No Fool Like a Green Fool

Mark Z. Jacobson: 100% Renewable Excrement

Debunked champion of the 100% renewable future, discredited Stanford professor Mark Jacobson has sunk to his lowest level yet. Hoping against hope to redeem his justly savaged reputation, he is suing the authors and publishers of the scientific article that debunked his wild claims!

Stanford University professor Mark Z. Jacobson has filed a lawsuit, demanding $10 million in damages, against the peer-reviewed scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) and a group of eminent scientists (Clack et al.) for their study showing that Jacobson made improper assumptions in order to claim that he had demonstrated U.S. energy could be provided exclusively by renewable energy, primarily wind, water, and solar.

… What Jacobson has done is unprecedented. Scientific disagreements must be decided not in court but rather through the scientific process. __ Environmental Progress

Asking a court of law to determine issues of scientific validity is nothing new in the fantasy world of neo-environmentalism. But what Jacobson is doing is asking for courts to levy damages against scientists and a scientific publisher for daring to expose his double-dealing pseudoscientific shenanigans! If scientists cannot call other scientists on their mistaken assumptions, faulty methods, and overly grandiose claims, then science is finished.

This Comes Against a Background of Green Collapse

Wind turbine makers will find it more and more difficult to survive, as government welfare starts slipping through their fingers. Electric vehicle makers such as Tesla can see no end to their losses, as similar government handouts start to be reeled back in. The sad truth about the growing mountain of toxic waste from the solar industry is giving more thoughtful environmentalists pause, as they begin to re-evaluate the headlong rush into a “solar future.”

Smart Environmentalists are Re-Thinking the Wisdom of the Stampede

It takes a lot of steel, a lot of concrete, and a lot of formerly unspoiled land to produce those unreliable megawatts!

… a MW of installed capacity for wind requires 460 metric tons of steel and 870 m3 of concrete compared to the 98 metric tons of steel and 160 m3 of concrete for coal, and the even lower 40 metric tons of steel and 90 m3 of concrete for nuclear. Natural gas is the lowest of all, requiring a little over 3 metric tons of steel and 27 m3 of concrete per MW, the reason gas plants are the cheapest and easiest to build. ___

In reality, one cannot count on big wind and big solar to produce those costly megawatts when they are needed. A megawatt of unreliable/low quality energy cannot be compared to a megawatt of high quality on-demand energy — in the life or death world of electric power infrastructure.

Wind and solar megawatts cost more, they consume more costly materials and land, they destroy wildlife and wildlife habitat, and these megawatts are unreliable and of the lowest quality, but at the highest cost. So what good are they???

Green Energy Scam Hand in Glove With Climate Apocalypse Cult

If not for the grand green cult of climate apocalypse, only utter idiots would be taken in by the green energy scam. But since the climate apocalypse cult can claim most of the media, academia, the deep state, tax free foundations, NGOs, political activist groups, trial lawyer groups, and other collective denizens of the parasitic elite as dues-paying members, society as a whole is fouled up in the sticky green web. Breaking free of this corrupt and delusional enterprise will not be easy.

28 Years of Green Psychosis Requires the Strongest Shock Treatment

The green scam thrives on taxpayer dollars and government policy. Legislators and executives in government need to cut the parasite at its root, and deny it the unearned nourishment it has been sucking up for the past several years. Unfortunately the rot of fanatical delusion penetrates into university, high schools, grammar schools, down to the kindergarten curriculum level. Eradicating all of the intentional sabotage would take decades, and would inevitably fall short of total success. There is a lot of money in the great green scam, and the public at large seems to enjoy being deceived.

Cutting off the funds to the green parasite is only an initial — but necessary first step. Cleaning up all the stinking tendrils that enmesh and infest most sectors of society will take generations. And that is unlikely to happen without the most drastic measures being taken.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood © .

The history of the great green scam is edifying to read. Here is a small sampling:

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