Green Energy is an Unimitigated Disaster

Residential Energy Prices 2016
In Germany, the world leader in green energy, electricity prices have now reached a level triple those paid in the United States. See chart. Imagine the anger here if middle-class Americans saw a tripling of their utility bills each month.

Germany, Australia, and Ontario — among other jurisdictions — made catastrophic errors in judgment when they committed their constituents to a dependency on unreliable, unaffordable, poor quality wind and solar energy. Now, these governments are beginning to pay the price for their ideologically-driven energy policy decisions. Some of them, such as Spain and Sweden, have been wise enough to begin stepping back from the precipice.

Sweden announced a decade ago that it was all in on green energy and launched a wind power program that the politicians have now had to embarrassingly acknowledge has become hopelessly expensive and inefficient. They are now shutting down wind turbines and the government will phase out the subsidies that have been lavished on the industry.

The EU spent an estimated $750 billion on green energy handouts over the past decade and what it has bought for that is a doubling of its power costs. This has given American steel, auto, light manufacturing, agriculture, and technology firms a big competitive edge in world markets. This is why European nations and Australia are understandably desperate for the U.S. to move to the same green energy policies that they adopted years ago. __ Affordable, Reliable Energy is a Life or Death Matter

Misery loves company. That is why Europe desperately needs for the US to jump over the precipice alongside her. Otherwise, Europe may have no high-energy industries left before long.

Germany is Losing Jobs in Multiple Sectors Due to Green Energy Overreach

Germany has been losing jobs in energy-intensive industries due to growing energy costs and increasing instability of the power grid — thanks to an over-penetration of erratic wind and solar energy schemes. What is more astounding is that even in the “green energy jobs sector,” Germany is losing jobs. All this, despite rocketing government expenditures on green subsidies.

According to McKinsey’s survey, there has been “a drop in the workforce in energy-intensive industries” for the first time in 2016. In March 2016, there were a total of 15,000 workers less than half a year earlier…

… For the time being, however, household electricity prices continue to rise, from 29.35 cents per kilowatt hour to now 30.38 cents. “The European average energy price has declined slightly over the same period,” the McKinsey study says. “Meanwhile, the price level for German household electricity is 47.3 percent above the European average.” The overall costs will thus continue to rise – by 14 billion euros by the year 2025. The costs then would be at 77 billion euro per annum. __ Welt via GWPF

Idiotic German government energy policies are destroying Germany’s power utility industry, along with all the industries that depend upon high levels of reliable, affordable electric power. These industries are slowly but surely packing their bags and moving away from Deutschland, taking their jobs with them. The Germans themselves are finding it more difficult to pay to stay warm through their long, cold, cloudy winters.

Now investors, workers, and taxpayers are counting their losses from the green energy disaster. E.on’s and RWE’s stocks have lost 80 percent of their value from the old time highs, as the two companies have had to adjust their business model to the green policies. Workers have been losing their jobs, and taxpayers are in for billions of euros to cover the write off of nuclear plants—E.on and RWE have won lawsuits against government.

As of German consumers, they pay one of the highest electricity rates in the developed world. __ Forbes

What Underlies Such Stupidity Across Europe, Australia, and Other Anglosphere Countries?

Across most of Europe and much of the Anglosphere, a cult-like ideological groupthink pervades most academic, media, and governmental discussions about energy and climate. The minds of journalists, academicians, bureaucrats, and political activists have been marinating in a vat of politically correct lefty-green distilled spirits for decades. These minds are now poorly suited for any work other than acting as part of the great green echo choir. Here is how college students are conditioned:

College professors are tasked not only with shaping the minds of their students but also setting the tone for the intellectual climate and cultivating a fully contextualized, long-term outlook when it comes to current issues. In many cases, professors have influenced or even directed student responses to controversies like the election of Donald Trump. (All of these trends, furthermore, are even more pronounced in our nation’s liberal arts colleges.)

So why should this set off alarm bells? It should do so because our nation’s professors have moved ideologically so far to the left over the past few decades that they have fundamentally broken with the broader American polity, and even incoming freshman that they hope to guide and influence. __ American Interest

Universities have become an ideological and philosophical monoculture, preventing young people from being able to develop their own minds independently from the moulding effect of highly opinionated and generally intolerant professors. Parents often go into debt into the hundreds of $thousands of dollars in order for their children to become indoctrinated into closed-mindedness. This process is often referred to as an “academic lobotomy.”

The same mind-set predominates in media centres, government bureaucracies, and in political lobbies/NGOs/activist institutes and foundations, across Europe and the Anglosphere. But despite the best efforts of this massive international echo choir, US President Donald Trump was elected in November of 2016, and the world of leftist groupthink may never be the same.

The great panic on the left and the resultant attacks on Trump are the left’s response to this fear. The left is desperate to prevent the light of consciousness from being directed at the intricate mental structure leftists have erected. Once a single pillar has been removed, the entire structure will begin to crumble, and it will become apparent that the progressive fantasy is merely a construction of ideas with no basis in reality.


Thankfully, President Trump has made it known that adopting more of the policy quackery of Europe — at a time when the U.S. Has more recoverable shale oil and gas and more clean coal than any other nation on the planet — is no way to make America great again. Europe is running away from the fantasy of green energy, and this is one rare instance when America may want to follow their lead. __ Source

Just a fraction of the costs of the green energy scam

The absolute waste of it all

Beware government mandates and subsidies

The Groupthink Cult at the Foundation of the Green Energy Scam

For far too long, one body of men, establishment climate scientists, has been permitted to be judges and parties on what the “risks to the Earth system associated with increasing levels of carbon dioxide” really are. __ Professor Richard Lindzen

The climate apocalypse cult comprises large numbers of self-interested persons in university, journalism, government, $billion environmental juggernauts, “science” journals, and other institutions of society. $Trillions are at stake around the world, and these corrupt and dishonest cultists will not hesitate to sacrifice the reliability of western power grids on the altar of ideological groupthink.

This quasi-criminal ideological cabal is at the heart of the green energy scam.

Science itself — as an institution, not as a method — is getting an ugly black eye from allowing itself to be corrupted in this manner. Clearly, we’re gonna need a lot more guillotines!

Technical Papers (PDF):

Comparing Costs of Intermittent and Dispatchable Electricity Generating Technologies

MIT: Managing Large Scale Integration of Intermittent Renewables


A clear and detailed explanation why modern wind turbines cannot reliably serve a public power grid PDF

Reliable, affordable, high quality electric power drives modern human civilisation. Maintaining the electrical grid is a life or death matter, and cannot be trusted to ideologues.

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