A Life of Everlasting Lockdowns Under Biden?

Death and Lockdowns

What Could Go Wrong?

Update: One cannot understand the debate over lockdowns without considering the $trillions of bailout dollars being transferred to state governments under the name of COVID relief. It is well known that lockdowns destroy economic activity, providing a perfect cover for large-money bailouts for states that have exhausted their pension funds and have driven productive business out of their states by excess taxation and regulation In other words, sooner or later the corrupt states would have to be bailed out by a corrupt federal administration. Doing it under the name of “COVID relief” allows the media to paint the scheme in less inconvenient colors for the sake of corrupt state and federal governments which tend to scratch each others’ backs around election time.

The Biden government* is proposing new sets of lockdowns for the indefinite future. Continued lockdowns may sound attractive to unionized government workers, who have found a great way to get paid for not working. But for the public — especially for children — these lockdowns offer nothing but harm.

Lockdowns have had significant major effects on childhood vaccination programmes, education, sexual and reproductive health services, food security, poverty, maternal and under-five mortality, and infectious disease mortality.

Home quarantines or isolation have increased child abuse and domestic violence rates. Reports from Hubei in China, Singapore, France, Argentina and many cities in the United States have shown a substantial increase in domestic violence during lockdowns.

Lockdown Follies

Prolonged social isolation at home can be devastating for many young children who may be at risk for abuse and have no ready escape under lockdown. If they cannot go to school or other outside activities, they may never have even the briefest escape from the coercive and sometimes violent atmosphere. Economic hardships for families under the lockdowns only make the atmosphere worse.

CSA [child sexual abuse] is an extremely taboo topic in the society. But however absent it may be from discussions, it is extremely prevalent in the society.

According to Darkness to Light, one in 10 children is sexually abused before they turn 18. Additionally, 90% of CSA survivors know their abuser, with 30% being abused by a family member.

It is also important to understand that many survivors of CSA do not speak up about their abuse. Thus, they continue to live with their abuser, if they belong to the immediate family. Schools, colleges, and offices can prove to be an escape from their abusers. If the abuse is still ongoing, it allows them to escape it, even if for a little while.

When survivors of CSA are forced to live at home, this makes them vulnerable to their abuser even more. In many cases, it provides the abuser with more opportunities to abuse the child. If the abuse has ended, it becomes extremely unhealthy for the survivors’ mental health. It can be even more disastrous for the survivors’ mental health if they are unable to speak to anyone about it.

Childhood Sexual Abuse in Extreme Social Isolation

The phenomenon described here can happen under any conditions of extreme social isolation. But in the age of COVID, abuse can become far more prevalent. With a government* that panders to the lockdown cult and the social isolation hysterics, it is the tiny people who are left without a voice and without a defence.

A number of US states have been fighting the new federal government* attempts to maintain lockdowns indefinitely. Florida, Texas, and South Dakota are among the states that consider Biden and his “dementia crew” to be taking an approach to lockdowns that is quite insane.

On Friday, the Florida governor tore into Biden for suggesting a future with more shutdowns. DeSantis declared that any talk of “lockdown-type policies” is insane and something that isn’t going to happen in the Sunshine State.

It is impossible to over-emphasize the hazards of extreme lockdown policies. Those who attempt to hush objections to lockdown hysteria are guilty themselves of doing great harm to families with children and all others who continue to suffer emotionally and economically from such badly framed policies.

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A few interesting details:

First, the basics: The COVID-19 relief-bill-that-isn’t-really-a-relief-bill contains $350 billion earmarked for state governments, local governments, and Native American tribes. That money is supposed to help governments fill temporary budget holes created by the pandemic—even though the funding vastly exceeds actual state and local budget shortfalls, as Reason’s Christian Britschi has previously reported. States are in such non-dire straits, in fact, that about $150 billion of the state aid distributed as part of last year’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act hasn’t even been spent yet.

Reason Magazine

Several US states had begun to recover from the lockdowns well before the end of 2020. But the huge covert bailouts are largely aimed at states that are faltering from continuing to provide over-generous pensions to state workers in the face of economic downturns more related to their overall economic policies, which were well entrenched long before Chinese COVID coronavirus came along.

Not coincidentally, the states most closely connected to the current government* in Washington are also the states with the most stringent lockdown policies and the direst economic outlooks. Under cover of “pandemic relief” a bailout-to-corrupt-states can proceed under a different name.

Knowing this, the rigging of the election becomes more understandable as an act of desperation by involved officials. And the grand insurrection theater with a followup fake impeachment makes a great deal more sense as hand-waving, to distract the public from the $trillion dollar business behind the scenes that had to happen, to make the fraudulent election pay off.

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