The Myth of Syphilis

Syphilis is a “hot topic” in American and European medical news. Breathless reports of rising syphilis rates among homosexual populations titillate readers from Paris to New York — but these politically correct stories conspicuously neglect to report where syphilis is truly prominent. In sub Saharan Africa and among African immigrants, virtually all STD rates — including those of syphilis — are significantly higher than among other populations.

In the US:

The P&S syphilis rate among blacks in 2014 was 18.9 cases per 100,000 population, which was 5.4 times the rate among whites (3.5 per 100,000) (Table 36B). This disparity was higher for black women (9.2 times the rate among white women) than for black men (5.3 times the rate among white men) (Figure R, Table 36B).

Considering all race/ethnicity, sex, and age categories, [Primary and Secondary] syphilis rates were highest among black men aged 20–24 years and 25–29 years in 2014 (Table 36B). Black men aged 20–24 years had a P&S syphilis rate of 106.3 cases per 100,000 men. This rate was 8.5 times the rate among white men in the same age group (12.5 per 100,000). Black men aged 25–29 years had a P&S syphilis rate of 121.3 cases per 100,000 men, which was 7.9 times the rate among white men in the same age group (15.4 per 100,000). __

Note that white males have higher rates of syphilis primarily among homosexual populations. But as noted, such gay-dominated syphilis rates in white males are still only one fifth the rates among all black males in the US.

More on high rates of STDs, HIV, TB, and Hepatitis in US Blacks

Of 197,090 diagnoses of HIV-infection from 2008-2011, Blacks/African Americans accounted for:

47% of the total
64% of women
66% of infections attributed to heterosexual contact
67% of children, ages < 13

Rates of STDs, HIV, TB, Hepatitis, and other dangerous lifestyle-related infectious diseases in “out of Africa” blacks reflects the high rates of these and many other infectious diseases in sub Saharan Africa itself. This is what one would expect if health-affecting behaviours were strongly influenced by genetic factors.

Sub-Saharan Africa bears the largest burden of these new [STD] cases, responsible for 11 to 35% of all new cases of curable STDs. STD infections affect the most vulnerable populations–women, children, and youth. Among women between the ages of 15 and 44, STDs are the second leading cause of morbidity and mortality, following only maternal causes. Many STDs are asymptomatic and are therefore inadequately treated or left untreated altogether. __’s/CD_STDin%20Africa.htm

As sub Saharan African populations grow and conditions become more chaotic across the dark continent, rates of both curable and non-curable STDs are highly likely to skyrocket. The problem will grow particularly acute as overseas medical aide is cut back due to increasing budgetary restraints in donour nations of Europe and the Anglosphere.

More, as larger floods of immigrants from Africa wash over the lands of Europe, increasing rates of STDs, TB, Hepatitis, HIV, and a broad array of unfamiliar tropical diseases are certain to flood along with them. This coming public health disaster is yet another sin of the EU against the people of Europe.

So the next time you are listening to some media brain-dead talking head go on and on about rising rates of this or that infectious disease in the developed world, remember: All big news media is in the business of myth-building and brainwashing, pure and simple. Ask yourselves: “Who benefits from this spin?” “What are they leaving out?” and “Where do the money trails lead?”

In the case of “The Myth of Syphilis,” the aim of journalists and talking heads is to prevent ordinary people from grasping the larger picture, and to facilitate the movement of government spending toward recipients that occupy the same inbred nest of influence being underwritten and maintained by the corrupt institutions of government, media, academia, and big money political activism.

Demographic Pressures Grow Acute Around the World

In Africa, the problem is a massive population build-up of unintelligent, potentially violent, relatively diseased mind children who cannot take care of themselves. Growing population pressures of these mind children are rapidly rising to the bursting point, and Europe will take most of the shockwave and aftermath.

In nations of Europe (esp. E. Europe and Russia) and East Asia, the demographic problem is one of “negative pressures” as working-aged populations rapidly decline and societies are becoming incapable of maintaining the high tech infrastructures across entire nations. Population substitution in Europe and the Anglosphere by less intelligent, less capable populations of Africa, Muslim Asia, Latin America, and former colonies around the world, will only make the problems worse on average.

Meanwhile, global average IQ is declining as more intelligent populations fail to reproduce, and less intelligent, more violence-prone populations procreate like little cluster bombs.

The Need for “Islands of Competence” is Dire

If you wanted to preserve — and ultimately advance — high tech civilisation in the face of a flood-tide of dysgenic Idiocracy, how would you proceed? Beyond “seed banks” “data repositories” and grand “recovery schemes for civilisation,” what practical steps would you take?

Note: “The Myth of Syphilis” is not to be confused with “The Myth of Sisyphus”

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