A Trendy Left-Wing Child Sacrifice: Transgenderism

I saw a video the other day featuring an American surgeon bragging that he had performed more than 3,000 double mastectomies on young women who had paid for gender reassignment, individuals confused – one might say encouraged – by those who profit from it into believing that their adolescent emotional trials can be ‘cured’, and happiness reign forever, if they subject themselves to this brutal practice. 

And it is brutal – a process that often includes not only the aforementioned mastectomies but other appalling surgical processes: orchiectomy (that’s castration, in blunter language), the removal of the uterus, the demolition of the musculature of the forearm to make what is not a penis but must be referred to as such – all of that.

For someone purporting to be a physician to perform this on children, to me at least, seems like something worthy of a prison sentence.

Whatever happened to the doctrine expressed by the ancient language as primum non nocere – first, do no harm? 

I’m increasingly ashamed to be a clinical psychologist given the utter cowardice, spinelessness and apathy that characterises many colleagues and even more so my professional associations. At least in 20 years when we all come to regret this terrible social experiment I will be able to say “I said no when they all came to insist that we participate in the sacrifice of our children.” Other countries, and Britain in particular, must not make the same mistakes as in the US and elsewhere.

Jordan Peterson
No Punishment Too Harsh

We are riding a cultural wave spurred on by The Great Reset — a return to a primitive and impoverished age of neo-feudalism, child-sacrifice, a top-down religious cult social structure, prescribed by far-left theorist and implemented by government, media, academia, and popular culture.

Drastic changes to the world order like the Great Reset do not happen spontaneously; rather, they are designed by global policy makers, including influential billionaires, politicians, celebrities, biased academics, wealthy philanthropists, and the bureaucrats of international organizations and institutions. These types of people support social engineering, because it will enable them to acquire control over the world’s wealth and natural resources, and strengthen their ability to shape society as they see fit.

Like their predecessors across history, the social engineers of the WEF believe that “there must be no spontaneous, unguided activity, because it might produce results which cannot be foreseen and for which the plan does not provide. It might produce something new, undreamt of in the philosophy of the planner.1

Based on the WEF agenda, the successful completion of the current industrial transformation will require redesigning and controlling every minuscule aspect of human life and behavior, including the private spheres of individuals, the economy, politics, and societal organizations, without the possibility of voluntary and spontaneous cooperation between individuals based on their will, values, thoughts, and beliefs. We were warned almost two centuries ago that when this type of tyrannical power succeeds, it will be “busy with a multitude of small” tasks penetrating “into private life,” governing families, and dictating the “actions” and “tastes of individuals.”2

The Great Reset: A Top-Down Mandate to Go to Hell

This delusional mindset endorses leftist travesties such as the child-mutilation described at the top of this article. Destroying a large part of the human future through child sacrifice is bad enough, but The Great Reset aims to destroy far more than that. It aims to destroy all hope for an expansive and abundant future. It does this by destroying affordable and abundant energy and replacing it with unreliable substitutes that make critical power grids dangerously unstable.

A Core Tenet: The Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Apocalypse

One justification for the top-down leftist seizure of the global future is the media-driven belief in an apocalyptic climate change. This new religion gives governments and inter-governmental organizations the confidence to overturn all aspects of individual and community self-determination. But just because our pseudointellectual elites believe in a trendy new religion that gives them unprecedented power, does not mean that the movement itself is justified rationally or scientifically.

One of the world’s most distinguished meteorologists, professor Richard Lindzen, has said that not only does the data show no trend towards extreme temperatures, but the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change agrees there is no evident trend. In a lecture in 2018, Lindzen said: “Some of the claims, such as those relating to weather extremes, contradict what both physical theory and empirical data show. … An implausible conjecture backed by false evidence and repeated incessantly has become politically correct ‘knowledge,’ and is used to promote the overturn of industrial civilization.”

So what lies behind it?

Partly, it’s an attempt to destroy the primacy of the West by rolling back capitalism. At a deeper level, it’s the result of a loss of confidence in humanity resulting from the West’s progressive junking of biblical religion.

Melanie Phillips

The religion of climate change is then used to drive the global stampede to install a massive green energy infrastructure while rapidly phasing out a crucial and foundational fossil fuel and nuclear power infrastructure. A society that voluntarily weakens itself makes itself vulnerable to barbaric invaders at the gates. Germany has been breaking its own back by pursuing this policy, and now finds itself at the mercy of a marauding Russia that threatens all of Europe with murder, torture, and rape.

[1] It is becoming clear that intermittent wind and solar cannot be counted on to provide adequate electricity supply when the electrical distribution system needs them.

[2] Adequate storage for electricity is not feasible in any reasonable timeframe. This means that if cold countries are not to “freeze in the dark” during winter, fossil fuel backup is likely to be needed for many years in the future.

[3] After many years of subsidies and mandates, today’s green electricity is only a tiny fraction of what is needed to keep our current economy operating.

[4] Even as a percentage of electricity, rather than total energy, renewables still comprised a relatively small share in 2020.

Today, we are starting to see that renewables are not able to live up to the promise modelers hoped they would have. Exactly how the situation will play out is not entirely clear, but it looks like we will all have front row seats in finding out.

Gail Tverberg

This is a dangerous time, when societal institutions cannot be trusted. Not governments, not the media, not academia, not corporations, not even elections! The future does not look much better, unless the people who still believe in self-determination can suddenly wake up and stand up for themselves and their loved ones.

Once the Great Reset is complete, individuals will essentially have their thinking and decision-making “done for them by men much like themselves, addressing them or speaking in their name.”3 Such a “desire to force upon the people a creed which is regarded as salutary for them is … not a thing that is new or peculiar to our time.”4 However, as various totalitarian regimes throughout history have demonstrated, the oppressive central planning of social engineers leads to the masses’ losing their sense of autonomy, freedom, dignity, creativity, and strength. Also lost is the incentive to improve one’s own condition and contribute to the progress of society.5

If the social engineering of the WEF is successful, then, by 2030, one will not be able to rely on oneself, family members, relatives, friends, or the community. This is because the supporters any absolutist regime want traditions and customs to be corrupted, “memories obliterated, habits destroyed, … liberty, chased from the laws.”6

In other words, they want to design a societal order where sympathy and mutual assistance will be rendered obsolete and where every citizen of the world is equally powerless, poor, and isolated, so that people will be unable to oppose the organized strength of global governance and become dependent on governments and their allies for their survival. Eventually, nothing will protect citizens any longer, and citizens will no longer protect themselves.

They Will Take All the Power You are Willing to Give Them and More

What should be done to the doctors, surgeons, psychotherapists, councilors, teachers, journalists, politicians, and government officials who so blithely take our children and sacrifice their young bodies and their futures to the trendy orthodoxy of goose-stepping far-left total control?

Everything they are doing is making us weaker.

If we keep allowing these people to make us weaker and weaker, we can only look forward to a brutal occupation by barbarians similar to what we see with the Russians in Ukraine.

The Russian occupation is brutal by any standard, especially in areas taken during the first weeks of the invasion. These are mainly in the south and east. Areas Russia took in the north were retaken after about a month. This left behind very visible evidence of Russian looting, murder, wanton destruction and a hasty retreat that left behind many dead Russians. There were also a lot of captured (or surrendering) Russian soldiers who were willing to provide video testimony of what it was like from the invader’s perspective.

This forced the Russians to fall back on disinformation. This is something Russia has used successfully for centuries. This has become more difficult in the age of cellphones and commercial satellite images. Russia earlier developed an Internet based disinformation capability that can plant fake news all over the Internet where journalists outside Russia look for newsworthy (contrarian) items they use for an essentially pro-Russia article. Get enough of these online or in print and the authors can cite each other if sources are demanded. This disinformation effort is mainly about Ukrainians actually losing the war and suffering large but unverifiable, losses.

Lying Eyes

An occupation under the Chinese is not likely to be much better. But imagine being occupied by the North Koreans or the Iranians. Just stop believing things that make you weaker and you may never have to discover for yourself what it is like.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .

Bonus — How Anthony Fauci used Covid lockdowns for social engineering purposes:

Anthony Fauci was recently infected by the Wuhan coronavirus. Fauci has no doubt received his quota of vaccines and boosters against the Chinese virus that he himself helped to finance using NIH grants to the Chinese viral labs. Despite the vaccines — which he did not believe were necessary in the early days (see article linked below) — Fauci contracted the illness. After two years of lockdowns and draconian social engineering, Fauci’s Chinese foster child is still going strong.

What Fauci was imagining – and very few people picked up on it at the time – was the construction of a new social system. It was not just about this virus. It was about all pathogens and the whole functioning of society. He believed – or he decided to come to believe – that a re-engineering of the social order could successfully beat back common pathogens and bring about universal health.

Covid Lockdowns Part of the Great Reset?
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