknowledged by the National Criminal Investigation Service, and a crime wave so severe that Swedish MPs are excoriating the prime minister for “allowing Sweden to crumble into a lawless state.” __ Source

Besides Venezuela, Sweden is another foreign state in crisis which Sanders claims to admire.

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Pity the Accursed Black Man in the Age of White Privilege

Beneath the Blood, Beneath the Bones: The Abiding Curse

Africa Unplugged Why is Darkest Africa so Dark?

Africa Unplugged
The Dark Curse of Eternal Night

It is the sad misfortune of African-derived black people to be eternally saddled with a debilitating curse. The curse runs so deeply through the very marrow of black Africans — and bodes so ill for their future — that in the modern era of Orwellian “political correctness,” it has become invisible. Instead, the talking points theme for the masses has become the mirror image of the black curse: “white privilege.”

As yet another US Black History Month draws to a close, it is instructive to delve beneath the surface layer of words in an attempt to understand the mechanisms underneath, which drive much of what we see.

White Privilege is Real, But What is it Really?

White privilege: Barack Obama has it, Eric Holder has it, Colin Powell has it, and so do many more. Let’s look more closely.

The 5 women below enjoyed white privilege, although curiously, they are usually referred to as “black”:

Great Moments in "Black History" via TWCS

Great Moments in “Black History”
via TWCS

The above 5 women are acclaimed as being the first black female PhD, the first black female college professor, the first black female federal judge, the first black female State Supreme Court justice, and the first black female bank president respectively. Can you spot the “white privilege?” If not, it is because it runs deep beneath the skin, blood, and bones where the eyes cannot normally see.

These 5 men also enjoyed white privilege, although for political purposes they are most often considered “black”:

Great Moments in Black History Source

Great Moments in Black History

These 5 men comprised the first black cardiologist, the first black American Surgery Board member, the first black man to earn a BA, the first black man to earn a PhD, and the first black man to graduate Harvard, respectively. The “white privilege” these men enjoyed is likewise buried deeply within them.

White privilege exists, but only in relation to the sad accursedness of more unfortunate populations. In relative terms, people of European derivation are at a distinct advantage to persons of African derivation — in a modern world of sophisticated science and technology. This dispositional advantage is automatically converted in the course of time to greater achievement, larger wealth, higher positions, and a plausible outlook for ever grander achievement and expansion off the home planet into the rest of the solar system and eventually beyond.

Black Accursedness Leaves Black People Few Long-Term Options

Black Administered Societies Tend to Fail

… no one will talk about the painful fact that most African and Caribbean nations have either failed or are about to collapse.


Detroit in Ruins

Detroit in Ruins

African populations cannot produce enough engineers, scientists, systems technologists, medical researchers and practitioners, skilled manufacturers, technologically savvy entrepreneurs, honest politicians and law enforcement personnel, maintenance experts, or other competent persons needed to advance a high-tech society. Worse, such populations cannot even maintain such societies as they inherit. Thus they are doomed to an eternal death spiral such as we have seen in Zimbabwe, are seeing in South Africa, and are beginning to see in select cities and regions of Europe — which has imported dysfunctional populations under the smokescreen of “compassion.”

Occupations and IQ Requirements Average US Black IQ is 85

Occupations and IQ Requirements
For Reference: Average US Black IQ is 85
Average African Black IQ is 75

Those Who Can Do

Distinct human breeding populations evolved under drastically different conditions around the world. Natural selection placed different sets of problems in front of different breeding populations over the hundred thousand years in which different populations developed distinct external physical characteristics — and internal physiological adaptations. These populations did not solve the same evolutionary problems in the same ways: Himalayan tribes developed ways of surviving at high altitudes which are quite distinct from the physiological adaptations which Andean peoples evolved for the same purpose.

IQ by Race North America _ Wikipedia

IQ by Population Group _ Wikipedia

Cognitive evolution likewise displayed divergence, as the set of cognitive challenges for persons living in tropical zones was quite different from the set of cognitive challenges for persons living in temperate and high latitude zones. Cognitive capacities tended to “evolve upwardly” or “evolve downwardly” to match the level of cognitive challenge presented by the environment. Significant divergent evolution took place even over surprisingly short time spans.

Map of the World Reveals the Curse and its Economic Results

Economic Success Correlates With National Average IQ More at VDare

Economic Success Correlates With National Average IQ
More at VDare

The consequences of low average intelligence and poor prefrontal executive functions is open to scrutiny for anyone with the courage and the aptitude to study and understand it. Low IQ/EF societies cannot build sophisticated technology infrastructures, and if low IQ/EF populations inherit such infrastructure, it will rapidly decay without help from a residual “smart fraction” or from interested outsiders.

“As soon as we have problems, we ask someone else to take care of them for us,” Isaac continued. “We ask the Europeans. We ask the Americans. We ask the Chinese. We will run this train into the ground, and then we will tell the Chinese we need another one. This is not development.” I thought of the wreckage by the tracks. In China, there is no such thing as metallic waste. Armies of migrant workers scour the countryside with hammers and chisels, collecting and selling every scrap to the insatiable smelters that feed the country’s industries. Here, by contrast, was a land without industry. __ Atlantic

The “Black Curse” is Low IQ / Poor EF

Conversely, “white privilege” is relatively higher IQ (up to 80% heritable) and relatively stronger EF (up to 90% heritable). Although these comparisons are only valid in terms of side by side statistical analyses of large population groups, the real world consequences are stark and clear.

Can Anything be Done?

It is very possible that some of the problem with low IQ in black Africa can be mitigated by improvements in a number of environmental factors, such as nutrition, education, environmental enrichment, and a decrease of the in-group corruption that infests African societies so thoroughly.

But we also see that wherever blacks enjoy near-optimal nutrition, educational opportunity, and rule of law, they fail statistically to reach the same levels of achievement as other population groups who enjoy the same benefits.

SAT Scores by Family Income by Race Source

SAT Scores by Family Income by Race

The average American black IQ is 85, an improvement of 10 IQ points from the black African average. This is likely to represent a large part of the phenotype improvements possible within the African derived genotype. It is likely that other means to improve black average IQs will be found, over time. But in terms of “the gap,” as demonstrated in the graphic above, an imminent closing does not appear likely.

White Privilege is Real, Deep, and Invisible

And so we see that just as the “black curse” is real, deep, and invisible, so is white privilege. But it is important that we penetrate the surface deceptions of academics, journalists, politicians, activists, and other corrupt groups.

It is still not clear how much of “white privilege” and “black accursedness” resides within the genes, and how much comes from relative cultural functionality and dysfunctionality. In fact, the more we learn about gene expression, the harder it is to distinguish between culture and the mass effect of different genes in different breeding populations. Genes underlie culture, and culture affects breeding and gene expression. Both must be examined scrupulously, courageously, without holding back.

In North America, black culture is steeped in victimhood, and loudly demands reparations, preferential treatment, and a generally lifelong pampering far beyond what most reasonable persons of above average intelligence would consider beneficial for the long-term prospects of civil discourse and economic viability for society. We see the same cultural sickness spreading into muslim and black immigrant communities in Europe — which is one reason why populist anti-immigrant movements are experiencing a strong resurgence in old tired Europe.

As long as any high-achieving populations still exist that are willing to tolerate and fund the “pity party” of African-derived blacks, the party can go on. But it is a party that never gets anywhere, and acts as a perpetual drag on the society that is forced to finance it.

The Modern Story of Conquest has Much of the Trojan Horse Aspect to It

If not for leftist enablers of dysfunctional immigration from the impoverished third world to the more developed worlds, the prospects for an abundant and expansive human future would be far better. But western societies contain a fatal ideological flaw of self-hatred and faux compassion (disguised blind self-righteous obtuseness), which opens the door to cultural devastation and decay.

Long-term prospects for many nations of Europe and the Anglosphere are not good, unless they can tighten restrictions on incoming persons of low IQ, violent tendencies, and poor impulse control. Bad immigration is equivalent to a poisoning of the well, which cannot be easily unpoisoned.

It Should be Clear that “Accursedness” and “Privilege” are Relative Terms

Multicultural societies always stratify by historical breeding groups when examining factors such as IQ, crime, wealth, academic and professional achievement, etc. This should tell even the most obtuse leftist something about what is going on. In the US, the lines of stratification are usually drawn between East Asian, European, “Hispanic”, and Black populations. But in North America, the “mixed race” category is growing ever larger. If you take away the corrupt governmental advantages of claiming one racial category or another, the “mixed” category is likely to drift away from the current racial standoff.

As for the future, hang onto your hats. US and UK voters have expressed their discontent with the ongoing trends. Voters of various nations within old Europe will soon have a chance to express their own feelings at the polls. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.


Human perception influenced by perceived effort. Genetically programmed to laziness?

Maths aptitude and maths anxiety influenced by genes More

Can gene editing help? In the short term, caution should be foremost. In the longer term, gene editing is likely to be used more frequently to influence gene expression in embryos, children, and adults.

Where the black curse reigns, murder is found.

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Why the World is Turning to Coal: It Works!

Per a report from the World Coal Association, there [are] currently 861 billion tons of proven coal reserves worldwide, implying that there is enough coal to last nearly 112 years at current rates of production. In comparison with this, proven oil and gas reserves are predicted to last around 46 and 54 years, respectively, at current production levels.

Coal Turning Around

Massive Coal Renaissance in Asia

Just a few short years ago, few would have dared to predict that coal could have a future in the energy policies of emerging and developed countries alike. Yet the fossil fuel is undergoing an unexpected renaissance in Asia, buoyed by technical breakthroughs and looming questions about squaring development with energy security. __ Why is Asia Returning to Coal?

India, China, and Japan are turning to coal to power their industry and power grids for a very good reason: Coal works! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year, year after year . . . coal provides power and heat to drive industrial economies — affordably. The only other forms of energy that might substitute reliably and predictably in producing high quality electric power and industrial process heat, are other hydrocarbons — primarily natural gas — and high temperature nuclear reactors.

For the long haul, the orders-of-magnitude greater energy density of nuclear reactions makes them the long-term solution for human energy-power-heat needs. Modern coal plants which eliminate almost all genuine pollutants, should be seen as a bridge to advanced nuclear reactors of all kinds.

Germany Would Die Without its Coal Plants

Germany has been forced to open more coal plants to make up for the political closure of nuclear plants, and the inherent unreliability of its massive buildup of wind and solar installations.

Germany is giving the rest of the world a lesson in just how much can go wrong when you try to reduce carbon emissions solely by installing lots of wind and solar.

After years of declines, Germany’s carbon emissions rose slightly in 2015, largely because the country produces much more electricity than it needs. That’s happening because even if there are times when renewables can supply nearly all of the electricity on the grid, the variability of those sources forces Germany to keep other power plants running. And in Germany, which is phasing out its nuclear plants, those other plants primarily burn dirty coal.

__ Technology Review

No one in possession of the real world facts believes that steady and reliable coal plants can be replaced by innately unreliable wind and solar plants — particularly in an industrial export dependent country such as Germany.

South Australia in Serious Danger from Green Energy

Australia has plenty of coal, but politicians in South Australia have opted for an overreliance on intermittent, unpredictable, unreliable wind energy. Given the life or death nature of electric power for driving modern societies, betting it all on unreliable energy sources is the hallmark of ideological insanity. Heads should be rolling.

South Australia, the world’s renewable energy crash test dummy, is once again experiencing horrendous power price spikes and rolling blackouts, thanks to excessive reliance on wind, a lack of dispatchable power capacity, and high demand caused by a Summer heatwave… Wind power is only producing 7% rated capacity.

Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg blamed the blackouts on the SA government’s renewable energy target, which he described as ‘‘madness’’.

The rolling blackouts make a mockery of South Australian government assurances in December, that the state of South Australia has sufficient thermal power capacity to meet requirements. __ WUWT

Good intentions are one thing. Forcing your political constituents to commit energy suicide unnecessarily is something else.

Coal is by far the most stable source of energy. A majority of the coal consumed in U.S. is actually produced in America and at the same time coal industry provides jobs to thousands of Americans.


Coal is the Best Bet for Africa and Emerging World

Africa, with over 60 percent of its population without power, has told the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit last week that it will use coal to provide its residents with power, just as the developed world used the fuel for industrialization. As Tanzanian Minister of Power Sospeter Muhongo said, “We in Africa, we should not be in the discussion of whether we should use coal or not. In my country of Tanzania, we are going to use our natural resources because we have reserves which go beyond 5 billion tons.”[i] His country currently uses so little coal that at present rates, its supplies would last 50,000 years.

Tanzania is a good example of an industrializing nation in Africa that is attempting to move its population forward, and provide the benefits that electrification brings. Currently, only 24 percent of the population is connected to the grid (and only 7 percent of rural residents), and in order to develop clean water systems, pumping capacity is needed.[ii]


Only energy sadists such as Obama or Clinton would attempt to force unreliable, exorbitantly expensive, rapidly degrading wind/solar onto struggling nations such as those in Africa, Latin America, and the rest of the undeveloped and emerging worlds. Unlike the zombies of the political and bureaucratic worlds, Trump has actually worked in the real world and understands what works and what doesn’t to keep the world running. Coal works. Wind/solar do not work without massive government subsidies, mandates, tax breaks, and handouts — and ruinously expensive spinning backup from coal and gas plants.

Why Large Scale Wind/Solar are Incompatible with Power Grids

Two useful PDF reports provide important information into why it is so expensive and so risky to attempt to integrate large scale intermittent energy supplies such as wind/solar into a modern power grid:

MIT: Managing Large Scale Integration of Intermittent Renewables (PDF)

Comparing the Costs of Intermittent and Dispatchable Sources of Electricity Generating Technologies (PDF)

Unlike deceptive reports from renewable energy promoters and enthusiasts, the reports above look more deeply and honestly into the hidden costs and complications of unpredictable intermittency when forced onto critically important shared power grids. The advanced world can no longer afford to ignore the threats to their economies, industry, and critical infrastructure which are posed by expensive and unreliable electrical energy sources.

Any attempts to smooth the intermittency of wind/solar with energy storage systems would only add immense costs to the energy equation. Such an intentional retreat from affordability represents an attitude of combined suicide/homicide toward economies and energy consumers on all levels.

Greens would prefer to see the human population of Earth decrease by up to 90% or more. Knowing this, it is not difficult to understand why green politicians would promote energy policies that threaten to destroy the economies of advanced nations using pseudoscience such as the Climate Apocalypse Cult as an underlying rationale.

Without the global demand provided by markets in Europe and the Anglosphere, the economies of the undeveloped and emerging worlds would also collapse. In a world of universally collapsed markets, it would not take long for the horsemen of famine, plague, war, and privation to emerge and dominate. A human dieoff under those conditions would be certain, with only the magnitude and geographic scope of the dieoff in doubt. A 90% dieoff across many areas is not an outrageous expectation in such a case.

For now, the world is turning to coal because, unlike wind/solar, coal works!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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Delusions, Obsessions, and Ideologies in the Age of Trump

Delusions are unfounded but tightly held beliefs. Everyone is prone to forming delusions — in fact it can be said that human life is built upon systems of delusions, depending upon one’s upbringing. Ordinary delusions, as opposed to pathological delusions, provide the framework for the way humans see and act in the world.

Obsession is “the domination of one’s thought or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.”

Ideology is “the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group… such a body of doctrine, myth, etc., with reference to some political and social plan, as that of [socialism, fascism, communism], along with the devices for putting it into operation.”

Everything You Think You Know is a Lie

Unless a person has worked out his own escape from powerful belief systems and ideologies, he is unlikely to understand how badly he has been fooled by his life. The problem lies in the way that human minds acquire and accumulate knowledge and beliefs — which is not a rational process. Young minds naturally fall into popular ideological prisons if they are not taught a better, more powerful and independent way of thinking from an early age.

Escaping from powerful belief systems and ideologies — which are almost certainly built upon delusional foundations and supporting frameworks — is no easy task.

Lies, Delusions, Shattered Illusions Source

Lies, Delusions, Shattered Illusions

But if one can come to understand the history and the mechanisms by which their beliefs are built and organised into obsessive ideologies of action, he can become liberated from the zombie drone existence of the masses of people who sleepwalk through their lives without meaningful insight.

It is difficult — if not impossible — for most people to cut through their own lifelong programming. A university education can be either help or hindrance. Modern educational institutions are increasingly devoted to indoctrinating students into a politically correct viewpoint consensus generally shared among faculty, staff, and administration. Students too often emerge from university firmly convinced of their own ideological superiority, and too many of them these days seem willing to take to the streets to enforce it with clubs, pepper spray, and worse.

The same is true for the study of philosophy across its wide range. A philosopher may be a philosophical liberator, someone who opens the students’ minds to independent exploration. Or a philosopher may as easily be a closet programmer, promoter, and propagandist of ideology.

Wise Fiction May Work Best for Mental Liberation of Modern Drone Minds

I think the books that made me the kind of historian I am—contrarian, suspicious of received wisdom, mistrustful of “theory,” secular, rational, humanist, and focused on explaining the horrors to which politics led in the early twentieth century—were the great anti-ideological novels of the 1940s : Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon, George Orwell’s 1984, and Albert Camus’s The Plague—and one older, heavy-handed but haunting work in a different vein, Henrik Ibsen’s play An Enemy of the People __

Fiction requires the willing suspension of disbelief from the outset, for proper enjoyment. In a frame of mind of suspended judgment, one is more capable of stepping outside his own programming to see a different world than the one that rules his everyday thoughts and actions.

Most fiction is garbage, of course, but if one learns to be discriminating in his taste, and comprehends how the tools of fiction can alternatively mislead or liberate, for many modern seekers wise fiction can help jump-start the engine of escape from the chains of ideology and lifelong delusional belief systems.

Philosophy is for Thinkers; Ideology is for Stinkers

Philosophy at its best is the disciplined quest for meaning, knowledge, and the development of improved tools for acquiring meaning and knowledge. Good philosophy contrasts starkly with ideology, which is too often a blueprint of conformist dogma and groupthink.

Most humans will never escape their ideological chains, for a number of reasons. Innate deficiencies in prefrontal executive function, dull intelligence, the lack of ability to see outside one’s own point of view — all of these and more can prevent otherwise seemingly bright and exceptional people from ever emerging from the ideological cocoon. The most common reason is lack of personal courage. We are living in an age of cowardly groupthink conformism, propped up by mass media.

An Enlightened Life is More Difficult Than Most Think

Since enlightenment involves throwing off the tight structures and detailed blueprints of ideology and groupthink, enlightened persons who have jettisoned their ideological baggage must build and deduce more of their own mental frameworks than the run of mill indoctrinated ideologue — with his own prefabricated thought processes.

But the ease with which lighter baggage allows one to see through ideological delusions and madnesses of crowds can make the effort worthwhile, for the most part. Liberation from groupthink and mandatory chains of inappropriate consensus cuts through a lot of mass programmed shite almost effortlessly.

Arguing With a Programmed Drone is Almost Always a Waste of Everyone’s Time

Only someone who has escaped a series of nested and chained ideologies and delusional belief systems will understand the frustration of watching people they care about sinking into the zombie’s life of automatic compliance with the politically correct groupthink du jour.

But more often than not, restraining one’s self from direct confrontation with such persons is the best course. When a deluded group-thinking ideologue is confronted directly, more often than not he will dig even more deeply into his entrenched delusions. Basic human nature of avoiding cognitive dissonance — not to mention the avoidance of hard mental work — keeps zombie drones the way they are, for the most part.

It is Only the Diversity of Outlooks in a Free Society that Keeps Such Societies from Slipping Completely into an Orwellian Nightmare

Popular pundits bemoan the deep divisions of beliefs, attitudes, and actions in dynamic western societies such as those in the Anglosphere. But it is just such divisions that have helped prevent societies from sinking into Soviet-style dictatorships of one extreme or another.

It is too much to demand of society that most of its population members be enlightened and liberated from groupthink ideology. The wide differences in innate ability and energy — usually displayed in normal bell curve distributions — means that some persons will always be at extreme advantage of controlling the masses, and others will be at disadvantage, or extreme disadvantage of doing anything but following the leader.

A Society is Only as Strong and Resilient as its Constituent Parts

If a society is made up of groupthinking zombie drones, easily guided by daily talking points of elitist-owned mass media, its future is predictably one of decay and decline. Such a top-down quasi mind control by the elites results in many of the widespread delusions that are sapping the strength and capital of modern western societies.

Politically correct conformist ideology destroys the diversity of opinion, outlook, and lifestyle that is crucial to an abundant and expansive human future.

An opportunity society rewards people who know how to conduct successful ventures — people such as Peter Thiel, etc.

A society in decay, on the other hand, rewards people who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives — people such as most professional politicians, bureaucrats, university professors and administrators, journalists, many intellectuals, and others who misuse words and ideas and unearned power to diminish the futures of the people entrusted to their care.

Hope for the Best; Prepare for the Worst

The Dangerous Child movement is an alternative, ideology-free anti-ideological approach to creating competent and independent minded generations capable of working toward an abundant and expansive human future. It is both a “fallback” and a belatedly proactive approach to building a world of larger opportunity from the ground up.

It is a crude truism to say “Everything you think you know just ain’t so.” But for those who have worked hard to escape the inner cages of the Matryoshka system of mind prisons, and who continue to struggle to break out of the recursive system of entrapment, it goes without saying.

For those who never knew that such things existed, don’t feel badly. The rest of the herd feels the same way. 😉

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Can a More Rational Polygamy Save the Civilised World?

Polygamy is already legal. But what we have now in modern nations is “irrational polygamy,” where large numbers of low IQ women are married to the welfare state. The state pays these low quality women to have children who are also of typically low quality, perpetuating this irrational form of state-centered polygamy over many generations, each generation less competent than the one before.

Global Polygamy Legal Status

Global Polygamy Legal Status

… 59 countries, comprising roughly 44 percent of the world’s total population, are currently not producing enough children to avoid population decline, and the phenomenon continues to spread. By 2045, according to the latest UN projections, the world’s fertility rate as a whole will have fallen below replacement levels. __ Global Baby Bust … Phil Longman in Foreign Affairs

Demographic collapse in the civilised world is twofold:

  1. The numbers of people in advanced world nations are declining.
  2. The quality of people in advanced world nations is declining.

In “rational polygamy,” women are attracted to men capable of providing for more than one wife, emotionally, sexually, and financially. Such men are in high demand anyway, and their genetic and parenting capacity is largely wasted under the present system of mandated monogamy. If high quality men of large potency and competency were allowed to procreate and parent with multiple high quality partners, at least part of the modern dysgenic trend could be halted, or reversed.

Or, as they say in Africa:

‘If you have a choice of a guy who has 180 cows, lots of land and other wives, it might be better for you to marry him rather than a guy who has no wives, three cows and one acre,’ said anthropologist and study lead, Monique Borgerhoff Mulder. __ Polygamy in Africa Makes Better Children

The average man is capable of impregnating at least 20 women a month. But very few men are capable of caring for 20 women and their offspring. And that is really what polygamy (polygyny) is about: Fulfilling a sacred trust to one’s spouses, children, community, and humanity at large.

Polygamy involves marriage with more than one spouse.

Always Something to Do Around the House

Always Something to Do Around the House

Now that people of all conceivable sexual orientations are legally allowed to marry in many modern nations, it beggars belief that judicial systems in those nations continue to discriminate against polyamorous partnerships. Of course, leftists typically fail to think issues through clearly, and often suffer from hypocritical and inconsistent approaches to a wide range of practical policies.

Those who care about gays and lesbians being discriminated against cannot ignore whether those who would marry multiple partners, if they were allowed to do so, are also being treated unfairly. __ Three May Not Be a Crowd … via Volokh Conspiracy

More judges in future are likely to agree with Judge Waddoups that laws against polygamous unions are unconstitutional in the age of LBGT marriage.

Making the Choice More Clear

Polygamy already exists. The choice is between “irrational polygamy,” where millions of low quality women are married to the welfare state, procreating illegitimate children for the state — and “rational polygamy” where multiple women will be allowed to choose to marry high quality, high potency, high competency men capable of taking care of them and their progeny.

The current system of irrational polygamy is clearly dysgenic in nature, leading to a progressively dysfunctional and incompetent society. A fairer system of rational polygamy would slow or reverse some dysgenic trends, and allow potent and comptent males to transfer their good genes and good habits to larger numbers of future generations.

Polygamy will exist, either way. It is clear, however, that the welfare state makes a horrible husband. In the US black community, for example, roughly 75% of black children are born illegitimate, many destined to perpetuate a multi-generational descent into crime and welfare dependency:

There is a large black underclass that is still mired in drugs, gang life, and lawlessness. Blacks are overrepresented among people who commit violent crimes and go to prison. There has been a sharp rise in the proportion of black children raised by their unmarried mothers. Unemployment, especially among inner-city young people, remains high. Too many blacks (for that matter, too many whites) have developed a long-term dependency on government welfare. __ James Q Wilson

The same effects of “irrational polygamy” — multiple marriage to the welfare state — propagate throughout populations of lower quality white, hispanic, native american, asian, and other ethnic groups. Multi-generational crime, poverty, unemployment, and government dependency.

Rational Polygamy Must Be Combined With Stringent Welfare Reform

It does no good to legalise polygamy if the welfare state continues to finance low quality procreation among  underachieving underclasses with high rates of violent crime. Such counter-productive financial support of multi-generational dysfunctionality should be nipped in the bud. Polygamists must be able to support their own lifestyle, and cannot be permitted to live on the public dole.

Legalising a more rational polygamy combined with stringent welfare reforms will open positive opportunities for more diverse forms of functional relationships that should help to reverse some of the troubling trends so prominent in the modern welfare states of Europe and the Anglosphere.

Rational polygamy will not save the world. Only Dangerous Children can do that.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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Russia Riding Roughshod over Europe: 2050

According to a New Price Waterhouse Report, Europe Will Serve a Rough Master

In the year 2050, according to a brand new Price Waterhouse PDF report, Europe will be Russia’s bitch. The projections are tentative, largely linear, and do not make allowance for any “black swan” events. But if the public bites, Price Waterhouse stands to make a lot of money via profitable investment packages in the emerging world, which includes Russia.

As you can see from the table below, Price Waterhouse projects Russia to be the largest economy in Europe in 2050, and China to be the largest economy in the world — in terms of GDP at PPP.

World Economies at 2014 -- 2030 -- 2050 Revenge of the BRICS?

World Economies at 2014 — 2030 — 2050
Revenge of the BRICS?

What is GDP at PPP?

PPP stands for “Purchasing Power Parity,” an economic fictional construct meant to facilitate comparisons of living standards between less developed and more developed nations. It involves determining the number of units of local currency needed to buy “a market basket of goods” compared to the number of units of another country’s currency needed to buy the same “market basket of goods.” The US dollar is often used as a reference currency for the sake of comparison.

There are many problems with the use of “GDP at PPP,” but that does not stop people from using the contrived index whenever it is of some use. Here are a few problems according to Wikipedia’s PPP entry:

In addition to methodological issues presented by the selection of a basket of goods, PPP estimates can also vary based on the statistical capacity of participating countries. The International Comparison Program, which PPP estimates are based on, require the disaggregation of national accounts into production, expenditure or (in some cases) income, and not all participating countries routinely disaggregate their data into such categories.

Some aspects of PPP comparison are theoretically impossible or unclear. For example, there is no basis for comparison between the Ethiopian laborer who lives on teff with the Thai laborer who lives on rice, because teff is not commercially available in Thailand and rice is not in Ethiopia, so the price of rice in Ethiopia or teff in Thailand cannot be determined. As a general rule, the more similar the price structure between countries, the more valid the PPP comparison.

PPP levels will also vary based on the formula used to calculate price matrices. Different possible formulas include GEKS-Fisher, Geary-Khamis, IDB, and the superlative method. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Linking regions presents another methodological difficulty. In the 2005 ICP round, regions were compared by using a list of some 1,000 identical items for which a price could be found for 18 countries, selected so that at least two countries would be in each region. While this was superior to earlier “bridging” methods, which do not fully take into account differing quality between goods, it may serve to overstate the PPP basis of poorer countries, because the price indexing on which PPP is based will assign to poorer countries the greater weight of goods consumed in greater shares in richer countries. __

More problems with PPP

So What Are We to Think About Russia in Light of all This?

According to Price Waterhouse, Russia will have the strongest economy in Europe in 2050, and will be able to use its energy spigots to control its virtual conquests to the west. But what do the facts on the ground say?

Russia is Still in Decline

There is an urgent shortage of engineers, researchers, workers with technical skills, and professional managers

Russia’s per capita GDP projection for 2016 is around $8,500, which puts the country at around 70 in the International Monetary Fund’s world rankings, alongside Turkey, Mexico, and Suriname.

… a substantial part of Russia’s production capacity (more than 40 percent by some estimates) is both technologically and functionally obsolete and cannot produce competitive and marketable products. For instance, Russia’s machine stock has shrunk by almost one-half in the last ten years—a problem that is only in small part explained by old, inefficient machinery being replaced by new high-tech equipment.

The Russian economy badly needs to rapidly capitalize production and build new capacity, and the state simply lacks the money to accomplish this goal. Private investors consider it too risky to invest in Russia, with the result that only a tiny fraction of the necessary capital comes into Russia and that mainly in areas as retail trade, logistics, and the assembly of very simple goods with the lowest added value.

… Russia also increasingly lacks labor resources, which are falling at the rate of 0.5 percent a year for natural demographic reasons (see figures 7.1, 7.2, and 8). Moreover, most of these workers are employed in spheres with zero or very low value added, such as the public sector, private security, retail, and the extremely inefficient banking sector. The remaining employees do not have skills the state needs. There is an urgent shortage of engineers, researchers, workers with technical skills, and professional managers.

… We can expect a gradual and gentle decline in all Russia’s economic indicators in 2017. __ Decline, Not Collapse

For a much more in depth multi-dimensional report on the ongoing Decline in Russia, consult these special reports.

The Same Report Says that China Will Rule the World in 2050

But how realistic is that prediction, given the massive debt, pollution, and capital misallocation problems that continue building inside the Middle Kingdom?

The SOEs are an albatross around China’s economic neck, yet even the increasingly powerful Xi, recently crowned China’s “core leader,” has been unable to shut most of them down. The management, ownership and finances of many private businesses also are opaque. Often, businesses that are nominally private are actually owned by the government through a complex chain of holding companies. This is particularly the case with respect to firms in the high-tech and aerospace sectors.

The era of untrammeled Chinese economic growth appears to be over…

… __ About China? Think Again

It is difficult to make successful predictions, particularly regarding the future. When the deep level realities of a nation such as Russia do not correspond to the “rose coloured glasses” projections of an investment management entity, wise readers would do well to maintain scepticism.

The same, of course, applies to predictions of all types that extend decades or centuries into the future. Be very sceptical.

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Idiots Think in Words: A Global Revolt Against Pseudo-Experts

Human Intelligence Manifests in Multiple Ways

I often say that a mathematician thinks in numbers, a lawyer in laws, and an idiot thinks in words. These words don’t amount to anything. I think you have to draw the conclusion that there is a global riot against pseudo-experts. I saw it with Brexit, and Nigel Farage [leader of the U.K. Independence Party], who was a trader for 15 years, said the problem with the government was that none of them had ever had a proper job. Being a bureaucrat is not a proper job. __ Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Nicholas Taleb is the author of several books which look at the dynamics of human societies from a contrarian point of view. When prompted by a mainstream interviewer to discuss Donald Trump, Taleb repeatedly confounded the interviewer’s attempts to get him to condemn the American president.

Well, with Trump, Modi, Brexit, and now France, there are some similar problems in those countries. What you are hearing is people getting fed up with the ruling class. This is not fascism. It has nothing to do with fascism. It has to do with the faux-experts problem and a world with too many experts. If we had a different elite, we may not see the same problem. __ Nicholas Taleb

Taleb seems immune to the journalist’s attempts to shape the interview, because while the journalist is limited to thinking in mere words, Taleb sees more deeply into the reality underlying the words. This is something that most journalists, social scientists, and other intellectuals seem unable to do. This is because Taleb is not only an author and wordsmith, he is also a statistician, a financial trader, and a risk analyst. Such activities imply putting “skin in the game,” and going far beyond the trite and pompous intellectualism of the modern age.

Source: Wikipedia via

Source: Wikipedia

You can see in the graphic above, that the verbal component of the IQ score is only one part of the whole. There is no good reason why journalists, social scientists, and other intellectuals should dominate and distort modern societies so thoroughly — particularly in the age of the internet.

And sure enough, The Audacious Epigone points out that alternative viewpoints are beginning to pierce the bubble of politically correct mainstream intellectuals. On the internet, the philistines are beginning to make substantial inroads on the elite insider intellectual establishment of news journalism. While the elites call “foul!” and protest against the “fake news” of the newcomers, too often it is the established elites who are guilty of faking things.

The dominance of dishonest, rent-seeking intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals is not limited to news and entertainment media. It extends into universities, foundations, NGOs, political lobbies and activist groups, intergovernmental organisations, government bureaucracies, legal groups, and all other cultural institutions within society.

The Dominance of Word-Thinkers is Like the Tail Wagging the Dog

Cognition and Success James Thompson

Cognition and Success
James Thompson

Modern success is built on advanced science, mathematics, technology, telecomputing, and other wonders that go deeper, higher, and farther than the manipulation of the surface meanings of words. Successful modern societies and economies are not successful due to their word-thinking intellectuals, but in spite of them. Intellectuals are like “ambulance-chasers” who latch onto successful enterprises and attempt to extract rent from them. And no wonder, since attorneys make up a substantial portion and driving force of all groups that use words to control power and influence. You could say that many of today’s intellectuals are the parasites and zombies of the “respectable world,” and make the reign of the elites possible.

It is the Full Range of Human IQ that Successful Societies Need

… you might say that countries depend on those with IQs of 120 and above. These are the people who can follow “college format” education in which they read provided references and work out the implications for themselves, guided by tutor and test feedback. The USA can rely on 8% of their people to do such work, Mexico 2%. If countries can find such people, retain them, and deploy them properly, with a good pyramid of helpers below, then the country concerned has a good prospect of doing well. However, given global competition, countries need many people of IQ 130+ to really prosper, and such people tend to emigrate to the strongest economies, where they will earn most, so less able countries are often denuded of their brightest citizens. The USA can rely on 2% of their population to do such work, Mexico 0.3%. __ James Thompson

Countries such as Mexico, Brasil, and South Africa have plenty of people who fit the description of journalists, philosophers, and intellectuals. But because of a lack of generalised competence in science, technology, mathematics, and other more practical areas, such countries cannot build competent societies to compete in the modern era. Low average IQ is part of the problem, but a much bigger problem is lack of “smart fraction” persons who are strong in maths and the sciences and technologies which require a strength in maths.

Dishonesty of the Elites is Not Limited to Intellectual Fields

Modern elites have focused upon particular areas of science which offer them immense rent-seeking opportunities for parasitism and influence peddling. By controlling what is published within a particularly trendy area of “science,” elite string-pullers and their operatives-in-place can channel lucrative government favours — into the $trillions over time — to themselves and their cronies.

All of this potential for past, present, and future loot comes as a result of seizing control of the verbal narrative, and growing and milking opportunities for cronyism, graft, and rent-seeking into the fabric of government and intergovernmental policies.

Under Obama, such cronyism thrived. Not only did Obama double the US national debt, he transferred hundreds of $billions from the productive economy into the coffers of corrupt foundations, fellow travelers, and anti-western, anti-capitalist activist groups. Can President Trump reverse some of the damage that Obama caused?

People don’t realise that Obama created inequalities when he distorted the system. You can only get rich if you have assets. What Trump is doing is put some kind of business sense in the system. You don’t have to be a genius to see what’s wrong. Instead of Trump being elected, if you went to the local souk [bazaar] in Aleppo and brought one of the retail shop owners, he would do the same thing Trump is doing. Like making a call to Boeing and asking why are we paying so much. __ Nicholas Taleb

The Rage of the Intellectual Elite Against Loss of Narrative Control

With the election of Donald Trump, new voices enter into public discussion. The old intellectual elite no longer has total dominance of what is heard by the public, although the “backlash of the elites” against Trump is certainly quite intense and visible to anyone who looks and listens.

And yet, the elites could not stop Trump from being elected. In fact, they played a part in Trump’s triumph in the Republican primaries by encouraging Democrats to register as Republicans and vote for Trump in primary elections. It was a strategy based upon the belief that Trump was “unelectable.” Needless to say, the strategy of the elite backfired.

Expect to see many more such “backfires” and “shooting themselves in the feet.” As uncomfortable as Trump’s foot must feel inside his own mouth at times, the discomfort of elite intellectuals repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot must be incomparably worse.

Turbulence Ahead: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

Special Note:

Rather than to say merely that “idiots think in words,” it is more edifying to say that “idiots can only think in words.” And today’s university intellectuals and typical media pundits do a pitifully poor job at that.

From a cognitive standpoint, words and language are a serial form — at least as used by media, social science professors, and other propaganda purveyors. Other forms of cognition — mathematics, patterns, body based intuitions, procedural learning and practise etc. — can take more multi-dimensional, parallel, simultaneous forms.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then some forms of cognition are more elegant and potent than others. Of course words are capable of so much more than imagined by our dumbed-down educators and media pundits. But only when they are skilfully integrated into the larger suite of cognitive processes.

The word is not the concept, the map is not the territory, the model is not the climate . . .

An Orientation Guide to Modern Higher Education

College Orientation Guide Source

College Orientation Guide

Recent anti-free speech riots at Berkeley and other college campuses and schools illustrate the utterly depraved and decayed nature of the modern intellectual’s verbal repertoire, on campuses and on the media.

Degradation of language and discourse among intellectuals and academics has accelerated rapidly since the 1997 revelations of Sokal and Bricmont in “Fashionable Nonsense.” Back then, the rot had extended mainly into the humanities and social sciences. Now there are very few fields of work or study where the rot has not penetrated.

Overturning Pseudo-Experts; Escaping the Comfort Zone

When most humans are herded into a milling mass of conformists, comfortable with the politically correct talking points handed down to them from above, “common sense” takes on a different and somewhat ominous meaning. This is what we see when the indoctrinated herds are confronted with new ideas and directions of thought — no matter how well supported these ideas may be by research and detailed observations.

For tamed conformists to escape the comfort zone of groupthink is one of the most difficult things they will ever do. As Albert Einstein said:

Radical Ideas Make Us Uncomfortable;  Even the Ones that Eventually Save Us From a Dreary Repetitive Decay

Radical Ideas Make Us Uncomfortable; Even the Ones that Eventually Save Us From a Dreary and Relentless Decay

If we can surmount our discomfort and cognitive dissonance long enough to weight the facts, we can escape the herd and begin thinking for ourselves — in as many modes of thought as we are capable of.

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Should Journalists be Assassinated?

Update: Must read article on the crisis in journalism in the age of Trump

Hillary Clinton Wanted to Assassinate Assange Source

Hillary Clinton Wanted to Assassinate Julian Assange

When Putin or Duterte Kill Journalists, We Are Not Surprised

But now American journalists are accusing brand new US President Donald Trump of plotting to kill them! Perhaps this is their guilty conscience speaking, since a number of journalists and other celebrities have tweeted for and privately called for President Trump to be assassinated. Or perhaps this fear of Trump by news media is due to a presumed close relationship between Trump and Russian President Putin — a man strongly believed to be guilty of multiple assassinations of critical journalists and members of the political opposition.

Another trigger-happy president, Philippine President Duterte, seems to be taking a page out of Putin’s playbook when he threatens to assassinate “corrupt journalists” in his own country. But it is not such a stretch of credibility to believe he means what he says, considering all of the blood on his hands up to this point.

The Media is Running Scared, Committed to a Full-Scale “War Against Trump”

Having failed to prevent Donald Trump from being elected and assuming the presidency, a highly partisan media is doing everything it can to “paint reality” in such a way that President Trump will have difficulty achieving most of his goals to “drain the DC swamp” of corruption and opaque insider deal-making. Since the media has played an integral part in hiding and obscuring corrupt and under-the-table deal and policy-making, it is natural for such an institution to resent any newcomer who threatens to disrupt a profitable influence racket.

Despite the fact that more people trust Trump than trust the media, we see an increasingly frantic and overwrought media concocting plots and outrages which exist within their own minds and nowhere else. Of course, this is nothing new for the “fake news” media, but it is reaching levels of extreme delusion. Perhaps a case could be made for journalistic euthanasia in some cases? 😉

In Russia Journalists are Killed for Telling the Truth; In the US, the Telling of Lies Would be the More Likely Reason

Whenever an institution such as the media betrays a public trust by entering into a dishonest, corrupt, and totally partisan pact with groups of people dedicated to destroying the constitutional basis of a nation such as the US — for selfish reasons of influence and gain — that institution deserves the closest scrutiny. When the fabric of reality is being distorted so badly by an institution that is granted license and excluvisity by government to present a more or less objective perspective of events in the world, severe consequences to that institution should be expected. But should journalists and media owners/executive who are guilty of distorting the truth in such a way as to cause harm to individuals and the public be assassinated?

There is a Difference Between Distorting Reality to an Adult and Twisting the Reality of a Child

One assumes that by the time a person grows to be an adult, he should be able to decide what he wishes to watch, read, or listen to. If he chooses to listen to viewpoints that are presented in a partisan and dishonest manner, that is his choice alone. If he, as an adult, takes such dishonest viewpoints too seriously and commits an act of violence or criminality, we generally hold the perpetrator of the crime himself to account, rather than the dishonest “fake news” media.

Things are Different When a Child or Youth is Indoctrinated with Disinformation

School teachers, coaches, and staff hold positions of responsibility over the child which are subject to abuse.  Therefore parents and members of the community must keep a close eye on what is being said and done within their schools. If teachers, coaches, or staff abuse their positions in order to indoctrinate and warp young minds before their independence of thought is established — or worse, if by their actions they delay or prevent the child or youth from developing true independence of thought — harsher punishments toward educational personnel should be considered, than might be considered toward a journalist who treats mainly with the minds of adults.

Likewise, members of various media which are oriented particularly toward the entertainment and edification of youth, should be held to a stricter responsibility than members of media which are oriented primarily toward adults. In other words, publishers of juvenile fiction or producers of films for children, should be held more closely responsible for works that distort reality in pursuit of political correctness or ideological purity.

Questions to Ask About Journalism, Works of Nonfiction, and Works of Fiction

When examining works of journalism, we need to ask whether the work reflects a likely reality, and whether honest effort was made to incorporate multiple honest points of view into the piece, without overtly biasing the reader or viewer.  We expect journalists to be biased, so we are all fore-warned.

For works of nonfiction, we need to ask the same questions. In addition, since the expectation of bias in writers of nonfiction is not as strong, we always must consciously look and ask whether the writer or producer has made his own bias clear to the reader or viewer. If not, why not?

For works of fiction, much more leeway is allowed to writers, although we should all know that fiction is an ideal propaganda vehicle. Within fiction, subtle biases — both overt and covert —  may occur at various levels within text and subtext, and in other parts of the story.

In the modern age, when works of fiction are too often mislabeled as works of journalism or works of nonfiction, close fact checking and dispassionate scrutiny are all the more important.

Should Journalists be Assassinated?

Not for telling the truth, never for that. When a scheming journalist knowingly perpetrates a falsehood that results in tangible harm to persons or communities, points of law are likely to enter into the equation. But since assassination is an extra-legal act, assassination is not called for in such cases.

It is possible that some journalists could through the abuse of their art, engineer an outrage of sufficient catastrophic result that they deserve the severest punishment allowable. Such decisions are best left to duly instituted authority.

The Media’s “War Against Trump” is Reaching Hysterical Proportions

Anti-Trump hysteria on the part of the media has been apparent ever since Trump won the Republican nomination in August of 2016. But the drumbeat of media hysteria continues to be amplified and accelerated to the point that a level of complete unhinged media derangement cannot be far off, if it is not already here.

The best approach to a media so disconnected with reality, and so deeply corrupted by partisanship and the need to control the minds of others, is to turn it off completely. Any special privileges given to such a media by governments of any level and by society at large, should be suspended totally and immediately.

The same remedy applies to schools which seek to distort and twist the realities of children and youth. Once it is clear that the situation is beyond remedy, such schools should be defunded — and children of responsible parents and guardians should be withdrawn at once and placed in better rounded educational environments.

The Swamp That President Trump Has Been Talking About is Real

It needs to be drained and disinfected, and something built in its place that contributes to an abundant and expansive human future. No one really knows all that such a job will entail if done well, but it is past time to begin.

Not by using tools such as assassination, but rather by shining bright lights in dark places and taking the type of corrective action that would normally be required, even if the corrupt persons involved do happen to be very wealthy, powerful, and influential persons.

This is the last thing the news media wants — true transparency at high levels of government, media, academia, and other institutions of society. But it is what “draining the swamp” will demand, from the onset.

Mainstream media: A Fakenews Extravaganza

What to do about George Soros, feeder of the flames of hysteria and violence


We can all agree that a very high stakes game is being played. But is the game chess…

Trump is playing the kind of game that I was taught to play by my coach. His opponents are never given time to mount an attack. Their queen – the MSM has been removed from the board and their favorite piece – the Celebrities are locked in a war of attrition while Trump gets the rest of his pieces on the board. Remember, these are all Tactics but Strategy flows from Tactics. Sooner or later the Left will find itself in some terrible position and the Strategy to drain the swamp will present itself. __

… or is the game poker?

If you’ve been playing poker for 30 minutes and you don’t know who the sucker is … it’s you. We are — all of us, without exception — being played. That doesn’t mean we stop playing the game, whether it’s the game of markets or the game of citizenship. It means, though, that we resolve not to be the sucker. That we turn a clear eye to the stories that others tell us and the stories that we tell ourselves. That we demand to be treated as the rightful, autonomous owners of our identities, and we extend that right to others. __

Probably a portion of both. The mainstream skankstream media has had things their own way for so long that they cannot be sure whether they are still doing the manipulating or whether they themselves are being manipulated by a better player. The same is true for leftist strategists across the board, from media to academia to foundations to thinktanks to NGOs to environmental activists to foreign leaders to corrupt billionaires who are attempting to shape the world to their liking, no matter who suffers.

It’s going to be a ride like we have not seen for many years.

When Media Join the Zombie Horde

When Media Are Widely Known as Part of the Zombie Horde

Like lawyers, professors, and politicians, journalists cannot help but exaggerate, and often lie outright. But if they cannot tone down their tendency to obfuscate and mislead, some dark night the boogeyman of consequences will come to call. Then, their habitual bullshite will not work as a defence.

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A Competent Society from the Ground Up

US Government Schools Designed to Destroy Young Minds

A monstrous zombie bureaucracy in Washington DC controls the government school system, and strongly influences education throughout the US.  Over the decades, the zombies have destroyed young minds by the millions.  But now, alternative pathways are emerging which substitute the teaching of genuine knowledge — and practical and profitable skills — in place of the mainstream zombie methods of groupthink indoctrination and learned helplessness.

We have already looked at the exceptional US Basis Charter School system, whose students often test higher than students in the vaunted school systems of Singapore, Korea, Germany, and Shanghai. Today we will look at charter schools that build real-world skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace.

Utica Shale Academy Source

Utica Shale Academy

The Utica Shale Academy provides a unique and vigorous learning environment through a specialized academic program which responds to employers’ and industries’ current and emerging and changing global workforce needs and expectations through business/school partnerships.

The school’s overall goal is for students to develop work habits that foster independence, self-awareness, and commitment to personal growth, as well as achieve competency in industry and academic standards. USA’s mission statement is backed by their oil and gas industry centered curriculum. The following is an example of a course in the program:

Introduction to Well Control. This self-paced interactive multimedia program takes a rig hand through the basic concepts of well control in an easy to understand, straight-forward manner. Course objectives include: Well Control Equipment, Units of Measure, Hydrostatic Pressure, Pressure Balance, Causes of Kicks, Controlling the Well, and Restoring the Well.

Other sample courses, each with unique objectives, are:

IADC Rig Pass: A basic orientation of rig operations and safe work practices. (IADC RigPass certificate available).

Introduction to Petroleum Industry DIT: This course is designed for individuals that are interested in a comprehensive understanding of the upstream and downstream operations of the petroleum industry.

Introduction to Petroleum Industry DIT Drilling Focus: This course is designed for individuals that are interested in a comprehensive understanding of the upstream operations of the petroleum industry with a focus on drilling.

Introduction to Petroleum Industry DIT Production Focus: This course is designed for individuals that are interested in a comprehensive understanding of the downstream operations of the petroleum industry with a focus on production.

USA students graduate with a high school diploma, but the school’s specialized and other related courses lead students to a number of certifications necessary to enter the oil and gas marketplace. The photo at the top of the article shows USA students visiting a well site.

USA opened its doors in 2014 with an initial enrollment of 43 students; by its second year, 71 students had enrolled. The oil and gas industry is taking note of USA’s program, which was recently recognized by the trade publication, Pipelines Connection Magazine. More information on the Utica Shale Academy can be found on its website.

Another Ohio charter school, the Ohio Valley Energy Technology Academy (OVETA) in Jefferson County, is a year younger than USA, but has a similar education program tied to the oil and gas industry. In its 2015-2016 annual report, OVETA explains how it meets its educational challenges:

The structure of OVETA is very student driven and provides a blended learning atmosphere that incorporates core courses with added education to prepare students for the workforce…. Students punch a time clock and learn the importance of knowing and keeping a schedule just like on a job site.

OVETA held its first graduation ceremony in May 2016, when five seniors were awarded diplomas.

__ Source

Practical Skills Training Prepares Youth for Immediate Substantive Income

Most US youth are subjected to a “college prep” curriculum, although only roughly 25% of them are suited for a rigorous 4 year college degree. We have revealed how well trained, competent 18 year old welders can make well over $100,000 a year from their 18th birthday onward. But welding is only one of the much-in-demand skills which do not require an expensive 4-year college degree, and which pay a high enough salary for a smart youth to begin investing for the future in earnest, from a relatively young age. Contrast such a positive start to adult life with the more common decades of debt that confront the average youth who attempts to complete a (worthless) 4 year degree for which he is not suited.

This Type of Program Should be the Rule, Not the Exception:

Jason Gresham has been shaping the lives and careers of high school students in DeSoto County for 15 years. Gresham averages between 30 and 40 high school students every school year. The students range in age from 16 to 18, with the majority of his class members either juniors or seniors looking for a career in industry-rich Mississippi.

He teaches the basics, starting students with stick welding and cutting torches because he believes a good foundation is the start to a career in welding. As the semester continues, the students progress into MIG and then TIG processes.

But in today’s multi-faceted world, his class does not end with welding alone. To ensure his students are sought-after prospects in the real world, Gresham’s high school class is a revamped collection of disciplines that include machine shop, sheet metal work and welding.

“We focus on these high school students to give them a real sense for what type of skills are marketable, what they must have in the workplace,” says Gresham. “Metal fabrication calls for more than one skill today, unlike what it used to be. We teach these kids how to do it all inside the Career Tech Center Metal Fabrication shop.” __ Source

Because of their zombie groupthink indoctrinations, too many modern students and graduates are drawn to a thuggish destruction of property, physical beatings of innocent bystanders, and denying of free speech to those with whom they disagree. This herd-like zombie behaviour is a direct result of a deep lack of personal competence and total absence of any independent, internal moral compass.

Rather than a zombie indoctrination, young people need to be given a foundation of competence as they set out to live their lives. Instead, they are set up for a lifetime of debt and a lifelong dependency on regimented directions and talking points from above.

Government schools in the US destroy more lives than they help. This tragedy results from a corrupt ideological system of educational bureaucracy that has been badly in need of overhaul for the past 55 years. Perhaps a President Trump can “drain the swamp,” kill the bureaucratic zombies and lobbyists of DC, and begin to build a system that instills competence and earned confidence.

Young people with practical skills remain fully capable of obtaining higher level degrees and professional training if they choose. By entering adulthood at the age of 18 fully capable of fending for themselves financially, professionally, socially, and emotionally, Dangerous Children represent a potentially revolutionary phenomenon far more threatening to the established order than a brigade of Donald Trumps would be.

But a mere battalion of Donald Trumps scattered through the US executive, congress, judiciary, bureaucracy, and military/intelligence/law enforcement organisations could help open the door to an abundant and expansive human future of Dangerous Children.

Zombies delenda est. 😉

The above article is adapted from posting previously published on the Dangerous Child blog.

Update: A new sheriff in the US Department of Education may pave the way for serious zombie-killing

And none too soon: Under Obama, the official US Government policy was “No Thug Left Behind!”

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“We just die out as flies, and nobody remembers us.”

People who truly love a country will face up to its problems, rather than turning their backs and denying the fatal trends that eat away at a nation’s heart. Demographic decline affects all of the developed world, including Europe, the Anglosphere, East Asia, and Russia. Most of these nations have pulled back from expansionary geopolitical ambitions, but not all.

When a nation tries to extend its power and territory at the same time that its demographic and economic situations are deteriorating, the stress of this internal contradiction is felt throughout the land. If this nation also nominally controls almost half the world’s arsenal of nuclear warheads and delivery vehicles, internal stresses can explode outward very rapidly.

“Those who say that the demographic crisis… will end are charlatans … “One has to be a total idiot to expect the demographic crisis in Russia to end under such circumstances.

__ Pravda (see below)

Basic Demographic Picture

Russia 2015 Population Pyramid Source

Russia 2015 Population Pyramid
Fertile Female Dropoff

…Russia is still looking for ways to reverse its negative demographic trend. The number of women of childbearing age is dropping, the elderly constitute a growing percentage of the population, the Health Ministry predicts a rising mortality rate through 2020, and government policies continue to fall short in their attempts to save the Russian population from its downward spiral… the government is cutting spending on healthcare and sports, both of which have a direct impact on the mortality rate of the working population. Russia lags especially far behind developed countries in these areas. __ Moscow Times – Pavel Aptekar

Birthrates are higher in regions containing larger numbers of muslims and Central Asian immigrants. These incoming persons are prolific enough to push up Russian birth rate statistics marginally, but can do nothing to improve the demographic future of “ethnic Russians,” who are the ones in danger of extinction.

HIV spreading more quickly in Russia than in many parts of Africa.

“Those who say that the demographic crisis in Russia will end are charlatans. They are no experts at all. In reality, the age structure in Russia will deteriorate further in 2017 and then till 2020. The number of potential parents will halve in comparison with their amount 10-15 years ago.

“One has to be a total idiot to expect the demographic crisis in Russia to end under such circumstances. __ Demographer Igor Beloborodov in Pravda

It is important to the Kremlin to drown out any negative news which reflects badly on the leadership. The best demographic information available projects a continuing downward demographic trend for ethnic Russians — low births, high deaths. Just as in Europe and the Anglosphere, the brightest women of highest achievement choose not to have children. Russia’s future will reflect this dearth of brighter ethnic Russians in the classroom, in the workforce, in the research labs, and in the military.

Russia’s population is today in major decline — with potentially catastrophic consequences for the country and its place in the world… The results could be nothing short of ruinous. The Russian government has attempted to project the image of revived greatness to the world. But Russia’s declining demographic health suggests that domestic realities will sooner or later serve to undermine the Kremlin’s global ambitions. __ Mortality, Abortion, Emigration

Russia will be particularly hard-hit by demographic shrinkage, since Russia is caught in the middle of an expansionist, neo-imperial phase. Demographic shrinkage is accompanied by economic shrinkage, a significant drop in innovation, and an ominous rise in corruption. The best people are exiting the country, and Russian women are increasingly refusing to have children with the low quality of men who remain.

According to the Brookings Institution, “Russian economic policy will face the very serious threat rapid depopulation in the coming decades,” with the likelihood of immigration failing to make up for the discrepancies due to an overtly anti-immigration and nationalist fervour sweeping the country in recent years. Furthermore, immigration concentrates from former CIS countries whose migrants are often poorly educated and lack the skills for a modern economy.

Fuelling the rapid decline in the country’s work force revolves around Russia’s refusal to acknowledge the basic scientific conclusions on HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol addiction, and the rise in pollution-related deaths. Russia has an estimated 1.5 million people with HIV/AIDS out of a population of only 140 million. Recent surveys from the NGO Phoenix Plus found that the HIV rate among homosexual men has increased from 12% in 2012 to 22% percent in 2015 – a dramatic increase that is on par with Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of prevalence.

Russia is fast approaching an inflection point: its current trajectory is forcing itself to come to terms with growing internal socio-economic factors that could be antithesis to growth and prosperity. __

Ethnic Russians are abandoning the peripheral regions, cities, and villages, and congregating closer to the central core of Moscow and St. Petersburg. But most of Russia’s wealth still resides in Siberia, the Far East, and along the vast steppe. As fewer and fewer ethnic Russians remain to guard and seize this wealth from non-Russians, the future of the Russian state grows dimmer.

Russia is in fact an unstable power, subject to a further dismantling far beyond the loss of republics and territories that occurred in the 1991 collapse of the USSR.

Source of title quote


Russian warlords becoming too big for Putin to control

Russian news that got past the censors

Action begets reaction. Nations are beginning to react to Russia’s neo-imperialism — from Poland, from Ukraine, from a range of Russian frenemies from China to Turkey to Iran, and from powerful interests across Europe, East Asia, and the Anglosphere — who are watching closely and waiting for the inevitable props to begin falling.

Russia’s Health and Demographic Picture Deteriorate

Russia’s new demographic crisis

Vladimir Putin’s health optimization effort, a euphemism for massive closures, means that many Russians now cannot afford health care and that those who can often must travel hundreds of kilometers to get it, often dying on the way ( and (Use online translators for Russian language materials, as needed)

Given cutbacks in spending on anti-retro-viral drugs and the influx of heroin from Afghanistan, Russia today is now the largest generator of new HIV/AIDS cases in Europe ( and

Within Russia, residents of Moscow have better health care and live longer than most Russians. But if one compares the situation in Moscow with that of major cities around the world, Muscovites get sick far more often, have less access to medical care and die younger than do the others ( Moreover, health care in the Russian capital is collapsing with entire sectors, including those involved in mental health, now at risk of closing down ( and ___ Source

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