No Animals Were Hurt in the Filming of This Video

But the adorable cat died two days later of complications from a traffic accident Source

The video above documents evidence that China’s economy is only 40% as large as you have been told. If that is true then China has a lot less heft on the world stage than most people think it does. And instead of a future where China is the largest economy and most powerful military in the world, by all accounts we are looking at a future with China in decline. No wonder Xi wants to annex Taiwan so badly. Shades of Putin in Ukraine?

But why talk about a cute cat dying when so many persons’ life savings are at stake? Why worry about a single animal when it can be shown that some of the world’s biggest money managers have been lying about China to pad their own cash accounts, and so many journalists have been misleading their readers for the sake of a crooked dollar? If China is in decline as quickly as the data seem to be saying, we are likely to see collapse upon collapse, with a large amount of human misery around the globe.

Because there is no telling what people will care about, in this life. And what people care about helps determine their motivations over time. For those who love animals, China may not be the best place to keep them safe and sound.

More on China’s Slo-Mo Collapse:

The Supply Chain Problem Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

China has a multitude of problems interfering with the nation’s ability to fulfill its contracts and orders. This is true both within China and outside the country. And it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

How Xi Sacrificed China’s Future

Meanwhile in Ukraine with Russia’s army of convicted felons:

Ukrainian intelligence on Thursday released an audio recording that appears to capture in disturbing detail the mayhem and internal rifts between Russian troops on the battlefield. In the five-minute clip, described as an intercepted phone conversation between a Russian soldier and his wife, the man says he and the other men in his unit are a comfortable distance from the actual fighting.

“They moved us back to the second line, there’s shooting somewhere ahead of us, but we’re back here for now in the trenches,” he says, before boasting that he’d been lucky and found a “Rosneft jacket covered in blood, but warm.”

“They brought the inmates here… from prison. But they led them somewhere way up front. And we’re sitting here as a retreat-blocking detachment, fuck. If someone runs back, we snuff them out.”

“What a nightmare,” his wife says.

“That’s how we have it set up. We sit on the second line, guarding the first. Behind us, there’s another line. If you go that way, you also won’t make it. So it’s impossible to run away. They shoot their own.”

“If someone goes [that way], you need to wipe him out,” he said.


More on Russia’s army of felons:

Since late June, a growing number of reports have emerged of Russian prisoners — including murderers, rapists and even a convicted cannibal — being illegally recruited by Wagner to fight in Ukraine in a bid to solve Moscow’s manpower shortage.

Moscow Times

Many of these prisoners are infected with TB, HIV, HepB, and a range of other transmissible diseases that are difficult to treat and cure. Russia is truly a country unto itself. And it is getting harder and harder for Russia to hide.

Criminals have taken over Russia and China, but in the west it is the children who have taken over.

Over the last several months, I have described the demands of climate activists as fanatical and pointed to a large body of evidence suggesting that nihilism, narcissism, and feelings of personal inadequacy are the primary motives.

But nihilism, narcissism, and personal inadequacy alone do not explain why climate activists have chosen temper tantrum tactics. After all, the greatest protest movements of all time engaged in far more grown-up and dignified tactics. Think of the Salt March led by Gandhi, the Montgomery Bus Boycott led by Martin Luther King, and the anti-whaling protests of Greenpeace.

Where protesters in the past asked to be treated like adults, climate protesters today demand to be treated like children.

These childish climate protestors may sound amusing when their antics are graphically described, but it is the likes of them who are currently destroying the nation of Germany and making it vulnerable to the coming cold of winter this year. They are working hand in glove with the criminal leadership of Russia, and of China for that matter. Weakening their own countries so that criminal dictators can gain the upper hand sounds like something a narcissistic nihilist of the left might do.

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