Election Fraud in Broad Daylight: There Will be Hell to Pay

There are plenty of people who hate President Trump, just look under any rock or log. Such people deny that election fraud could have happened — or that it could have made any difference in the outcome if it did. But when you don’t look for something, you have no right to say it doesn’t exist. When hate of this magnitude is involved, reason and logic have nothing to do with it. Normally rational people will accept any amount of fraud and criminal activity to get back at the object of hatred.

Dominion vote tally server removed from Atlanta to prevent close examination

Trump ballots switched to Biden by Dominion machines

Election fraud summary for 1 December 2020

If this election rigging stands, the future of the republic is bleak indeed

“Wisconsin counted over 220,000 illegal votes” more than ten times Biden’s margin of victory

It would take a set of volumes the size of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica to document just what we know and suspect about the 2020 US election fraud so far. By the time this circus show is over, a full documentation may start to rival a national library.

The stakes are high: Tens of $trillions in spending and money flows are influenced directly and directly by US government policies, every year. The swamp does not want to be drained, and the swamp dwellers do not want to be exposed — or to lose their unearned wealth and power. When the reckoning finally does come, it will likely be no prettier than any other bloody revolution over the past two and a half centuries.

I am acquainted with a number of people who tried to vote, but were told that they had already voted via “absentee ballot.” Multiply that by hundreds of thousands and you can begin to see a small part of the rigging effort.

Ballots disappear

Election Rigging 101

Everyone knows that the Dems cheated

This is the future they want for the entire country

More from Douglas Murray on “The Madness of Crowds” and the mad future that is planned for the people of the formerly free world:

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4 Responses to Election Fraud in Broad Daylight: There Will be Hell to Pay

  1. Dave, again. says:

    The problem here is… what is Trump going to do about it?

    Barr says there is no fraud. The MSM has convinced more than half the country that there is no fraud.

    Now what?

    Even if Trump pulls a rabbit out of the his hat, half the country won’t believe it because the NYT/CNN/WASHPO will distort the facts beyond all reason, as they have been for the last 4years.

    As much as I would like to believe the Q myth about teams of patriots working feverishly behind the scenes, the establishment will simply circle the wagons and protect their own, and the MSM will lie its ass off to construct an alternate reality.

    I don’t want to be a black piller, but I don’t see much hope. Powell and Wood have made some incredible claims, but if the FBI refuses to investigate, then there is nowhere else to go.

    Game over.

    Trump has no one to blame but himself. He should have been making strong moves to drain the swamp 4 years ago. He dithered. Now it’s too late.

    I seriously hope I’m wrong.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Giving up is exactly what they want you to do.

      You may be ignoring important aspects of the actual mechanics involved in “draining the swamp.” No one comprehends the full extent of what “the swamp” comprises inside and outside of government, inside and outside of the US itself. Certainly Trump didn’t understand it ahead of time.

      You are the one who chooses to have or not to have “much hope.” That may be beside the point. Being mired in a parasitic swamp is the reality that is finally dawning on a significant part of society, along with the accompanying debt and accelerating loss of liberty and privacy. A rigged election is just the crowning insult on top of the creeping, progressive injury to the corpus.

  2. Gavin Longmuir says:

    It was not Trump’s election that was stolen — it was OUR election. And once the Democrat Establishment has demonstrated they can steal an election of this magnitude with no fear of consequences, voting in future elections becomes irrelevant. The Democrat Establishment will steal all future elections.

    What to do about it? It hardly matters what happens now. If enough fraud is proved fast enough to make Trump president for the next 4 years, half the population is still going to think that he is illegitimate. If Biden’s fraud sticks, the other half of the population is going to know with total certainty that Biden is illegitimate, Either way, the US will be paralyzed while the Chinese Communist Party continues its successful de-industrialization of the US, and eventually converts the US into a Third World source of food & raw materials for Greater China.

    The Swamp has made a mess of the country. The federal budget deficit is unsustainable. The trade deficit is unsustainable. There will be a financial collapse, sooner or later. It will be very messy, in ways that are difficult to predict. Perhaps the most productive thing we can do is to be like the Irish monks during the Dark Ages — keep the flame of knowledge alive during the coming hard times, so that the next generation can learn from our mistakes as they eventually rebuild society. For example, books will still be useful after the collapse — anything on a computer will be lost once the power goes off.

    • alfin2101 says:

      One difference between the two scenarios is that under Trump the Chinese march to ascendancy would be slowed somewhat. Under “Biden” China’s rise would be rapid and the demise of US domestic industry would be thorough and devastating.

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