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Oil: For Every Barrel Consumed, Two Are Discovered

“For every barrel of oil consumed over the past 35 years, two new barrels have been discovered.” In other words, technology has increased the available oil despite the fact that humans have been using it at an increasing rate for … Continue reading

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Brazil, Norway, Canada, and Guyana: A Flood of Oil

Like the shale boom, the coming supply surge is a sudden change in dynamics. Guyana currently produces no oil at all. Norwegian and Brazilian production has long been in decline. And in Canada, concerns about climate change, resistance to new … Continue reading

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New Oil Discovery? Get in Line

They Keep Discovering Big New Oil Deposits! To the vast annoyance of oil hedgers and peak oil doomers, large new oil fields are being discovered from Guyana to South Africa to Iran to Scotland to Texas to the Gulf of … Continue reading

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Stock Markets and Oil Prices Rise in Synchrony

Stocks and Oil Rebound on the Fourth Day As of noon Eastern Standard Time, stock market indexes had risen 2 – 3 % while oil prices had risen roughly 2%, from their lower levels in late 2018 and early 2019. … Continue reading

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US Petroleum Output Rocks Global Economic Calculus

Unleashing U.S. energy exports has the potential to upset longstanding geopolitical and economic arrangements across the world. __ US Poised to Shatter Production Records This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen According to the conventional wisdom of energy economists, US petroleum production … Continue reading

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Zeihan: The US Shale Patch Has Not Drilled a Dry Well in 3 Years!

No dry wells for the last 3 years and no low-productivity well for the last 2 years. The reason for this long string of good luck in the US shale oil patch — according to Austin-based geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan … Continue reading

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US Shale Kicks Putin, OPEC, in Teeth

If U.S. shale can withstand domestic political pressure against hydraulic fracking, and regulatory incentives promoting a shift to renewable energies, it stands to disrupt OPEC’s global oil cartel and Russia’s strong influence in Europe, and establish the United States as … Continue reading

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Oil Price Outlook: July 2016

Where Things Stand According to the EIA, crude oil prices actually peaked in March of 2012 with Brent Light Sweet Crude (Brent) topping out at more than $125 per barrel and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) reaching nearly $110. They have … Continue reading

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Oil Prices May 2016

Oil markets are never in balance. Producers always misjudge demand and either over-shoot or under-shoot with supply. Balance is simply a zero-crossing from one state of disequilibrium to the next, from surplus to deficit and back again. __ Art Berman … Continue reading

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Beyond the Peak Oil Delusion: Two Scenarios for Oil Markets

Oil prices have declined substantially from the heady “peak oil delusion days” of the last decade. Now we are offered two separate narratives explaining why oil prices are likely to stay low: Demand depletion vs. splintered demand. The first [narrative] … Continue reading

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Energy Bridge: Cheap Oil & Gas for Next Few Decades

The Age of Cheap Oil & Gas Begins Scientific American: Another 40 million barrels per day of global oil production looms on the near horizon. Geopolitics will never be the same. A world of growing and geographically diversified oil supply … Continue reading

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The Real Hunger Games

A Few Eerie Parallels Between the Fictional “Hunger Games” and the Real Meltdown of the Company Towns [Company towns] are single-industry towns with one dominant employer, usually an industrial plant or a factory that depended on state orders in Soviet … Continue reading

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A False Dawn for Oil Prices Basically there is too much oil on the market, and there is dampened demand. You can’t mess with the fundamentals. __ Oil state dictators and despots are desperate for a new dawn in oil prices. Oil-dependent prison states … Continue reading

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Time to Stop Worshiping the Fickle Ancient Gods of Wind and Sun

Advanced, safe, clean, affordable, reliable nuclear power is the future. Unless advanced human societies all collapse, wind and solar will always be the fickle gods of the past. Wind and solar energy are weather-dependent, variable and intermittent, i.e., therefore not … Continue reading

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Oil Price Rock and Roll

It’s hard to believe today that in May, 2008, Goldman Sachs analysts were forecasting that oil would reach US$200 a barrel within two years, or that the late Matt Simmons, founder of the energy investment banking firm Simmons & Co. … Continue reading

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Russia Has Nothing to Worry About

Russian officials are announcing that Russia has finally seen the worst of its recession, and that now the economy is set to grow again. And none too soon, because — to take auto sales as an example — things were … Continue reading

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Weak Global Economy to Suppress Oil Prices Through 2016

Oil Production Outstrips Weak Global Demand The International Energy Agency (IEA) November report offers no hope for an oil-price recovery any time soon. Over-supply and weak demand for oil will dominate through 2016. … The IEA and EIA reports taken … Continue reading

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Geopolitical Undercurrents Whorl About the Oil Price Vortex

Poorly constructed buildings are more vulnerable to tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, than are buildings of sounder construct. The same principle applies to economic constructs. A relative economic vacuum is accompanying the “black hole vortex” of low oil prices, causing human … Continue reading

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Earth’s Oil & Gas Fields to Produce Until the Sun Blows Up?

There are several ways in which oil & gas are constantly being produced inside the Earth’s mantle and crust. The much-reviled “abiotic process” has been demonstrated in the deep ocean vents, on other planets, in deep space, and is well … Continue reading

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The Cutting Edge of Oil Prices?

Oil prices have never recovered to 1864 levels (in constant $US). Nevertheless, yearly – monthly – daily – hourly oil price fluctuations make a great deal of difference to various people and organisations. Sure, it matters to you when you … Continue reading

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Will China Join Russia in the Soup Line?

Russia has fallen into full-blown depression and faces a mounting fiscal crisis as oil and gas revenues plummet. … Russia is already in dire straits. The economy has contracted by 4.9pc over the past year and the downturn is certain … Continue reading

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Where Will Oil Prices Go Now?

Reuters says oil is poised for the biggest weekly price gain in 4 years. But according to Citigroup, we have not seen the bottom of the price drop yet. Depending upon the expert prediction, oil is headed anywhere between $30 … Continue reading

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Oil Prices: Everything You Think You Know Just Ain’t So

In July 2008, my Journal colleague Neil King asked a wide range of energy journalists, economists and other experts to anonymously predict what the price of oil would be at the end of the year. The nearly two dozen responses … Continue reading

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Upside to Low Oil Prices

We know that there is a downside to low oil prices. But there is also an upside. The typical American motorist, who spent $3,000 in 2013 at the pumps, might be $800 a year better off—equivalent to a 2% pay … Continue reading

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Dropping Oil Prices: What Could Go Wrong?

First of all, don’t listen to the doomers. It is not the end of the world. Here are a few things that are likely to happen in the short term in North American oil plays: As oil prices drop, producers … Continue reading

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