Are You In An Abusive Relationship? You Soon Will Be

A person can be in an abusive relationship with another person, with her employer, or with the government that controls her very freedom. This chart provides some information that can help a person determine whether they are in an abusive relationship:


Gulbahar Haitiwaji was in an abusive relationship with China so she decided to flee the country with her husband and two children. They went to France and lived in freedom for ten years. But her abusers back in Beijing could not let her go. They tricked her into re-entering China, imprisoned her for two years in a “re-education camp,” and only let her go after she had denounced her own family for crimes against the party. She is only one among millions of people in China experiencing this kind of abusive relationship.

More on China’s relentlessly abusive relationship with its people:

…China is currently harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners and has begun extensive testing of its captive Uighur camp population that does not have any other overt utility outside of organ harvesting. It also concluded that “some Tibetan Buddhists and House Church Christians” (those who do not worship in government-run churches) have likely suffered forced organ harvesting.

Perhaps most shockingly, the Tribunal noted that its investigators reached out to dozens of Chinese hospitals asking for help in finding organs for a transplant, and over a dozen of them openly stated they were currently using the organs of Falun Gong practitioners in transplants or could acquire them. Another 14 hospitals admitted they used organs illicitly harvested from prisoners, but did not specify if they were political prisoners or common convicts.

Chinese officials have openly admitted to using prisoners to harvest organs for transplants, but claimed to have ended the practice in 2014. As recently as 2017, Chinese state media applauded itself for its “fair” organ donation system that it claimed was “hailed” by the international community.


Falun Gong is a Buddhist group in China having members who practice meditation and exercises to attain enlightenment. The Chinese Communist Party government has been seeking to exterminate Falun Gong for over 20 years now, via forced imprisonment and forced organ harvesting of vital organs — without anesthesia. The CCP likewise administers the same forms of “eliminationist punishment” to any religious practitioners of any faith not deemed acceptable by CCP authorities. Uighur Muslims are merely the latest to come under special scrutiny.

The Chinese Communists Did Not Start With Organ Harvests

It was only after the US Clinton administration backed China for WTO membership despite China’s harsh treatment of religious minorities, that China rapidly expanded its forced organ harvesting program of religious and political “dissidents.” China has not paid any meaningful price for its brutal, subhuman treatment of those the CCP considers “enemies of the state.”

Likewise, we have not yet seen Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer proposing the forced harvesting of organs from Trump supporters or from those who vote for Republican candidates. Not yet. But dissenting views are under attack by the new tyrannical overlords, and there is no clear indication that these neo-tyrants have a sense of their own limitations when it comes to tyrannical action.

Does it surprise you that Nancy Pelosi chose an “impeachment manager” who had fallen under the control of a Chinese spy? Why should it? Can you find anyone allied with Pelosi who is not under the control of a Chinese agent? Good luck doing that.

The Abuse Begins; Where Does It End?

And so a new government is rushing to the controls, a group of headstrong would-be utopians who do not value the US Constitution — or any limits on their own governmental power whatsoever. We will have to see how far the other branches of the federal, state, and local governments will go in supporting this media-backed descent into Orwellian tyrrany and near-universal abuse.

How long until forced organ transplants become the order of the day? Ask the 1% and their top media lackeys. They are the ones who will have to decide how to write the new orders of power in a form that their “leftoid” dupes on the street will find palatable.


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