Welcome to the Idiocracy: Dysgenics in the US and Beyond

Any society will get more of what it subsidizes and less of what it taxes. _Peter Schiff

A steady loss of human capital -- say good-bye to modern amenities

A steady loss of human capital — say good-bye to modern amenities
The dark blue line reflects a dysgenic decline in average IQ.
The other lines reflect individual national population projections

Dysgenics is the decline in average human fitness due to excessive proliferation of low-fitness genotypes. Here we are looking at a genetically based decline in IQ over time. When the average population IQ declines too low, the society cannot maintain the infrastructures created by its earlier, higher-IQ populations. This trend leads to breakdown and collapse.

One of the best analysis of dysgenic trends in human populations comes from:
Volkmar Weiss: The Population Cycle Drives Human
History – from a Eugenic Phase into a
Dysgenic Phase and Eventual Collapse
(PDF), h/t Nick Land.

Weiss’ paper examines how human societies naturally fall into a dysgenic phase, which often leads to collapse.

Here is how it seems to work in the US:

A negative relationship between intelligence and fertility in the United States has been described repeatedly, but little is known about the mechanisms that are responsible for this effect. Using data from the NLSY79, we investigate this issue separately for Blacks, non-Hispanic Whites and Hispanics. The major findings are: (1) Differential fertility would reduce the average IQ of the American population by up to 1.2 points per generation in the absence of migration and environmental changes; (2) About 0.4 points of the effect is caused by selection within racial and ethnic groups, and the rest is caused by between-group selection; (3) Differential fertility by intelligence is greatest in Hispanics and smallest in non-Hispanic Whites; (4) The fertility-reducing effect of intelligence is greater in females than males; (5) The IQ-fertility relationship is far stronger for unmarried than married people, especially females; (5) High intelligence does not reduce the desire for children; (6) High intelligence does not reduce the likelihood of marriage; (7) Education is the principal mediator of the IQ effect for married women.

[Gerhard Meisenberg, Anubhav Kaul. Effects of Sex, Race, Ethnicity and Marital Status on the Relationship between Intelligence and Fertility. Mankind Quarterly. Washington: Spring 2010. Vol. 50, Iss. 3; pg. 151, 37 pgs.] _Race/History/Evolution

One of the commenters to the above posting suggested a way to stop dysgenics in the US “white” population:

You can solve the problem of IQ dysgenics within the white American population by eliminating the welfare state and implementing a positive and voluntary eugenics program. You wouldn’t have to sterilize anyone (which I regard as immoral). _RHE

Eliminating the welfare state in the US would likely have an anti-dysgenic effect not only in the European-derived population, but also in other populations — once the inevitable rioting and pillaging died down. There may be a few details to work out before the idea can be implemented . . . 😉

Regardless, if a society stops subsidising its violent, low-achieving populations, (of whatever ethnicity) it is likely that such dysfunctional populations will become reduced in number, without resorting to approaches such as offering cash prizes in exchange for voluntary sterilisations.

Global Differences in IQ and Achievement

Global Differences in IQ and Achievement

The same thing applies on a global scale. If advanced societies continue to subsidise failed nations, we are likely to see an increasing proliferation of dysfunctional and violent populations.
Homicide Rates by Nation

Homicide Rates by Nation

African economist Dambisa Moyo says that foreign aid is hurting Africa.

Over the past 60 years at least $1 trillion of development-related aid has been transferred from rich countries to Africa. Yet real per-capita income today is lower than it was in the 1970s, and more than 50% of the population — over 350 million people — live on less than a dollar a day, a figure that has nearly doubled in two decades. _Dambisa Moyo in WSJ

The result of all of that foreign aide to Africa is a rapid proliferation of ever more impoverished Africans. Africans with average IQ levels close to 75 IQ points. Study the graphic below, and try to imagine the kind of human society that could thrive on an average IQ of 75.

Without enough capable people, a society goes dark

Without enough capable people, a society goes dark

Impending revolutions across a wide span of technologies promise to revolutionise how goods and wealth are created and distributed. Human lifespans are likely to become expandable, along with the dimensions of human experience and knowledge. As long as the underlying human substrate can support it.

If society subsidises low IQ, low achievement, high violence populations, in the end such populations will dominate, and determine the human future — or lack of it.

Richard Lynn’s classic “Dysgenics” free to read and download at Archive.org

Bruce Charlton considers a society where average IQ drops 2 points per decade

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5 Responses to Welcome to the Idiocracy: Dysgenics in the US and Beyond

  1. GoneWithTheWind says:

    A couple of comments or corrections.
    First it is likely the average IQ of China or Asia is not the 105 or whatever number is offerred. Most people in China are simly not tested and China much like most of Asia is a culture of classes. What is actually happening in China, Asia, India, etc. is the less intelligent people are weeded out of school in their preteens and can be found working on farms and common labor. They are never tested or averaged into the pool who’s IQ is used for the national average. Compare this with the U.S. where the intent if not the perfect result is the exact opposite. We send severely mentally disadvantaged children to the public schools to be “mainlined” and not only are they averaged in with other students to determine IQ but their very presence in a teaching environment seriously disadvantages the other children in the class.
    Second; the culture of China, India and most of the rest of Asia is one of pushing their children to succeed. The result of this is a child with a genetic IQ of 100 would indeed test as though their IQ was 110 or even 115. Something akin to studying for the test. This factor is truely pronounced in the higher IQ children, such that a child with an IQ of 120 or 130 will be pushed to extrodinary success and because the classroom environment is so much better for the students this too wil favor the truely intelligent students. Comapre that with the U.S. where the truely intelligent student will be held back by the least capable students in the class and the inteligent student will stand out in such an environment and be bullied and pressured by his fellow students to achieve less, do less and just get by.

    It is these two factors or sets of factors that are responsible for the apparent differences between people of a European descent and those of Asian descent. Having said that, it may not matter to some who choose to examine this problem. But it should because when it cmes to creating a solution to a problem it is absolutely essential that you understand the causes of the problem.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Yes, the cultural differences in parental pressure can be significant.

      But be sure to note that the only line on the graph denoting IQ change is the dark blue line. All of the other lines describe population changes — not IQ changes.

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