Russia Reveals Devastating Weapon at Parade

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Russia’s only tank manufacturer had been shut down for weeks due to lack of spare parts. There have been rumors that the juggernaut factory that produces the T-14 Armata tank might even be sold to Elon Musk for conversion to a Tesla plant.

Privately, Russian oligarchs have suggested that it might be better to sell Vladimir Putin to Mr. Musk, because if anyone could find a productive use for the broken down old dictator, it would be the inventive revolutionary from South Africa whose latest coup is to save Twitter from itself.

Russia Was Not Prepared for a Real War

Russian forces were “caught by surprise” by the fierce resistance of the Ukrainian army, according to a former mercenary who fought with the Kremlin-linked Wagner Group.

Marat Gabidullin took part in Wagner Group missions on the Kremlin’s behalf in Syria and in a previous conflict in Ukraine, before quitting the group in 2019.

“They were caught completely by surprise that the Ukrainian army resisted so fiercely and that they faced the actual army,” Mr Gabidullin said about Russia’s setbacks in Ukraine.

He said people he spoke to on the Russian side had told him they expected to face rag-tag militias when they invaded Ukraine, not well-drilled regular troops.

“I told them: ‘Guys, that’s a mistake’,” said Mr Gabidullin, who refused a call from a recruiter inviting him to go back to fighting as a mercenary in Ukraine several months before Russia launched its invasion. 

Telegraph Live Blog via Spin Strangeness Charm

With Russian weapons factories shutting down for lack of spare parts, it will take some time for Russia’s war machine to gear up for actual warfare. Perhaps Putin can take out a loan to help with operating capital while getting production built up again.

Russia is not a real country. It is a jigsaw puzzle of republics and ethnic states that is set on constant simmer — just waiting to boil over at the slightest excuse.

Russia’s most productive people — Russia’s future — tend to despise Putin. And the feeling is mutual on Putin’s part. The danger of Russian collapse is not merely demographic. Putin has abused his position for over 20 years, and has cheated his people out of a future. It is time for them to return the favor and shove the abusive dictator’s head into the dirt.

Ukraine War: Former Russian Prime Minister says Putin is ‘losing strength’ – YouTube

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