Cold Fusion (LENR) Refuses to Die: Will This Be Peak Oil At Last?

According to Brian Wang’s Nextbigfuture, a 1 MW LENR e-cat is producing heat in commercial quantities on a full-time production basis. Respected energy blogger Brian Westenhaus also published an article recently on LENR.

A special issue of Current Science Association and Indian Academy of Sciences is devoted to LENR, featuring about 30 scientific articles on the mechanisms of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions / Lattice Enabled Nuclear Reactions, formerly referred to as “cold fusion.”

This PDF review article by Washington DC-based research professor David J. Nagel, provides a useful scientific introduction to the phenomenon, for newcomers. (h/t E-Cat World)

Among the websites keeping up with LENR news, are Cold Fusion Times, Cold Fusion Now, E-Cat World, and LENR News. Here are “The 10 Best Cold Fusion Websites” from

And don’t forget Alain Coetmeur’s website, the prolific aggregator “LENR Revolution in process, cold fusion.” Alain is on record predicting that Cold Fusion will change the future, and is one of the online forces keeping LENR in the public’s eye.

Al Fin energy analysts have felt for decades that the LENR phenomenon probably opens a window onto new areas of physics, and that it is worth studying on that basis. Whether the phenomenon is based upon “Widom Larsen” transmutation or some other yet-to-be-discovered physical mechanism, is not known. Perhaps some of these recent research articles will shed light on what is happening.

The LENR/LANR/Cold Fusion field is a promising area of research, but despite the public pronouncements of Rossi, it is unlikely to emerge as a commercial energy blockbuster for some time. Even so, if large-scale LENR reactors are ever independently confirmed by top-level mainstream physics, expect to see PEAK OIL in capital letters, as the global demand for oil suddenly takes a permanent nosedive.

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The video above is the concluding session of this year’s annual MIT Cold Fusion 101 IAP seminar. It took place on 23 Jan 2015. It was the fourth annual CF 101 IAP at MIT.

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