We Beat that Old Man to Death with Batons

A Russian Tale, Mother and Son

A Mother’s Love

He says: “We beat that old man to death, just with batons. To death. Can you imagine? How many times, how long it should take to kill a person just with a baton?”

When Konstantin admits that he enjoyed mentally and physically torturing the old man, his mother makes her own admission.

She tells her son that if she was in Ukraine she “would enjoy it too”, adding: “We are so alike, you and me.”

[After I murdered over 20 people, he told her, I calmed down.]

Like Mother Like Son

Russians inside Russia tend to feel no sympathy for anyone outside their family, and tend to celebrate the misfortunes of others. In the news story above, the Russian mother and son go on to imagine torturing the soldier’s father — the mother’s husband. They both laugh at the image with great humor. It is a culture fitting for Putin and his followers.

It is tempting to say that Russians are cruel and sadistic. But some of the kindest people I know are Russians who have left Russia and live elsewhere. Growing up in Russia and absorbing that culture tends to make one callous and indifferent to others. The best Russians are able to get away from that environment and resist the dehumanizing effect. They will naturally hate Putin if they turn to the good.

Russia’s forces rape and sexually torture Ukrainians in over 400 incidents | Ukraine News | NewsRme – YouTube

When Russophiles publicly admire rape, torture, murder, looting, and open unabashed war against civilians, it is clear that for them, Putin has accomplished his goal of dehumanization.

Putin is pure evil. No human being will cry over Putin’s dead body, but they will happily piss on it. Merely as a gesture of completion, and moving on.

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